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Stone and Rogers Ancestry in England

John Stone and Sarah Rogers [John Stone of Guilford] Elizabeth Stone and William Wadsworth Elizabeth Wadsworth and John Terry Elizabeth Terry and Thomas Holcomb Thomas Holcomb and Mary Hanning Josiah Holcomb and Abigail Higley Josiah Holcomb and Dorcas Smith Jonah Holcomb and Sabra Harriet Holcomb and Henry L. Andrews Melvina E. Andrews and William Clemeth Morey Minnie Elsie Morey and Aretus Erastus Freeman Iva Melvina Freeman and Donald VanHoosier Lawson Stephen Martin Lawson

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The Rogers Ancestry in England

John and Agnes Rogers

John ROGERS, the Younger - A resident of Chelmsford, Essex. As a widower, John ROGERS married Agnes CARTER, a widow, on May 8, 1541 at Chelmsford. There is no known connection between this ROGERS line and that of Rev. John ROGERS (1507-1555), assistant of Bible translator William TYNDALE, and martyred under Queen Mary.

Agnes - The mother of Richard and Mary, she was the widow CARTER when she married John ROGERS, widower, as noted above.

  1. John - bap. Sep. 10, 1538; d. 1601. Shoemaker of Moulsham, Chelmsford. Married first Mary, and second about 1580 Joan GARLINGE.
    1. Rev. John - b. 1571; d. Oct. 18, 1636. Minister at Dedham, Essex. Married second Elizabeth (GALE) HAWES, and third Dorothy (STANTON) WISEMAN. All children were of his first marriage.
      1. John - Named as eldest son in will of his father. Haberdasher of Colebester, Essex. John's will names his brother Nathaniel. Married Mary. Issue.
      2. Rev. Nathaniel - b. 1598, Haverhill, Suffolk; d. Jul. 3, 1655; Ipswich, MA. Educated at Emmanuel College, Cambridge (AB 1617/7, AM 1621). Ordained Sep. 20, 1619, he was rector at Bocking, Essex and Assington, Suffolk (1630-1636), before removing to New England in 1636. He was ordained Feb. 20, 1638 at Ipswich, MA and was minister there until his death (1638-1655). Half first cousin once removed of Rev. Ezekiel ROGERS of Rowley, MA. Married Jan. 23, 1625 Margaret CRANE (b. about 1610; d. Jan. 23 1676), daughter of Robert CRANE.
        1. Mary - bap. Feb. 1628, Coggeshall, Essex. Married Rev. William HUBBARD (b. about 1621, England; d. Sep. 14, 1704), son of William HUBBARD and his first wife. Graduated in first class at Harvard 1642. Ordained Nov. 17, 1658, serving as minister at Ipswich, MA (1642-1704). Author of Indian Wars, 1677.
        2. Rev. John - b. Jan. 23, 1630, Coggeshall, Essex; d. Jul 2, 1684, Cambridge, MA. A graduate of Harvard in 1649, he was ordained Jul. 4, 1565 at Ipswich, MA, succeeding his father as minister there (1656-1681). Physician. Fifth President of Harvard College (Aug. 12, 1683 to 1684). Married Elizabeth DENNISON, daughter of Maj. Gen Daniel DENNISON.
          1. Elizabeth - b. Feb. 16, 1661. Married John APPLETON.
          2. Margaret - b. Feb. 18, 1664. Married first Dr. Thomas BERRY, and second Hon. John LEVERETT (b. Aug. 25, 1662, Boston, MA; d. May 3, 1724, Boston, MA), Judge, Representative, member of the Governor's Council, and President of Harvard College (1707-1724).
          3. Rev. John - b. Jul 7, 1666, Ipswich, MA; d. Dec. 28, 1745, Ispwich MA. Harvard graduate 1684. Minister at Ipswich, MA 1688-1745. Married Mar. 4, 1691 Martha WHITTINGHAM (d. Mar. 9, 1759), daughter of John WHITTINGHAM.
