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The origins of Hugh PARSONS of RI are not presently known. A thorough review of available documents leads to the conclusion that there were three separate men named Hugh PARSONS living in Springfield, MA, Watertown, MA and Portsmouth, RI in the mid-1600s. A brief narrative on the family is found in Ancestral Lines, Third Edition, by Carl Boyer, 3rd (Santa Clarita, CA 1998), pp. 459-60.

Hugh Parsons

Hugh PARSONS - b. probably in Wales or England; d. early 1684, Portsmouth, RI. His will was dated Jan. 11, 1684 and proved Mar. 14, 1684, naming his wife, grandson Hugh BAILEY, daughter Hannah MATTESON, granddaughter Hannah MATTESON, and his wife's two daughters living on Long Island (Susannah CARPENTER and Elizabeth DOTY). Hugh is first found at Portsmouth, RI in 1658, when he was appointed a juror. A deed dated on Jul. 3, 1662 names his wife as Elizabeth. Hugh was a freeman in 1663, a member of a troop of horse in 1667, and deputy in 1678. One researcher states that Hugh Parsons married Elizabeth, widow of John WOOD of Portsmouth, RI, and that Elizabeth was the mother of Hugh PARSONS' two daughters. However, Clarence Almon Torrey gives 1655 as the death year of John WOOD, which would place the suggested marriage of his widow to Hugh PARSONS afte the estimated birth years of Hugh's two daughters.

Several earlier publications identify his wife as Elizabeth (b. 1613; d. after 1684), widow of William ENGLAND. William and Elizabeth ENGLAND had children: William (b. 1641); Josiah; Eleanor married Jul 27, 1665 Jeremiah WESTCOTT; Susannah married Ephraim CARPENTER; and Elizabeth married Isaac DOTY of Oyster Bay. The family of Elizabeth ENGLAND suggests that she married Hugh no earlier than 1650, but certainly by 1662. Since Hugh's daughter Grace was born by about 1645, and daughter Hannah, whose first child was born in 1670, was probably born by 1650, it appears that they were children of a first marriage by Hugh. The provision in his will that the residue of his estate go to Elizabeth's daughters suggests that the estate included property brought to the marriage by the widow Elizabeth ENGLAND. This conjecture is supported by the sale of 18 acres of land in 1662 by Hugh and his wife Elizabeth, and by Hugh referring to Elizabeth as his "present wife" in the 1672 bond addendum.

Daughters of Hugh Parsons

  1. Grace - d. after 1677, RI. The birth of her fifth child in 1665 suggests that she was born by about 1645. Grace married first William BAILEY (d. by 1670), supposedly the son of William BAILEY and grandson of Palmer BAILEY. Grace married second 1674 Thomas LAWTON (b. Jun. 26, 1655, Portsmouth, Newport Co., RI), who had four children by his first wife Elizabeth SALSBURIE. Children of Grace and William BAILEY: John married Sutton; Joseph married Sarah DUNN; Edward married Frances; Hugh married first Anna, and second Abigail WILLIAMS; Stephen married Susanna; and Samuel.
  2. Hannah - b. probably at Portsmouth, RI; d. after 1693, RI. Married Henry MATTESON.

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Henry and Hannah (Parsons) Matteson

Henry MATTESON - b. about 1646, Ireland; d. 1690, East Greenwich, RI. Arrived in Rhode Island about 1666, living on Prudence Island in Narrgansett Bay until after King Philip's War. Settled at East Greenwich, obtaining 100 acres of land Jun. 12, 1678 and selling it on Mar. 17, 1682 to David SHIPPEE. Deputy in 1685. Married in 1670.

Hannah PARSONS - b. probably at Portsmouth, RI; d. after 1693, possibly in RI. She married second on Aug. 9, 1693 Charles HAZELTON, Sr. at East Greenwich, RI. Daughter of Hugh PARSONS.

