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Terry Ancestry in England

Stephen Terry and Joan Hardy     William Wasdworth and Elizabeth Stone

                  John Terry and Elizabeth Wadsworth

                  Elizabeth Terry and Thomas Holcomb

                  Thomas Holcomb and Mary Hanning

                  Josiah Holcomb and Abigail Higley

                  Josiah Holcomb and Dorcas Smith

                  Jonah Holcomb and Sabra

                  Harriet Holcomb and Henry L. Andrews

                  Melvina E. Andrews and William Clemeth Morey

                  Minnie Elsie Morey and Aretus Erastus Freeman

                  Iva Melvina Freeman and Donald VanHoosier Lawson

                  Stephen Martin Lawson

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Terry Ancestry in England

The TERRY family ancestry is from an article by Margaret Buckridge Bock and Lorena Terry Nelson, "The Ancestry of Stephen Terry of Windsor Connecticut and Hadley, Massachusetts," in the Descendants of the Founders of Ancient Windsor Newsletter (12:3, Spring 1995). Addtional information from The Ancestry of Frances Maria Goodman (1829-1912), by Harrison Black (Boston, 2001), pages 483-88.

Richard Terry

Richard TERRY - Earliest known TERRY ancestor.

  1. John - d. 1608. John's will was dated 1606 and proved at Winchester. He married Julian MILLER.
  2. Stephen - d. 1606/7, Hampshire.
  3. Robert - d. 1577. Robert resided in the Manor of Crondal, Long Sutton, Hampshire. His will, dated Feb. 19, 1576/7 and proved Apr. 18, 1577 at Winchester, named his brother Stephen as an overseer. Robert married Alice ARCHER (d. 1619). Children: Possibly Richard; Stephen married Johanna COOPER; Robert; Elizabeth; and Joane.

Stephen and Alice (Cannar) Terry

Stephen TERRY - d. 1606/7, Hampshire. Son of Richard TERRY. Stephen's will, dated Nov. 1, 1606 at Long Sutton and proved Jan. 24, 1606/7 at Winchester, named his brother John as an overseer. The will also named his sons John the elder, John the younger, James, Roger, and Thomas, and two grandsons and two granddaughters. Stephen became owner of Hydegate at Long Sutton, Hampshire about 1571-5. He married in 1555 at South Warnborough.

Alice CANNAR - d. 1588.

  1. John the elder - b. about 1555, Long Sutton, Hampshire; d. May 10, 1625, Stockton, Wiltshire.
  2. John the younger - d. 1637. John completed his apprenticeship with Richard HOWE of London in 1575 as a goldsmith. He was married in 1595 at Long Sutton, Hampshire to Alice PERPOYNTE. John has also been named as the husband of Elizabeth GALE, daughter of William GALE of London. Children: A son; and possibly others.
  3. Roger - b. 1562; d. 1600. Roger was a husbandman at Long Sutton, Hampshire. He married Amee WOASFOLD. Children: Anne; and Amy.
  4. Richard - b. 1566; d. 1626, Norfolk. Richard was educated at Winchester and New College, Oxford. He was a fellow at New Coolege, and became rector of Saham Toney, Norfolk.
  5. James - b. 1567; d. 1622, Long Sutton, Hampshire. James was a pewterer at Long Sutton, where three of his children were baptised. His wife was Alse, and/or Anne, daughter of Elizabeth PEACOCKE of London. Children: James; and others.
  6. Stephen - b. 1570.
  7. Thomas - b. 1571; d. 1655. Thomas was the sole executor and residuary legatee of his father's estate, and became his father's successor as owner of Hydegate, Long Sutton, Hampshire. In 1596, he married Joan WOTERSFIELD (d. 1659). Children: Nine.
  8. A daughter - d. young.