            1. Rev. John - b. Jan. 19, 1692, Ipswich, MA; d. Oct. 16, 1773, Eliot, ME. Harvard graduate 1711. Ordained Oct. 25, 1721 at Eliot, ME, serving as minister of the 2nd Parish in Kittery, ME (1721-1773). Married Susannah WHIPPLE.
              1. Rev. John - b. Aug. 7, 1719, Kittery, ME; d. Oct. 4, 1782, Gloucester, MA. Harvard graduate 1739. Ordained Feb. 1, 1744, serving as minister of the 4th Parish in Gloucester, MA (1744-1782).
            2. Martha -
            3. William - b. Jun. 19, 1699. Moved to MD.
            4. Rev. Nathaniel - b. Sep. 22, 1701, Ipswich, MA; d. May 10, 1775, Ipswich, MA. Harvard graduate 1721. Ordained Oct. 18 1727, serving as minister at Ipswich, MA (1726-1775).
            5. Richard - b. Dec. 2, 1703. Merchant at Ipswich, MA.
            6. Rev. Daniel - b. Jul. 28, 1707, Ipswich, MA; d. Dec. 9, 1785, Ipswich, MA. Harvard graduate 1725. Tutor at Harvard 1732-1741. Installed as first minister of 2nd Church in Exeter, NH on Aug. 31, 1748. Ordained Jul 13, 1752 at York, ME. Minister at Exeter, NH (1748-1782).
            7. Elizabeth - b. Jul. 28, 1707, Ipswich, MA. Twin of Daniel.
            8. Dr. Samuel - b. Aug. 31, 1709, Ipswich, MA; d. Dec. 21, 1772, Ipswich, MA. Harvard graduate 1725. Physician at Ipswich, MA.
          4. Dr. Daniel - b. Sep. 25, 1668; d. Dec. 1, 1722. harvard graduate 1686. Physician at Ipswich, MA. Married Sarah APPLETON, daughter of John APPLETON.
            1. Rev. Daniel - b. Oct. 17, 1706, Ipswich, MA; d. Nov. 22, 1782, Littleton, MA. Harvard graduate 1725. Ordained Mar. 15, 1731/2, serving as minister at Littleton, MA (1731-1782). Married Mary WHITING, daughter of Rev. John WHITING and Mary COTTON, and granddaughter of Rev. Joseph WHITING and of Rev. John COTTON.
          5. Rev. Nathaniel - b. Feb. 22, 1669/70, Ipswich, MA; d. Oct. 3, 1723, Portsmouth, NH. Harvard graduate 1687. Ordained May 3, 1699, serving as second minister at Portsmouth, NH (1699-1723).
            1. Dr. Nathaniel - d. Nov. 15, 1746. Harvard graduate 1717.
          6. Patience - b. May 25, 1676. Married Benjamin MARSTON.
        3. Nathaniel - b. Sep. 30, 1632, Assington; d. Jun. 14, 1680, Ipswich, MA.
        4. Samuel - b. Jan. 16, 1634/5, Assington; d. Dec. 21, 1693, Ipswich, MA. Married Judith APPLETON, daughter of Samuel APPLETON.
        5. Ezekiel - b. Ipswich, MA; d. Jul 5, 1674. Harvard graduate 1659.
        6. Timothy - b. Nov. 8, 1638, Ipswich, MA.
      3. Samuel - Clerk. Married 13 Nov 1661 Mary WADE, daughter of Jonathan WADE. Issue.
      4. Daniel - Married Frances. Issue.
      5. Abigail - Married Thomas PECK. Issue.
      6. Bridget - Married Edmond ANGER (d. 1678), son of William ANGIER and Josan. Issue.
      7. Martha - Married Mr. BECKLER. Issue.
    2. Thomas - bap. Jan. 30, 1574. Will proved Jan. 14, 1625. Shoemaker. Married first Sarah, and second Mary. Issue by both marriages.
    3. Mary - bap. Apr. 28, 1576. Married 1596 William GRIFFIN.
    4. Elizabeth - bap. Jul. 21, 1577.
    5. Richard - bap. Apr. 15, 1579. Last child of John and Mary.
    6. Katharine - bap. May 29, 1581. Died at age 4. First child of John and Joan.
    7. Nathaniel - bap. Dec. 23, 1582. Schoolmaster at Chelmsford. Married 1607 Elizabeth TERRET. Issue.
    8. Ezechias - bap. Nov. 23, 1585. Died at age 2.
    9. Susan - bap. Sep. 12, 1588. Did not marry.
  2. Thomas - bap. Nov. 25, 1540.
  3. Rev. Richard - bap. Jun. 29, 1551, Chelmsford, Essex; d. Apr. 21 1618, Wethersfield, Essex. Son of John and Agnes.
  4. Mary - bap. Jul. 30, 1553. Daughter of John and Agnes.