Children of Henry and Hannah Matteson

  1. Henry - b. 1670, East Greenwich, RI; d. Apr. 13, 1752, West Greenwich, RI.
  2. Thomas - b. 1672, East Greenwich, RI; d. Jan. 19, 1740. Will proved Jan. 28, 1740, with estate inventoried at £452.07.1 1/2. He was married Nov. 14, 1695, at E. Greenwich, by John HEATH, Justice, to Mary (or Martha) SHIPPEE (b. 1667, MA), daughter of David SHIPPEE and Margaret SCRANTON. Children of Thomas and Mary MATTESON: Deliverance married Ezekiel BAKER; Elizabeth married Henry JOSLIN (their son John married Joanna ANDREW); Thomas married first Susanna BRIGGS, and second Elizabeth MATTESON; Joseph married Martha GREENE; Henry; Mercy married Francis BRIGGS; and Mary.
  3. Joseph - b. 1678, East Greenwich, RI; d. 1758. Married Rachel WEAVER, daughter of Capt. Clement WEAVER and Rachel ANDREW, and half-sister of Judith, who married Henry MATTESON. Their four sons received land at East Greenwich from Joseph. Children of Joseph and Rachel MATTESON: Joseph married Lydia MILLARD; Jonathan married Phoebe GREENE; David married Sarah COREY (daughter of William COREY and Elizabeth); and Josiah married Mercy NICHOLS.
  4. Francis - b. Mar. 15, 1680, East Greenwich, RI; d. 1750. Will proved Apr. 28, 1750, with estate inventoried at £2,530.03.09, including a saw mill and land bequeathed to each son. He married May 22, 1700, E. Greenwich, RI Sarah NICHOLS, daughter of Richard NICHOLS and Phoebe. Children of Francis and Sarah MATTESON: Sarah married William COREY (son of William COREY and Elizabeth); John married Mary ARNOLD; Hannah married Pasco WHITFORD; Francis married Dinah TIBBETTS; Henry married first Rachel GREENE, and second Comfort PEARCE; Thomas married first Sarah JOHNSON, and second Susannah MATTESON, possibly daughter of Thomas and Susanna (BRIGGS) MATTESON; Job married first Elizabeth GREENE; Elizabeth did not marry; Jane did not marry; and Phoebe married Increase GREENE.
  5. Hannah - b. RI. No further records found.
  6. Hezekiah - b. 1684, RI; d. 1752, West Greenwich, RI. Will dated Apr. 8, 1752 and proved Apr. 25, 1752, with estate inventoried at £782.04.08. Married Margaret WESTCOTT (b. Mar. 8, 1702; d. Apr. 12, 1753, West Greenwich, RI), daughter of Zerobabel WESTCOTT and Mary PARSONS. Children of Hezekiah and Margaret MATTESON: Abraham married Freelove PHILLIPS; Hezekiah; Amos married first Fear SWEET, and second Susannah; Samuel married Clarissa; Zerobabel married Mehitable DWINNELL; Lojea married Timothy CARPENTER; Catherine; and Ann.
  7. Josiah - b. 1685, RI; d. 1754. Married Rosannah WESTCOTT, daughter of Zerobabel WESTCOTT and Mary PARSONS. Children of Josiah and Rosannah MATTESON: John; David; Lorany; Nathan died young; James; Nathan; and William.

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Mr. Andrews and Rachel

Rachel - b. probably at Newport, RI; d. after Nov. 2, 1697, probably at East Greenwich, RI. Married first Mr. ANDREWS, who apparently died between 1674 and 1677. By her first marriage, she was the mother of Judith (ANDREWS) MATTESON. Rachel was chosen as a juror on Feb. 24, 1684, and was named executrix of the estate of Clement WEAVER in 1691. She married second, May 6, 1678 in RI, Clement WEAVER. She married third, probably in 1692, William BENNETT.

Clement WEAVER - b. 1647, probably Newport, RI; d. Sep. 8, 1691 (inv.), East Greenwich, RI. Step-father of Judith (ANDREWS) MATTESON. Son of Clement WEAVER and Mary FREEBORN, and grandson of Clement and Rebecca (HOLBROOK) WEAVER, and of William and Mary FREEBORN. Freeman at Newport on May 4, 1675, and at East Greenwich on Oct. 31, 1677. Clement's will, made by the Town Council on Nov. 23, 1691, provided for each of his children and for "Juda Androes, £5 ... at or before the 24th of June next." Estate inventoried on Sep. 8, 1691 at £151.02.06, clearly indicating his occupation of farmer: 2 oxen, 5 cows, 9 heifers, 2 yearlings, 3 calves, 38 sheep, 8 lambs, 2 horses, 3 mares, 2 colts, 10 lean swine, 6 pigs, 3 shoats, 59 cheeses, pair of stillyards, 2 spinning wheels, loom, 2 ploughs, 6 hives of bees, carpenter's tools, pewter, etc. Perhaps the Capt. WEAVER serving in the 1690 expedition of Phips against Quebec. The name of his first wife, whom he married about 1668, is not known. On Oct. 24, 1677 Clement was indicted for having on Sep. 26, 1677 declared himself married to Rachel ANDREWS at the house of Joseph CLARKE; they then married May 6, 1678 at Newport, RI.

