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John Andrew and Mary Ridgley Andrew

Charles Andrew and Judith Matteson

Charles and Mary Andrew

Jonathan and Lucy Andrew

Henry L. Andrews and Harriet Holcomb

Melvina E. Andrews and William Clemeth Morey

Minnie Elsie Morey and Aretus Erastus Freeman

Iva Melvina Freeman and Donald VanHoosier Lawson

Stephen Martin Lawson

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John and Mary (Ridgley) Andrew

John ANDREW - b. England or Scotland; d. by 1693, Newport, RI. His name also appears as MACKANDREW and ANDREWS. Took oath of allegiance May 20, 1671, and purchased land Jan. 1, 1672 from the Indians in Narragansett Co., RI. Residing at Kingstown, he was constable 1683-4, and was taxed Sep. 6, 1687. The name of John's first wife and mother of Mary, John and William is not known. He married second in RI about 1680, RI.

Mary RIDGLEY - d. after 1716, RI.

Children of John Andrew and his first wife

  1. Mary - b. about 1664, East Greenwich, RI; d. May 2, 1752, West Greenwich, RI. Married about 1681 Henry SWEET (b. about 1659), son of John SWEET and Elizabeth JEOFFREYS. Mary and Henry SWEET had thirteen children, including: Henry; John; Joseph; Benjamin married; William; and Griffin.
  2. John - b. Kingstown, RI; d. 1693-1721. Inherited his father's estate, and deeded 70 acres to his six brothers and his step-mother Aug. 22, 1693. Married Rebecca, who married second Jun. 18, 1721 John NICHOLS. Children of John and Rebecca ANDREW: John died young; Richard; Joseph; Rachel; and John.
  3. William - b. Aug. 23, 1679, Kingstown, RI; d. 1762, East Greenwich, RI. Estate inventoried at £503.01.06. Resided at East Greenwich, RI. Married Sep. 25, 1700, East Greenwich, RI, Anna SEARLE. Children of William and Anna ANDREW: John; Charles; Mary; and William married Mary.

Children of John and Mary Andrew

  1. Charles - b. Kingstown, RI; d. Jan. 13, 1762, East Greenwich, RI.
  2. James - b. Kingstown, RI; d. Jul. 10, 1716, Providence, RI. Will dated Jul. 10, 1716 and proved Aug. 1, 1716. Estate inventoried at £121.17.10, including 2 bibles, sermon book, mariner book, and 2 story books. A mariner, he purchased land in Warwick Co., RI on Feb. 12, 1709. Married Martha JENCKES (d. after 1719), daughter of Joseph JENCKES and Martha BROWN. Martha, widow of James, on Oct. 8, 1719 deeded land in Coweset to her son minor John, naming her brother Joseph JENCKES of Providence, "Studiant in Physick and Chirurgery," as trustee. She married second Peleg COOK. Son of James and Martha ANDREW: John.
  3. Thomas - Perhaps died young.
  4. Edmund - Living in Kingstown, RI in 1721.
  5. Benoni - b. Kingstown, RI. Resided at East Greenwich, RI. Married Rebecca SWEET. Children of Benoni and Rebecca ANDREW: John married his cousin Hannah ANDREW, daughter of Charles; Elizabeth; Eleanor; Mary; Jonathan married Sarah; Rebecca; Johanna married John JOSLIN; Sylvester; Ruth; and Benoni married Margaret WHITMAN.

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Charles and Judith (Matteson) Andrew

Charles ANDREW - b. Kingstown, RI; d. Jan. 13, 1762, East Greenwich, RI. Son of John ANDREW and Mary RIDGELEY. Will dated Jun. 25, 1758 and proved Jan. 30, 1762, with estate inventoried at £675.10.00. He bequeathed 275 acres in Coventry to son Charles, land in East Greenwich to son Jonathan, and homestead farm to son Edmond. His will also mentions daughters Hannah ANDREWS and Alice HOPKINS. Married by 1718, RI.

