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The Deane and Strong Families in England

Information on the English ancestry of Elder John STRONG is available in publications of Burton W. Spear through the Mary & John Clearing House. Most of the information published there is developed by members of the Strong Family Association of America, which continues research of the Strong ancestry in England, and shares the information on their web site.

Walter and Jane (Walsele) Deane

Walter DEANE - d. 1585-1591, South Chard, Somerset, England. Walter's mother's name was Joan. He was the grandson of John DEANE and Johanna SELLWOOD, she being the daughter of Nicholas SELLWOOD of Chard. Walter was married on Nov. 12, 1565 at Buckland St. Mary, Somerset to Joan WALSELE (d. 1597). Walter's will, dated Jul. 7, 1585 and proved Jul. 10, 1591, names daughters Eleanor and Joan, and son William, as does the will of his widow Joan, dated Mar. 29, 1597 and proved May 10, 1597.

Joan WALSELE - d. 1597.

  1. Eleanor - b. before 1568; bur. Jul. 6, 1628, Broadwindsor, Dorset. Married about 1588 Sylvester BALSTON, son of John BALTONE and Edith of Hawkchurch, Dorset. Children: Humphrey
  2. William - d. about 1634, South Chard, Somerset.
  3. Joane - d. before 1625. Executor of mother's will in 1597.

William Deane

William DEANE - d. about 1634, South Chard, Somerset. Will dated Jul. 22, 1634 names his children and his grandson John STRONG. Son of Walter DEANE and Joan WALSELE.

  1. Joane - b. before 1597; bur. Dec. 14, 1621, Chard, Somerset.
  2. William - d. 1678, South Chard. Named eldest son in his father's will.
  3. Thomas - d. 1672. Married Jun. 10, 1629, Chard, Somerset Mary WARRY, daughter of John WARRY and Mary DEAN.
  4. John - b. about 1597; d. 1660, Taunton, Bristol Co., MA. Will dated Apr. 25, 1660. To America in 1637 aboard the 'Speedwell' with brother Walter. Married Alice. Children of John and Alice DEANE: John married Sarah EDSON; Thomas married Catherine STEPHENS (daughter of Thomas STEVENS, Jr., and granddaughter of Thomas STEVENS and Mary WALLE); Israel did not marry; Isaac married Hannah LEONARD; Nathaniel did not marry; and Elizabeth married Josiah EDSON.
  5. Margerie - d. about 1635, Dorchester, MA. First wife of Elder John STRONG.
  6. Isaacke - Married Oct. 12, 1636, Thornecombe, Devon Margerie SMITH.
  7. Susan - Mentioned in 1654 will of Anne HURT.
  8. Eleanor - Living in 1634.
  9. Walter - bap. May 13, 1612, St. Mary, Chard, Somerset; d. 1659, Taunton, MA. To America in 1637 aboard the 'Speedwell' with brother John. Married in 1637 at Taunton, MA Eleanor COGAN, daughter of William COGAN, granddaughter of Barnard COGAN, and great granddaughter of Robert COGAN. William COGAN may have married second the widow of John STRONG of Chard, Somerset. The Apr. 24, 1654 will (proved Jun. 23, 1655) of William COGAN, a tanner of South Chard, names two "daughters" named Eleanor: one being Eleanor COGAN, then unmarried, and the other being Eleanor DEANE, wife of Walter DEANE in New England. Children of Walter and Eleanor DEANE: Mary married Shadrack WILBORE (son John married Alice PITTS, daughter of Peter PITTS and Mary ANDREWS); Lydia married Bartholomew TIPPING; James married Sarah TISDALE; Ezra married Bethia EDSON; Benjamin married Sarah WILLIAMS; and Joseph married Mary TIPPING.
  10. Elizabeth - Living in 1634. Called youngest daughter in her father's will.

George Strong

George STRONG - d. about 1634/5, Chard, Somerset. As a tailor living in Chard, his will, dated Nov. 20, 1627 and proved Feb. 13, 1635, names sons Thomas and Walter, granddaughters Marie, Elizabeth and Joane, and grandsons William and John. George STRONG's wife may have been surnamed WARY or BOWDIGE.

