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Warham Ancestry in England

John Warham and Jane Dabinott

Sarah Warham and Return Strong

John Higley and Sarah Strong

Nathaniel Higley and Abigail Filer

Abigail Higley and Josiah Holcomb

Josiah Holcomb and Dorcas Smith

Jonah Holcomb and Sabra

Harriet Holcomb and Henry L. Andrews

Melvina E. Andrews and William Clemeth Morey

Minnie Elsie Morey and Aretus Erastus Freeman

Iva Melvina Freeman and Donald VanHoosier Lawson

Stephen Martin Lawson

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Warham Ancestry in England

Most of the information on the English ancestry of John and Jane WARHAM is based on research published in the various volumes of Search for the Passengers of the Mary & John 1630, by Burton W. Spear (1985-9). The Cogan family data is from the Strong Family Association.

Richard Warham                   John Miller   Robert Cockeram   William Cogan
| | | |
John Warham --- Kathryn Soper John Miller --- Jane Cockeram Nicholas Cogan
| | |
Thomas Warham ------- Margaret Miller John Cooke---Elizabeth Cogan
| |
Richard Warham ----------- Agnes Cooke alias Howper
Rev. John Warham

John and Kathryn (Soper) Warham

John WARHAM - d. 1572. Resided at Compton Vallence, Dorset. His will, dated Jul. 9, 1572 and proved the same year, states that "Richard WARHAM, my father" was buried at Compton Vallence, and names his wife, children, and some grandchildren. John had a farm named Frome Billett. He and Kathryn were married about 1535.

Kathryn SOPER - Formerly of Somerset. Executor of John's will, she was living in 1572, and may have been related to John SOPER of Pitminster, Somerset.

  1. Thomas - b. about 1535-40, Compton Vallence, Dorset; d. 1612, Maiden Newton, Dorset.
  2. Mary - Received bequest from father in 1572. Probably married William STRANGMAN. Children: William married Anne; George, Sr.; George, Jr.; Henry; and John.
  3. George - d. 1584. Resided at Compton Abbas, Dorset. His will, proved in 1584, names his father, brothers Thomas and Edward, and a number of other relatives. Married Joanne, who was named executrix of his will. No children mentioned in will.
  4. Robert - Received bequest from father, and named a niece in his own will. Unmarried.
  5. Edward - d. 1601. Resided at Osmygton, Dorset. Married Phillipa Upham (d. after 1601) of Somerset. His will, dated Jun. 6, 1601 and proved Nov. 1601, names his children and a number of relatives. Children: John married Ann MONPERSON; Robert; Rev. Edward married; Thomas; Katherine married Robert NAPPER; and Jane.
  6. Katheryn - Named in her father's will. Perhaps the first wife of Sir Robert NAPER of Moore Crichell, Dorset (will proved Nov. 15, 1615). Robert was a sheriff of Dorset in 1606, and founded Napper's Mite almshouse in 1615.
  7. Agnes - Named in father's will. Married Mr. THURMAN.
  8. Dorothie - Married John HENNYNGE (b. about 1536; d. 1611). John was High Sheriff of Dorset in 1610, and resided at Poxwell. His will was proved Jul. 16, 1611. Children: Margaret married Thomas LYMINSTER alias FOXWELL; Alice married William TALBOT; Robert married; Richard married Jane SMITH; Thomazine married Edmond DASHWOOD; Joane married John JAMES; Dorothie married William FILLYOLL; Elizabeth married Mr. JOLLIFFE; Anne possibly married William GOLSEY; and Jane married Mr. STRODE.
  9. Thomazine - d. by 1572. Married John Browne, Esq. of Frampton, Dorset. Children: Sir John; Sir Robert married Frances MARTIN.

