William and Melvina Morey

From the files of Stephen M. Lawson

William Clemeth MOREY and Melvina E. (ANDREWS) MOREY are the maternal grandparents of the compiler's mother. A number of photographs of them are available, from an 1863 tintype of William and his brother to a 1920 snapshot of Melvina. For further information about William and Melvina, and their family, refer to the family narrative. To view larger images, click on the thumbnail, and use the browser's 'Back' option to return here. All dates are estimates.

William Clemeth MOREY 1863

William Clemeth Morey and probably a brother
- probably brother Charles Sentell Morey, but possibly Homer Atwood Morey
1863 tintype taken shortly after their enlistment in the Union Army (63K)
(The reversed image of the original is corrected here.)

William Clemeth MOREY 1865

William Clemeth Morey
1865 carte-de-visite by J. B. Gaylord of Arcade, NY (44K)

Melvina and William MOREY 1870

Melvina and William Morey
1870 studio portrait by G. W. Wise of Evansville, Wis. (38K)

William and Melvina MOREY 1880

William and Melvina Morey
1880 carte-de-visite J. H. Tompkins of Grand Rapids, Mich. (57K)

Melvina and William MOREY 1910

Melvina E. Morey and William Clemeth Morey
1910 portraits, probably taken at Fort Worth, TX (46K)

Melvina E MOREY 1920

Melvina Morey
1920 snapshot taken near Tacoma, WA (21K)

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