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Captain John Johnson Genealogy
by Paul Franklin Johnson
[Limited to the information preceeding the main body of the published work,
and the Key To Authorities from the second page of the 20 page Appendix.]

Captain John Johnson Register Report
[Adapted from the Captain John Johnson Genealogy, by Paul Franklin Johnson]

See also The Genealogy of John and Ruth Johnson
by George M. T. Johnson

Captain John Johnson Genealogy, by Paul Franklin Johnson is available in reprint from Higginson Book Company.

For an excellent comprehensive biography of Capt. Johnson, refer to The Biography and Genealogy of Captain John Johnson from Roxbury, Massachusetts, by Gerald Garth Johnson (2000, Heritage Books, Inc., Bowie, MD), available from the publisher. Included in this work (pages 61-97) is a detailed analysis of the various conjectures concerning the JOHNSON ancestry, leading to the conclusion that Capt. John Johnson's "ancestry remains a mystery."

For extensive Johnson family information not included in the Genealogy of Captain John Johnson, see also Ancestors and Descendants of Ira Johnson and Abigail (Furbush) Johnson from 1590 to 2003, edited by William A. Blandon and Gerald Garth Johnson (2004, Heritage Books, Inc., Bowie, MD), and The Diaries of Nancy A. Brown and William H. Brown of Edwards, New York, edited by Gerald Garth Johnson (2004, Heritage Books, Inc., Bowie, MD), both also available from the publisher.

Captain John Johnson Descendants - Register Report
Compiled from Captain John Johnson Genealogy, by Paul Franklin Johnson.
See also The Genealogy of John and Ruth Johnson, by George M. T. Johnson.




First Generation - Capt. John Johnson [Narrative]

Second Generation

Third Generation

Fourth Generation

Fifth Generation

Sixth Generation

Seventh Generation - Includes Sarah Child, wife of Elijah Mason [Narrative]

Eighth Generation

Ninth Generation

Tenth Generation

Eleventh Generation

Twelfth Generation



   [From the Captain John Johnson Genealogy  dust jacket.]

   SINCE PEOPLE MAKE HISTORY, and history makes the lives of people through its wars, its social, political and economic circumstances, this CAPTAIN JOHN JOHNSON GENEALOGY is indeed a history of our country from the 17th century to the present. It is by far the largest compliation of vital statistics on this unusual family, and yet it is much more -it is full of every-day people, of course, but it is full also of romance and adventure, of vision and scientific brilliance, of courage and kindness.
   Though its use is mainly for the searching genealogist, or the casual finder of ancestral lines, yet, like the pearl in the oyster that is swept to your feet as you stand on the shore, so appears on these pages: the Spanish Castle in Death Valley built in gratitude to an old friend [Albert Mussey Johnson]; the College Chapel Memorial to a wise mother [Shove Memorial Chapel]; the astounding tower of glass and rubber designed by a great architect for research by a famous maker of wax products [Samuel Curtis Johnson]; a boy's interest in chemistry which led finally to the freeing of aluminum for our aluminum world [Charles Martin Hall]; the exploits of Green Mountain Boys; the battle with the Indians at Narragansett [Capt. Isaac Johnson]; the Surrender of Burgoyne at Saratoga [Caleb Johnson]; the sight of President Lincoln inspecting cannon placements of Fort Stevens, while under fire [Darwin Johnson]; and even the experience of holding Sheridan's black prancer after that wild ride from "Winchester twenty miles away" [Darwin Johnson].
   This genealogy includes not only the male lines, but follows the female descendants as well, to the third and fourth generations out of the JOHNSON name, and carries the family history often to the fourteenth generation.
   The lateral lines lead to various presidents, among them: Taft, Coolidge, Lincoln, Madison, T. Roosevelt, Benjamin and Wm. Harrison and Taylor too. [Ancestor of FDR.]
   The material is a composite of many researchers through nearly seventyfive years and is unusually inclusive.

"A people, who take no pride in the noble achievements of remote ancestors, will never achieve anything worthy to be remembered by remote descendants." - LORD MACAULAY, History of England, Vol. 3, page 224.

The foundation of this report is Paul Franklin Johnson's Captain John Johnson Genealogy, pages 1 through 412. All data and commentary within these pages are included, with some effort made to preserve the presentation in the published volume. However, the features of Reunion for Mac genealogy program and the Register Report export did require some format modifications. All data from Paul Franklin Johnson's book was typed into the Reunion database, with his notes either typed or scanned and OCRed. Hence, there may well be some transcription or editing errors. The book inconsistently names locations, often omitting the state and with some spelling variations. Locations have been entered as they appear in the published volume. Refer to the original publication (see above for a purchase source) to resolve any apparent errors.

The person and family numbers used in the book are omitted so as to not cause confusion with the assigned Register Report numbers. Since the published volume has a full name index, locating a desired person should present no problem. None of the eleven illustrations from the book are included (at least not at this time). A very limited number of comments have been added by this compiler when some internal inconsistency or data conflict appears to be significant, and some comments were added relating the Johnson genealogy to Family Narratives elsewhere on the web site. All such compiler notes are clearly labeled as SML Comments.

It is firmly believed that both the Johnson book is in the public domain, and that no legal rights of others have been violated. Please contact this compiler if you have any documented evidence that this work cannot legally be shared in this manner.

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