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There have been suggestions that Rev. Henry SMITH was from Leicestershire, England as part of the SMITH alias HERIZ family. No substantive evidence has been seen that supports his claim, and the sources thus far located are contradictory in details. Considerable information on the SMITH alias HERIZ line is available on the web site of Hugo HERIZ-SMITH. Documentation of the parents of Rev. Henry SMITH is desired.

A lenthy footnote appears in The History of Ancient Wethersfield, Connecticut, Volume II - Genealogies and Biographies, by Dr. Henry R. Stiles (1904) with alternative conjectures about the possible ancestry of Rev. Henry SMITH, including his education at Sidney Sussex and Magdalene Colleges, Cambidge University. As an alternative for Henry SMITH's education, Donald Lines Jacobus, in Hale, House and Related Families, (1978, Baltimore), page 730, writes that "The origin of Rev. Henry Smith has not been ascertained. He may have been the Henry Smith who matriculated from Kings College, Cabridge, A.B., 1619/20; Fellow of Kings."

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The Smith Family in America

Rev. Henry and Dorothy Smith

Henry SMITH - b. about 1600, England; d. 1648, Wethersfield, CT; will dated May 8, 1648. His parents have not been identified.  Henry may have been educated for the ministry at Sidney Sussex College (beginning 1617) and Magdalene College, Cambridge University (BA 1621/2; MA 1625), or at King's College, Cambridge University (BA 1619/20). A Rev. Henry SMITH was ordained by the Bishop of Peterborough on Jun. 8, 1623. He probably arrived in New England about 1636/7 with his second wife and young children, and by 1637 he was at Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT as the first settled pastor. His first wife's name, by whom he had 4 children is not known. Married second about 1635, England. The following is a portion of a letter written by Henry's son Samuel, and provides a portrait of the minister. However, the statement about first settling at Watertown is not supported by any contemporary evidence.

Hadley, Massacusetts Colony, Jan. ye Firste, 1698/99

My Dear & Dutiful Son:
I was of so tender an Age at the Death of my beloved Father, that I am possessed of but little of the Information for which you seek. My Revered Father was an ordained Minister of ye Gospelle, educate at Cambridge in England, & came to yis Land by reason of Ye Great Persecution by which ye infamous Archbiship Laud and ye Black Tom Tyrante (as Mr. Russell was always wont to call ye Earl of Strafforde) die cause ye reign of his Majestie, Charles ye First, to loose favor in ye sight of ye people of England. My Father & Mother came over in 1636/37, firste to Watertown which is neare Boston, & after a yeare or two to Weathersfield on ye great River, where he became ye firste settled Pastor. Concerning of ye earlie days I can remember but little save Hardship. My Parents had broughte both Men Servants & Maid Servants from England, but ye Maids tarried not but till they got married, ye wch was shortly, for there was great scarcity of Women in ye Colonies. Ye men did abide better. Onne of em had married onne of my Mother's Maids & they did come with us to Weathersfield, to our grate Comforte for some years, untill they had manny littel onnes of theire Owne. I do well remember ye Face & Figure of my Honoured Father. He was 5 foote, 10 inches talle & spare of builde, tho not leane. He was an Active as ye Red Skin Men & sinewy. His delighte was in sportes of strengthe, & withe his owne Hands he did helpe to reare bothe our owne House & ye Firste Meetinge House of Weathersfield, wherein he preacht yeares too fewe. He was well Featured & Fresh favoured with faire Skin & longe curling Hair (as neare all of us have had) with a merrie eye & swete smilinge Mouthe, tho he coulde frowne sternlie eno' when need was.

Dorothy - b. England; d. 1694, Hadley, MA; will dated Feb. 16, 1681/2. Married second in 1649 John RUSSELL (b. Feb. 26, 1597, Suffolk, England; d. May 8, 1680, Hadley, MA), father of Rev. John RUSSELL, successor to Rev. SMITH at Wethersfield, CT, and first minister at Hadley, MA about 1659. Dorothy's surname is sometimes given as COTTON, without substantive evidence (which would be welcome). It may be that the COTTON surname is based on a bequest in the 1652 will of Rev. John COTTON to "my cousin Henery Smith." However, Rev. Henry SMITH was deceased at the time of the will, and the bequest was for "diet, lodging and apparel so long as he serve my wife, and £20" - certainly not intended for Rev. Henry SMITH.

