Gravestones and Memorials

From the files of Stephen M. Lawson

Specials: Hazelrigg Burial Plot, Pike Co., IL
Arlington Street Cemetery, Watertown, MA


Donald VanHoosier and Iva Melvina Lawson


James Martin Lawson and Lucy Jane Lawson
Aretus Erastus Freeman and Minnie Elsie Freeman

Great Grandparents

Mordecai S. Lawson and Elizabeth Caroline Lawson
Scott Cyrus Freeman and Malinda Margrett Freeman
George Romulus Freeman and Susanna Freeman
William Clemeth Morey and Melvina E. Morey

Great Great Grandparents

C. M. Lawson (not located) and Sarah M. Lawson
John C. Turman and Mary Ann Turman
James Howell Freeman (no photo) and Lucy Jane Freeman - Special: Hazelrigg Burial Plot
Chesly Sears and Elizabeth Sears (no photo)
Wilkerson Bell Freeman and Margaret Lucilla Freeman
John H. Carpenter and Mary Carpenter
Elijah Mason Morey and Elizabeth Morey
Henry L. Andrews (not located) and Harriet Andrews (not located)

Three-Great Grandparents

Mordecai Lawson (not located) and Frances Lawson (no photo)
Robert Sims and Frances Sims (no photo)
John Barton Turman (not located) and Nancy Turman (not located)
Richard Neely (unmarked) and Sallie Neely McGill
William R. Freeman and Mary Freeman
Charles Hazelrigg and Lucinda Hazelrigg - Special: Hazelrigg Burial Plot
John Joseph Sears (not located) and Elizabeth Sears (not located)
William McClanahan (not located) and Sarah McClanahan (not located)
John Freeman and Barbara Freeman (not located)
Josira S. Wallace and Bathshaba Wallace
Joseph Carpenter and Elizabeth Carpenter
James Withrow McGaughey (not located) and Elizabeth O. McGaughey (not located)
Eli Morey and Sophronia Morey (not located)
Allen Merrill and Tamma Merrill
Jonathan Andrew (not located) and Lucy Andrew (not located)
Jonah Holcomb (not located) and Sabra Holcomb (not located)

Earlier Ancestors - Alphabetical

Dorothy Belden
Abraham Brown and Mary Brown
Jonathan Brown and Elizabeth Brown
Mary Brown(e)
Eleazer Daniels and Mary Daniels
Thomas Ford - Memorial
Howell Freeman - Memorial
Edward and Margaret Griswold - Memorial
John Holloway and Millie Holloway
Thomas Hosmer - Memorial
Hugh Mason - Special: Arlington Street Cemetery
Joseph Mason and Mary Mason - Special: Arlington Street Cemetery
Thomas Massie
George Painter
Elijah Parker - Memorial
William Shattuck Memorial - Special: Arlington Street Cemetery
Pariss Sims and Keziah Sims - Memorial
John Strong and Abigail (Ford) Strong - Memorial

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