Rev. Richard and Mary Rogers

Rev. Richard ROGERS - bap. Jun. 29, 1551, Chelmsford, Essex; d. Apr. 21 1618, Wethersfield, Essex. Son of John ROGERS the Younger, and Agnes. Will proved Apr. 30, 1618. A leading Preacher of the Puritans, information can be found concerning Rev. Richard ROGERS in reference volumes, such as The Rise of Puritanism, by William Haller (1938). Richard began studies at Christ's College, Cambridge in 1566 and received his M.A. in 1574, returning to Essex to become Preacher at Wethersfield. He published various works in his lieftime, including The Practice Of Christianitie, Or, An Epitomie Of Seven Treatises (1603), and A Garden Of Spirituall Flowers. Yeelding A Sweet Smelling Sauour In The Nostrils Of Each True Hearte (1616). An edition of his Seven Treatises, in modernized English, is in preparation for publication about 2001. Richard married second Susan, widow of Rev. John WARD of Haverhill, Suffolk.

Barbara - Her given name is from the Haller book noted above, pages 41 and 42: "It was Barbara Rogers' lot to be always on her way to or from childbed in the intervals of managing a household that included not only her husband and children but her husband's pupils and their tutor." "When at last, not upon this but upon a later occasion, Barbara made her bed in the grave, her husband remarried, taking the widow with the several children of another preacher." Other undocumented reports have her given name as Mary.

  1. Sarah - Married John STONE.
  2. Ezra - No issue.
  3. Daniel - Minister at Wethersfield, succeeding his father. Married first Margaret BISHOP, and second Sarah EVERARD, daughter of John EVERARD. Son of Rev. Daniel and Margaret ROGERS: Rev. Daniel, rector at Wotton, Northamptonshire married Dorothy BALL. Children of Rev. Daniel and Sarah ROGERS: Hannah married Roger COCKINGTON; Samuel; Mary; and Margaret.
  4. Nathaniel - No issue.
  5. Ezekiel - b. 1590, Wethersfield, Essex; d. Jan. 23, 1660/1, Rowley, MA. Fourth son and fifth child of Richard and Mary. Rev. Ezekiel ROGERS of Rowley, MA was a half first cousin once removed of Rev. Nathaniel ROGERS of Ipswich, MA. Educated at Bennet College, Cambridge (1604), with A.B. (1604/5) and A.M. (1608) from Christ's College, Cambridge. Rev. Ezekiel ROGERS served as Chaplain to Sir Francis BARRINGTON at Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex, and as Rector at Rowley St. Peter, Yorkshire 1621-1638. He was silenced for non-conformity and departed England with his congregation in 1638, serving as minister at Rowley, MA 1638-1660. Ezekiel was a physician and benefactor of Harvard College. His will, dated Apr. 17, 1660 and proved Mar. 26, 1661, names his nephew Rev. Samuel STONE, and grand nephew John STONE. Married first Joan HARTOPP (bur. May 8, 1649, Rowley, MA), the mother of his children. Rev. Ezekiel ROGERS married, as his second wife, Elizabeth (d. Dec. 1650), daughter of Rev. John WILSON of Boston, MA and Elizabeth MANSFIELD. Ezekiel married third Jul. 16, 1651 Mary (bur. Feb. 12, 1678/9), widow of Thomas BARKER. His children all died young.
  6. Mary - d. 1639; bur. All Saints, Cranham, Essex. Married first Rev. William JENKINS, puritan minister at Sudbury, Suffolk. She married second Rev. Adam HARSNETT (b. about 1577, Colchester; d. Aug. 27, 1639, Cranham, Essex; bur. All Saints, Cranham, Essex), son of Adam and Mary HARSNETT, the father being a joiner. Adam matriculated at Pembroke Hall College in 1597, graduating BA in 1601, MA at St. John's College, Oxford in 1604, and BD in 1612. Rector at Cranham, Essex, with puritan leanings. Adam was married secon about May 1639 to Mary, widow of John DAWSON. The will of Adam HARSNETT, proved Sep. 16, 1639, mentions children, but only names son Ezekiel, perhaps his step-son. Children of Mary and William JENKINS: William; Mary married Daniel SUTTON; Elizabeth married Thomas CAWTON; John; Ezekiel; Anne married Rev. CLARKE; and Abigail married Mr. TAYLOR. Children of Mary and Adam HARSNETT: John; and others.
  7. Rebecca - Married Edward HASTELER (d. 1622, Malden, Essex), a widower who had ten children by his first wife. Edward, a merchant of Malden, wrote his will Jun. 11, 1622, naming his wife and children. His will was proved Oct. 4, 1622. Children of Rebecca and Edward HASTELER: Richard; Joseph; Nathaniel; Hester; Mary; and John.
  8. Two other daughters -

