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SHATTUCK, WILLIAM, Watertown 1642, by w. Susanna had Susanna, b. 1643; Mary, 25 Aug. John, 11 Feb. 1647; Philip, 1648; Joanna; William, 1653; Rebecca, 1655; Abigail, 1657; Benjamin, d. young; and Samuel, 28 Feb. 1666. He d. 14 Aug. 1672, aged 58, in his will of 11 days preced. spell. his name Shathock, names all the ten ch. His wid. m. 18 Nov. 1673, Richard Norcross, as his sec. w. and d. 11 Dec. 1686. Descend. are very num. Susanna m. 12 Apr. 1661, Joseph Morse, and next, 5 July 1678, John Fay, and for third h. William Brigham; Mary m. 14 Feb. 1662, Jonathan Brown; Joanna d. 4 Feb. 1673, unm.; Rebecca m. 7 Feb. 1672, Samuel Church; and Abigail m. 17 Oct. 1678, Jonathan Morse, and next, Joshua Parker of Groton.

SHERMAN, EDMUND, perhaps rather, Edmund, Wethersfield 1636, is said to have foll. his s. Rev. John, N. E. prob. the preeed. and was an orig. propr. of W. but gave his d. to s. Samuel, being well advanc. in yrs. when he rem. to New Haven, was adm. freem. 29 Oct. 1640, and d. 1641. SAMUEL, Stratford, br. of Rev. John, perhaps did not come so early as 1634, wh. Cothren, 60, assumes, but was aft. 1640 some yrs. at Wethersfield, there had houselot, giv. by his f.; was among first resid. at Stamford, and had sev. ch. b. there; was chos. an Assist. 1662, 3, 4, and aft. the union of the Cols. of Conn. and N. H. 1665-7, but tho. nominat. for 1668, he fail. of the elect. and is no more heard of exc. in project. with others, 1672, settlem. of Woodbury. Cothren says he m. in Eng. Sarah Mitchell, and brot. her hither; but this is to the last degr. improb. for he brings him in 1634, then only 19 yrs. old at most, perhaps only 18, and in the mo. country very few so young were m. beside wh. he calls this sis. of Rev. Jonathan, wh. does not seem to have had such sis. at least we kn. that Richard Mather, a fellow passeng. with Mitchell's f. in 1635, has no refer. to a d. then m. on our side of the water, and f. Mitchell in his will of 1646 names ds. only Susanna and Hannah, no Sarah; and beyond that, our Sherman tribe was from the part of Essex, while the Mitchells were of the W. Riding of Yorksh. on the edge of Lancash. opposite sides of the kingdom, between wh. two hundred and thirty yrs. ago intercourse was very rare. Reconciliat. of the principal fact (if it be true) may be gain. by a resona. conject. that the m. tho. it could hard. have occur. in Eng. was some yrs. aft. com. of the parties hither. The dates of b. of their ch. give further evid. as Cothren hims. furnish. them, of his error, as the earliest is 1641, and the latest 1665, wh. is beyond the usual result of a m. in 1634. His roll, with slight correction, is: Samuel, b. 19 Jan. 1641; Theophilus, 28 Oct. 1643; Matthew, 21 Oct. 1645; Edmund, 4 Dec. 1647; John, 8 Feb. 1651; Sarah, 8 Feb. 1654; Nathaniel, 21 Mar. 1657; Benjamin, 29 Mar. 1662; and Daniel (wh. careful Mr. Judd made David) 15 Apr. 1665. Some ground for support of the tradit. of m. with the d. of Mitchell may appear in two of the names of these ch. Matthew and Sarah; but I must adher to my conject. a. the time. When he d. might seem as hard to settle, as his date of m. Cothren tells, that he d. bef. Oct. 1684, but it was prob. fifteen yrs. later, at least we kn. that div. of his est. among heirs, whose lang. implies recent dec. of their ancest. was made Sept. 1700, and deeds by him as late as 1694 can be read.

SHERWOOD, THOMAS, Stratford, or Fairfield, first at S. 1645, had come to Boston, 1634, in the Francis from Ipswich, aged 48 with w. Alice 47; and ch. Ann, 14; Rose, 11; Thomas, 10; and Rebecca, 9; and may be thot. to have had others, b. bef. or aft. or both, for his will of June 1657, pro. 4 June 1658, ment. s. John and Thomas, d. Mary, w. Sarah, and refers to other ds. without nam. them. His est. was good.

SIMONDS, WILLIAM, Woburn, m. 18 Jan. 1644, Judith, wid. of James Hayward, had Sarah, b. 28 July 1644; Judith, 31 Mar. 1646; Mary, 9 Dec. 1647; Caleb, 11 Oct. 1649; William, 15 Apr. 1651; Joseph, 18 Oct. 1652; Benjamin, 18 Mar. 1654; Tabitha, 20 Aug. 1655, d. next day; Joshua, d. soon; James, 1 Nov. 1658, d. soon; Bethia, 9 May 1659; and Huldah, 20 Nov. 1660; was freem. 1670. His wid. Judith d. 3 Jan. 1690; but he had d. 7 June 1672.

