Some Notable Cousins

A listing of a few known cousins of Stephen M. Lawson

Cousins, listed alphabetically by surname, are followed by parents and other ancestors, up to the common ancestor(s) of Donald Van Hoosier Lawson, or Iva Melvina (Freeman) Lawson. Dates are sometimes preceded by circa, ante, or post, and may be estimates. A link is provided to the ancestral line of the common ancestor(s). One or more of the common ancestors of those persons with Bold Names lived in America. A separate Listing by Common Ancestors is also provided.

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George WASHINGTON, 1st President
Thomas JEFFERSON, 3rd President
John Quincy ADAMS, 6th President
William Henry HARRISON, 9th President
Zachary TAYLOR, 12th President
Millard FILLMORE, 13th President
Franklin PIERCE, 14th President
James BUCHANAN, Jr., 15th President
Ulysses Simpson GRANT, 18th President
Rutherford Birchard HAYES, 19th President
James Abram GARFIELD, 20th President
Stephen Grover CLEVELAND, 22nd & 24th President
Benjamin HARRISON, 23rd President
William Howard TAFT, 27th President
Warren Gamaliel HARDING, 28th President
John Calvin COOLIDGE
, 30th President
Herbert Clark HOOVER, 31st President
Franklin Delano ROOSEVELT, 32nd President
Richard Milhous NIXON, 37th President
Gerald Rudolph FORD, 38th President
George Herbert Walker BUSH, 41st President
George Walker BUSH, 43rd President
Barack Hussein OBAMA, 44th President

First Ladies

Abigail (SMITH) ADAMS, 2nd First Lady, wife of President John ADAMS
Elizabeth (KORTRIGHT) MONROE, 4th First Lady, wife of President James MONROE
Anna Tuthill (SYMMES) HARRISON, 6th First Lady, wife of President William Henry HARRISON
Jane Means (APPLETON) PIERCE, 12th First Lady, wife of President Franklin PIERCE
Julia Boggs (DENT) GRANT, 15th First Lady, wife of President Ulysses Simpson GRANT
Lucy Ware (WEBB) HAYES, 16th First Lady, wife of President Rutherford Birchard HAYES
Lucretia (RUDOLPH) GARFIELD, 17th First Lady, wife of President James Abram GARFIELD
Edith Kermit (CAROW) ROOSEVELT, 22nd First Lady, wife of President Theodore ROOSEVELT
Helen (HERRON) TAFT, 23rd First Lady, wife of President William Howard TAFT
Ellen Louise (AXON) WILSON, 24th First Lady, 1st wife of President Woodrow WILSON
Edith (BOLLING) GALT WILSON, 25th First Lady, 2nd wife of President Woodrow WILSON
Bess (WALLACE) TRUMAN, 30th First Lady, wife of President Harry S TRUMAN
Nancy (DAVIS) REAGAN, 37th First Lady, wife of President Ronald Wilson REAGAN
Barbara (PIERCE) BUSH, 38th First Lady, wife of President George Herbert Walker BUSH
Laura Lane (WELCH) BUSH, 40th First Lady, wife of President George Walker BUSH

Vice Presidents
(includes those who became President)

Thomas JEFFERSON, 2nd Vice President (3rd President)
Aaron BURR, 3rd Vice President
Millard FILLMORE, 12th President (13th President)
William Rufus KING, 13th Vice President
Hannibal HAMLIN, 15th Vice President
Schuyler COLFAX, 17th Vice President
Levi Parsons MORTON, 22nd Vice President
Charles Warren FAIRBANKS, 26th Vice President
James Schoolcraft SHERMAN, 27th Vice President
John Calvin COOLIDGE, 29th Vice President (30th President)
Charles Gates DAWES, 30th Vice President
Charles CURTIS, 31st Vice President
Richard Milhous NIXON, 36th Vice President (37th President)
Gerald Rudolph FORD, 40th Vice President (38th President)
Nelson Aldrich ROCKEFELLER, 41st Vice President
George Herbert Walker BUSH, 43st Vice President (41st President)
Albert Arnold GORE, Jr., 45th Vice President
Richard Bruce 'Dick' CHENEY, 46th Vice President