See Notable Cousins for line to: Clinton 'Clint' EASTWOOD

  1. Thomas - bur. May 12, 1663, Chardstock, Devon. Married May 12, 1604, Chardstock, Devon to Joanna BAGGE (bur. Aug. 26, 1657, Chardstock, Devon). Children: Maria; Elizabeth; Lavina; Jane; Sarah married Mr. MATTHEWS; and Rev. James married first Katherine MINTERNE, and second Sarah.
  2. John - bur. Jul. 13, 1612, Chard, Somerset.
  3. Walter - bap. Apr. 17, 1581, Chardstock, Devon; bur. Apr. 9, 1667, Chard, Somerset. A butcher, he was married in Feb. 1621 at Chard, Somerset to Ann BOND (bur. Sep. 11, 1674, Chard, Somerset), daughter of John BOND. Children: Marie; Elizabeth; Joane; and George married Margaret.

John Strong, Sr.

John STRONG - bur. Jul. 13, 1612, Chard, Somerset. Son of George STRONG. His will was proved Sep. 22, 1613, with his wife (unnamed) as executor and the overseers including his father George STRONGE, and his brother Walter. John's will names his son John, and unborn child, and three nieces, daughters of brother Thomas. John married about 1609, and his widow may have married second William COGAN, father of Eleanor COGAN who married Walter DEANE.

  1. John - b. about 1609, Chard, Somerset, England; d. Apr. 14, 1699, Northampton, MA.
  2. A child - b. 1613, Chard, Somerset.

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Thomas and Elizabeth (Charde) Ford

Thomas FORD - b. about 1589, Dorset, England; d. Nov. 28, 1676, Northampton, MA [memorial - inscription]. It is possible he was the son of John FORD III and Joan BECK (m. Feb. 3, 1583, Piddlehinton, Dorset, England), and nephew of Thomas FORD, merchant of Dorchester who died Jan. 20, 1610/11. The latter's will, proved May 8, 1611 names, among others, his brother John, and "Thomas, son of my brother, John FORDE." Thomas FORD arrived at Dorchester, MA in the 'Mary & John' 1630 with wife, four daughters and step-son Aaron COOKE, settled at Windsor, CT, where he was granted a lot in 1637, and moved to Northampton, MA 1659. Freeman 1631; deputy to General Court 1637-1640; juror 1643 and 1644. In 1645 Thomas moved to Hartford, CT and established a tavern in the house of Thomas SCOTT. In 1652 he sold the tavern, and in 1655 was Constable at Windsor, Hartford Co., CT. No documentary evidence has been found to support the long standing claim that the Thomas FORD who married Dec. 13, 1610, at Powerstock, Dorset, England, Joan WAYE was the emigrant, nor that the Joane WAYE who was buried there May 10, 1615 was the wife of Thomas FORD, rather than, say, his child. Thomas FORD married first Jun. 19, 1616, Bridport, Dorset, England; and second Nov. 7, 1644 Annie (SANFORD) SCOTT (d. May 5, 1676, Northampton, MA), widow of Thomas SCOTT (d. Nov. 6, 1643).

Elizabeth CHARDE - b. 1587, England; d. Apr. 18, 1643, Windsor, Hartford Co., CT. Married first Sep. 2, 1610, Thornecombe, Dorset, England, Aaron COOKE (bur. Dec. 28, 1615, Bridport, Dorset, England). Their son Aaron COOKE (1610-1690) arrived in America with his mother and step-father, and lived at Windsor 1636, Northampton, 1661, and Westfield, Hampden Co., MA 1661. Her son Aaron married first his Mary COOKE; second Joan DENSLOW; third Elizabeth NASH; and fourth Rebecca FOOTE, widow of Philip SMITH. Refer to the TERRY line for information on the Aaron COOKE family, his first wife being the daughter Martha (WHITE) COOKE, sister of Mary (WHITE) TERRY, who was mother of Stephen TERRY.