Thomas and Margaret (Miller) Warham

Thomas WARHAM - b. about 1535-40, Compton Vallence, Dorset; d. 1612, Maiden Newton, Dorset. Son of John WARHAM and Kathryn SOPER. Will dated Mar. 27, 1606, and proved Nov. 12, 1612. Living at Maiden Newton, Dorset in 1561. Thomas was married first by 1560, and second to Alice, who was married second on Oct. 5, 1613 to Briant LEGG. Alice was probably the mother of Thomas' two youngest children.

Margaret MILLER - bur. Dec. 5, 1578, Maiden Newton, Dorset. Daughter of John MILLER and Jane COCKERAM, granddaughter of John MILLER and Robert COCKERAM, and perhaps great-granddaughter of George COCKERAM of Devonshire. In his will dated Mar. 14, 1578/9 and proved Jun. 22, 1579, Margaret's father John MILLER names his son-in-law Thomas WARHAM.

  1. Magdalene - b. about 1560. Married first on Oct. 6, 1578 at Maiden Newton, Dorset to John PARTRIDGE, and second on Apr. 30, 1601 to Gybbes GOLLOPP (bap. Jul. 2, 1566, Stoke Abbott, Dorset), the son of William GOLLOPP. Children of Magdalene and John: Thomas; John; Francis; Ann perhaps married Robert FORD; Edward probably married Jane ROSSITER; Elizabeth married Mr. SLADE; WIlliam; and Margaret married William DONNE.
  2. John - bap. Oct. 27, 1561, Maiden Newton, Dorset. Will dated Nov. 10, 1599, and proved 1599. Married Elizabeth. Child, born posthumously: perhaps John married Cecila HATCH.
  3. A child - Margaret's father stated in his will that she had 4 children in 1578/9.
  4. Richard - bap. Dec. 8, 1565, Maiden Newton, Dorset; d. about 1623.
  5. Thomas - Named in father's will as under age 21 in 1606.
  6. Johane - Named in father's will as under age 16 in 1606.

Richard and Agnes (Cook alias Howper) Warham

Richard WARHAM - bap. Dec. 8, 1565, Maiden Newton, Dorset; d. late 1623, Crewkerne, Somerset. Son of Thomas WARHAM and Margaret MILLER. A landowner of Crewkerne, Somerset, his will (dated Sep. 16, 1623 and proved Jan. 3, 1624) names his wife Agnes, son John, daughters Magdalen GIBBS and Johane COSSINS, and Marie JEANES (relationship unstated). On Jan. 27, 1614, Richard was elected Warden of the Free School at Crewkerne, and presumably served until the next election on Dec. 27, 1619. Married Dec. 14, 1588, Crewkerne, Somerset.

Agnes COOKE alias HOWPER - bap. Oct. 5, 1562, Crewkerne, Somerset. Daughter of John COOKE alias HOWPER and Elizabeth COGAN.

  1. Isabel - bap. Mar. 6, 1589/0, Crewkerne, Somerset; bur. there Mar. 6, 1589/0.
  2. Johane - bap. Oct. 10, 1592, Crewkerne, Somerset. Resided at Crewkerne. Married Nov. 9, 1614, Crewkerne, Somerset, Roger COSSINS (bap. Feb. 18, 1576/7), son of Thomas and Wilmot COSSENS of Comb, Somerset. Children: Agnes; Edith; John; William; Joseph; Roger; Ann; and Joan.
  3. Magdalen - bap. Aug. 25, 1591, Crewkerne, Somerset; bur. Feb. 21, 1660/1, Crewkerne, Somerset. Married Sep. 18, 1616, Crewkerne, Somerset, George GIBBS (bap. Aug. 6, 1588, Crewkerne, Somerset), son of Alexander GIBBS. Children: Rachel; Thomas perhaps married Mary BEERE; George perhaps died young; Susanna; John; and George.
  4. Richard - bap. May 12, 1594, Crewkerne, Somerset; bur. there Feb. 12, 1616/7. Not named in father Richard's will of 1623.
  5. John - bap. Oct. 9, 1595, St. Bartholomew's Church, Crewkerne, Somerset, England; d. Apr. 1, 1670, Windsor, CT.

