John and Ruth Johnson Family History
From the files of Stephen M. Lawson

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Note: Data differences are found between the Capt. John Johnson Genealogy
and The Genealogy of John and Ruth Johnson - both should be consulted
and differences resolved using other resources.

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In the year 1800

Gathered, Arranged and Published by
Binghamton, N. Y.

Binghamton, N. Y.:
Barnes, Smith & Co., Printers





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[Special thanks from the compiler to John and Ruth Johnson descendant Lynnette Jeffres for sharing a photocopy of the book.]


In offering this little work as a genealogy of the family of John and Ruth Johnson, I do so with a few words of explanation and apology. I am well aware of its imperfections. No complete genealogy was ever written. It is a point to which we aim, but never reach. There are many hindrances: Erroneous records; conflicting records, or no records; forgetfulness on the part of those who would give information if they could; and indifference on the part of those who could if they would; time required and expense. All come in as hindrances to a complete genealogy. I have met all of these. But the nearer we get to completeness, the better, and only patience and work and time will accomplish a fair result.

I have at odd times, during the past seven years, been getting together what material I could. I should have commenced this fifty veers ago, when there were several of the third generation living, who could have given valuable information, which we cannot now get. I am under great obligations to those who have helped me. It is to be hoped the lacking features may he supplied, and one of a later generation get out a more complete edition. I think this will create an interest. It has cost much work and patience, by way of correspondence, etc. but withal I am glad I am able to present it.

When I first undertook this work it was my purpose to give simply names and dotes of births, marriages and deaths in the ordinary way of genealogies. As I progressed, I felt the coldness of the work. In the history of each person whose birth and death record is given, there is a wonderfully interesting life, which it is impossible to mention. Each one had his soul full of ambition, hope, love, faith and expectation, also disappointment and sorrow, of which there will never be a record. These were the valuable parts of their lives. The dry shucks are the names, dates and places which go to make up a genealogical record. I have felt this most keenly, and its loss has seemed to me immeasurable. The beautiful little families which we mention as we go along-father, mother, brothers and sisters-we know were happy little kingdoms of themselves, and their histories would he interesting. I have wished just to open these tightly closed books and read them and give some record of them, but have not been able to do much in that line.

I give this as an explanation of the character of the work, which is part genealogy and a little of life history. G. M. T. J.


It has been impossible to obtain photographs of one of the first or second generation, and I have taken a son of the third generation to represent his fathers branch, not as any better than others, but the most available, and a good representative. I think they will add a pleasant feature to the work.


Under this head I have classed those who served as soldiers of our country in any war, and if able to obtain, have given short accounts of army life. I am well aware that I have only a small fragment of that which could he written; for the reason that many have passed away, and no one could give any account, also there are some from whom I have not been able to get a report. Over this list I place the picture of William Edward Johnson<4>, 18 years old, son of Leonard Johnson<3>, taken while at the front, serving in Co. H, 27th N. Y. Infantry, in front of Richmond, under George B. McClellan, as a typical soldier.


It will be seen this genealogy is very incomplete. Some of the branches are broken in the third or fourth generations, and much should be added in fifth, sixth and seventh, which has been impossible for me to get. There will naturally be many additions every year, besides those which should have had entrance in this edition. I would suggest that some one or two of the five branches collect further records of their respective families for a convenient season for putting together; when a second edition will need be put out. It would be well for these persons to request all interested to send corrections and additions on every occasion. G. M. T. J.

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