Tracy Keeler Johnson
Birth 13 Jun 1879, Greene, NY Uriel Chittendon Johnson
Birth 11 Jun 1832, Brunswick, NY
Death 18 Jul 1865, Binghamton, NY

His school education was obtained in North Granville, Binghamton and Franklin, N. Y. He worked on farms and taught school winters. He studied law with Judge Jessop in Montrose, Pa., and practiced law in DeKalb, Ill., and Brownsville, Neb., when it was a territory, where he was elected District Attorney for seven counties. At breaking out of the Civil War he went to Chicago and practiced his profession, when he was taken sick with typhoid fever. After a lingering ssickness he died at the home of his mother in Binghamton, on July 25, 1865.

Mr. Johnson's predominating characteristics were his love for his family and regard for the rightss of everybody. It wouldf require quite a book to record his acts of love and courage. An instance: When he was seventeen years old, on a Sunday afternoon, a man was drowning in the Chenango River, near his home in Binghamton. Two men went in to save him, but were themselves drowning, when young Chittenden stripped and went in and brought one of them to shore. A reward was offered him, but refuse. A little instance of his love for his family: Before going West, his brother Georrge was living twenty miles away with a farmer. He walked the distance, twenty miles and back, to see him before he should go. Charles Hatch Johnson
Birth 27 Nov 1834, Marlboro, NY
Death 2 Jul 1867, Binghamton, NY

Like his brothers, his was a life of work and cherrfulness on farms and in his uncle's store in New York. He had a common school education, and at the Delaware Literary Institute at Franklin, N. Y. He was of slightt constitution, but supplemented it with affection and courage. His love for his father's family was his redominating characteristic. He was always dividing what he had with his mother and brothers, over whom he exercissed a fatherly care after the death of his father.

He studied medicine and graduated at Burlington, Vt., after which he practiced in Kalamazoo, Mich. He married May F. Hutchinson of Sioux City, Iowa. His health failed him, and he returned to his mother's home and died in Binghamton, N. Y., July 2, 1867.
Spouse May F. Hutchinson
Marr Sioux City, IA George Munn Tracy Johnson*
Birth 24 Mar 1838, Bennington, VT
Line (Capt. John, Isaac, Nathaniel, John, Edward, John, John, Leonard.)


Was born in Bennington, Vt., March 24, 1838. He prepared for college at Delaware Literary Institute. Franklin, N. Y.; entered Amherst College in 1861. He left college at time close of Freshman year, 1862, with impaired health. There was a great call for men for the army and Mr. Johnson felt it Hs duty to go. On September 28, 1862, he enlisted in time 27th New York Infantry, where his younger brother, William, was serving. He was rejected by the examining board, as not physically strong enough. He returned home and worked another year, and again August 27, 1864, enlisted in Company M, First New York Veteran Cavalry, then with Sheridan in the Shenandoah Valley. He served in the Great Kenawa Valley, West Virginia, till close of the war, and was discharged, with the regiment at Wheeling, West Virginia, June 8, 1865.

SML Comment: Compiler of Genealogy of John and Ruth Johnson (1909).
Spouse Mary Emily Eastman
Birth 24 Apr 1840, Burlington, VT
Death 9 Sep 1873, Greene, NY
Marr 22 Jul 1869, Binghamton, NY

Other spouses: Sarah Gale George Munn Tracy Johnson* (See above)
Spouse Sarah Gale
Birth 24 Aug 1838, Binghamton, NY
Marr 29 May 1877, Binghamton, NY
Children A daughter (1878-1878)
Herman Norton (1879-)
Robert Munn Tracy (1882-)

Other spouses: Mary Emily Eastman A daughter Johnson
Birth 15 Mar 1878, Binghamton, NY
Death 15 Mar 1878 Herman Norton Johnson
Birth 12 Sep 1879, Binghamton, NY

