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It has been a pleasure to receive email from visitors to Freeman Family Lines. Many different ancestors have been the subjects of these exchanges of information. Personal email is encouraged concerning any family included, and will receive prompt reply.

Arrangements have been made to exchange email relating to the Freeman Family through the FREEMAN-L mail list. Simply put, email will be forwarded as received to all those who subscribe to FREEMAN-L. The only requirement is an email address and a request to be added to the mailing list.

Note that ONLY email which relates directly to the FREEMAN surname should be sent to FREEMAN-L. This site focuses on the descendants of:

Howell FREEMAN (1760 VA-1836 TN) and Peter FREEMAN (1739 VA-1787 NC)

However, FREEMAN-L is open for discussion of ALL FREEMANS, regardless of time or place. While FREEMAN-L is unmoderated (that is, all email sent to the list will be forwarded directly to all list subscribers), the list owner reserves the right to delete list privileges (without notice) of any subscriber who misuses the list. Questions and comments on surnames other than Freeman that appear on this site should be directed to Steve Lawson.

To become a subscriber to the mail list, send an email to with the single line message, with no other text or signature:


You will receive back detailed instructions on the use of FREEMAN-L, including the means for sending email to the list and for cancelling your subscription. If you you need help in subscribing, send an email message explaining the problem to Steve Lawson, who may simply refer you the the current FREEMAN-L manager.

Attachments to email to the FREEMAN-L are NOT permitted. Other arrangements can be made to exchange files that are larger than is appropriate for an email message. Information which is not of interest to the list subscribers as a group should be sent directly to the person concerned.

Those new to Mail Lists will benefit by visiting Dayna's Listserver Help for New List Members, especially the section on Do's and Don'ts. Other Surname Discussion Lists are available for many families on this site, including ANDREWS, CARPENTER, HAZELRIGG, LAWSON, MOWERY (includes Morey), and SIMS in the most recent five generations. One place to find a genealogy email list for a surname of interest is Genealogy Resources on the Internet.

The proven Freeman lines of the Steve Lawson are as follows. Howell Freeman and Peter Freeman are currently believed to be first cousins.

1  Howell FREEMAN (1760-1836) & Elizabeth (-1830)
14  William R. FREEMAN (1786-1871) & Mary MASSIE (1789-1867)
147  James Howell FREEMAN (1820-1892) & Lucy Jane HAZELRIGG (1824-1865)
1473  Scott Cyrus FREEMAN (1848-1920) & Malinda Margrett SEARS (1853-1948)
14731  Lucy Jane FREEMAN (1871-1951) & James Martin LAWSON (1868-1958)
147319  Donald VanHoosier LAWSON (1908-1974) & Iva Melvina (FREEMAN (1913-1991) 
1473193  Stephen Martin LAWSON (1938-) 

1  Peter FREEMAN (1739-1790) & Faithy ?MALONE (1740-1815)
16  John FREEMAN (1780-1855) & Barbara PAINTER (1788-1860)
167  Wilkerson Bell FREEMAN (1822-1888) & Lucilla Margaret WALLACE (1830-1887)
1672  George Romulus FREEMAN (1850-1901) & Susanna CARPENTER (1856-1942)
16726  Aretus Erastus FREEMAN (1879-1946) & Minnie Elsie MOREY (1877-1959)
167264  Iva Melvina FREEMAN (1913-1991) & Donald VanHoosier LAWSON (1908-1974)
1672643  Stephen Martin LAWSON (1938-)


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