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Help Identify Some Rutherford County Kin

In the fall of 1898 The George R. Freeman family departed from Rutherford County to settle near Texarkana, Bowie Co., TX. The family had previously moved to Argyle, Denton Co., TX in 1880, but returned to their Rutherford Co., NC roots after a couple years.

George and Susanna Freeman made the journey with twelve of their children. Son Bob was married and lived at Hamet, NC. Daughter Martha Lucilla died as an infant in 1878, and a son would be born in TX on Jan. 5, 1899 and die three days later. It is likely that the gathering depicted in this photo was to wish the Freeman family well on their journey and in their new home. George, Susanna and twelve of their children are definitely in the photo - perhaps son Joe was off playing. About half of those pictured been identified with some certainty. The identified Freeman, Goode and Watson family members all were from Logans Store township, and I suspect that most others were also - very likely all were inter-related.

Anyone who can identify any of the other Rutherford County residents pictured is encouraged to contact the compiler. The primary aids to identifying some of those present are three photos from 1893, 1895 and 1898 which had the persons named. It is hoped that decendants of other persons pictured will have similar resources to permit identiying their ancestors or relatives. Credit will be given to anyone adding an identification, and/or supplying a picture that permits such identification.

November 2002 - The location of the picture has been identified as the home of Zebulon Baird Vance Freeman (1861-1947) and now the home of his grandson Jimmy Freeman. By email, John Blair Hagler (brother-in-law of Jimmy) writes: "Jimmy does have a copy of the same picture you have.... That picture was taken out on the west side of  Zeb B.V. Freeman's house [see also 1915 and 2002 photos of the home]. The [flag in the window] was held in place by a little hole. When Jimmy had the house modernized he found that same hole." Six of those in the picture are from the Zeb B. V. Freeman Family.

Each of the images that follow are linked to larger (800 pixels wide) images for clearer viewing. Also, a link to a larger image (2052x1349 pixels, about 525KB) of the main photo is provided. This image should be suitable for printing and distribution - please acknowledge the source as Jo Sue Sweeney and

Below the main photo is a numbered key to the individuals, together with the names of those identified. Each name is linked to a family in the Freeman narrative where further information is provided. See also the Descendant Report beginning with Wilkerson Bell Freeman. Some suggested, but uncertain, identificationa are also included.

Freeman Family Kin in Logans Store, Rutherford County - 1898
(larger image 90KB - larger key 94KB - largest image 525KB)

 Move pointer over picture for number key, or click on picture for larger image.
 Shared by Jo Sue Sweeney, and dated by age of Tommie Freeman (48).
Key to Persons
  1. John B. Freeman
  2. George R. Freeman
  3. James M. Goode
  6. George W. Freeman
  7. Cana V.B. Freeman
  8. Robert B. F. Freeman
11. Zeb B. V. Freeman
14. W. Bate Wilson
16. Eve Goode Wilson
 17. Mary E. V. Freeman
 18. Ona L. Watson
 19. Anna Maye Freeman
 20. Aretus E. Freeman
 21. Zeb U. Freeman
 22. Mary Ann E. Watson
 23. William C. Freeman
 24. James D. Freeman
 25. Adam L. Goode
 26. William T. Watson
 32. Frances L. Goode
 37. Susanna Freeman
 38. Cora Bess Freeman
 39. Dovie G. Freeman
 48. Tommie Freeman
 49. Craton Freeman
 50. Mary Lou Freeman
 60. Zelma Freeman
 61. Alma Freeman

Some suggested identifications - support desired
  4. Thomas I. Watson
10. Robert G. Freeman 
12. Mary K. Freeman
13. Joseph B. Freeman
 27. Nora Maye Freeman
 28. Frank L. Freeman
 34. Anna Kate Freeman
 40. Eve Dobbins Freeman 
 44. Frank P. Freeman
 51. Memory H. Freeman
 52. James B. Freeman

Photos supporting identifications

The George Romulus Freeman Family - 1893

Dated by the age of Cora Bess, on her mother's lap. Photo and ID shared by Nellie Freeman Milligan.

Back: Cana Van Buren, Mary Etta Vashti, Aretus Erastus 'Reet', John Bell
Middle: George Watson, George Romulus, William Cortez, Susanna (Carpenter), Anna Maye, and James DeWitt 'Dee'
Front: Joseph Sidney 'Joe', Zeb Ulon, Cora Bess, and Robert Benjamin Franklin 'Bob'

Freeman Cousins - 1898

Photo taken same day at the large group photo, with the cousins wearing the same clothing in both photos, and the building being the same. Photo and ID shared by Nellie Freeman Milligan.

Back: Aretus Erastus 'Reet' Freeman, Mary Ann Elizabeth Watson, Adam L. 'Addie' Goode
Middle: Anna Maye Freeman, Ona Lucilla Watson, Mary Etta Vashti Freeman
Front: William Thomas 'Willie' Watson, Cana Van Buren Freeman, James DeWitt 'Dee' Freeman

 James Milton Webb Goode Family - 1895

Scanned from Heritage of Rutherford County, NC (1984), by Genealogical Society of Old Tryon County. Photo submitted by Ruth Goode Melton.

Back: Dulcena Elizabeth, Adam L. 'Addie', Eve Ann, William Waltes 'Willie'
Front: James 'Jim', Mary Isabella, Frances L. 'Fanny' (Watson), Nancy Jane Zelda

[Willie's second given name uncertain; also reported as Thomas.]

Eve and Addie were children of Jim's first wife, Barbara Bathshaba Freeman, daughter of Wilkerson Bell Freeman.

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