Judith MATTESON - b. Oct. 16, 1694, East Greenwich, RI; d. by Jun. 1751, RI. Daughter of Capt. Henry MATTESON and Judith ANDREWS-WEAVER.

Children of Charles and Judith Andrew

  1. Hannah - b. Jul. 25, 1718, East Greenwich, RI. Hannah may have married first Mr. SWEET; if so, they had no children. On Jan. 3, 1741, at East Greenwich, RI, she was married next to her cousin John ANDREW (b. Feb. 2, 1719, East Greenwich, RI), son of Benoni ANDREW and Rebecca SWEET, by John FRY, Justice. On Feb. 25, 1749, Hannah married last her cousin James MATTESON (b. Mar. 20, 1712; d. Feb. 16, 1754), son of Henry and Judith MATTESON. James' first wife was Enfield GREENE. Children of Hannah and John ANDREW: Philip; Elizabeth married Henry HOPKINS (son of William HOPKINS and Mary TIBBETTS); Wealthian married Joseph CARD; Jonathan; and Judith married Joseph GARDNER. Refer to MATTESON for the children of Hannah and James.
  2. Thomas - b. Dec. 5, 1720, East Greenwich, RI. There are three marriages for a Thomas ANDREW, one or more may have been marriages of this Thomas. First, a Thomas ANDREW married Aug. 18, 1751 at Newport, RI, Hannah WILLIAM. Then, a Thomas ANDREW, married about 1768 Fair MATTESON, perhaps the daughter of Henry MATTESON and Ruth SWEET, and had children Charles, Mary, Charlanna, Peleg, Sarah, Lillys, Wording, and Roxey. Finally, a Thomas, son of Charles ANDREW, married Nov. 20, 1772 Eunice HOPKINS, daughter of William HOPKINS and Mary TIBBETS.
  3. James - b. Nov. 2, 1724, East Greenwich, RI.
  4. Charles - b. Jan. 16, 1726, East Greenwich, RI; d. Feb. 22, 1810, Shaftsbury, VT.
  5. Jonathan ANDREW - b. Jul. 11, 1729, East Greenwich, RI. Married Nov. 7, 1751 at East Greenwich, RI, Sarah WEAVER (b. Oct. 12, 1725), daughter of Jonathan WEAVER. Children of Jonathan and Sarah ANDREW: Rosannah; Eunice; and Whipple married Mary COOKE.
  6. Edmond - b. Jun. 7, 1731, East Greenwich, RI. Executor of his father's estate. Married Phebe. Children of Edmond and Phebe ANDREW: George P. married Ruth VAUGHN; David; Caleb married Phebe PIERCE; Elizabeth married Benedict ARNOLD; Alamy; Josiah; and Phoebe married Christopher ARNOLD.
  7. Alice - b. Oct. 9, 1733, East Greenwich, RI. Married at East Greenwich, RI on Sep. 17, 1752 Tibbetts HOPKINS (b. Oct. 18, 1727), son of William HOPKINS and Mary TIBBETTS of East Greenwich, RI, brother of Henry HOPKINS who married Elizabeth ANDREW, and brother of Eunice HOPKINS who married Thomas ANDREW. Children of Alice and Tibbetts HOPKINS: Elizabeth married Nicholas MYERS; William married Mary BAKER; Charles; Amos; John; and Maplet.

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Charles and Mary Andrews

Charles ANDREW - b. Jan. 16, 1726, East Greenwich, RI; d. Feb. 22, 1810, Shaftsbury, VT. Son of Charles ANDREW and Judith MATTESON. The 1774 census of Coventry, RI shows his family with 2 males above age 16, 5 males under 16, and 2 females above 16. Served in the Revolution: Private on the alarm list, Capt. Samuel WALL's Company, Rhode Island Troops (see NSDAR National Number 74259). Married by 1755.

Mary - b. Jan. 27, 1726, RI; d. Sep. 30, 1804, Shaftsbury, VT at age 78 y. 9 m. 3 d.