Rev. John and Mary (White) Terry

John TERRY - b. about 1555, Long Sutton, Hampshire; d. May 10, 1625, Stockton, Wiltshire. Son of Stephen TERRY and Alice CANNAR, and grandson of Richard TERRY. His will was made Apr. 25, 1625 and proved Jul. 5, 1625 in Hampshire. John attended Winchester, and was a fellow at New College, Oxford in 1576, obtaining his BA Nov. 12, 1578, and MA Jun. 15, 1582. Appointed Rector of Stockton, Wiltshire in 1590, serving until his death.The following memorial appears in the church at Stockton:

If men should be silent, this stone shall speak the due praise of God's grace in John Terry, lately a faythful, paynful, vigilant and Fruitful Minister of God's truth in this Church of Stockton. He was born of substantial parentage at Long Sutton, in Hampshire: bredde a well deserving Member of New College in Oxford; Freely presented to this charge by the Right Rev. Bishop of Winchester, An. Dom. M.D.X.C., and now in his ripe age of LXX. An. Do. M. DC. XXV., May XXX, sleepeth happily in the public Cemetery of this Church, till the last trumpet shall awake him to a joyful resurrection in Christ:

He lived, he learn'd, he wrat, he tought,
Well, much, truly, duly, he brought
Hoame the lost sheep, which Christ's Blood bought,
Against Hell's power he stoughtly Fought.
Terrae Terra datur, Caelum sed spiritus ornat,
Mundus habet famam, lusa Gehenna fremit.

Mary WHITE - b. 1570; bur. Oct. 17, 1637, Dorchester, Dorset. Daughter of John WHITE and Isabel BAWLE. Mary's will, dated Oct. 6, 1637 and proved Feb. 12, 1637/8, names many relatives, including her brother John and his wife Anne, and her sisters Martha (WHITE) COOKE MOORE and Elizabeth (WHITE) GARDINER.

  1. Stephen - bap. Aug. 20, 1592, Stockton, Wiltshire; d. Jul. 28, 1608, Oxford. Stephen died while a student at Oxford, and his name-sake brother was born less than a month later.
  2. John - bap. Nov. 1, 1593, Stockton, Wiltshire. Married Naomi. Son: John.
  3. Samuel - bap. Jul. 6, 1595, Stockton, Wiltshire.
  4. Josiah - bap. May 25, 1597, Stockton, Wiltshire. Josiah was baptised as John. He received the bulk of his mother's estate, and was her executor. Josiah had a servant named Anne EDWARDS, named in his mother's will. Married Margaret.
  5. Nathaniel - bap. Nov. 11, 1599, Stockton, Wiltshire.
  6. Stephen - b. Aug. 25, 1608; bap. Aug. 31, Stockton, Wiltshire; d. Sep. 1668, Hadley, MA.

White Ancestry in England

The WHITE family ancestry is primarily based on the information from Search For The Passengers Of The Mary & John 1630, Vol. 17, by Burton W. Spear (1992, Toledo, OH), pages 152-56.

Marcus WHITE - d. about 1529. Possibly the son of John WHITE of Leckford, Hampshire, England, whose will was proved prior to 1518 at Winchester. Resided at Timbury and Leckford, Hampshire, England. Children: John; Robert; Rev. Richard; Alice married John COLLINS (sons Richard and William); Thomas; and Edith married (child Harrie).

John WHITE - bur. Feb. 1, 1579/80, Timsbury, Hampshire. Will dated Jan. 26, 1579 and proved Aug. 2, 1580. Married Mildred WESTON (bur. Jan. 8, 1567). Children: John married Isabel BAWLE; Avis married first Simon PERROT (five children), and second James SOMERS; Joan married Mr. SMARTE; Ellen married Mr. KNIGHTE (daughter Ellyn); Alice married Thomas CANNON (three children); Walter; and Cealy married first John NEWMAN (two children) and second Thomas GRADYCH (two children).

John and Isabel (Bawle) White

John WHITE - d. Sep. 1618, Oxfordshire. Will dated Sep. 30, 1616 and proved Sep. 26, 1618 at Oxford. Resided at Stanton St. John, Oxfordshire. Married by 1570.

Isabel BAWLE - Daughter of John BAWLE, and sister of Dr. Henry BAWLE, who married Marie ROGERS, and of Robert.