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The Stone Ancestry in England

This STONE ancestry is from Ancestry and Descendants of Deacon Gregory Stone of Cambridge, MA, by J. Gardiner Bartlett, page 13, and from The Ancestry of Eva Belle Kempton 1878-1908, Part I, by Dean Crawford Smith, page 449, with additional details from The Roper Family Bible Record, by Mary W. S. Soper (1982), page 110. Note that this line would make John STONE of Hartford, CT the half brother of Dea. Simon STONE of Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA and Gregory STONE of Watertown and Cambridge, MA, first cousin of Mercy (STONE) LOVERING of Watertown, MA, and first cousin once removed of Susan (STONE) CUTTING KIMBALL of Watertown, MA.

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The Stone Family in America

John and Sarah (Rogers) Stone

John STONE - bap. 1579, Great Bromley, Essex, England. Possibly the son of David STONE and Elizabeth HEWITT, although no documentary evidence has been found for this relationship. An Original Proprietor of Hartford, CT, his name appears on Hartford's Adventurers' Boulder and Founders Monument. See note following concerning John STONE of Guilford, CT.

Sarah ROGERS - b. England; d. 1640. Documentation of her given name, which has been reported to be in a will, is desired. Daughter of Rev. Richard ROGERS and Mary.

Children of John and Sarah

See Notable Cousins for line to: Charles CURTIS
  1. Jeremyas - bap. Feb. 18, 1599/1600, All Saints, Hertford, Herts., England; bur. Jan. 19, 1601/2, Herts., England.
  2. Samuel - b. Jul. 18, 1602, Hertford, Herts., England; bap. Jul. 30, 1602, All Saints, Hertford, Herts., England; d. July 20, 1663, Hartford, Hartford Co., CT. Graduate of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, and ordained 8 Jul. 1626 at Peterbough, he was curate at Stisted, Essex, England June 13, 1627 to Sep. 13, 1630. Arrived at Boston, Suffolk Co., MA Sep. 4, 1633 in the 'Griffin.' Teacher of church at Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA Oct. 11, 1633, and freeman May 14, 1634. To Hartford, Hartford Co., CT 1639, where he received a gift of land in 1640 from John STONE. See note following concerning John STONE of Guilford, CT. Rev. Samuel was Chaplain to troops in Pequot War 1637 and pastor of First Church, Hartford, Hartford Co., CT. His first wife, Hope FLETCHER, died in 1640, and he married second before July 1641 Mrs. Elizabeth ALLEN (d. 1681). Elizabeth, as widow of Rev. Samuel STONE, married third about 1673 George GARDNER. Elizabeth GARDNER was a witness to the 1675 will of William WADSWORTH. Children of of Samuel and Hope STONE: John; Rebecca married Timothy NASH; Mary married Joseph FITCH; and Sarah married Thomas BUTLER. Children of Samuel and Elizabeth STONE: Joseph died young; Lydia died young; a son died young; Abigail died young; Samuel did not marry; and Elizabeth married first William SEDGWICK (divorced) [see Sedgewick web site for descendants], and second John ROBERTS.
  3. Jerome - bap. Sep. 19, 1604, All Saints, Hertford, Herts., England.
  4. John - bap. Jul. 6, 1607, All Saints, Hertford, Herts., England; bur. Oct. 8, 1609, Herts., England. See note following concerning John STONE of Guilford, CT.
  5. Mary - bap. Jan. 13, 1609/10, All Saints, Hertford, Herts., England.
  6. Ezechiel - bap. Nov. 1, 1612, All Saints, Hertford, Herts., England; d. before Apr. 27, 1629, England.
  7. Lidda - bap. Apr. 17, 1616, All Saints, Hertford, Herts., England; bur. Aug. 10, 1635, Herts., England.
  8. Elizabeth - bap. Oct. 21, 1621, All Saints, Hertford, Herts., England. Married William WADSWORTH.
  9. Sarah - b. Apr. 3, 1625, All Saints, Hertford, Herts., England. Sarah HOWARD was a witness to the 1675 will of William WADSWORTH. Married Sep. 28, 1648, Hartford, Hartford Co., CT Henry HOWARD (b. about 1627, England; d. Mar. 1708/9; will proved Apr. 4, 1709, Hartford, Hartford Co., CT), a malster from Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT. Henry HOWARD arrived in Americ in 1634 aboard the 'Francis' at age 7, under the care of Jno. BARNARD. Children of Sarah and Henry HOWARD: Mary probably married Thomas GRISWOLD; Sarah married John ATCHITT/ADGETT; Elizabeth; John, twin, married first Mary, and second Margaret STEBBINS; Lydia, twin, married Joseph BARNARD; Samuel married Susanna BUNCE; and Rebecca.
  10. Ezechiel - bap. Apr. 27, 1629, All Saints, Hertford, Herts., England.

