Zebulon Baird Vance Freeman Branch

[Family Narrative]

From the files of Stephen M. Lawson

Family Album Contents - Southern Kin Pictures

1916 Zeb Freeman's Surry (50K)
Photo shared by Jo Sue Sweeney.

1915 Crayton Hicks and 1st cousin James DeWitt 'Dee' Freeman (55K)
at Z. B. V. Freeman place in Rutherford Co., NC
[See also 1898 and 2002 and 2008 photos of the home]
Photo shared by Jo Sue Sweeney.

1946 "Uncle Zeb & Bro. Zeb"
Photo from Minnie E. Freeman, wife of Reet Freeman.

1946 Zeb & Joe and Kin (35K)
Photo shared by Jo Sue Sweeney.

Round Hill Baptist Church, Union Mills, Rutherford Co., NC - 1946 Old Time Revival Services (65K-75K)
Annotaions made by Iola (Francis) Freeman, wife of Rev. Miller's 1st cousin Joe Freeman
Bulletin shared by Jo Sue Sweeney.

1963 Children of Zebulon Baird Vance Freeman (50K)
Sona: Charles Beatty, George Merrill, Zebulon Miller Hunt.
Daughters: Mary Lou, Zelma Bertha, Alma Wilson, Clara Eve.
(Crayton Hicks not present)
Photo shared by Joe Sue Sweeney, with identifications from Arlene Michael.

William Henry and Margaret Elizabeth (CHAPMAN) HUDSON and five children - about 1912. (45K)
William Henry, Jr. (back center) married Mary Lou FREEMAN, daughter of Z. B. V. FREMAN
Minnie Elizabeth (front left) married Crayton Hicks FREEMAN, son of Z. B. V. FREEMAN
[Others: Frances Lula (back left), Mary Emma (back right), and Doctor Leroy (front right)]
Photo from Heritage of Rutherford County, NC, by the Gen. Soc. of Old Tryon County (1984),
with picture submitted by Marguerite Hudson Anderson (dau. of Doctor Leroy HUDSON).

Photo by Rebecca Hazelrigg for Stephen M. Lawson

ZBVF Branch Register Report
[Family Narrative]

First Generation

1. Zebulon Baird Vance 'Zeb' FREEMAN. Born on May 14, 1861 in Rutherford Co., NC. Died on Oct 27, 1947 in Rutherford Co., NC. Buried in Mt. Vernon Cemetery, Rutherford Co., NC.

He married Dovie Georgiana WILSON, daughter of Hamlin Burgin WILSON (1831-1889) & Mary A. WILLIAMS (1831-1908), on Feb 2, 1890 in Rutherford Co., NC. Born on Oct 22, 1871in Rutherford Co., NC. Died on Sep 23, 1941 in Rutherford Co., NC. Buried in Mt. Vernon Cemetery, Rutherford Co., NC.

They had the following children:

 i.  Zelma Bertha 'Buddy'. (Mar 18, 1891-May 3, 1878) Unmarried.

 ii.  Alma Wilson. (Feb 7, 1893-Sep 18, 1965) Unmarried.

2  iii.  Mary Lou (1895-1985)

3  iv.  Crayton Hicks (1897-1971)

4  v.  Clara Eve (1900- )

5  vi.  George Merrill (1902-2001)

6  vii.  Zebulon Miller Hunt (1905-1996)

 viii.  Charles Beatty (1914-1997)

Second Generation

Family of Zebulon Baird Vance FREEMAN (1) & Dovie G. WILSON

2. Mary Lou FREEMAN. Born on Jun 3, 1895. Died in Jun 1985.

She married William Henry HUDSON Jr., son of William Henry HUDSON (1860-1929) & Margaret Elizabeth CHAPMAN (1861- ), on Oct 29, 1919. Born on Nov 5, 1897. Died on Jun 29, 1966. Barber in Rutherford Co., NC.

They had the following children:

 i.  Joseph Hicks.

 ii.  Georgiana.

 iii.  Lucille.

3. Crayton Hicks FREEMAN. Born on Oct 23, 1897. Died on Feb 15, 1971.

He married Minnie Elizabeth HUDSON, daughter of William Henry HUDSON (1860-1929) & Margaret Elizabeth CHAPMAN (1861- ), on Dec 23, 1920. Born on Oct 29, 1902. Died on Nov 7, 1987.

They had the following children:

 i.  Louise Elizabeth. Married Charles KWAITKOWSKI.

 ii.  Edith Mae. Married Haggard HAYNES.

 iii.  Wilbur Hicks. Married Edna.

 iv.  Eugene. Died in infancy.

 v.  Mary Helen. Married John D. ARROWOOD.

 vi.  Robert Wayne. Married Shirley.

 vii.  Virginia Faye. Married James E. MICHAEL.

 viii.  Betty Jean. Married Samuel K. MICHAEL.

4. Clara Eve FREEMAN. Born on Apr 10, 1900.

She married John McARTHUR.

They had one child:

 i.  Mildred.

5. George Merrill. Born on Sep 17, 1902. Died on Dec 25, 2001 at age 99.

He married Marie JACKSON. Born on Feb 28, 1908. Died after 2002.

No Children.

6. Rev. Zebulon Miller Hunt 'Mill' FREEMAN. Born on Sep 15, 1905. Died on Dec 26, 1996. Pastor of Mt. Vernon Baptist Church, Rutherford Co., NC (1946).

He married Nancy Katherine 'Katie' TODD, daughter of James Aaron TODD (1873-1949) and Mary Rebecca SPELL (1873-1942), on Aug 9, 1929. Born on Jul 17, 1901. Died Jul 23, 1986.

They had the following children:

 i.  Willa Dean. Married John Blair HAGLER.

 ii.  James Todd 'Jimmy'.

7. Charles Beatty FREEMAN. Born Aug 18, 1914. Died Jul 20 1997.

He married Geneva EDWARDS.

They had the following children:

 i.  Charles Boyce.

 ii.  Wray.


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