See Notable Cousins for line to: Luther BURBANK, Alan Bartlett SHEPARD and David Hackett SOUTER

  1. Mary - b. 1570; bur. Oct. 17, 1637, Dorchester, Dorset. Married Rev. John TERRY.
  2. Josias - b. 1572/3, New College, Oxfordshire; d. 1622. Will dated Feb. 5, 1622 and proved Mar. 3, 1622. Married Anne BARLOW of Petersfield, Hantshire, whose will was dated Apr. 21, 1665 and proved May 8, 1665. Anne married second Francis DRAKE (d. Mar. 17, 1633/4) of Walton, Surrey. Children of Josias and Anne: Josiah; John married Mary DERBY; William; and James.
  3. John - bap. Jan. 6, 1575, Stanton St. John, Oxfordshire; d. Jul. 21, 1648, Dorchester, Dorsetshire; bur. St. Peter's Church Dorchester, Dorsetshire. A graduate of Westminster and New College, Oxford, Rev. WHITE served 45 years as rector of Holy Trinity and St. Peter's Churches at Dorchester, Dorset. He was called "Patriarch of Dorchester," and was responsible for gathering together those who sailed on the 'Mary & John.' Will dated Mar. 29, 1648 and prove Jun. 14, 1649. Married Ann BURGES, daughter of John BURGES of Petersborough, Cambridgeshire. Children: John; Samuel married first Sarah CUTTANCE, daughter of ship Master Edward CUTTANCE; and Josiah married first Mary HALLETT.
  4. Stephen - d. 1629. Resided at Stanton St. John, Oxfordshire. Will dated Nov. 7, 1629 and proved Feb. 15, 1629/30. Married about 1614/5 Mary WATERHOUSE. Children: Mary married John WHITEWAY; Martha; Elizabeth; Hannah; John (Mayor of Oxford, 1664) married first Mary WEEKES, and second Ann BOULTON; Stephen; Sarah; and Abigail.
  5. Martha - d. after 1648. Married first on Apr. 27, 1597 at Stockton, Wiltshire, England to William COOKE, vicar of Crediton, Devonshire. Martha married second by 1627 Mr. MOORE. Rev. COOKE received his BA on Nov. 3, 1582 and MA on Jul. 22, 1587 from Magdalen College, Oxford. He became a fellow of Magdalen College, and on Sep. 20, 1595 was chosen to be vicar of the church of Crediton, Devonshire. Since Magdalen College fellows were not permitted to marry, he resigned the position prior to his marriage in 1598. The will of Rev. William COOKE, written Feb. 7, 1614/5 and proved Jun. 26, 1615, names wife Martha, son Nathaniel, and daughters Elizabeth, Susan, Mary and Martha. Also named was "Mr. John White, my father in lawe," and an overseer was "Brother-in-law, Mr. John White, preacher in Dorchester." Children of Martha and William:
    1. Nathaniel - bur. Apr. 20, 1603, Crediton, Devonshire. Died young.
    2. Elizabeth - b. about 1602. She was named in the will of her aunt Mary (WHITE) TERRY in 1637. Married on Apr. 10, 1627 at Holy Trinity Church, Dorchester, Dorset to Rev. William WALTON (bur. Oct. 9, 1668, Marblehead, MA), son of Robert WALTON and Margaret FITZWILLIAMS. William received degrees from Emmanuel College, Cambridge in 1621 and 1623. Elizabeth and William settled at Hingham, MA, where he was freeman Mar. 3, 1635/6. He was missionary preacher and first minister at Marblehead, MA from 1638 until his death. Children: John; Elizabeth married first Lot CONANT, and second Andrew MANSFIELD; Martha married first Benjamin MOUNTJOY; Jane; Nathaniel; William; Samuel married Sarah MAVERICK (ancestors of Supreme Court Justice David Hackett SOUTER, and of astronaut Alan B. SHEPARD, Jr.); Josiah married Elizabeth; and Marie married Robert BARTLETT.
    3. Samuel - bap. Jan 13, 1604/5, Crediton, Devonshire. Died young.
    4. Susanna - bap. Jun. 18, 1609, Crediton, Devonshire. Unmarried in 1637 when she was named in her aunt Mary (WHITE) TERRY's will.
    5. Nathaniel - bap. Jun 18, 1609, Crediton, Devonshire; d. 1642, Dorchester, Dorset. He was named in his aunt Mary (WHITE) TERRY's will of 1637.
    6. Mary - bap. Jul. 1611, Crediton; d. between 1645 and 1650. Mary COOKE was named in the will of her aunt Mary (WHITE) TERRY in 1637, and in the estate papers of Richard GOODMAN her son was termed "Ensign Aaron Cook her cousin," relative to Mary (TERRY) GOODMAN, daughter of Stephen TERRY and granddaughter of Mary (WHITE) TERRY. Married about 1637 to Aaron COOKE (bap. Mar. 20, 1613/4, Bridport, Dorset, England; d. Sep. 5, 1690, Northampton, Hampshire Co., MA; bur. Bridge Street Cemetery, Northampton, Hampshire Co., MA), son of Aaron COOKE and Elizabeth CHARDE. His mother, Elizabeth (CHARDE) COOKE married second Thomas FORD, and Aaron was raised in the FORD family from the age of two years. Children of Mary and Aaron: Joanna married Simeon WOLCOTT; Ens. Aaron married Sarah WESTWOOD (ancestors of inventor Eliphalet REMINGTON, Jr., and of artist Frederic REMINGTON); Miriam married Joseph LEEDS; and Moses married Elizabeth CLARK. After the death of Mary, Aaron married second about 1650 Joan DENSLOW, daughter of Nicholas DENSLOW and Elizabeth DOLING, and had children: Samuel; Elizabeth married Samuel PARSONS; and Noah married Sarah NASH.
    7. Martha - bap. Feb. 7, 1614, Crediton, Devonshire. Named in her father's will, but not in the 1637 will of her aunt Mary (WHITE) TERRY.
  6. Elizabeth - Married first Thomas Gardner (will dated Nov. 1, 1632 and proved Nov. 27, 1633) of Little Bourton in Cropredy, Oxfordshire. Elizabeth married second Mr. ALLEN. Children of Elizabeth and Thomas: Josiah married Amy WILLIAMS; Steven; Timothy; Hannah married Mr. FRENCH; Katherine married John Casper HOPF; Mary married Mr. KINGSTON; and Martha.

