Some Ancestor's Signatures

From the files of Stephen M. Lawson

Family Album Contents

Presented here are signatures of ancestors of the compiler, beginning with grandparents and presented in ahnentafel number sequence. The signatures are primarily from public official documents or from published works, with a few from family papers. Many public records found in various archives are clerical copies of the originals and do not include signatures of the original signers. Care was taken to avoid using clerical entries as authentic signatures, and it is believed that all the following are authentic signatures or marks of the named persons.

Each of the signature images is linked to the family narrative of the signer.
(Where a signature is duplicated, signer is ancestor on two lines.)

James M. Lawson Lucy Jane Lawson
Aretus E. Freeman Minnie E. Freeman
Mordecai S. Lawson E. Caroline Lawson
 Malinda M. Freeman William C. Morey
Melvina E. Morey Josira Wallace
Elizabeth Morey Harriet Andrews
Richard Neely Charles Hazelrigg
Joseph Carpenter Elizabeth Carpenter
Elijah Parker John Holloway
Peter Zimmerman Benoni Morey
Elijah Mason Zachariah Bunch
David Brown William McGaughey
Joseph Mason Jonathan Brown
Wilterton Merrill John Freeman
William Bridges John Freeman
William Brown Abraham Brown
John Merrill Sarah Merrill
Samuel Kellogg Robert Daniel
Jonathan Brown Nathaniel Coolidge
Hugh Mason Hester Mason
Jonathan Brown Nathaniel Merrill
John Merrill Sarah Merrill
Thomas Olcott Jonathan Fairbaks
John Coolidge Henry Bright
William Bond Thomas Hastings
Thomas Wells John Warren
Nathaniel Merrill William Wadsworth
William Coolidge Thomas Wells
John Johnson John Johnson
John Merrill Thomas Bright
John Merrill Henry Riddlesdale

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