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Descendants of Capt. Hugh Mason in America
by Edna Warren Mason
[Limited to the Foreward and information concerning Capt. Hugh Mason]

Capt. Hugh Mason Register Report
[Mason descendants compiled by Edna Warren Mason and Dr. Henry Bond]

Every Name Index to ...Early Settlers of Watertown
by Dr. Henry Bond
[Limited to the name index, Bond's Map, and selected historical material]

Descendants of Capt. Hugh Mason in America, by Edna Warren Mason and
...Early Settlers of Watertown, by Dr. Henry Bond are available in reprint from Higginson Books.

Capt. Hugh Mason Descendants - Register Report
Compiled from Descendants of Capt. Hugh Mason in America, by Edna Warren Mason, and
Genealogies of the Families and Descendants of the Early Settlers of Waterown, by Dr. Henry Bond




First Generation - Capt. Hugh Mason

Second Generation

Third Generation

Fourth Generation

Fifth Generation - Includes Sophronia (Mason) Morey, daughter of Elijah Mason

Sixth Generation

Seventh Generation

Eighth Generation

Ninth Generation

Tenth Generation

Eleventh Generation



The foundation of this report is Edna Warren Mason's Descendants of Capt. Hugh Mason in America, pages 24 through 810. All data and commentary within these pages are included, with some effort made to preserve the presentation in the published volume. However, the features of Reunion for Mac genealogy program and the Register Report export did require some format modifications. All data from Edna Warren Mason's book was typed into the Reunion database, with her notes either typed or scanned and OCRed. Hence, there may well be some transcription or editing errors. Refer to the original publication (see above for a purchase source) to resolve any apparent errors.

All data from Dr. Henry Bond's Genealogies of the Families... of Watertown was entered into a separate field labeled Bond's Info, or, if the descendant is not found in the Mason book, a note is added that the data is from Bond. The information from the Mason and Bond books was purposely kept separate so that the reader can compare the sources for both consistencies and differences. A very limited number of comments have been added by this compiler when some internal inconsistency or data conflict appears to be significant, and some comments were added relating the Mason genealogy to Family Narratives elsewhere on the web site. All such compiler notes are clearly labeled as SML Comments.

It is firmly believed that both the Mason book and the Bond book are in the public domain, and that no legal rights of others have been violated. Please contact this compiler if you have any documented evidence that either of these works cannot legally be shared in this manner.

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