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The Wadsworth Family in America

For information on the immigrant family, refer to The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England 1620-1633, Vols. I-III, by Robert Charles Anderson (Boston, 1995). Mr. Anderson writes that there is no evidence of a relationship between William WADSWORTH of Hartford, CT and Christopher WADSWORTH of Duxbury, MA.

William and Elizabeth (Stone) Wadsworth

William Wadsworth

William WADSWORTH - bap. 1592, Long Buckby, Northampton, England; d. 1675, Hartford, CT. Son of William WADSWORTH and Elizabeth (his baptism date and parents are not given by Anderson). Arrived at Cambridge, MA 1632 in 'Lion' from London with four children. Freeman Nov. 6, 1632, moving to Hartford, CT 1636. His name appears on Hartford's Founders Monument. Townsman 1642, 1655, 1661, 1673; constable 1651. Will dated May 16, 1675, and estate inventoried Oct. 18, 1675 at £1677.13.9. Married first 1625, Braintree, Essex, England, Sarah TALCOTT, daughter of John and Ann (SKINNER) TALCOTT; and second Jul. 2, 1644, Hartford, CT.

Elizabeth STONE - bap. Oct. 21, 1621, All Saints, Hertford, Herts., England; d. early 1681/2. Her estate was inventoried Mar. 6, 1681/2. Second wife of William, and daughter of John STONE and Sarah ROGERS.