The Cogan and Cooke families in England

William and Joan Cogan

William COGAN - Possible father of Nicholas COGAN and William COGAN of Somerset. Evidence is very scarce, but there was a William COGAN residing in Somerset in 1503/4, and William and Joan COGAN were named in the 1494 will of Nicholas SELLWOOD. Son of Thomas COGAN and grandson of John COGAN III.

Joan SELLWOOD - Probably the daughter or granddaughter of Nicholas SELLWOOD, who left Joan the same amount as he left to his named children, which included Johanna, wife of John DEANE and mother of Walter DEANE. It may be that Joan was the only child of an unnamed, deceased son of Nicholas SELLWOOD. Refer to the STRONG family for information on the suggested connecting link between the ancestor of Margery (DEANE) STRONG, first wife of Elder John STRONG, and Elizabeth (COGAN) COOKE, the maternal grandmother of Rev. John WARHAM.

Nicholas Cogan

Nicholas Cogan - Paid land rents for Moremeade in 1520/1 and 1527/8, and for le Breche in 1527/8, located at Chard, Somerset. Nicholas may have been the son of William COGAN and Joan.

  1. Robert - d. before May 1584. On May 1, 1584, administration of his estate was granted to his married daughter of Crewkerne, Somerset. Married. Daughter: Elizabeth married John COSENS.
  2. Thomas - bur. Nov. 8, 1580, St. Martin in the Fields, London. Records in the 1550s identify Thomas as a clothier and mercer, with interests at Chard and Crewkerne, Somerset. His will, dated Oct. 31, 1580 and proved Nov. 16, 1580, names, among others, sons Robert, Thomas and Philobert, daughter Margaret, wife of Philobart SELLWOOD. Married Elizabeth FISHER.
    1. Thomas - b. about 1554. In 1597, Thomas (age 43), his wife Elizabeth (age 36), and sons William and Richard became the assignees of lands granted to Pholobert COGAN calle Mylhurst and Middleparcke Meade at Chard, Somerset. The Mar. 7, 1607/8 survey of Chard Manor names the sons of Thomas COGAN, with marginal inscriptions indicating son Thomas was deceased, son William was age 22, and son Richard was age 21. The will of Thomas COGANS, clothier of Chard, dated Mar. 18, 1612/3 and proved Oct. 28, 1613 names wife Elizabeth, elder son William, son Richard, daughters Elizabeth HART, Mary, Sarah, Rebecca, Margaret and Elizabeth the Younger. He also names relatives as brothers Philobert COGAN and John DALE, uncle John COGAN of Ilminster, and cousin John COGAN. Without giving kinship he also names his aunt Margaret, wife of James TRASKE. The will of Elizabeth COGAN names granddaughter Elizabeth, under age 21, daughter of son Richard COGAN, son William COGAN and his daughter Mary, and Thomas COGAN, son of William COGAN. Thomas married Elizabeth (b. about 1560), who was possibly surnamed DALE. Children: Thomas; Elizabeth married Mr. HART; William married; Sarah married Mr. WYTE; Mary; Margaret; Richard married; Rebecca; and Elizabeth.
    2. Philobert - b. about 1557, Chard, Somerset. On Nov. 15, 1595, Philobert COGAN held 7 acres called Stoyellalias Stowell in Tatworth Manor "for 99 years, or the lives of said Philibert, Robert son of Robert Cogan of Chard, and William son of Thomas Cogan of Chard." A Jan. 27, 1596/7 survey of Chard, Somerset includes Philobert COGAN, aged 40, his wife, and Robert, son of Robert COGAN. He was a witness on Jun. 20, 1609 in a Church seating case, at which time he gave his age as being 50 or more. He held by free deed 12 acres in a survey of Tatworth Manor about 1612. His will, dated Feb. 10, 1640/1 and proved Apr. 12, 1641, names his wife Ann, all his living children (Margaret was deceased), and cousin William COGAN, with overseers being "Mr. John Hody gent. and my son-in-law Mr. Peter Holway." Married Anne MARSHALL of Downton, Wiltshire. Daughters Mary and Elizabeth and their families removed to New England. Children: Mary married Roger LUDLOW; Elizabeth married Gov. John ENDICOTT; Thomas; Martha married Peter HOLWAY; Margaret did not marry; Ann married Mr. ROBINSON; and Susan.
    3. Robert - b. about 1556. Robert COGAN of Chard is named in the Sep. 1589 Diocesan Act Book as absenting himself from church and Communion due to fear of persecution. Child: Robert.
    4. Margaret - Married Philobert SELLWOOD.
  3. Richard - d. about 1547. Possible son of Nicholas COGAN. Will dated Aug. 8, 1545 and proved Nov. 14, 1547. Married Agnes/Annys MORRISHE (d. 1549/0), whose will was dated Oct. 28, 1549 and proved Oct. 31, 1550. Both Richard and his widow named minor son John in their wills, leaving him property at Chard. Son: John.
  4. Margaret - Married James TRASKE. Nicholas COGAN's grandson Robert COOKE names (in his 1597 will) his uncle James TRASKE.
  5. Elizabeth - Married John COOKE alias HOWPER.
  6. John - Nicholas COGAN's grandson Thomas COGAN, Jr. names (in his 1612/3 will) his uncle John COGAN of Ilminster.

