Ancestral Lines

From the files of Stephen M. Lawson

Some of the New England ancestors included in Freeman Family Lines are also ancestors of Carl Boyer, 3rd. Two prior editions of his Ancestral Lines were published in 1975 and in 1981:

Ancestral Lines - Third Edition

by Carl Boyer, 3rd
(Santa Clarita, CA: 1998)

The current edition of Ancestral Lines contains 209 separate narratives, in a format essentially the same as for FREEMAN FAMILY LINES. The contents is primarily of families in Plymouth Colony, but also includes families in other areas in America, as well as significant pre-American ancestry. The compiler includes numerous reference notes citing published genealogies and source records.

Below is a cross reference from this work to Freeman Family Lines immigrant ancestors. Note that there are many other connections with siblings of these ancestors, and that this listing is not intended to be a comprehensive index of the work cited, which has 68 pages of indices by place and name, and a 32 page bibliography. The Table of Contents is given below.

Selecting one of the SURNAME links will take you to the top of that ancestral line.
The earliest known ancestor and first location in America is given for each surname.

Note: Only the first page of the applicable narrative is given here. Refer to the full index for additional entries.

Henry ANDREWS of MA - 33

Anthony EAMES of MA - 239

Nathaniel FISKE, grandfather of John FISKE of MA - 252

Elizabeth (GIFFORD) SALE, mother of Elizabeth (SALE) PRESTON of CT - 272

Nicholas HATHAWAY of MA - 289

Thomas HOLBROOK of MA - 302

Hugh PARSONS of RI - 459

Peter PITTS of MA - 743

Elizabeth (SALE) PRESTON, wife of William PRESTON of MA - 763

Edmond SHERMAN, father of Edmond SHERMAN of CT - 520

Table of Contents of Ancestral Lines

Abell of Rehoboth Evans of Machynlleth Lawrence of Moze Smith of Rehoboth
Abell Ancestor Table Feller of Rhinebeck Lawter of Suffolk Smiton of Portsmouth
Allen of Sandwich Fish of Portsmouth Lawton of Portsmouth Specht of Montgomery Co.
Aright of Arborfield Fiske of South Elmham Leonard of Taunton Sprague of Hingham
Allsop of Worksop Fort of Niskayuna Lilley of Doncaster Strange of Portsmouth
Althouse of Saratoga Co. Fowle of Frittenden Lloyd of Bristol Redcliffe Strode of East Bradford
Andrews of Taunton Feeborn of Portsmouth Lookermans of Albany Talbot of Dighton
Athony of Portsmouth Frost of Oyster Bay Ludwig of Amity Twp. Tallman of Warwick
Armington of Rehoboth Frye of Weymouth Luther of Swansea Taylor of Marple Twp.
Avery of Boston Fulwater of London Manchester of Portsmouth Tefft of Kings Town
Babcock of Westerly Gardner of Swansea Marshall of Concord Thurston of Newport
Bailey of Newport George of Block Island Marshall of Fort Edward Tilley of Plymouth
Baker of hester Co. Gerritsen of Flatbush Matlack of Burlington Timberlake of Newport
Ballard of Lynn Gibbons of Darby Mendenhall of Chichester Timm of Philadelphia
Barber of Windsor Gifford of Chesham Mercer of Westtown Tisdale of Duxbury
Bassett of Duxbury Gifford of Sandwich Metselaer of Albany Titus of Rehoboth
Battin of Chester Co. Griesemer of Berks Co. Mors of Dutchess Co. Toogood of Swansea
Baulstone of Portsmouth Groot of Albany Mott of Portsmouth Tripp of Portsmouth
Bennett Fort Edward Gurdon of Dedham Moulton of Wenham Truax of New Amsterdam
Blaeney of Llanbrynmair Haines of Burlington Co. Nichols of Fairfield Tymensen of Niskayuna
Bliss of Rehoboth Hale of Suffield Ouderkerk of Albany Van Antwerpen
Borden ofPortsmouth Hancock of Brailes Owen of Llanbrynmair Van Boerum of Flatbush
Borton of Burlington Co. Hardenburgh of Jamaica Owen Ancestor Tables Vandenburgh of Half Moon
Bosworth of Rehoboth Harper of Braintree Paine of Portsmouth Vanderbilt of Flatbush
Bowen of Rehoboth Haskins of Plymouth Paine of Rehoboth Vandervliet of Flatbush
Boyer of Berks Co. Hathaway of Plymouth Parker of Worksop Van Slechtenhorst
Brown of Plymouth Hathaway of Taunton Parsons of Portsmouth Van Vranken of Niskayuna
Brown of Rehoboth Hatton of Horncastle Paul(s) of New York City Van Wenckum of Nijkerk
Brownell of Portsmouth Hazard of Portsmouth Peabody of Newport Vinhagen of Beverwyck
Browning of Portsmouth Hearne of Colnbrook Pearce of Portsmouth Visscher of Albany
Buffington of East Bradford Heemstraat of Half Moon Pennell of Middletown Twp. Waeger of Rhinebeck
Bullock of Rehoboth Hickman of Chester Co. Perry of Sandwich Walker of Rehoboth
Burton of Mt. Holly Hicks of Plymouth Pitts of Hingham Warren of Plymouth
Butter of Dedham Holbrook of Weymouth Plummer Ancestor Table Watson of Leicester
Cadman of Portsmouth Holloway of Sandwich Post of Bergen Watson of Plymouth
Campbell of Bordentown Holmes of Newport Potter of Portsmouth Webb of Richmond
Carpenter of Rehoboth Holzwarth of Manhattan Pysing of Abbottsbury White of Fort Edward
Carr of Newport Howland of Plymouth Quackenbos of Albany White of Plymouth
Chaffee of Rehoboth Hull of Barnstable Read of Freetown Wilbore of Portsmouth
Chandler of Oare Hunt of Rehoboth Read of Dighton Wilmarth of Rehoboth
Chase of Yarmouth Hurst of Bedfordshire Remington of Rowley Winne of Albany
Cheyney of Chester Co. Ingraham of Rehoboth Reynolds of Kings Town Winthrop of Aghadowne
Chickering of Dedham Jefferis of Chester Co. Rown of Oppenheim Wodell of Portsmouth
Clute of Albany Jenckes of Providence Rowning on Hundon Wood of Portsmouth
Cobb of Taunton Jones of Llanbrynmair Russell of Dartmouth Wright of Horncastle
Coggeshall of Newport Kendrick of Rehoboth Sale of Weymouth Wright of Waltham Abbey
Cooke of Plymouth Kent of Swansea Segar of Hartford Wynne Ancestor Table
Cooper of Hungham Kingsbury of Dedham Sellers of Upper Darby Medieval Ancestor Tables
Debozear of Philadelphia Kirby of Dartmouth Sheever of Rhinebeck Additions
Dell of Waltham Abbey Kitchen of Philadelphia Sheldon of Kings Town Appendix: Meyer Family
Dodge of Block Island Kleyn of Albany Sherman of Portsmouth More Additions
Durfee of Portsmouth Kruse of New York City Slade of Swansea Abbreviations
Eamesof Marshfield Kuser of Berks Co. Smedley of Willistown Glossary
Evans of Cwmyranel Lansing of Overijssel Smith of Dartmouth Bibliography

As of March 1998, the 960 page, cloth bound Ancestral Lines can be ordered for $70,

plus $4 shipping (and local sales tax for CA residents) from:

Carl Boyer - P. O. Box 22033 - Santa Clarita, CA 91322-0333

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