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth Ford

  1. Joanna - bap. Jun. 8, 1617, Bridport, Dorset, England; d. 1695. Married Nov. 6, 1633 Dorchester, MA Roger CLAPP (bap. Apr. 6, 1609, Salcome Regis, Devon, England; d. Feb. 2, 1691, Boston, MA. Roger arrived in the 'Mary & John' 1630 and lived at Dorchester, MA. He was author of Memoirs; Lt. in the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company 1655; deputy from Dorchester 1647-1671. Children: Samuel married Hannah LEEDS; William died as infant; Elizabeth married Joseph HOLMES; Experience died as infant; Waitstill died as infant; Preserved married Sarah NEWBERRY; Experience died young; Hopestill married Susanna SWIFT; Wait married John SIMPSON; Thanks died young; Desire married first Sarah POND, and second Deborah SMITH; Thomas died young; Unite died young; and Supply did not marry.
  2. Abigail - bap. Oct. 8, 1619, Bridport, Dorset, England; d. Jul. 16, 1688, Northampton, MA. Married Elder John STRONG.
  3. Thomas - bap. Sep. 21, 1623, Dorchester, Dorset, England; bur. there Oct. 6, 1623.
  4. Hepzibah - bap. May 15, 1625, Dorchester, Dorset, England; d. Apr. 11, 1683. Married first 1640 Richard LYMAN (1617-1662), son of Richard LYMAN and Sarah OSBORN; and second Oct. 7, 1664 John MARSH (b. 1618; d. Sep. 28, 1688), widower of Anne WEBSTER and son of John and Grace (BALDWIN) MARSH. Anne (WEBSTER) MARSH was daughter of Gov. John WEBSTER. Children of Hepzibah and Richard: Sarah married John MARSH; Hepzibah married Josiah DEWEY (ancestors of Adm. George DEWEY); Richard married Elizabeth COWLES; Thomas married Ruth (HOLTON) BAKER; John; Joanna; and Hannah. Children of Hepzibah and John: Hannah married Joseph LOOMIS; and Lydia married first David LOOMIS, and second Aaron COOK, Jr.
  5. Hannah - bap. Feb. 1, 1629, Dorchester, Dorset, England; bur. there Mar. 28, 1629.

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The Strong Family in America

Elder John and Abigail (Ford) Strong

John STRONG - b. about 1609, probably at Chard, Somerset, England; d. Apr. 14, 1699, Northampton, MA; bur. Bridge Street Cemetery, Northampton, MA [memorial - inscription]. Son of John STRONG of Chard, Somerset, England. Possibly embarked Plymouth, England Mar. 20, 1630 in 'Mary & John', and arrived at Nantasket, May 30, 1630. If so, he returned to England, married, and had two children, before sailing again for New England on May 8, 1635 from Weymouth aboard the 'Hopewell.' The early residences in MA of John STRONG are unclear, but records seem to support his being in Hingham in 1635, Taunton in 1638, Windsor, Hartford Co., CT in 1645, and Northampton by 1659 where he was the first Ruling Elder. He had 17 children and 145 grandchildren. Married first about 1632 in England, Margery DEANE (d. about 1635, Dorchester, Suffolk Co., MA), the mother of son John and a child who died in infancy, and daughter of William DEANE. Elder John STRONG married second about 1635, Dorchester, MA.

Abigail FORD - bap. Oct. 8, 1619, Bridport, Dorset, England; d. Jul. 16, 1688, Northampton, MA [memorial - inscription]. Daughter of Thomas FORD and Elizabeth CHARDE.

Children of John and Margery Strong

See Notable Cousins for line to: Texas President Anson JONES and Brig. Gen. Strong VINCENT

  1. John - b. about 1633, England; d. Feb. 20, 1697/8, Windsor, CT. Married first Nov. 26, 1656 Mary CLARKE (b. 1638; d. Apr. 28, 1663), daughter of Joseph and Frances CLARKE; second 1664 Elizabeth WARRINER (d. Jun. 7, 1684, Windsor, CT); and third Hannah SMITH (b. 1647), daughter of Hugh and Mary SMITH, and widow of Joseph TRUMBLE. Children of John and Mary: Mary married Timothy STANLEY; and Hannah married John HOPKINS. Children of John and Elizabeth: John married Mary PINNEY; Jacob married Abigail BISSELL (ancestors of Brig. Gen. Strong VINCENT); and Josiah married Joanna GILLETT.
  2. A child - b. about 1634, England; d. about 1635, Hingham, Suffolk Co., MA.

