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Contact information and brief descritpions of numerous societies is maintained by The Hereditary Society Community.

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Many organizations support genealogical research and family history by recording documented lineages to an ancestor meeting some specified qualifications. Each lineage society has unique objectives and establishes its own procedures and requirements for documentation of the ancestral line.

To honor selected ancestors and to record the line of descent from those ancestors, membership in various societies has been obtained based on the information found in Freeman Family Lines. While there are undoubtedly many persons named in this site who could be so honored, about three dozen lines have thus far been documented.

Information of varying detail will be found for some of these organizations, together with a summary of the lineage to the qualifying ancestor or ancestors, and an image of the membership certificate issued. The pictures, which have been reduced in size and clarity, fall far short of showing the beauty and detail of the originals.

Multiple ancestors were honored in some of the societies by recording supplemental lines. In seven lineages, the line of descent is to another family member. Each line includes from 2 and 5 generations bearing the FREEMAN surname.

It should be noted that membership has not been continued in all of these organizations. In some cases membership was not a requirement for recording the documented lineage.

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