Children of Charles and Mary Andrew

  1. Elizabeth - b. Mar. 30, 1755, Coventry, RI.
  2. Sylvester - b. Dec. 12, 1760, Coventry, RI; d. Nov. 25, 1838, Arlington, VT; bur. Maple Hill graveyard. Served in RI troops 1777-81 under Capts. William ROY, Asa BENNETT, and TOPPING. He perhaps married first Elizabeth (name of Reuben's mother on his death certificate). Sylvester married next in 1781 Mary WEAVER (b. Mar. 24, 1761; d. May 4, 1786), and last Hannah (b. 1755; d. Jan. 9, 1838). Children of Sylvester ANDREW: Reuben married Martha P. OATMAN; Barbara married first Benjamin BOWEN, and second John ALLEN; Polly married John JOHNSON; Judith married Preserved HALL; Sylvester (first child of Hannah) married; Benoni married his first cousin Catharine ANDREW, daughter of Lowry; Hannah married Mr. VAUGHAN; a son (under age 10 in 1800), and a daughter (under age 10 in 1800). (The last two children are not listed in the Prindle Genealogy, but census records support them.)
  3. Holden - b. Jul. 15, 1762, Coventry, RI. A son.
  4. Lowry - b. Apr. 14, 1764, Coventry, RI. Married and had daughter Catherine who married her first cousin Benoni, son of Sylvester.
  5. John - b. Jul. 13, 1766, Coventry, RI; d. Jun. 21, 1814, Shaftsbury, VT. Married Phebe (d. after 1830). John and Phebe moved to Bennington Co., VT in the late 1790s. Their children Rufus, Sarah, and Rachel relocated to Erie Co., NY. Children of John and Phebe ANDREW: Rufus married first Abigail FULLER, and second Christiana BRIDGEMAN; Noel married Lydia; Prudence did not marry; Sarah married Calvin MATTESON, Jr.; and Rachel married Gutavus MATTESON.
  6. Jonathan - b. Dec. 16, 1768, Coventry, RI; d. May 27, 1846, Shaftsbury, VT.
  7. A child -
  8. A child -
  9. A child -
  10. James - Son: Caleb married Reconcile MATTESON.

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Jonathan and Lucy Andrews

Jonathan ANDREW - b. Dec. 16, 1768, Coventry, RI; d. May 27, 1846, Shaftsbury, VT. Son of Charles ANDREW and Mary. Jonathan's age at death is given as 77 years 7 months 16 days, giving a birth date of Oct. 11, 1768. [Note: His family is constructed from census records and circumstantial evidence. Proof is desired that he is the father of Henry L. ANDREWS.] Married Lucy by 1789, and apparently married second Sarah (d. Aug. 12, 1857 at age 91).

Lucy - b. Aug. 24, 1768; d. Jan. 13, 1832, Shaftsbury, VT. Birth date is calculated from age at death of 63 years 4 months 20 days.