John and Elizabeth (Cogan) Cooke

John COOKE alias HOWPER -
Elizabeth COGAN - Daughter of Nicholas COGAN.

  1. Thomas - Married. Children: John; Rose; Isobel; and two children died young.
  2. George Cooke - bap. Mar. 6, 1561/2, Crewkerne, Somerset. Married second Feb. 21, 1595/6 Alice COSSEN (bur. 2 July 1597), and third Nov. 11, 1597 Edith CLARKE. Child of George and Alice: Dorothy. Children of George and Edith: George; Mary; and Elizabeth.
  3. Robert - d. 1597. In his will, Robert called James TRASKE his "uncle." Married. Son: Samuel.
  4. John Cooke - d. 1600. Married Mary.
  5. Agnes - bap. Oct. 5, 1562, Crewkerne, Somerset. Married Rev. Richard WARHAM.
  6. Rose - bap. Dec. 5, 1566, Crewkerne, Somerset; bur. 13 Jan. 1600/1, Crewkerne, Somerset. Married on Jan., 15, 1589/0 at Crewkerne, Somerset to John JEANES. Daughter: Mary.
  7. Elizabeth Cooke -
  8. Alice Cooke - bap. 13 Dec. 1575, Crewkerne, Somerset; bur. 21 Oct. 1619, Crewkerne, Somerset. Married on Jan. 14, 1596/7 at Crewkerne, Somerset to Walter KNEWSTUBB. Children: Elizabeth married Simon WAY; Edward; John; and Joseph.
  9. John - bap. 27 Oct. 1572, Crewkerne, Somerset.
  10. Richard - bap. July 25, 1574, Crewkerne, Somerset; bur. Aug. 3, 1574, Crewkerne, Somerset.

Dabinott Ancestry in England

Thomas and Rawlin Dabinott

Thomas DABINOTT - b. about 1520; d. by 1593, Chardstock, Dorset. A yeoman at Yarcombe, he moved to Chardstock in 1565. Married about 1544.

Rawlin - bur. Chardstock, Dorset. Her will was dated Jan. 21, 1607/8, and proved Apr. 16, 1612.

