Captain John Johnson Genealogy

Introduction, Preface and Authorities

[ Johnson Register Report and Compiler's Notes ]

Adapted from the published volume and compiled by Stephen M. Lawson.
This file is limited to the information preceeding the main body of the published work, and the Key To Authorities from the second page of the 20 page Appendix. None of the Illustrations are included; only the Title and Arms from the dust jacket. Consult the original publication to resolve possible transcription errors.

The published volume is available in photocopy-reprint from Higginson Book Company.

For an excellent comprehensive biography of Capt. Johnson, refer to The Biography and Genealogy of Captain John Johnson from Roxbury, Massachusetts, by Gerald Garth Johnson (2000, Heritage Books, Inc., Bowie, MD), available from the publisher. Included in this work (pages 61-97) is a detailed analysis of the various conjectures concerning the JOHNSON ancestry, leading to the conclusion that Capt. John Johnson's "ancestry remains a mystery."

For extensive Johnson family information not included in the Genealogy of Captain John Johnson, see also Ancestors and Descendants of Ira Johnson and Abigail (Furbush) Johnson from 1590 to 2003, edited by William A. Blandon and Gerald Garth Johnson (2004, Heritage Books, Inc., Bowie, MD), and The Diaries of Nancy A. Brown and William H. Brown of Edwards, New York, edited by Gerald Garth Johnson (2004, Heritage Books, Inc., Bowie, MD), both also available from the publisher.



Captain John Johnson

of Roxbury, Massachusetts

Generations I to XIV





Including The Generations I to IX

From the 1932 and 1935 Manuscripts of



Generations IX to XIV

Compiled by



Completed with Additions and Corrections by



Privately printed for the author



Los Angeles, California



Adapted for the computer
Stephen M. Lawson
February 2001


   As early as 1891 I started making inquiries of my relatives about data in our family history and followed that up by correspondence with near relatives that I could not interview personally. When I got to Boston in 1892, matriculating at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, I had interviews with cousins in that vicinity and copied from a Family Bible. I was however too busy with my studies and afterwards with my business to do much research. I did however succeed in carrying all my ancestral lines back to my Great-Grandparents and acquiring considerable data.
   In 1923 my brother Carl Francis Johnson and I, both then living in southern California, desired to learn more about our ancestors and employed the late Mrs. Idah Meacham Strobridge, eminent genealogist and author of Los Angeles, to carry on the research. She worked by research in the local libraries and by correspondence until she passed on in 1932, and compiled the manuscript "Ancestral Lines of Paul Franklin Johnson." I afterwards acquired her correspondence relating to this work and such notes as had not been yet incorporated in the work. She carried the JOHNSON line two generations more to our Revolutionary ancestors, and then collaborating with the late Frank Leonard Johnson of Agawam, Mass. and Charles Gordon Johnson of Pasadena, carried the line back to the immigrant ancestor, JOHN JOHNSON of Roxbury, 'Mass.
   I also had some correspondence with these two JOHNSON genealogists and many interviews with Charles Cordon Johnson (now in his 97th year). I knew that Frank Leonard Johnson started about 1890 compiling his JOHNSON GENEALOGY and worked rather energetically gathering data until his death in 1936. At that time his latest ins. dated 1935 was far from complete and not in order for publication.
   The Library of the New England Historic Genealogy Society at 9 Ashburton Place, Boston, Mass. had been presented with his material by his heirs and it was there that I first had access to it. In the summer of 1943, when I was in Boston, I discovered that there was a 1932 manuscript from which the 1935 manuscript was copied with corrections and additions, but that there were some omissions (probably unintentional?) in the later manuscript. The librarian, Mrs. Scotty and assistant, Miss Leavitt were very helpful in allowing me to borrow the manuscript. Later, I brought most of it back to Altadena, Calif. and checked my compilation of the two manuscripts with the originals. Unfortunately Frank Johnson bad dropped all references from his note books and manuscripts so that no checking could be done with his authorities. I planned to make the references more complete than usual and arrange the data to facilitate additions and corrections which I expect will be numerous from those into whose hands the book comes. My compilation of Frank Johnson's 1932 and 1935 manuscripts has been carried down to the ninth generation and has over 6000 names of Descendants of Capt. John Johnson.
   The succeeding generations down to the present and 14th generation have been built tip thru a voluminous correspondence which I have carried on with Johnsons all over the country, through "Annals of Silas and Abigail Rhodes Johnson Association", Anne V. Cooley, Editor, and through historic material, references and data collected by Ada Johnson Modern, through all generations. The letters which furnished statistics for the genealogy of these generations are available.
   I should be glad of additions and corrections.


Written at "Sagemont"
Altadena, Calif.-1946.