Children of Clement Weaver and his first wife

  1. Clement - b. Feb. 19, 1669, Newport, RI; d. Feb. 19, 1738, East Greenwich, RI. Freeman 1690. A receipt dated Nov. 2, 1697 identifies his step mother Rachel ANDREWS WEAVER BENNETT. Married Jan. 1, 1691 Hannah LONG (d. 1759, East Greenwich, RI), daughter of Philip LONG and Hannah. Clement's will was dated Oct. 16, 1736 and proved Mar. 25, 1738. Hannah's will was dated Dec. 5, 1757 and proved Mar. 31, 1759. Children of Clement and Hannah WEAVER: Clement died young; Alice probably died young; Jonathan married; Clement; Mary married her cousin John, son of William WEAVER; and Gideon.
  2. William - b. 1671, RI; d. May 22, 1718, East Greenwich, RI. Estate inventoried Jul. 14, 1718 at £127.17.08: cider mill, pewter, pair of oxen, 4 steers, 4 cows, 2 two years, 3 calves, horse, mare, colt, 12 sheep, 10 hogs. Married Dec. 17, 1693 Elizabeth HARRIS (b. 1673; d. 1748, RI). Her will was dated Apr. 8, 1745 and proved Sep. 24, 1748. Children of William and Elizabeth WEAVER: William; Clement married; Joseph married Mary MATTESON, daughter of Henry and Judith (ADNREWS-WEAVER) MATTESON; Thomas died young; John married his cousin Mary, daughter of Clement WEAVER; Alice married Samuel BASSETT; Thomas; Benjamin; and Harris.

Child of Rachel Andrews

  1. Judith ANDREWS - b. Jun. 24, 1674, Newport, RI; d. after 1751, RI. Married Henry MATTESON.

Children of Clement and Rachel Weaver

  1. Joseph - b. Dec. 4, 1679, East Greenwich, RI; d. Jul. 11, 1751, East Greenwich, RI. Freeman 1702; deputy 1716-20. Estate inventoried Jul. 23, 1751 at £1,125.16.06, including £655 in bonds, a court book, and 2 bibles. Married Feb. 21, 1706 Elizabeth SWEET, daughter of Daniel and Eleanor. Children of Joseph and Elizabeth WEAVER: Benjamin; Mary; Elizabeth; and Rachel.
  2. Benjamin - b. say 1680/1. Married Mercy. Named as step-son of William BENNETT in proceedings in Mar. 1702.
  3. Alice - b. say 1682. Reportedly the oldest of the three girls.
  4. Rachel - b. Dec. 24, 1684, East Greenwich, RI. Married Joseph MATTESON (b. 1678, East Greenwich, RI; d. 1758), son of Henry and Hannah (PARSONS) MATTESON, and brother of Henry, who married Judith ANDREWS-WEAVER. Children of Rachel and Joseph MATTESON: Joseph married Lydia MILLARD; Jonathan married Phoebe GREENE; David married Sarah COREY; and Josiah married Mercy NICHOLS.
  5. Rebecca - b. about 1686, East Greenwich, RI; d. about 1715/6, Newport, RI. Married about 1714 at East Greenwich, RI, Capt. Daniel VAUGHAN (b. Mar. 17, 1685; d. Dec. 25, 1717, at sea off NC coast), son of Daniel VAUGHAN and Susanna GRIMES. Child of Rebecca and Daniel VAUGHAN: Rebecca married Gideon CORNELL.

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Capt. Henry and Judith (Andrews-Weaver) Matteson

Henry MATTESON - b. 1670, East Greenwich, RI; d. Apr. 13, 1752, West Greenwich, RI. Deputy 1701. Son of Henry MATTESON and Hannah PARSONS. Will dated Jun. 18, 1751 and proved Apr. 25, 1752, with estate inventoried at £407.11.06, £129.16.00 being in bonds and money. His will mentions wife Judith, sons Henry and Jonathan (and four other sons unamed), daughters Mary WEAVER and Judith ANDREWS (deceased), and heirs of Judith ANDREWS. Married Apr. 19, 1693, East Greenwich, RI, by John HEATH, Justice.

Judith ANDREWS-WEAVER - b. Jun. 24, 1674, Newport, RI; d. after 1751, RI. Daughter of Mr. Andrews and Rachel and step-daughter of Capt. Clement WEAVER.