  1. Joane - bap. Jun. 3, 1545, Yarcombe, Devon. She received bequest of £16 from her father. Married Mr. SMITH.
  2. Thomas - bap. Feb. 4, 1547/8, Yarcombe, Devon; d. after 1607. He received bequest of £20 from his father.
  3. John - bap. Jan. 29, 1553/4, Yarcombe, Devon; bur. 1624, Chardstock, Dorset.
  4. Rawlin - bap. Dec. 11, 1557, Yarcombe, Devon. She received bequest of £0.40 from her father. Married Mr. FORD: Daughter: Rawlin married Mr. SMITH.
  5. Bridget - bap. Mar. 31, 1560, Yarcombe, Devon. Died young
  6. Christopher - bap. Feb. 3, 1563/4, Yarcombe Devon; d. Jul. 1637, Upway, Dorset; bur. there beside wife. Will dated Jul. 1, 1637 included an estate of several thousand pounds, including a 99 year lease of "Coweleyes" in Marshwood which was occupied by Thomas NEWBERRY for 9 years before he went to America in 1634. Children: Anne married Anthony GIBBS; Rawlin married Morgan HAYNE; and Jane (1600-1629) married Thomas NEWBERRY as his first wife.

John and Johane Dabinott

John DABINOTT - bap. Jan. 29, 1553/4, Yarcombe, Devon; bur. 1624 Chardstock, Dorset. Son of Thomas DABINOTT and Rawlin. His will was dated Nov. 1, 1624 and proved Mar. 5, 1624/5. He received a bequest of furniture from his father.

Johane -

  1. Thomas - b. about 1602, Chardstock, Dorset. Received £0.40 bequest from his father.
  2. Rawlin - b. about 1604, Chardstock, Dorset. She had a daughter, Sarah. Rawlin received £0.40 bequest from her father, and Sarah received £5.
  3. Johane - b. about 1606, Chardstock, Dorset. Married Jun. 26, 1625, Yarcombe, Devon, to Edward SMITH. Received bequest from father of £150 at her marriage.
  4. John - b. about 1608, Chardstock, Devon. Received bequest from father of £150 at age 21.
  5. Jane - bap. Jun. 11, 1611, Chardstock, Devon; d. Apr. 23, 1645, Norwalk, CT (if she was, indeed the widow of Thomas NEWBERRY and second wife of John WARHAM).

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The Warham Family in America

For information on the immigrant family, refer to The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England 1620-1633, Vols. I-III, by Robert Charles Anderson (Boston, 1995).

Rev. John and Jane (Dabinott) Warham

John WARHAM - bap. Oct. 9, 1595, St. Bartholomew's Church, Crewkerne, Somerset, England; d. Apr. 1, 1670, Windsor, CT. Son of Richard WARHAM and Agnes COOK alias HOWPER. Graduated at St. Mary Hall, Oxford (BA Nov. 14, 1614; MA May 18, 1618), and ordained at Silverton, Devon on May 23, 1619. Rev. WARHAM was minister at Crewkerne, Somerset, until he was removed about 1627 for his Puritan views. Pastor at St. Sidwell's, Exeter, Devon, England 1630; arrived at Dorchester, MA May 30, 1630 in the 'Mary & John'; founder of Windsor, CT 1637. Rev. John WARHAM and Rev. John MAVERICK were both ministers at Windsor until the latter's death in 1637. Rev. Ephraim HUIT arrived at Windsor in 1639 to assist Rev. WARHAM. In his will of 1623, John's father implies that John was then single with the phrase "in case he should marry." The purported will of Rev. John WARHAM was rejected by the court Nov. 23, 1670, and administration of his estate was granted to his threee sons-in-law. The estate had been inventoried on Apr. 30, 1670 at £1239.10.00. John was married first Jun. 8, 1625 at Stoke Abbott, Dorset to Susanna GOLLOPPE, who could have been the daughter of Gybbes GALLOP who married John's aunt Magdalen as her second husband. Susanna, who died in 1634 at Dorchester, MA, was the mother of his first five children. Married second in 1637, probably at Windsor, CT; and third Oct. 9, 1662 Abigail SEARLE (d. May 18, 1684, Windsor, CT), widow of John BRANKER.