   The late Paul Franklin Johnson, who had devoted years to the collection and arrangement of Johnson data, left at his passing, a fund with which to add to and prepare this material for publication. He earnestly desired that it should be available to genealogists, for it contained a far larger amount of material on the Capt. John Johnson family than had yet been assembled or brought out from private records.
   In 1946 the undersigned, who, for years, had gathered material on the same family, was chosen to undertake this work along the lines be had laid out. Every available expression of preference which could be found in his letters and papers to facilitate the use of the material, has been considered in the final compiling and editing of the genealogy. Many lines have been added to and several brought down to the present generation, through correspondence with descendants of John Johnson and through the yearly issued bulletins of the Silas and Abigail Rhodes Johnson family, printed in Bristol, Vermont. These "Annals" are in leading libraries.
   Additions and corrections of material from the readers will be welcomed by the Compiling Editor.
Dec. 1947.

Glenwood, Minn.

Ancestral Line of Paul Johnson

Paul Franklin Johnson, of Altadena, California, Engineer, Treasurer and Director of Johnson Service Co., served as Engineer at Naval Aircraft Factory, Philadelphia, in 1918, Delegate of Milwaukee to International Irrigation and Drainage Congress in San Francisco in 1915, Director of Milwaukee Engineering Society, Director of various Civic Organizations, b. 13 Oct., 1874; educ. Massachusetts Institute of Technology; m. 26 June, 1900, *Hannah, dau. of Joseph Foulke, of Philadelphia, Penna. (a descendant of Edward Foulke, a Quaker who went to America in 1698 from Coed-y-Foel, Bala, Wales), and has issue, a son and a daughter.


Residence. -3 100, Maiden Lane, Altadena, Calif. Clubs.-Balboa Yacht; Royal Victoria Yacht of British Columbia; University of Pasadena; Los Angeles Athletic.

*Burke's Landed Gentry 1939.

Johnson Arms and Crest

Arms - Gules, three spear-heads argent, a chief ermine.

Crest - A spear's head argent between two branches of laurel vert crossing each other over the spear's head.

(Matthews - "American Armoury"
Burke - "General Armory")

In the 1903 volume of Matthews - "American Armoury" page 499, this arms and creast are shown for descendants of John Johnson, of Roxbury, Massachusetts, and are also shown in the 1911-23 volume (same authority) page 130, for descendants of the same progenitor.

John Johnson, above mentioned, sailed from London in Governor Winthrop's fleet. Burke gives this same arms as shown in "Americana" for Johnson of London. The assumption was, in view of the above, that John Johnson, of Roxbury, came from London and the Burke reference was added.


[The image presented here is from the dust jacket, but also appears facing page viii.]

[Illustrations from the text are not presented here.]


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Key to Authorities

BB2 Bible of Mrs. Isis (Johnson) Swan.

Family Records

F1 Paul Franklin Johnson's Records, started compiling in 1891.


G-1 Ancestral Lines of Paul Franklin Johnson, Ms. 1924-1932 by Idah Meacham Strobridge of Los Angeles, Cal.
G-2 Johnson Genealogy, ms. 1932, 1935 & numerous notes and records compiled from about 1890 to 1935 by Frank Leonard Johnson of Agawam, Mass. In N.E.H.G.S. Library, Boston.
G-3 Johnson Family Genealogy, ins. by Charles Gordon Johnson of Pasadena, Cal. Ile collaborated with Idah Meacham Strobridge and Frank Leonard Johnson.
G-4 Johnson Genealogy by Frank Goodwin Ensign of Boise, Idaho, ins.
G-5 Pedigree of the Johnson Family, ms. in possession of the family for a long time. Now with Miss Florence N. Jones of Chicago and Florida.
G-6 Capt. John Johnson & Capt. Isaac Johnson of Roxbury, Mass. and their families, Extracts. ins. by W.A. Bowen of New York City. A bound carbon copy is in the N.E.H.G.S. Library, Boston.
G-64 Ms. Genealogy of Johnson Family by Frank G. Ensign of Boise, Idaho.
LJ 16-17-18-19, Annals of Silas & Abigail (Rhodes) Johnson Assoc. Bristol, Vt.


L3 Francis De Forest Johnson, Los Angeles, Calif. May 1, 1939.
L7 Chas. Gordon Johnson.
L7a Chas. Bradley Johnson.
L17 E. Lee Johnson, Beloit, Wis.
L18 Frank G. Ensign, Boise, Idaho.
L18c Albert M. Johnson.
L18d Florence Nightingale Jones.
L18dx Oberlin College Alumni Catalogue 1936.
L18e Laurence C. Johnson.
L18f Alice Henry Johnson.
L18g Miss Alice Hall, Pasadena, Calif.
L18h Mr. Albert M. Johnson, Hollywood, Calif.
L18j Mr. Louis Albert Stimson, Rochester, N. Y.
L19 Katherine Johnson Hooper, Holdridge, Neb.
L19b Mr. Charles W. Johnson, Stockton, Calif.
L19d Mrs. Lou Reed, Glendale, Calif.

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