Children of Jonathan and Lucy Andrew

  1. A daughter - b. about 1789. Possibly the Olive ANDREW who married William TANNER on Jan. 12, 1812 at Attica Center, Wyoming Co., NY.
  2. A son - b. about 1792.
  3. Freeborn - b. about 1795. Co-executor of estate of Henry L. ANDREW. Probably married Jul. 9, 1815, Shaftsbury, VT, Hannah STONE (b. Dec. 5, 1794, d. Mar. 21, 1865). The census records of 1820 and 1830 seems to indicate he had two daughters and two sons. (It is possible that the Freeborn who married Hannah was, instead, the youngest son of Sylvester and Hannah ANDREW.)
  4. A daughter - b. about 1798.
  5. Charles - b. Sep. 1, 1800; d. May 28, 1802, Bennington Co., VT; bur. Shaftsbury, VT.
  6. A daughter - b. about 1805.
  7. Jonathan - b. Mar. 24, 1808; d. Oct. 2, 1872, Bennington Co., VT; bur. Shaftsbury, VT. Birth date is calculated from age at death of 64 years 6 months 8 days. At time of marriage was called "of Orangeville, Gennesee Co., NY." The 1830 census of Orangeville, NY lists Jonathan as age 20-30 and his wife as age 15-20. Married at Shaftsbury, VT on Oct. 6, 1828 Lydia SPINK (b. Aug. 2, 1811; d. Jan. 29, 1884, Bennington Co., VT). Son of Jonathan and Lydia ANDREW: Clinton J. died unmarried Jun. 20, 1864 at age 21 y. 5 m. 16 d.
  8. A son - b. about 1809.
  9. Henry L. - b. about 1812, VT; d. Jul. 27, 1866, Wyoming Co., NY.
  10. Mary - b. Apr. 23, 1813; d. Feb. 14, 1830, Bennington Co., VT at age 16 y. 9 m. 21 d.

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Photo taken 1865/6Henry L. AndrewsHarriet HolcombPhoto taken 1865/6

Henry L. and Harriet (Holcomb) Andrews

Henry L. ANDREWS - b. about 1812, VT; d. Jul. 27, 1866, Wyoming Co., NY. Believed to be the son of Jonathan ANDREW and Lucy. Henry's will dated Jul. 7, 1866, and proved Aug. 6, 1866, names wife Harriet and brother Freeborn ANDREW as executors, and includes the statement, "I have commenced a suit in the Supreme Court for personal injury to myself [on June 10] against Royal P. Case." Moved to Johnsonburg, Wyoming Co., NY from Bennington Co., VT probably in the early 1830s, and was 'of Sheldon' at time of death. Henry and Harriet purchased 50 acres at Orangeville for $500 from David A. SPINK on Dec. 17, 1845. They also had transactions on a 10-12 acre tract. Henry, Harriet and their children are found in the 1850 census of Orangeville, Wyoming Co., NY, and the 1860 census of Sheldon, Wyoming Co., NY. Married before 1835, possibly in Wyoming Co., NY.

Newspaper items from the WESTERN NEW YORKER

Shooting Affair. An ill-will of long standing between two neighbors named [Royal P.] Case and [Henry L.] Andrews, living near Johnsonsburg in this county, culminated in an affray during which Case shot Andrews with a pistol on Saturday last. The ball took effect in the neck, but it is believed that the wound will not prove fatal. - Thursday, June 14, 1866

The Case and Andrew Affair. We learn that the altercations between Case and Andrew which terminated in the shooting of Andrew, arose as follows: On the morning of June 10th Case went to his cornfield, which lies across the road and nearly opposite to Andrew's house, to see if Andrew's hens were injuring the corn. The parties commenced quarreling and using hard language, Andrew standing in his door yard and Case in his corn. After a little Case went to his house and sent his hired boy to drive his sheep down the road to feed on his road side, and went along himself, taking his pistol with him to shoot the hens if they were found in the corn. While the sheep were feeding, Andrew and his sons [William H. and Frank E. Andrews] came up through their orchard near where Case was standing. The boys commenced to whistle and throw stones among the sheep, causing them to run by Case. After a few harsh words, Andrew jumped over the fence and pitched into Case, threw him down and held him on the ground, handling him roughly until Case entreated him to let him go. After Case got up he stepped back towards his road fence, took out his pistol and cocked it, and told them they must not repeat what they had done. Andrew pitched into him again, taking him around the thighs and hips and endeavored to throw him. Case claims that as he was about to fall he threw his right hand, which held the cocked pistol, over Andrew's back, at which time the pistol discharged, the ball striking Andrew in the back, lodging in the side. This terminated the affray. Case gave himself up and is now in the custody of an officer. Andrews is quite low in consequence of the wound. The examination of Case is to held to-morrow at Varysburg, before Esq. [Luman P.] Lawrence [Sheldon Justice of the Peace]. - Thursday, June 21, 1866