Children of Henry and Judith Matteson

  1. Judith - b. Oct. 16, 1694, East Greenwich, RI; d. by Jun. 1751, RI. Married Charles ANDREW.
  2. Henry - b. Apr. 22, 1696, East Greenwich, RI; d. Mar. 2, 1754, West Greenwich, RI. He was married Dec. 15, 1720, at East Greenwich, RI, by John SPENCER, Justice, to Ruth SWEET, daughter of Henry SWEET. Children of Henry and Ruth MATTESON: Henry married Margaret GREENE; Ruth married John GREENE; Fair; John married Comfort WEAVER; Caleb died young; James married his first cousin Hannah (ANDREW) SWEET ANDREW, daughter of Charles ANDREW and Judith MATTESON; Dinah married Jonathan MATTESON, son of Jonathan and Alice (SWEET) MATTESON; Nathan married Freelove BOWEN; and Thankful married William WAITE.
  3. Jonathan - b. Jun. 6, 1701, East Greenwich, RI; d. 1784. Will dated Dec. 7, 1780. He was married Jan. 31, 1722/3, at East Greenwich, RI, by Thomas SPENCER, Justice, to Alice SWEET, daughter of Henry SWEET. Children of Jonathan and Alice MATTESON: Alice married Joseph WEAVER, son of Joseph and Mary (MATTESON) WEAVER; Mary married Benjamin WEAVER, son of Joseph and Mary (MATTESON) WEAVER; Hannah married John HALL; Jonathan married Dinah MATTESON, daughter of Henry and Ruth (SWEET) MATTESON; and David married Massey SWEET.
  4. Mary - b. Feb. 13, 1703/4, East Greenwich, RI; d. 1753, Coventry, RI. Married Nov. 21, 1723, East Greenwich, RI Joseph WEAVER, son of William WEAVER and Elizabeth HARRIS. Children of Mary and Joseph WEAVER: Joseph married Alice MATTESON, daughter of Jonathan and Alice (SWEET) MATTESON; Mary married Isaac GREENE; Katherine married Mansir COOPER; Benjamin married Mary MATTESON, daughter of Jonathan and Alice (SWEET) MATTESON; Andras; William married Mary MATTESON; Judith died in infancy; John married Susannah CARR; Thomas; Rufus married Hannah WILLIAMS; and Elizabeth.
  5. John - b. Oct. 27, 1706, East Greenwich, RI; d. Jan. 23, 1754, East Greenwich, RI. He was married Mar. 30, 1732, at East Greenwich, RI, by John SPENCER, Justice, to Elizabeth HUNT. Children of John and Elizabeth MATTESON: Sarah married Mr. HALL; John married Martha PHILLIPS; Thomas died young; Henry; Job married Deliverance COMSTOCK; Joshua died young; Abel married Amy HALL, daughter of Christopher and Roxanna (MATTESON-SWEET) HALL; and Thomas died young.
  6. Sarah - b. Apr. 18, 1709, East Greenwich, RI. Her first child was born out of wedlock. Married Dec. 22, 1734, East Greenwich, RI Timothy SWEET, probably the son of Richard SWEET. Children of Sarah and Timothy SWEET: Roxanna married Christopher HALL; Levinia married William BRIGGS; and Peleg.
  7. James - b. Mar. 20, 1712, East Greenwich, RI; d. Feb. 16, 1754, East Greenwich, RI. He was married Mar. 2, 1738, at East Greenwich, RI, by John SPENCER, Justice, to Enfield GREENE, daughter of John GREENE. Children of James and Enfield MATTESON: Uriah married Waite SWEET; Silas married Patience HALL, daughter of Christopher and Roxanna (MATTESON-SWEET) HALL; Anna married Mr. MANCHESTER; and Sarah died young.
  8. Elizabeth - b. Dec. 15, 1714, East Greenwich, RI. This child is also reportedly named Hezekiah.
  9. Ebenezer - b. Mar. 15, 1718, East Greenwich, RI. He was married Sep. 23, 1739, at East Greenwich, RI, by Thomas SPENCER, Justice, to Susannah COMSTOCK, daughter of Thomas. Children of Ebenezer and Susannah MATTESON: Martha married Thomas COMSTOCK; William died in infancy; Edmund married Susannah; William; and Ebenezer.
  10. Hezekiah - b. 1720. He was married Oct. 18, 1739, at East Greenwich, RI, by John SPENCER, Justice, to Mary SWEET, daughter of Richard. Children of Hexekiah and Mary MATTESON: Judith married Ishmael SPINK; George married Miss POTTER or Luranah; Jeremiah married Ruth SWEET; Fear; Peleg married Barbara BOWEN; Freelove married Abel AYLSWORTH; Mary married Thomas MANCHESTER; Sarah married David MATTESON, son of John and Mary (ARNOLD) MATTESON; Zilpha married John BRIGGS; Elizabeth; and Thomas married Thankful SWEET.

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