Children of John and Abigail Strong

See Notable Cousins for line to: Capt. Nathan HALE, Harriet Goodhue HOSMER, Donald Lines JACOBUS, Levi Parsons MORTON, Franklin Delano ROOSEVELT, Hon. Jessie ROOT, Jedediah Strong SMITH, Diana Frances SPENCER, Clarence Almon TORREY, Elizabeth Virginia 'Bess' (WALLACE) TRUMAN and Lucy Ware 'Lemonade Lucy' (WEBB) HAYES

  1. Thomas - b. about 1637, Hingham, MA; d. Oct. 3, 1689. Mary HEWITT (d. Feb. 20, 1670), daughter of Rev. Ephraim HEWITT (or HUIT); and second Oct. 10, 1671, Northampton, MA Rachel HOLTON (b. about 1650), daughter of William and Mary. Rachel married second May 16, 1698 Nathan BRADLEY. Children of Thomas and Mary: Thomas married Mary STEBBINS; Maria married Samuel JUDD; John; Hewet; and Ashel married Mary HART. Children of Thomas and Rachel: Joseph married Sarah ALLEN (ancestors of Lady Diana SPENCER, Capt. Nathan HALE, and Hon. Jessie ROOT); Benjamin did not marry; Adino married Eunice; Waitstill married first Sarah JONES, and second Mindwell BARTLETT; Rachel married Miles DUDLEY; Selah married Abigail TERRY; Benajah married first Mehitale BURR, and second Sarah SHERMAN; Ephraim married Mary BUCKINGHAM; Elnathan married Patience JENNER; and Ruth married William DUDLEY.
  2. Jedediah - b. May 7, 1637, MA; d. May 22, 1733. Married first Nov. 18, 1662 Freedom WOODWARD (d. May 17, 1681), daughter of Henry and Elizabeth. Jedediah married second Dec. 19, 1681 Abigail STEBBINS (b. Sep. 6, 1660; d. Jul. 15, 1689), daughter of John STEBBINS and Abigail BARTLETT. Jedediah married third Mary HART (d. 1710), daughter of Stephen HART and widow of John LEE. Children of Jedediah and Freedom: Elizabeth married Ebenezer WRIGHT; Abigail married Thomas KING; Jedediah married Abias INGERSOL; Ford died in infancy; a child died in infancy; Hannah married Benjamin CARPENTER; Thankful married Thomas ROOT (grandparents of Hon. Jessie ROOT); John died in infancy; Lydia married David LEE; Mary died in infancy; Experience died in infancy; Preserved married Tabitha LEE (ancestors of Capt. Nathan HALE and Lady Diana SPENCER); and John died young. Child of Jedediah and Abigail: Mary married Ebenezer PIXLEY.
  3. Return - b. 1640/1, Taunton, Bristol Co., MA; d. Apr. 9, 1726, Windsor, Hartford Co., CT.
  4. Ebenezer - b. 1643, Taunton, Bristol Co., MA; d. Jan. 11, 1729. Elder and Sgt. Married first Oct. 14, 1668 Hannah CLAPP (b. 1646), daughter of Nicholas CLAPP and Sarah CLAPP (cousins). Ebenezer married second Abigail, widow of Robert SHARP. Children: Hannah married Ebenezer POMEROY; Ebenezer married first Mary HOLTON (ancestors of Pres. Franklin ROOSEVELT), and second his cousin Elizabeth PARSONS; Nathaniel married first Rebecca STEBBINS, second Mary COOK, and third Penelope (PHILIPS) LEONARD; Sarah died in infancy; Preserved died in infancy; Sarah married first Thomas STEBBINS, and second Mr. WILLISTON; Jonathan married first Mehitable STEBBINS, and second Mary (SHELDON) CLAPP; and perhaps Noah died young.