Arrested for Murder. Andrews, who was shot in the affair with Case near Johnsonsburg, some weeks since, died on Friday last, and Case was immediately arrested on a warrant for murder. The examination commenced before Esquire [Gordon] Bently [Orangeville Justice of the Peace] yesterday and is to be continued to-day. - Thursday, August 2, 1866

Circuit Court. Judge [Martin] Grover is holding Court here this week. There is a large attendance -- the Hotels being overflowing. The main interest centers on the trial of Case on an indictment for the murder of Andrews. Hon. Sanford E. Church, L. [Linus] W. Thayer, and Bartlett & Pierce [law firm of Myron P. Bartlett and Beriah N. Pierce] are counsel for the prisoner. Dist.-Att'y [Byron] Healy conducts the prosecution, assisted by Thomas Corlett, Esq. The Jury was impaneled yesterday, and it is thought the trial will occupy three days. - Thursday, December 20, 1866

The Murder Trial. The Jury in the trial of Case for murder of Andrew, on Friday night brought in a verdict of manslaughter in the third degree. Judge Grover sentenced the prisoner to two years' imprisonment at Auburn. Not being able to attend the trial, we cannot review the testimony or notice the conduct of the case at length--gathering a few conclusions from unprejudiced persons who did attend. Originating in a neighbors' quarrel, and there being no material dispute as to the facts of the shooting, the case naturally turned upon the motive, the intent, the provocation, and the degree of malice. On these points the bringing out and sifting of testimony was very carefully managed. Ex-Dist.-Attorney Corlett conducted the examination of witnesses on the part of the people with great shrewdness and ability, as might be expected of a lawyer with his brains, experience, force and discretion. The testimony for the defence had been worked up by Bartlett & Pierce, and was complete, systematic and comprehensive to an extent that greatly conduced to what was generally regarded as a favorable verdict and a light sentence. L. W. Thayer, Esq., was entrusted with the important part of examining the witnesses on behalf of the defence. It is needless to say that it was done with much skill and adroitness. Hon. Sanford E. Church summed up the case for the prisoner in an address two hours and a-half in length, worthy of his high reputation as a lawyer. Members of the bar not engaged on the trial pronounced it a model for logical force, judicious arrangement, and eloquent presentation. The Dist. Attorney, Hon. B. Healy, summed up for the people in an effort that was said not to suffer at all in comparison with the effort of the ex-Lieut. Gov'r. He had sifted the case to the bottom, and presented facts, argument and appeal to the Jury in as strong a light as it could have well been done. Judge Grover's charge to the Jury was of an hour's length; and when Martin Grover talks an hour there has been a good deal said. It was clear, concise, strong and to the point, like all of this remarkable man's legal addresses. The trial excited much interest, and attracted a large number of spectators. - Thursday, December 27, 1866

Harriet HOLCOMB - b. Jan. 1, 1811, Varysburg, Wyoming Co., NY; d. Sep. 15, 1892, Johnsonburg, Wyoming Co., NY. Her birthdate is calculated from her age at death of 81 years, 8 months, 15 days. The information on the death certificate, supplied by Mrs. Daniel LINCOLN [probably a relation of her daughter-in-law Eva (LINCOLN) ANDREWS], includes her parents names as "Johna Hocumb" and "Sabra. Hocumb." Upon death of Henry, she lived with daughter Lillian on farm at Johnsonburg, Wyoming Co., NY. The 1870 Directory of Wyoming County lists Mrs. Harriet ANDREWS of the Town of Sheldon, post office Johnsonburg, lot 4 range 3, farmer, 82 1/2 acres. Harriet is found with son Frank and daughter Lillian in the 1870 census of Sheldon, Wyoming Co., NY, and with daughter Lillian and a granddaughter in the 1880 census of Sheldon, Wyoming Co., NY. The 1892 census of the Town of Orangeville shows Harriet HOLCOMB <sic> as age 80, among the 48 households listed. Daughter of Jonah HOLCOMB and Sabra.