Entertainers, artists and authors

Lucille BALL, comedienne and actress
Phineas Taylor 'P.T.' BARNUM, founder of "The Greatest Show on Earth"
Blackwood Brothers Quartet, Gospel singers
Humphrey BOGART, actor
Lucius M. BOLTWOOD, genealogist
Nathaniel CURRIER, lithographer and partner in Currier and Ives
Emily Elizabeth DICKINSON, poet
Clinton 'Clint' EASTWOOD, movie actor, director, producer
John FARMER, Jr., genealogist
Henry FONDA, actor
Robert Lee FROST, poet
Dorothy and Lillian GISH, sisters, actresses
Thomas HASTINGS, hymn author and composer
Ernest HEMINGWAY, novelist and short story writer
Dr. Brewster HIGLEY, "Home on the Range" author
Joseph Perry HOLBROOK, hymn composer
Harriet Goodhue HOSMER, sculptor
Donald Lines JACOBUS, genealogist
Clara Louise KELLOGG, opera soprano
Anne MORROW LINDBERGH, author and poet
Carole LOMBARD, comedienne and actress
Henry Wadsworth LONGFELLOW, poet
Amy LOWELL, poet
James Russell LOWELL, poet
Lowell MASON, musician and hymn composer
William P. MERRILL, hymn writer
Mary Ann MOBLEY, Miss America 1959
George Andrews MORIARTY, Jr., genealogist
Nathaniel HAWTHORNE, author
Frederick Law OLMSTED, landscape architect
George Ames PLIMPTON, literary journalist
Vincent Leonard PRICE, actor and art collector and critic
William Sydney 'O. Henry' PORTER, short story writer
Frederic REMINGTON, western artist
Norman ROCKWELL, artist and illustrator
John Ernest STEINBECK, Jr., author
Charles Sherwood 'Gen. Tom Thumb' STRATTON, performer in "The Greatest Show on Earth"
Elizabeth Rosemond TAYLOR, actress
Louis Comfort TIFFANY, painter and glassware artist
Clarence Almon TORREY, genealogist
John TRUMBULL, artist
Raquel WELCH, entertainer
Orson WELLES, actor, director, producer and writer
William Allen WHITE, editor and journalist
Thomas Lanier 'Tennessee' WILLIAMS, playwright
Jane WYMAN, actress

Scientists, inventors and capitalists

Solomon ANDREWS, MD and inventor
David Campbell BIGELOW, president of Bigelow Tea Company
Erastus and Horatio BIGELOW, inventors and founders of the Bigelow Carpet Company
Luther BURBANK, horticulturalist
Samuel COLT, inventor and firearms manufacturer
William David COOLIDGE, inventor and Director of Research for General Electric
Lee DeFOREST, inventor and pioneer radio and television broadcaster
Walter Elias 'Walt' DISNEY, animator and producer
Frank Nelson DOUBLEDAY, publisher and founder of Doubleday and Company
George EASTMAN, inventor and founder of Eastman-Kodak
Philo Taylor FARNSWORTH, inventor and developer of television
Thaddeus FAIRBANKS, inventor and manufacturer of platform scales
James Athearn FOLGER, founder of Folger Coffee Company
Benjamin FRANKLIN, scientist, philosopher, publisher and politician
William Henry 'Bill' GATES III, co-founder of Microsoft
Robert Hutchings GODDARD, rocket scientist and space pioneer
Benjamin Franklin GOODRICH, founder of B. F. Goodrich Rubber Co.
Charles GOODYEAR, inventor and tire manufacturer
Matthew GRISWOLD, founder of Griswold Manufacturing Co.
Garrison Kent HALL, accountant and publisher, founder of G. K. Hall & Co.
Elias HOWE, Jr., inventor and manufacturer of the sewing machine
Samuel Curtis JOHNSON, founder of S. C. Johnson Co.
Will Keith KELLOGG, founder of W. K. Kellogg Company
Alfred Lee LOOMIS, physicist and financier
Percival LOWELL, astronomer
Henry Robinson LUCE, publisher of Time, Life and Sports Illustrated
Samuel MOREY, inventor of heated surface carburetor and first American automobilist
J. P. MORGAN, banker, financier and capitalist
Samuel Finley Breese MORSE, inventor of telegraph and artist
Charles William POST, founder of Postum Cereal Company (General Foods, Inc.)
Eliphalet REMINGTON, inventor and firearms manufacturer
George W. ROMNEY, auto industry leader, governor, HUD Secretary
Charles Lewis TIFFANY, jeweler and founder of Tiffany & Co.
Eli WHITNEY, inventor of the cotton gin
Joseph Clapp & Henry Augustus WILLARD, brothers, founders & managers of the Willard Hotel, DC
Oliver WINCHESTER, inventor and firearms manufacturer
Frank Winfield WOOLWORTH, founder of F. W. Woolworth stores
Wilbur and Orville WRIGHT, brothers, inventors of airplane and aviation industry pioneers
Linus YALE, Jr., inventor and locksmith

