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Adm. Alan Bartlett SHEPARD, Jr. (1923-1998), USN, moon explorer (Feb. 5, 1971 via Appollo 14) and astronaut (first American in space on May 5, 1961 via Project Mercury spacecraft Freeman 7 in sub-orbital flight), married Louise BREWER (b. 1922).

James Schoolcraft SHERMAN (1855 - 1912), 27th U.S. Vice President (1909-1912), U.S. Representative from NY (1887-1891, 1893-1909), Mayor of Utica, NY (1884), and attorney, married Carrie BABCOCK. [Autograph]

Roger SHERMAN (1721-1793), signer of the Declaration of Independence, delegate to Continental Congress, U. S. Senator.

Gen. William Tecumseh SHERMAN (1820-1891), General and Commander of the Army 1869-1884, Civil War General 1861-1865 at Bull Run, Shiloh, Vicksburg, and the "March to the Sea," West Point graduate 1840, married Ellen EWING.

Jedediah Strong SMITH (1799-1831), Mountain Man, Rocky Mountain Fur Company principal, established South Pass route west in 1824, western explorer.

Sophia SMITH (1796-1870), philanthropist and benefactor of Smith College (founded 1871, opened 1875).

Justice David Hackett SOUTER (1939- ), U. S. Supreme Court Justice from 1990, Judge of the 1st U.S. Circuit Court of APPEALS 1990; Justice of the NH Supreme Court 1978-90, Attorney General of NH 1976-78; Attorney in private practice and in the NH Attorney General's Office 1966-1976, Graduate of Harvard Law School 1966, Rhodes Scholar at Oxford 1961-63, Graduate of Harvard 1961.

Diana Frances SPENCER (1961-1997), Princess of Wales, married Prince Charles (b. 1948). Parents of Prince William and Prince Harry.

John Ernest STEINBECK, Jr. (1902-1968), Nobel Prize for Literature recipient 1962, author of Tortilla Flat (1935), Of Mice and Men (1937), The Grapes of Wrath (1939), Cannery Row (1945), and East of Eden (1952).

Henry Lewis STIMSON (1867-1950), U.S. Secretary of War (1940-1945, 1911-1913), U.S. Secretary of State (1929-1933), Colonel in World War I, married Mabel Wellington WHITE.

Harlan Fiske STONE (1872-1946), Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (1941-1946), Associate Justice of U.S. Supreme Court (1925-1941), U.S. Attorney General (1924-1925), Dean of Columbia Law School (1910-1923), Professor of law (1902-1905), married Agnes E. HARVEY (b. 1873).

Lucy STONE (1818-1893), woman-suffrage and legal rights advocate, founder and editor-in-chief- of The Woman's Journal (1870-1893), a leader of the first National Woman's Rights Convention (1850), and graduate of Oberlin College (1847). She and Notable Cousin Susan B. ANTHONY were descendants of David and Ursula STONE. Married in 1855 to Henry Browne BLACKWELL (1825-1909).

Harriet Elizabeth BEECHER STOWE (1811-1896), author and abolistionist, wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin, or Life Among the Lowly (1851-2), elected to American Hall of Fame in 1910, married Calvin Ellis STOWE.

Charles Sherwood 'Gen. Tom Thumb' STRATTON (1838-1883), 40 inch tall showman, performer in "The Greatest Show on Earth" (later Barnum and Bailey Circus), married Mercy Lavina Warren BUMP (1841-1919).

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