  5. Abigail - b. 1645, Taunton, Bristol Co., MA; d. Apr. 15, 1704. Married first Nov. 12, 1673, at Windsor, CT, Rev. Nathaniel CHAUNCEY (b. 1639; d. Nov. 4, 1685), son of Rev. Charles CHAUNCEY, President of Harvard, and Catherine EYRE; and second Sep. 8, 1686 Dea. Medad POMEROY (bap. Aug. 19, 1638; d. Dec. 30, 1716), son of Eltweed and Marjorie (ROCKETT) POMEROY. Children (first marriage): Isaac died not marry; Katharine married Rev. Daniel BREWER; Abigail married first Dr. HUDSON, and later Edward BURROUGHS; Charles died in infancy; Rev. Nathaniel married Sarah JUDSON; and Sarah married Rev. Samuel WHITTLESEY. Child (second marriage): Rev. Samuel POMEROY married first Lydia TAYLOR, and second Elizabeth WEBB.
  6. Elizabeth - b. Feb. 24, 1647, Windsor, Hartford Co., CT; d. May 11, 1736, Northampton, Hampshire Co., MA. Married Mar. 17, 1668/9 Joseph PARSONS (b. Nov. 1, 1647; d. Nov. 21, 1729, Northampton, MA), son of Cor. Joseph PARSONS and Mary BLISS. Elizabeth and Joseph were both buried in Bridge Street Cemetery, Northampton, MA. Elizabeth's husband was a fur trader, lawyer, first judge of Hampshire County Court, and a founder of Northampton, MA. Children: Rev. Joseph married Elizabeth THOMPSON; John married first Sarah ATHERTON, and second Hannah CLAPP; Ebenezer married Mercy STEBBINS; Elizabeth married cousin Ebenezer STRONG; Rev. David married Sarah STEBBINS; Josiah married first Sarah SHELDON, and second Elizabeth EDWARDS; Twins died in infancy; Daniel married Abigail COOLEY; Moses married Abigail BALL; Abigail married Ebenezer CLARK; and Noah married Mindwell EDWARDS.
  7. Experience - bap. Aug. 4, 1650, Windsor, Hartford Co., CT. Married Zerubabel FILER.
  8. Samuel - b. Aug. 5, 1652, Windsor, Hartford Co., CT; d. Oct. 28, 1732, Northampton, Hampshire Co., MA. Married first Jun. 19, 1684 Esther CLAPP (b. 1656; d. Jan. 26, 1698), daughter of Edward CLAPP and Susanna COCKERILL; and second Oct. 28, 1698 Ruth SHELDON (b. Aug. 27, 1663), daughter of Isaac SHELDON, and widow of Joseph WRIGHT. Samuel and his son Samuel wer ambushed by Indians Aug. 10, 1711 at Northampton, MA, with the younger Samuel being killed. Samuel was taken to Canada as prisoner of the Indians, but escaped and returned home. Children of Samuel and Esther: Esther married Nathaniel WHITE; Samuel was killed at age 26 by the Indians; Susanna married John LANE; Abigail died in infancy; Abigail married first Samuel CHURCH, and second Ebenezer CHAPIN; Christian; Nehemiah married first Hannah (FRENCH) EDWARDS, and second Mrs. Catharine BARRETT; and Ezra married first Isabel FOWLER, and second Miriam DANKS. Children of Samuel and Ruth: Mary married Nathaniel EDWARDS, Jr.; Joseph died in infancy; Josiah married first Elizabeth FOWLER, and second Hannah SMEDLEY; and Dea. Samuel married Susannah BRACE.
  9. Joseph - b. Aug. 5, 1652, Windsor, Hartford Co., CT. Twin of Samuel. Died in infancy.
  10. Mary - b. Oct. 26, 1654, Windsor, Hartford Co., CT; d. Dec. 8, 1738, Windsor, Hartford Co., CT. Married Mar. 20, 1679, Northampton, MA to Dea. John CLARK (b. 1651; d. Sep. 3, 1704), son of William and Sarah. Children: Dea. John married Elizabeth COOK; Nathaniel married Hannah SHELDON; Ebenezer married Abigail PARSONS (ancestors of Bess TRUMAN); Increase married Mary SHELDON; Mary married Benjamin EDWARDS; Rebecca married Capt. John BAKER; Experience married Daniel NASH; Abigail married Dea. Noah COOK, Jr.; Noah married Eunice DICKINSON;Thankful did not marry; and Josiah married Thankful SHELDON.