Children of William and Sarah Wadsworth

  1. Sarah - b. about 1626, England; d. 1648. Married Sep. 17, 1646 at Hartford, CT to John WILCOCK (b. about 1623, England; d. May 24, 1676, Middletown, CT), son of John and Mary. John married second Jan. 18, 1649/50 Return STOUGHTON, daughter of Thomas, third Mary, widow of Mr. LONG and Joseph FARNSWORTH, and fourth 1671 Esther CORNWALL, daughter of William and Mary, and widow of John STOWE. Child of Sarah and John: Sarah married David ENSIGN and/or Thomas LONG. Child of John and Return: John.
  2. William - b. about 1630, England. His wife died in 1659, and William may have died before 1675.
  3. John - b. about 1632; d. 1689. Resided at Farmington, CT. Married 1662 Sarah STANLEY (d. 1718), daughter of Thomas STANLEY and Benet TRITTON. Children: Sarah married Stephen ROOT; Samuel married Hannah JUDSON; John married first Elizabeth STANLEY, and second Mary (HUMPHREY) GRIDLEY; Mary died young; William married first Abigail LEWIS, and second Sarah BRONSON; Nathaniel married Dorothy BALL; James; Thomas married Miriam BECKLEY; and Hezekiah.
  4. Lydia - b. about 1634, Hartford, CT. Living in 1660, but probably died before 1675.
  5. Mary - b. about 1635; d. 1711. Married 1655 at Windsor, CT to Thomas STOUGHTON (1624-1684), son of Thomas of Windsor, CT. Children: John married first Elizabeth BISSELL, and second Sarah FITCH; Mary married Samuel FARNSWORTH; Elizabeth married Mr. ELIOT; Thomas married first Dorothy TALCOTT, and second Abigail (EDWARDS) LATHROP; Samuel married Dorothy; Israel married Mary BIRGE; and Rebecca married Atherton MATHER.

Children of William and Elizabeth Wadsworth

  1. Elizabeth - b. May 17, 1645, Hartford, CT; d. Mar. 12, 1715Simsbury, CT. Married John TERRY.
  2. Samuel - bap. Oct. 21, 1646, Hartford, CT; d. Aug.-Sep. 1682, Hartford, CT. Did not marry. His will leaves land and possessions to brothers and sisters.
  3. Joseph - b. 1648; d. 1729. Freeman 1676. Capt. of the Hartford trainband. Married first about 1682 Elizabeth TALCOTT (b. Feb. 21, 1656; d. Oct. 20, 1710), daughter of John TALCOTT and Helena WAKEMAN; and second Mary BLACKLEACH, daughter of John and Elizabeth, and widow of Thomas WELLES and John OLCOTT. In Families of Early Hartford, Connecticut (Baltimore 1977), Lucius Barnes Barbour writes that Joseph was "The Hero of the Charter, a man of prominence, and some turbulence of character." Children: Jonathan married first Hepzibah MARSH, and second Abigail CAMP (Jonathan and Hepzibah became ancestors of 'Colt 45' inventor and maker, Samuel COLT); Ichabod married Sarah SMITH; Joseph married Joanna HOVEY; Elizabeth married Jonathan MARSH; and Hannah married Aaron COOK.
  4. Sarah - bap. Mar. 17, 1649, Hartford, CT; d. Feb. 1705. Married Nov. 10, 1669 Jonathan ASHLEY (b. Apr. 25, 1645), son of Robert of Springfield. Children: Samuel married Elizabeth KINGSBURY; Jonathan married Elizabeth OLCOTT; Joseph married first Mary MIX, and second Mary (STEELE) GOODWIN; Sarah; and Rebecca.
  5. Thomas - b. 1651; d. 1725. Married Elizabeth BARNARD (bap. Mar. 20, 1669/70), daughter of Bartholomew BARNARD and Sarah BIRCHARD. Children: Sarah died young; William died young; Elizabeth; Sarah married Thomas BURR; Rebecca married Jonah GROSS; Thomas married Sarah; Hannah; and William probably died young.
  6. Rebecca - b. about 1656, Hartford, CT. Unmarried in Aug. 1682, the date of brother Samuel's will.

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The Terry Family in America

For information on the immigrant family, refer to The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England 1620-1633, Vols. I-III, by Robert Charles Anderson (Boston, 1995). Addtional information from The Ancestry of Frances Maria Goodman (1829-1912), by Harrison Black (Boston, 2001), pages 488-91.

Stephen and Joan (Hardy) Terry

Stephen TERRY - b. Aug. 25, 1608; bap. Aug. 31, Stockton, Wiltshire, England; d. Sep. 1668, Hadley, MA. Son of Rev. John TERRY and Mary WHITE. His will was dated Sep. 19, 1668, and inventory taken Sep. 22, 1668. Stephen arrived in America 1630 in the 'Mary & John' and settled first at Dorchester, MA (freeman May 18, 1631). Stephen returned to England to marry, and sailed from Weymouth Mar. 31, 1633 aboard the 'Recovery of London.' He settled at Windsor, CT about 1636, and moved to Hadley, MA about 1660. Member of First Troop of Cavalry; first constable of Hadley 1662; selectman 1667. Married first Mar. 13, 1633/4 at Symondsbury, Dorset, England, and second about 1648, probably at Windsor, CT Elizabeth (b. 1593; d. Aug. 11, 1683).