Photographs of Henry and Harriet were taken shortly before his death in 1866. A photo of their daughter Melvina's brother-in-law Homer Atwood MOREY is in the Civil War Pension file of his widow, and appears to have been taken at the same time. All three photos appear to have the same mounts, print paper, trimming, and settings. Henry and Homer are posed the same, and the drapery in the photos of Harriet and Homer appear to be identical. An affidavit by George W. GOULD states that Homer's photo was taken at Johnsonburg. Homer was discharged from the Cavalry on July 19, 1865. Another photo of Harriet is estimated to have been taken about 1880.

Children of Henry and Harriet Andrews

  1. Freeborn W. - b. Jul. 3, 1835, probably in Wyoming Co., NY; d. Aug. 26, 1864; bur. Johnsonburg Cemetery, Wyoming Co., NY. His birth date is calculated from his age at death (29-1-23). Family sources indicate he died while "attending school in N.Y." The Wyoming Co. Military Duty Enrollment 1862-63, for the town of Sheldon, lists Freeborn ANDREW at age 27, "teacher, claims asthma." Married Caroline, who survived him. An unconfirmed report identifies Caroline as Caroline UNDERWOOD, daughter of Calvin UNDERWOOD and Diantha BURLINGAME. Son of Freeborn ANDREWS: Henry C. (also known as Calvin Henry ANDREWS).
  2. Wesley - b. about 1839, NY; d. about 1850 (before census dated Jul. 29, 1850), Wyoming Co., NY; bur. Johnsonburg Cemetery, Wyoming Co., NY. Died of typhoid fever, according to family sources. No grave marking has been found. It is possible that Wesley may be the same child as John W., who does not appear on the same list of children which includes Wesley.
  3. Rosetta J. - b. Dec. 7, 1841, Orangeville, Wyoming Co., NY; d. Jun. 8, 1891; bur. Johnsonburg Cemetery, Wyoming Co., NY. Lived on farm near N. Java, NY. Married first Charles E. BACKUS (b. Sep. 2, 1836; d. Apr. 19, 1864 in Civil War; marker in Johnsonburg Cemetery, Wyoming Co., NY), second after Jul. 1866 Mr. TUTTLE, and third in the spring of 1875 Wakeman LOCKWOOD (b. Jun. 27, 1827, Java, Wyoming Co., NY; d. Sep. 3, 1890) as his second wife. Wakeman married first Feb. 19, 1850 Lydia A. EDDIE (b. Jun. 30, 1831; d. Jul. 13, 1874) and had two daughters: Florence (b. Aug. 22, 1858) and Hattie (b. Sep. 30, 1861). Wakeman is listed in the 1870 Directory of Wyoming County as being of Orangeville, post office North Wethersfield, lot 57, a farmer, with 140 acres. He and Lydia were buried in Union Corners Cemetery, Java, NY. From a photo taken about 1885 at Corfu, NY by Mrs. E. O. BRADLEY it appears that Rosetta had three daughters, one or all three being children of Wakeman. Rosetta is called Rosetta J. BACKUS of Shelden, Wyoming Co., NY in the Aug. 6, 1866 estate papers for her father. The grave marker for Charles and Rosetta reads: "Charles E. Backus died Apr 19, 1864 aged 27 yr's 7 mo's & 17 d's. Rosetta J. Lockwood his wife died June 8, 1891 aged 51 years."
  4. Melvina E. - b. Sep. 7, 1843, Johnsonburg, Wyoming Co., NY; d. Jan. 2, 1926, Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., TX. Married William Clemeth MOREY.
  5. William H. - b. 1844, Wyoming Co., NY. The Wyoming Co. Military Duty Enrollment 1862-63, for the town of Sheldon, lists Wm. H. ANDREW at age 18, farmer. He was living at Sheldon, Wyoming Co., NY in 1866, but reportedly died at Kalamazoo, MI.