  11. Sarah - b. 1655/6, Windsor, Hartford Co., CT; d. Feb. 10, 1733, Deerfield, Franklin Co., MA. Married first Dec. 19, 1675, Hadley, MA Joseph BARNARD (d. Sep. 6, 1695), son of Francis BARNARD and Hannah MERRILL; and second Sep. 23, 1698 Capt. Jonathan WELLS (b. about 1658; d. Jan. 3, 1738/9), son of Thomas and Mary WELLS of Hadley. Joseph had been killed by the Indians. Jonathan, at age 16, fought at the Fight of Turner's Falls, becoming known as the "Boy Hero" of that battle. Children of Sarah and Joseph: Dr. John married Bridget COOK; Sarah married Thomas WELLS III; Joseph died in infancy; Joseph married Abigail GRISWOLD; Thomas died unmarried; Samuel married first Sarah WILLIAMS, second Mrs. Rachel BARNARD, third Elizabeth WILLIAMS, and fourth Mrs. Katharine DEXTER; Hannah married Samuel CHILDS; Rebecca married Jonathan WELLS, Jr.; Abigail married Ebenezer WELLS, Jr.; Thankful married Ebenezer SHELDON; and Ebenezer married first Elizabeth FOSTER, and second Mary (HITCHCOCK) TAYLOR ARMS. Son of Sarah and Jonathan: David WELLS died in infancy.
  12. Hannah - b. May 30, 1657, Windsor, Hartford Co., CT; d. Jan. 31, 1693/4. Married Jul 15, 1680 William CLARK, Jr, son of William and Sarah CLARK, and widower of Mary SMITH. Children: Hannah married first Ebenezer HUNT, and second Thomas BISSELL; Abigail died young; William married Bethia WILLIAMS; Jonathan married Hannah SMALLEY (ancestors of genealogist Clarence TORREY); Thomas married first Sarah STRONG (perhaps), and second Mary HINE; Joseph married Rebecca HUNTINGTON; and Benoni married Hannah ROOT.
  13. Hester - b. Jun. 7, 1661, Northampton, Hampshire Co., MA; d. Mar. 4, 1726/7, Windsor, Hartford Co., CT. Married Oct. 15, 1678, Northampton, MA Thomas BISSELL, Jr. (1656-1738), son of Thomas BISSELL and Abigail MOORE. Children: Esther married first Jonathan DRAKE, and second Dea. Joseph SKINNER; Abigail married Capt. Joseph PHELPS; Thomas married Martha LOOMIS; Ebenezer married second Mary; Eunice married John STOUGHTON, Jr.; and Nathaniel.
  14. Thankful - b. Jul. 25, 1663, Northampton, Hampshire Co., MA. Married at Milford, CT Jonathan BALDWIN (b. 1649), son of Joseph and Hannah BALDWIN of Milford, CT, and widower of Hannah WARD. Children: Abigail married Joseph TIBBALS; Hannah married Josiah FOWLER (ancestors of genealogist Donald Lines JACOBUS); Martha died in infancy; Ebenezer; Noah married Thankful JOHNSON; Phebe did not marry; and Ezra married Ruth.
  15. Jerijah - b. Dec. 12, 1665, Northampton, Hampshire Co., MA; d. May 24, 1754, Northampton, Hampshire Co., MA. Died of 'pleurisy'. Married Jul. 18, 1700 Thankful STEBBINS (b. May 11, 1678; d. May 24, 1744), daughter of John STEBBINS and Abigail BARTLETT. Children: Jerijah died young; Thankful married Jonathan HUNT III; Jerijah married Mary CLARK; Eunice married Dea. Nathaniel BREWER; Ithamar, 1 and 2, both died in infancy; Seth married cousin Lois STRONG; and Belah married Eunice ALVORD.