Joan HARDY - bap. Jul. 13, 1604, Stratton, Dorset, England; bur. Jun. 5, 1647, Windsor, CT. Probably the daughter of Nicholas HARDY and Agnes, and the sister of John HARDY (bap. Dec. 2, 1598, Stratton, Dorset), who married Martha DOWNE.

Children of Stephen and Joan Terry

  1. Mary - b. Dec. 31, 1633, Dorchester, Suffolk Co., MA; d. 1692, Deerfield, Franklin Co., MA. Married Dec. 8, 1659 at Windsor, Hartford Co., CT to Dea. Richard GOODMAN, Jr. (b. about 1609; d. Apr. 1, 1676; bur. Apr. 3, 1676, Hadley, Hampshire Co., MA). He was at Cambridge in 1632, and Hartford in 1639, where he held several public offices. Slain by Indians. Children of Mary and Richard GOODMAN: John married Hannah NOBLE; Richard married Abigail PANTRY; Stephen died young; Mary married John NOBLE; Thomas died in infancy; Elizabeth married Jacob WARNER; Thomas married Grace MARSH; and Samuel.
  2. John - b. Mar. 6, 1637/8, Windsor, CT; d. Apr. 30, 1691, Simsbury, CT.
  3. Stephen - b. about 1640, Windsor, CT; bur. Dec. 17, 1640, Windsor, CT.
  4. Elizabeth - bap. Jan. 4, 1641/2, Windsor, Hartford Co., CT; d. Sep. 19, 1677, Hadley, Hampshire Co., MA. Killed by Indians. Married Jan. 10, 1665/6 at Hadley, Hampshire Co., MA, as his second wife, Philip RUSSELL, son of Rev. John RUSSELL. Philip married first Feb. 4, 1664 Joanna SMITH, daughter of Rev. Henry SMITH, and Philip's step-sister. Refer to SMITH line for family details.
  5. Abigail - b. Sep. 21, 1646, Windsor, CT; bap. Sep. 27, 1646, Windsor, CT; d. bef Nov 1727. Married May 9, 1667 at Hadley, MA, as his second wife, Lt. Joseph KELLOGG, son of Martin KELLOGG and Prudence BIRD. Refer to KELLOGG line for family details.

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John and Elizabeth (Wadsworth) Terry

John TERRY - b. Mar. 6, 1637/8, Windsor, CT; d. Apr. 30, 1691, Simsbury, CT. Son of Stephen TERRY and Joan HARDY. His will was dated Apr. 18, 1690, his estate was inventoried June 16, 1691 at £548-17-06, and probate records give the ages of his surviving children. Married Nov. 27, 1662, Windsor, CT.

Elizabeth WADSWORTH - b. May 17, 1645, Hartford, CT; d. Mar. 12, 1715, Simsbury, CT. Daughter of William WADSWORTH and Elizabeth STONE.

Children of John and Elizabeth Terry

  1. Elizabeth - b. Dec. 16, 1663, Windsor, CT; d. Dec. 9, 1699, Simsbury, CT. Age 27 in 1691. Married Capt. Thomas HOLCOMB.
  2. Stephen - b. Oct. 6, 1666. Sole executor of his father's will, and age 25 in 1691.
  3. Sarah - b. Nov. 16, 1668. Unmarried and age 22 in 1691.
  4. John - b. Mar. 22, 1669/70; d. Dec. 30, 1670.
  5. Rebecca - b. Jan. 7, 1671; d. Dec. 10, 1673.
  6. Mary - b. Jul. 19, 1673. Living unmarried at age 17 in 1691.
  7. Solomon - b. Mar. 29, 1675; d. Oct. 27, 1677.
  8. Rebecca - b. Feb. 27, 1676. Died young.
  9. Samuel - b. about 1678. Age 13 in 1691.
  10. John - b. about 1683. Age 7 in 1691.
  11. Abigail - b. about 1686. Age 5 in 1691.

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