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Notes concerning John Stone of Guilford, CT

Talcott in the following refers to the work of Miss Mary K. Talcott, author of "The Original Proprietors," which appears as Section II of The Memorial History of Hartford County, Connecticut, edited by J. Hammond Trumbull (1886). Talcott's "The Original Proprietors" has been reprinted (after Aug. 1986) by the Society of The Descendants of the Founders of Hartford, Inc.

John STONE of Hartford, CT was an original proprietor. The following is the full text from Talcott concerning his land allotment: "John Stone, an original proprietor, had an allotment of lands, but conveyed it to Samuel Stone by gift before 1640. Lechford speaks of him as 'Mr. John Stone, of Hartford,' Sept. 16, 1639; removed to Guilford, where he was one of the signers of the original compact in 1639. Lands were recorded to John Marsh, Feb. 1639-40; 'part whereof did belong to John Stone and were by him given to Sam'l Stone, and so by the said Sam'l Stone unto John Marsh, of Hartford, and now belongeth to him and his heirs.' His home-lot was on the west side of Front St." It is hardly likely that John STONE, baptized 1579 is the same as John STONE, freeman of Guilford in 1669. If John STONE, the original proprietor of Hartford, was the brother-in-law of Rev. Ezekiel ROGERS of Rowley, MA, and father of Rev. Samuel STONE, Elizabeth (STONE) WADSWORTH, and Sarah (STONE) HOWARD, then Talcott erred in identifying the Original Proprietor of Hartford and the freeman of Guilford as one person.

John STONE is named as a grand nephew, son of Rev. Samuel STONE, in the Apr. 17, 1660 will of Rev. Ezekiel ROGERS. Talcott uses the phrase "probably this one" when referring to Rev. Samuel STONE of Stisted, Essex relative to the son of John STONE who was baptised in 1602 at Hertford, Herts. Talcott states that John, son of Rev. Samuel STONE of Hartford, graduated Harvard in 1653 and soon left for England where he received his MA from the University of Cambridge. Robert Charles Anderson, in The Great Migration Begins, Volume 3, pages 1769-1773, identifies Rev. Samuel STONE of Hartford as the same person as the curate of Stisted, Essex, and the child baptized in 1602 at Hertford, Hertfordshire. But he states that son John "presumably d. before the date of his father's will." This would appear to preclude this John STONE from being the resident of Guilford, CT.

John STONE - bap. Jul. 6, 1607, All Saints, Hertford, Herts., England; bur. Oct. 8, 1609, Herts., England. The baptismal record identifies his father as John STONE, but the burial record may or may not be for the son of John STONE. George McCracken, in "A Hartford Miscellany: Howard, Stone, Adsit-Edgett" in TAG, states the following concerning this John STONE: "This burial can hardly be that of the father, since the baptisms continue. If the burial does not belong to the child baptized, then this John might have been the John Stone of Guilford, Conn., but I do not wish to commit myself on this point."

John STONE - b. 1610, England; d. 1687, Guilford, CT. John STONE of Guilford, CT (freeman 1669) married Mary in 1642, probably at Guilford, CT, and had children: John married Susanna NEWTON, daughter of Rev. Roger NEWTON; Samuel; Nathaniel married Mary BARTLETT; Thomas married Mary JOHNSON; and Noah did not marry. To whom is this John STONE related? He does not appear to be the father, son or brother of Rev. Samuel STONE of Hartford, CT, as noted in the comments on the three above John STONEs. William L. Stone II, in The Family of John Stone, one of the First Settlers of Guilford, CT (Joel Munsell's Sons, Albany 1888), concludes that John was the son of Rev. Samuel STONE, a non-conformist divine of Hereford, Herefordshire [not Hertford, Hertfordshire].

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