Autographs of Vice Presidents

From the collection of Stephen M. Lawson

The Vice President's Residence since 1977
[image form the library of the U. S. Naval Observatory]

Presented here are autographs of Vice Presidents from the compiler's collection. Due to the high cost of authentic autographs of Presidents and of the earlier Vice Presidents, very few additions are anticipated. The image displayed by choosing a small image was scanned at 200% (144 dpi), but the size you see will depend on your monitor's resolution and the software used. In some cases, white space or non-relevant material was cropped to reduce image size. The Notable Cousin link will take you to the Vice President's line to a common ancestor with the compiler.

(Bold and linked indicates Notable Cousin, and Italics indicates later President)
Party affiliation indicated by intial(s) of party name. It's interesting to note that since the founding
of the Republican Party, 12 of the 13 known Notable Cousins of the compiler have been members of that party.

Richard B. Cheney
(2001- ) R
Albert A. Gore, Jr.
(1993-2001) D
J. Danforth Quayle
(1989-1993) R
George H. W. Bush
(1981-1989) R
Walter F. Mondale
(1977-1981) D
Nelson A. Rockefeller
(1974-1977) R
George R. Ford
(1973-1974) R
Spiro T. Agnew
(1969-1973) R
Hubert H. Humphrey
(1965-1969) D
Lyndon B. Johnson
(1961-1963) D
Richard M. Nixon
(1953-1961) R
Alben W. Barkley
(1949-1953) D
Harry S Truman
(1945) D
Henry A. Wallace
(1941-1945) D
John N. Garner
(1933-1941) D
Charles Curtis
(1929-1933) R
Charles G. Dawes
(1925-1929) R
J. Calvin Coolidge
(1921-1923) R
Thomas R. Marshall
(1913-1921) D
James S. Sherman
(1909-1912) R
Charles W. Fairbanks
(1905-1909) R
Theodore Roosevelt
(1901) R
Garret A. Hobart
(1897-1899) R
Adlai E. Stevenson
(1893-1897) D
Levi P. Morton
(1889-1893) R
Thomas A. Hendricks
(1885) D
Chester A. Arthur
(1881) R
William A. Wheeler
(1877-1881) R

Hannibal Hamlin ALS
Henry Wilson
(1873-1875) R
Schuyler Colfax
(1869-1873) R
Andrew Johnson
(1865) D
Hannibal Hamlin
(1861-1865) R
John C. Breckinridge
(1857-1861) D
William R. King
(1853) D
Millard Fillmore
(1849-1850) W
George M. Dallas
(1845-1849) D
John Tyler
(1841) W
Richard M. Johnson
(1837-1841) D
Martin VanBuren
(1833-1837) D
John C. Calhoun
(1825-1832) D
Daniel D. Tompkins
(1817-1825) D-R
Elbridge Gerry
(1813-1814) D-R
George Clinton
(1805-1812) D-R
Aaron Burr
(1801-1805) D-R
  Thomas Jefferson
(1797-1801) D-R
John Adams
(1789-1797) F

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