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Return and Sarah (Warham) Strong

Return STRONG - b. 1640/1, Taunton, Bristol Co., MA; d. Apr. 9, 1726, Windsor, Hartford Co., CT. Son of John STRONG and Abigail FORD. Resided entire adult life at Windsor, CT. Lt. of the Hartford County Cavalry Troop 1692; deputy to General Court 1689-1690; and county justice of the peace 1710. A tanner by trade. Married first May 11, 1664, Windsor, CT; and second May 23, 1689, Windsor CT Margaret NEWBERRY (b. Oct. 23, 1662), daughter of Capt. Benjamin NEWBERRY and Mary ALLYN.

Sarah WARHAM - b. Aug. 28, 1642, Windsor, CT; d. Dec. 26, 1678, Windsor, CT. Daughter of Rev. John WARHAM and Jane (DABINOTT) NEWBERRY.

Children of Return and Sarah Strong

  1. Sarah - b. Mar. 14, 1665/6, Windsor, CT; d. May 27, 1739. Married first Jul. 7, 1686, at Windsor, CT, Joseph BISSELL (b. 1663; d. Aug. 3, 1689), son of Thomas BISSELL and Abigail MOORE; and second John HIGLEY. Children of Sarah and Joseph: Joseph (b. Mar. 21, 1687) married; and Benoni (b. Dec. 7, 1689; d. Aug. 26, 1761, Windsor, CT).
  2. Abigail - b. Mar. 8, 1666/7, Windsor, CT; d. May 1, 1733. Married Feb. 8, 1693 John MOORE (b. 1665), son of John MOORE and Hannah GOFFE. Abigail and John MOORE had seven children, including: Elizabeth married Abraham FOSTER.
  3. Return - b. Feb. 10, 1668/9, Windsor, CT; d. Aug. 6, 1708. Married Jun. 19, 1700, at Windsor, CT, Elizabeth BURRITT (b. 1675), daughter of Lt. Stephen BURRITT and Sarah NICHOLS. It is probable that Return, age 31 in 1700, married earlier, and Elizabeth was his second wife. Children: Elizabeth died in infancy; Return, 1 and 2, both died in infancy; John Warham married first Abigail THRALL, and second Azubah GRISWOLD; and Elizabeth died in infancy.
  4. Elizabeth - b. Feb. 20, 1670/1, Windsor, CT; d. Jul. 9, 1714, Hartford, CT. Married first Apr. 30, 1707, at Wethersfield, CT, Nathaniel BOARDMAN; and second Jan. 6, 1714 William WARNER, Jr. (1672-1726), son of Lt. William WARNER and Hannah ROBBINS. Son of Elizabeth and Nathaniel BOARDMAN: Nathaniel BOARDMAN, Jr. married Ruth PARKER. Son of Elizabeth and William WARNER: Lt. William WARNER III married Rebecca LUPTON.
  5. Samuel - b. May 20, 1673, Windsor, CT; d. there Jul. 28, 1673.
  6. Damaris - b. Jul. 3, 1674, Windsor, CT; d. Sep. 9, 1751. Married about 1702 Samuel MOORE (1669-1753), son of John MOORE, Jr. and Hannah GOFFE. Children: Demaris did not marry; Hannah died young; Return did not marry; Anne; Esther married Daniel AYDEN; Jesse; Thomas died young; and Samuel married Elizabeth ELMER.
  7. Samuel - b. Dec. 27, 1675, Windsor, CT; d. Jan. 15, 1741, Windsor, CT. Married Nov. 9, 1699 Martha BUCKLAND (b. Mar. 1, 1678; d. Dec. 5, 1770), daughter of Nicholas BUCKLAND and Martha WAKEFIELD. Children: Sarah; Martha died young; Samuel married Martha STOUGHTON; David died in infancy; Martha; Return married Sarah NICHOLS; and Mary married Benjamin BISSELL.

Children of Return and Margaret Strong

  1. Hannah - b. May 8, 1692, Windsor, CT. Married Aug. 8, 1717 Samuel CHAPMAN (b. 1695), son of Simon and Sarah CHAPMAN. Children: Reuben died in infancy; Sarah; Samuel died young; Hon. Elijah married Ruth STEELS; Col. Samuel married Sarah WHITE; Ruth; Simon married first Eunice PRESTON, and second Lydia CARLTON; and Margaret.
  2. Joseph - b. Feb. 7, 1694, Windsor, CT; d. Dec. 1696.
  3. Mary - b. about 1696; d. Oct. 28, 1708.
  4. Margaret - b. Apr. 28, 1700, Windsor, CT. Married Jul. 29, 1736 Noah SPARKS.
  5. Joseph - b. about 1701; d. Jun. 11, 1709.
  6. Benjamin - b. Nov. 30 (or 14?), 1703, Windsor, CT. Possibly Rev. Benjamin STRONG of Stanwick, CT; married Rachel and had son Benjamin.

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