Social activists, explorers and educators

Susan Brownell ANTHONY, woman-suffrage advocate and lecturer
Clarissa Harlowe 'Clara' BARTON, nurse and founder of the Red Cross
John BROWN, abolitionist and leader of raid on Harpers Ferry
John 'Johnny Appleseed' CHAPMAN, legendary apple tree planter
Lynne Ann (VINCENT) CHENEY, author and education reformer
Dr. Melvil DEWEY, librarian and educator
Dorothea Lynde DIX, educator and reformer of penal system
Rev. Timothy DWIGHT, minister and President of Yale 1795-1817
Rev. Jonathan EDWARDS, minister and President of College of New Jersey (Princeton)
Henry Clay FOLGER, founder of Folger Shakespeare Library
George Horace GALLUP, pollster
Gilbert Mellville GROSVENOR, President of the National Geographic Society
Mellville Bell GROSVENOR, President of the National Geographic Society
Henry HUDSON, mariner and explorer
Abbott Lawrence LOWELL, political scientist and President of Harvard University
Mary LYON, educator and found and President of Mr. Holyoke College
Margaret MEAD, author and anthropologist
Lucretia Coffin MOTT, women's rights activist and abolitionist
Alan Bartlett SHEPARD, Jr., moon explorer and astronaut
Jedediah Strong SMITH, Mountain Man
Sophia SMITH, philanthropist and founder of Smith College
Diana Frances SPENCER, Princess of Wales, mother of Prince William and Prince Harry
Lucy STONE, woman rights advocate and editor
Harried Beecher STOWE, author and abolitionist
Lowell THOMAS, radio-television commentator
Noah WEBSTER, lexicographer

Statesmen, military leaders and law officials

Richard Bedford BENNETT, 14th Prime Minister of Canada
Sir Robert Laird BORDEN, 9th Prime Minister of Canada
Elizabeth BOWES-LYON, The Queen Mother of the United Kingdom
Sir Winston Leonard CHURCHILL, Prime Minister of Great Britain, author and painter
Henry CLAY, Senator and "The Great Compromiser"
Adm. George DEWEY, Naval commander at Manila Bay
Thomas Edmund DEWEY, Gov. of New York and presidential candidate
Oliver ELLSWORTH, Chief Justice of U.S. Supreme Court and framer of the Constitution
Erastus FAIRBANKS, Gov. of Vermont and industrialist
Capt. Nathan HALE, hero of the Revolution
John HANCOCK, President of Continental Congress, signer of Declaration of Independence
James Butler 'Wild Bill' HICKOK, U.S. Marshal and Army Scout
Frederick HOLBROOK, Gov. of Vermont
Anson JONES, 4th President of Reupblic of Texas
Frank B. KELLOGG, U.S. Secretary of State and Nobel laureate
King LEKA I, King of the Albanians (in exile)
Gen. Douglas MacARTHUR, General of the Army
Robert Treat PAINE, signer of Declaration of Independence
Gen. Rufus PUTNAM, U.S. Surveyor General
William Hubbs REHNQUIST, Associate and Chief Justice of U.S. Supreme Court
Elihu ROOT, U. S. Secretary of State and Nobel laureate
Hon. Jesse ROOT, Chief Justice of Connecticut
Roger SHERMAN, signer of Declaration of Independence and Senator
Gen. William Tecumseh SHERMAN, General and Commander of the Army
David Hackett SOUTER, Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court
Henry Lewis STIMSON, U.S. Secretary of State and Secretary of War
Harlan Fiske STONE, Chief Justice of U.S. Supreme Court
Jonathan TRUMBULL, Gov. of Connecticut, Senator, Congressman
Brig Gen. Strong VINCENT, Brigade commander at Gettysburg
James Wolcott WADSWORTH, U.S. Senator and central figure of political dynasty
William WILLIAMS, signer of Declaration of Independence

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