Children of Henry and his first wife

  1. Philippa - b. about 1622, England; d. by 1687. Married 1640 Deacon John BIRDSEY (d. Apr. 4, 1690, Stratford, CT). They were admitted to church at Milford Aug. 23, 1640, and dismissed to church at Stratford Mar. 19, 1649. John married second in 1688 Alice, widow of Henry TOMLINSON. Children of Philippa and John: John married Phebe WILCOXSON; and Johanna married Deacon Timothy WILCOXSON.
  2. Mary - b. about 1624, England. Married by 1643 Samuel HALE (bap. Jul. 15, 1615, Watton at Stone, Hertfordshire, England; d. Jan. 13, 1710/1, Stratford, CT), son of John and Martha HALE . Children: Martha died young; Samuel married first Ruth EDWARDS, and second Mary WELLES; John married Hannah NOTT; Mary married first Caleb BENJAMIN, and second Walter HARRIS; Rebecca married Nathaniel NUNN; Thomas married Naomi KILBOURN; Ebenezer married first Mary, and second Mary (LOVELAND) DICKINSON; and Dorothy married Jonathan HILLS.
  3. Peregrine - b. about 1628, England; d. before 1648, probably at Wethersfield, CT. Did not marry.
  4. Rebecca - b. about 1631, England. Married first Samuel SMITH (b. about 1625, England), son of Lt. Samuel and Elizabeth (SMITH) SMITH of Wethersfield and Hadley. Divorced while Samuel was in VA. Rebecca married second in 1669 Nathaniel BOWMAN (d. 1707, Wethersfield, CT). No children.

Children of Henry and Dorothy Smith

  1. Dorothy - b. about 1636, England; d. 1706, Farmington, CT. Married first John BLAKEMAN, son of Rev. Adam BLAKEMAN of Stratford, CT. Children: John married Mary KIMBERLY; Ebenezer married first Patience WILCOXSON, and second Abigail CURTIS; and Joseph married first Hannah HALL, and second Esther WHEELER. Dorothy married second Oct. 21, 1665 Francis HALL (d. Mar. 5, 1689/90, Stratford, CT), third Mark ST. JOHN (b. about 1634; d. Aug. 12, 1693, Norwalk, CT), and fourth Dea. Isaac MOORE of Farmington.
  2. Samuel - b. Jan. 27, 1638/9, Wethersfield, CT; d. Sep. 10, 1703, Hadley, MA.
  3. Joanna - b. Dec. 25, 1641, Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT; d. Dec. 28, 1664, Hadley, Hampshire Co., MA. Buried Dec. 29, 1664, Hadley, Hampshire Co., MA with her infant daughter. Married Feb. 4, 1663/4, Hadley, Hampshire Co., MA Philip RUSSELL (d. May 19, 1693), her step-brother and son of Rev. John RUSSELL. Philip married second Jan. 10, 1665, Hadley, Hampshire Co., MA Elizabeth TERRY (bap. Jan. 4, 1642; slain by Indians Sep. 19, 1677), daughter of Stephen TERRY; and third Dec. 25, 1679, Hadley, Hampshire Co., MA Mary CHURCH (b. 1656; d. May 1, 1743), daughter of Edward CHURCH. Daughter of Joanna and Philip: Joanna died as infant. Children of Philip and Elizabeth: John; Samuel died young; Philip died young; and Stephen died young. Children of Philip and Mary: Samuel; Thomas did not marry; Mary died as infant; Mary married Joseph ROOT; Philip; and Daniel married Jerusha DICKINSON.
  4. Noah - b. Feb. 25, 1643/4, Wethersfield, CT. Died young.
  5. Elizabeth - b. Aug. 25, 1648, Wethersfield, CT. Died young.