  6. John W. - b. Oct. 24, 1845, Wyoming Co., NY; d. Aug. 11, 1847, Wyoming Co., NY; bur. there in Johnsonburg Cemetery. His birth date is calculated from his age at death (1-9-18), according to cemetery records. Wyoming County vital records, file 50, gives date of death as Aug. 14, 1847 and cause as inflammation of lungs. Note that this son has not been reported by family sources, possibly due to death in infancy. Or he may be the child listed as Wesley - see above.
  7. George W. - b. Dec. 26, 1847, Sheldon, Wyoming Co., NY; d. Aug. 13, 1864, Wyoming Co., NY; bur. there in Johnsonburg Cemetery. His birth date is calculated from his age at death (16-7-19), according to cemetery records. Listed in both the 1850 and 1860 censuses of his parents. Family sources report that he died of typhoid fever.
  8. Henry W. - b. 1850; d. before 1860 possibly. No grave marker and no further record of Henry has been found. Listed in the 1860 census as age 9, and is not in the 1870 census of his parents.
  9. Emma E. - b. Jun. 10, 1850, Wyoming Co., NY; d. May 16, 1926, Attica, NY. Married Cassius C. SPENCER (b. 1851; d. Jun. 26, 1923, Attica, NY) and lived on a farm in Bennington, Wyoming Co., NY. Cassius was the son of Waterman SPENCER and Russel GODFREY, and grandson of Asa SPENCER and Sarah CALKINS. Emma and Cassius were buried in Forest Hill Cemetery, Attica, NY. Emma is not found in either the 1850 or 1860 census record of her parents. Children of Emman and Cassius SPENCER: George; Cora married Mr. MEEDER; Glen; and Rose.
  10. Frank E. - b. Oct. 1852, Wyoming Co., NY; d. 1935, Buffalo, Erie Co., NY. Married about 1879 Eva D. LINCOLN (b. May 1858, Wyoming Co., NY; d. Sep. 14, 1946, Buffalo, Erie Co., NY), daughter of Amariah and Melissa (SPENCER) LINCOLN, and sister of Walter LINCOLN and Rose PATCHEN [Portraits of Frank and Eva]. The parents of Melissa (SPENCER) LINCOLN were Asa SPENCER and Sarah CALKINS. Frank and Eva lived in Batavia, Wyoming Co., NY. Notes of family members of Frank's sister Melvina E. (ANDREWS) MOREY give the name of Frank's wife as Evelyn, but all other records seen have Eva. The 1880 census of Sheldon lists Frank as age 26, a salesman, Eva age 22, keeping house, and Henry W. age 1 month. Son Henry and his wife Fannie (1884-1908) have a marker in Johnsonburg Cemetery, but Henry was buried at Morganville, NY beside his second wife. Frank's name is said to be incribed on the bell of the Johnsonburg Methodist Church. Children of Frank and Eva ANDREWS: Henry W. married first Fannie May STANDISH, and second Bernice HOYT; Alva LeRoy 'Roy' [photo] married Goldie; Frank Lincoln married Georgia Janette CULVER; Harry Samuel [photo] married Pauline RINDFLEISCH; and Hazel Melissa married Lyman WIGHT.
  11. Lillian C. - b. 1858 Wyoming Co., NY; d. 1933, Wyoming Co., NY; bur. Johnsonburg Cemetery, Wyoming Co., NY. Married before 1889 Albert E. WELCH (b. 1859; d. 1930), an orphan of Linden, NY who worked for the railroad. The 1892 census of the Town of Orangeville lists Albert (b. US 43y M Laborer), Lillie C. (b. US 32y F), and their daughter Bertha M. (b. US 3y F). Children of Lillian and Albert WELCH: Bertha M. (1889-1968) married Mr. STANDISH; Olive married second Clayton PARMENTER; Vernon married; a son died as infant in Aug. 1892; another son and a daughter died young.

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