Zebulon Baird Vance Freeman Home
2002 and 2008

From the files of Stephen M. Lawson
Photos shared in 2002 by great grand-son-in-law John Blair Hagler
and in 2008 by great grand-daughter Arlene

Family Album Contents - Southern Kin Pictures - Zeb B. V. Freeman Branch Photos

Photo taken 14 Oct 2008 and shared by Arlene

Photos below shared by John Blair in 2002.

Front of the Zeb B. V. Freeman home.

Driveway side where the 1898 family photo and a 1915 photo were taken.

Front view of the smokehourse completed Sep. 17, 1988,
the day Wilkerson Bell Freeman died [Family Narrative].

View showing back of smokehouse built of pine logs dovetailed together.

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