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Samuel and Mary (Ensign) Smith

Samuel SMITH - b. Jan. 27, 1639, Wethersfield, CT; d. Sep. 10, 1703, Hadley, MA. Son of Henry SMITH and Dorothy COTTON. Lived at Northampton, MA 1666-1680, then moved to Hadley, MA to care for widowed mother. Included in the letter referring to his father was the following reference to his stepfather, John Russell: "he was sometimes a little short of ye Charity which thinketh no Evil, at ye least I was wont to think so when his Hand was too heavy on my Shoulders & I remembered ye sweetnesse & ye Charity of my firste Father, but on ye whole said he was a Goode Man & did well by my Mother & her children & no doubt we did often try his wit & temper." Married about 1662, probably at Hartford, CT.

Mary ENSIGN - bap. Aug. 1, 1649, Hartford, CT; d. Jul. 1, 1723, Suffield, CT. Daughter of James ENSIGN and Sarah.

Children of Samuel and Mary Smith

  1. Samuel - b. about 1663, Wethersfield, CT; d. Sep. 1, 1723, Suffield, CT. Married Nov. 18, 1685, Hadley, MA Joanna MCLATHLIN. Children of Samuel and Joanna SMITH: Mary married John KENT; Samuel ; Thankful married Jedidiah WINCHELL; Mindwell died young; Noah married Mary JOHNSON; Experience died young; Ebenezer; Mindwell died young; and Mercy.
  2. Sarah - b. about 1665, Wethersfield, CT. Married first Oct. 16, 1684 John LAWRENCE (slain by Indians 1694), and second Aug. 15, 1705 Ebenezer WELLS (b. Jul. 20, 1669), son of Thomas WELLS of Hatfield, MA, as his second wife. Children of Sarah and John LAWRENCE: John died in infancy; a daughter died in infancy; Mary married John ALLIS; a child died in infancy; Deliverance married John BELDEN; and Sarah married Samuel SMITH. Daughter of Sarah and Ebenezer WELLS: Mary married Aaron GRAVES.
  3. Dorothy - bap. 1667, Northampton, MA. Married May 30, 1687 William ROOKER (or ROCKER), who d. about 1705. Children of Dorothy and William ROOKER: A daughter died in infancy; William died in infancy; Samuel; William; Sarah; Dorothy married Joseph TAYLOR.
  4. Ebenezer - bap. 1668, Northampton, MA; d. Sep. 15, 1728, Suffield, CT.
  5. Ichabod - b. Jan. 24, 1670, Northampton, MA. Moved to Suffield, CT about 1699. Married about 1692 Mary HUXLEY, daughter of Thomas HUXLEY and Sarah SPENCER. Children of Ichabod and Mary SMITH: A child died in infancy; Mary; Hannah; Samuel married Jerusha MATHER; Ichabod married Elizabeth STEDMAN; James married; and Joseph.
  6. Mary - b. Jan. 18, 1673, Northampton, MA. Married in Aug. 20, 1696 William BARNES (or BARNS). Children of Mary and William BARNES: Mary; Mercy; William possibly married Mary CONE; and John.
  7. James - b. Jun. 12, 1675, Northampton, MA. Married Oct. 26, 1698, East Haddam, CT Elizabeth SMITH (b. Feb. 2, 1679, Hadley, MA), daughter of Chileab SMITH and Hannah HITCHCOCK. Children of James and Elizabeth SMITH: Elizabeth; James; Noah married Mary JOHNSON; Samuel; Chileab; Hannah; Ebenezer; and Mindwell.
  8. Preserved - b. Aug. 1677, Northampton, MA; d. 1713. Married Dec. 15, 1697 Mary SMITH (b. Aug. 16, 1681, Hadley, MA), daughter of Chileab SMITH and Hannah HITCHCOCK. Children of Preserved and Mary SMITH: Mary died young; Ebenezer died young; Preserved; Ebenezer married Hannah BOLTWOOD; Samuel; Chileab married first Sarah/Mary MOODY, and second Rebecca BUTLER; James married Mary/Sarah SMITH; and Moses died young.