Graduated Binghamton Central High School, June, 1899. Graduated at Amherst, Mass., with commencement honors, with degree of Bachelor of Arts, June, 1903. Graduated Columbia School of Mines, New York, with degree of Engineer of Mines, June, 1906. Received degree Master of Arts from School of Pure Science, Columbia Univerisity, June, 1906. He is now emplyed aas expert miner in the National Forest Service. He has been working in Montana, Arizona and Utah. He is now (March, 1909) working in New Mexico. Robert Munn Tracy Johnson
Birth 29 Mar 1882, Binghamton, NY
Line (Capt. John, Isaac, Nathaniel, John, Edward, John, John, Leonard, George Munn Tracy.)
Spouse Clara Orvis Maddison
Birth 18 Aug 1882, Woburn, MA
Marr Jan 1908, Boston, MA
Children Robert Maddison (1908-) Robert Maddison Johnson
Birth 14 Nov 1908, Binghamton, NY Joseph Martin Johnson
Birth 3 Apr 1840, Hoosic Falls, NY
Line (Capt. John, Isaac, Nathaniel, John, Edward, John, John, Leonard.)


Mr. Johnson, born in Hoosic Falls, N. V., April 3, 1840, was educated in the public schools of Broome County, N. Y., and studied law with Judge Horace Griswold in Binghamton. He was admitted to the bar of New York in November, 1865, and to practice in United States District Court, May 15, 1874.

Mr. Johnson was an active Republican speaker in war times and did good work for the Union cause. In September, 1861, he enlisted forty-eight men, which formed part of Company K, 89th New York Infantry, but he was forced to resign in December on account of illness from overwork. He is properly a veteran of the Civil War, and few more patriotic than he. He was elected Clerk of Broome County in November, 1867; was re-elected in 1870; was Clerk six years. He was elected Mayor of Binghamton, N. Y., in February, 1886, and served one term. With his family, he is now, March, 1909, living in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Spouse Anna Elizabeth Ayers
Birth 25 Aug 1851, Binghamton, NY
Marr 2 May 1872, Binghamton, NY
Children Frederick Ayers (1876-)
Jessie Bates (1878-)
Margaret Ayers (1882-) Frederick Ayers Johnson
Birth 17 Mar 1876, Binghamton, NY

Pen name "Frederick Ayers."

Educated - Binghamton High School and Cornell University. Also private mathematical tuition with Mr. Allan M. North.

Musical education - Private instruction in New York and Boston under Messrs. Edgar Stillman Kelley and Arthur Foote (1897-1901).

In 1899 invented and patented system of electric motor speed control now used in the so-called "Multi-Speed" motors, made by the Stow Mfg. Co., Binghamton, N. Y.

Mr. Johnson is known in his home town, Colorado Springs, as a musical critic, lecturer and composer. He has delivered in Colorado, during the past winter ('08 and '09), twenty-four lectures. He is engaged to deliver a lecture in the Colorado College lecture course on April 20.
Spouse Clara Virginia Hobensack
Marr 16 Aug 1906, Colorado Springs, CO Jessie Bates Johnson
Birth 12 Dec 1878, Binghamton, NY
Line (Capt. John, Isaac, Nathaniel, John, Edward, John, John, Leonard, Joseph Martin.)
Spouse Oscar King Davis
Father Joshua B. Davis


He is the youngest son of Mrs. Ruth Olive Johnson Culbertson<4>. He entered the Naval Academy at the age of seventeen; graduated in January, 1905, and was assigned to service on the battleship 'Missouri' as passed Midshipman. In 1906 he was promoted to Ensign, and is now--August 15, 1908--on the 'South Dakota' in the Pacific Ocean. He was with Admiral Evans' fleet in the trip from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean in the summer of 1908.
Marr 6 Apr 1899, Binghamton, NY
Children Margaret Ayers (1900-)
Oscar King (1908-) Margaret Ayers Davis
Birth 3 May 1900, New York, NY Oscar King Davis
Birth 31 Jan 1908, Washington, DC

SML Comment: Birth month change from July to January in book. Margaret Ayers Johnson
Birth 10 Sep 1882, Binghamton, NY
Line (Capt. John, Isaac, Nathaniel, John, Edward, John, John, Leonard, Joseph Martin.)
Spouse Morris Knapp
Marr 5 Jun 1907, Colorado Springs, CO
Children Herbert Wright (1908-)
Anna Johnson (1909-)

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