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From the files of Stephen M. Lawson

© 1954-2008 Stephen M. Lawson

The format and content of all files at this location, and other locations under the control of the compiler, are subject to current and future applicable copyright laws. None of the content may be used for any purpose without express permission of the copyright owner, except for "fair use" as defined in the copyright laws. The compiler may remove, modify or relocate any of the files at any time.

Permission is hereby granted for any non-commercial use of the vital statistics and relationship information in these files, to the extent that said permission does not violate the rights of others claiming ownership of the information. All rights to other material is reserved, subject to the above paragraph.

Notification is requested if any material in these files is being used contrary to the rights of others. If permission cannot be obtained for the continued use of such material, it will be removed from the files on request of the owner.

Notification is likewise requested if any material in these files is considered to be contrary to the privacy desires of any person or source named. Upon request of the person or source named, the material or reference will be modified or removed.

The information contained in these files has been obtained beginning in 1954 from various sources, including public, church, cemetery, and organization records. Most of the information is from published genealogies, histories and records transcriptions. Cousins have been very generous in providing copies of their records. The desire to include as many ancestors, potential ancestors, cousins, and details as possible has necessarily required the admittance of family history data that may be undocumented and based on family tradition or on circumstantial evidence. The reader must determine and seek the documentation from other sources that is desired to meet any self-imposed demands for accuracy. The names, dates, and places in these files should give direction in obtaining the desired documentation, but the compiler does not attest to the accuracy of any of the information in these files. Corrections and additions will be welcome.

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