Jane DABINOTT - b. about 1610, probably at Chardstock, Dorset, England; d. Apr. 23, 1645, Norwalk, CT. Widow of Thomas NEWBERRY (his second wife) and believed to be the daughter of John DABINOTT and Johane of Chardstock - if so, she was bap. Jun. 12, 1611.  The first daughter of Jane and Thomas, Rebecca NEWBERRY (b. 1633; d. Nov. 21, 1688), married in 1652 Rev. John RUSSELL, Jr., as his second wife. The second daughter of Jane and Thomas, Hannah NEWBERRY (b. about 1634), married Thomas HANFORD. Jane became mother of the four youngest daughters of Rev. WARHAM.

See Notable Cousins for line to: Gerald Rudolph FORD.

Children of John and Susanna Warham

  1. John - bap. Mar. 7, 1626/7, Crewkerne, Somersetshire, England; bur. there Mar. 17, 1626/7.
  2. A child - bur. Feb. 23, 1627/8, St. Sidwell's, Exeter, Devon, England.
  3. Mary - bap. Dec. 26, 1628, St. Sidwell's, Exeter, Devon, England. Probably died in infancy.
  4. Susanna - bap. Nov. 14, 1629, St. Sidwell's, Exeter, Devon, England; bur. there Nov. 16, 1629. Named for her mother.
  5. Samuel - b. about 1633, England; d. 1647, Windsor, CT. Youngest child of John and Susanna.

Children of John and Jane Warham

  1. Abigail - bap. May 27, 1638, Windsor, CT. Married Oct. 21, 1658 Capt. Thomas ALLYN (b. 1635, Brauton, Devonshire, England; d. Feb. 14, 1695/6, Windsor, CT), son of Matthew ALLYN and Margaret WYOTT. Children: John died young; Col. Mathew married Elizabeth WOLCOTT; Thomas married; John; Samuel married; Jane married Henry WOLCOTT; Abigail married Mr. BISSELL; Sarah; Hester married Ebenezer GILBERT; and Benjamin married Ann WATSON.
  2. Hepzibah - bap. Aug. 9, 1640, Windsor, CT; d. there 1647.
  3. Sarah - b. Aug. 28, 1642, Windsor, CT; d. Dec. 26, 1678, Windsor, CT. Married Return STRONG.
  4. Hester - bap. Dec. 8, 1644, Windsor, CT; d. Feb. 10, 1736. Married first Sep. 29, 1659 Rev. Eleazer MATHER (b. May 13, 1637; d. Jul. 24, 1669), son of Rev. Richard MATHER and Catharine HOULT, and brother of Rev. Increase, Rev. Samuel, Rev. Nathaniel and Dr. Timothy MATHER; and second Mar. 8, 1670 Rev. Solomon STODDARD (b. Oct. 4, 1643; d. Feb. 11, 1729), son of Anthony and Mary (DOWNING) STODDARD. Children of Hester and Rev. Eleazer MATHER: Eunice married Rev. John WILLIAMS of Deerfield (parents of Rev. Eleazer, Rev. Stephen, and Rev. Warham WILLIAMS), Rev. Warham married Elizabeth DAVENPORT, and Eliakim died young. Children of Hester and Rev. Solomon STODDARD: Mary married Rev. Stephen MIX; Esther married Rev. Timothy EDWARDS (parents of Rev. Jonathan EDWARDS, and grandparents of Rev. Jonathan EDWARDS, the Younger); Samuel died in infancy; Anthony died in infancy; Aaron married Eliza COTTON (parents of Rev. William STODDARD); Christian married Rev. William WILLIAMS, father of Rev. William and Rev. Elisha (parents of Rev. Solomon WILLIAMS); Rev. Anthony married first Prudence WELLS, second Mary SHERMAN, and third Hannah; Sarah married Rev. Samuel WHITMAN; Col. John married Prudence CHESTER; Israel died young; Rebekah married Lt. Joseph HAWLEY, brother of Rev. Thomas; and Hannah married Rev. William WILLIAMS, Jr. (daughters married Rev. John SECOMB and Rev. Joseph BUCKMINSTER).

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