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Ebenezer and Sarah (Huxley) Smith

Ebenezer SMITH - bap. 1668, Northampton, MA; d. Sep. 15, 1728, Suffield, CT. Son of Samuel SMITH and Mary ENSIGN. Lived at Hadley, MA until about 1698 when he moved to Suffield, CT. Married about 1694, Hadley, MA.

Sarah HUXLEY - Daughter of Thomas HUXLEY and Sarah SPENCER. Married first Jan. 10, 1688 James BARLOW (1659-1690), and third Oct. 5, 1732, as his third wife, Martin KELLOGG, son of Lt. Joseph and Joanna KELLOGG.

Children of Ebenezer and Sarah Smith

  1. Sarah - b. Sep. 17, 1694, Northampton, MA. Married in 1714 John BARBER (or BARKER) of Springfield, MA.
  2. Dorothy - b. Dec. 21, 1696, Hadley, Hampshire Co., MA. Married Isaac KIBBE (1683-1766) of Enfield, CT, son of Elisha KIBBE and Rachel COOK. Daughter: Rachel (ancestor of Tennessee WILLIAMS) probably married Gideon MORGAN.
  3. Ebenezer - b. Apr. 4, 1699, Suffield, CT.
  4. Nathaniel - b. Mar. 3, 1701/2, Suffield, CT. Admitted to the Suffield church Feb. 27, 1725.
  5. Joanna - b. Jun. 8, 1703, Suffield, CT.
  6. Jonathan - b. Aug. 1, 1705, Suffield, CT. Intentions to marry Susanna JOHNSON published Dec. 28, 1727. Susanna (b. Jun. 9, 1706, Roxbury, MA) was daughter of John JOHNSON and Mary RAMSEY. Children: Martin; Charles; Abiah; Susanna; Elihu; Jonathan; and Elisha.
  7. Dorcas - b. Nov. 19, 1707, Suffield, CT. Married Joseph Hastings in 1726.
  8. Mary - b. Mar. 26, 1710, Suffield, CT; d. Aug. 26, 1711, Suffield, CT.
  9. Mary - b. Jul. 24, 1713, Suffield, CT; d. Apr. 10, 1716, Suffield, CT.

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Ebenezer and Christiana (Owen) Smith

Ebenezer SMITH - b. Apr. 4, 1699, Suffield, CT. Son of Ebenzer SMITH and Sarah HUXLEY. Ebenezer was granted land at Suffield in 1709, 1713, 1716 and 1717. He served the town in a number of offices between 1700 and 1741, being selectman four times, constable three times, moderator of the town meeting four times, and surveyor of highways once. Admitted to the Suffield church on Feb. 27, 1725. Married at Suffiled, CT in Nov. 1725.

Christiana OWEN - b. Jan. 10, 1702/3, Windsor, CT. Daughter of Obadiah OWEN and Christiana WINCHELL.

Children of Ebenezer and Christiana Smith

  1. Jedediah - b. Jan. 31, 1727, Suffield, Hartford Co., CT; bap. there Feb. 5, 1726/7; d. Sep. 2, 1776, Natchez, MS. Graduated from Yale (AB 1750, AM 1754), and became minister at Granville, MA Dec. 1, 1756. His being a Loyalist at the beginning of the Revolution was no doubt a prime motivation for leaving the ministry Apr. 16, 1776 and departing for for Spanish West Florida (now Mississippi state) with his wife, 10 of his 11 surviving children, and his brother Elnathan's wife and 2 daughters, his brother having moved to West Florida two years prior. Upon arrival at Natchez, he heard of his brother's death, and died 7 days later of a fever aggravated by stress, grief and climate. Additional narrative about the journey appears in Stile's Genealogies... of Ancient Wetherfield. Married at Granville, MA Sarah COOK. The eldest child remained in MA. Children of Jedediah and Sarah SMITH: Judge Jedediah, Jr. married Rhoda HUBBARD; Ebenezer died young; William married Mrs. NETTLES; Sarah married Joshua ALEXANDER; Josephus married Patience COBB (who married second John BAKER; daughter of Arthur and Susanna COBB); Richard Philetus married Ms. THOMPSON; Israel married first Sarah 'Sallie' COBB (daughter of Arthur and Susanna COBB), and second Jane LORENZO DOAN; Philander married first Esther BRASHIER, and second Susan MILLER SCOTT; Philomela married David MITCHELL; Calvin married Priscilla COBB (daughter of Arthur and Susanna COBB); Luther L. married first Martha Elizabeth 'Patsey' BAKER (sister of John BAKER), and second Anna Eliza DAVIS (sister of CSA Pres. Jefferson DAVIS); and Courtland married first Catherine COOPER (daughter Aurelia's first husband was Dr. Ben DAVIS, youngest brother of CSA Pres. Jefferson DAVIS), second Narcissa BOONE, and third Jane BOONE (sister of Narcissa).
  2. Asa - b. Apr. 20, 1729, Suffield, Hartford Co., CT; bap. there May 4, 1729; d. Sep. 27, 1798, Hartland, CT; bur Second Congregational Church Cemetery, Hartland CT. His grave marker includes the title of "Dr." Asa was probably living at Granville, MA until about 1770 to 1774, and then moved to Hartland, CT. A history of Hartland indicates he was a private in the Revolution, and one of the original members of the Second Congregational Church when it was created in 1780. Asa was married at Westfield, MA to Experience DEWEY, with two dates appearing in the records. It is likely that the first date, Mar. 30, 1760, was the date the marriage intentions was published and the second date, Apr. 17, 1760, was the actual marriage date. Children of Asa and Experience SMITH: Abigail; Thodosia; Asenath; Asa married; and likely other children.
  3. Christiana - b. Aug. 21, 1731, Suffield, CT; d. there Sep. 19, 1732.
  4. Ebenezer - b. Mar. 1, 1733, Suffield, CT. Married on Feb. 12, 1767 at Granville, MA to Abigail ROSE. Ebenezer served as a corporal of Capt. Lebbeus BALL's Company, answering the Lexington alarm on Apr. 29, 1775. Children of Ebenezer and Abigail SMITH: Ebenezer; and Zebulon.
  5. Christian - b. Oct. 3, 1734, Suffield, CT; d. Mar. 9, 1757/8.
  6. Eliakim - b. Jan. 25, 1736, Suffield, Hartford Co., CT; d. Aug. 27, 1775, Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA. Married first on Jun. 17, 1760 to Mehitable SMITH (b. Mar. 24, 1740; d. Apr. 16, 1770), daughter of Jonathan SMITH and Mehitable COOK, and second on Nov. 14, 1771 to Jerusha KELLOGG (b. about 1739; d. Sep. 22, 1823), daughter of James KELLOGG and Experience SMITH. Children of Eliakim and Mehitable SMITH: Rebecca died young; Eliakim probably married Submit (DICKINSON) GAYLORD; and Rebecca married Rev. Timothy HOPKINS.
  7. Elnathan - b. Jul. 9, 1737, Suffield, CT; bap. there Jul. 16, 1737; d. 1776, MS. Removed to Spanish West Florida (now Mississippi) about 1774, his letters encouraging his brother Jedidiah to join him there. Married on May 23, 1764 at Granville, MA to Hannah BATES. His wife and daughters remained at Granville, MA when he moved south, and he died before they could join him. Children of Elnathan and Hannah SMITH: Elphalet perhaps died young; Eada (daughter); and Eunice.
  8. Zebulon - b. Dec. 16, 1739. Died as an infant on the 16th day of a month in 1738 or 1739 (perhaps on date of birth), probably at Suffield, CT.
  9. Elijah - b. Sep. 6, 1741, Suffield, CT.
  10. Dorcas - b. Jul. 3, 1743, Suffield, CT; d. Jun. 8, 1833, Nassau, NY. Married Josiah HOLCOMB.

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