SMITH, HENRY, Dorchester, came in the fleet with Winthrop perhaps req. adm. as freem. 19 Oct. 1630, and was rec. 18 May foll. may be thot. the gent. wh. with Ludlow, Pynchon, and others, was commis. in Mar. 1636 by Mass. to govern the first sett. on Conn. and act. at Hartford lG38. See Mass. Col. Rec. I. 170, with Conn. Col. Rec. I. 17; but whether he was or not, the Rev. HENRY, first min. of Wethersfield, I cannot confidently decide. On the whole, I conclude, since Mather puts the Wethersfield min. into his first classis (as of those, in the actual exercise of their min. bef. they left Eng.), that this man was only in civ. life, for he is not dignif. with the prefix Mr. and would never seem to be looked on as cleric. in Mass., and prob. the min. of Wethersfield came not for five, or even six, yrs. more. See Winth's. letter of June 1636 to his s. John, Gov. of the new planta. in Hist. I. Appx. A. 60 of the Ed. 1853. He, in 1636, rem. to Springfield with Pynchon; was s. by a former h. of that wid. Sanford wh. had m. Pynchon, and this s. had m. his P's. d. Ann, I suppose bef. the m. of his mo. with the f. of his w. possib. bef. they, any of them, came from Eng. to confound tbe two, if there were not three (wh. seems improb.) Henry Smiths. I design always to put the names in the order of their com. to our country, so that Rev. Henry, tho. older, must follow the Springfield man. Felt has, in his Eccles. Hist. of N. E. 253, made the min. wh. was receiv. of the ch. of Charlestown in midsum. of 1637, one of the commission to govern the Conn. planta. in 1636, with Ludlow, Steele, Pynchon and others, when we may feel sure, that it was Pynchon's s. in law wh. had that honor; as also, that the Wethersfield min. was at the date of 1636 in his native land, had Ann, and Mary, wh. were b. bef. his rem. the latter, bur. at S. 15 Nov. 1641; Martha, b. 31 July 1641; Mary, again, 7, bapt. 12 Mar. 1643; Elizabeth 22, bapt. 27 Oct. 1644; Margaret, 26 Apr. 1646, d. at two yrs.; Sarah, 6 Oct. 1647, a. soon; Margaret, again, 1 Nov. 1648; Rebecca, 1 Apr. 1650; Samuel, 23 June 1651, d. next yr.; and Abigail, 10 Feb. 1653; was rep. 1651, and, with his min. Rev. George Moxon, prob. in disgust at the proceed. against his f.-in-law, went home 1653. Prob. most of the ch. went with the f. but Mary perhaps contin. here with her uncle Pynchon, and m. 15 Apr. 1665, Richard Lord of Hartford; and Ann, wh. we may be sure, was the first b. m. 9 Nov. 1651, John Allyn of Hartford, the famous Secr. Other ch. he may have had, either bef. or aft. leav. S. but where Farmer found his Elisha, is hard to guess. He seems to be as well entit. as the Watertown Henry, to be thot. the freem. of 18 May 1631, prob. better. Since reach. the conclus. that my Dorchester Henry is the same as he, wh. Farmer in MS. had thot. of Watertown, and by his two lines drove me to many wks. research, I have the gratification of ascertain. from Dr. Bond's untir. investigat. that at Watertown was no Henry Smith at all. SAMUEL, Northampton, s. of the Rev. Henry, and the only one, wh. reach. mature life, the freem. of 1676, had m. a. 1662, Mary, d. of James Ensign, and had Samuel, and Sarah bef. his rem. from Conn. to where he had Dorothy, bapt. 1667; Ebenezer, 1668; beside Ichabod, b. 24 Jan. 1670; Mary, 18 Jan. 1673; James, 12 June 1675; and Preserved, Aug. 1677. Aft. the d. of John Russell, at Madley, h. of his mo. he rem. to Hadley, to take care of her, and d. 10 Sept. 1703. Of his five s. three, viz. the eldest, sett. at Suffleld, where Ichabod, the youngest of them had Samuel, b. 1700, wh. m. Jerusha, d. of Atherton Mather, and had Cotton M. Smith. Ludicrous perversity in modern days of this genealogy, so as to make the blood of the Mathers follow thro. wrong f. and wrong m. beside sinking in the male line one generat. yet grasp. in the female at one too old. See p. 34 in the valua. Centen. of Rev. Alonzo B. Chapin, where all the error is giv. for truth. His Excellency, John Cotton Smith, Y. C. 1783, late Gov. of Conn. was thus, it is ssid, misdirect. by his f. Rev. Cotton Mather S. Y. C. 1751, wh. seems to have partak. in one ill habit of his illustr. namesake. How he should exchange the name of his mos. f. for that of her gr.f. is less strange, however, than it might seem, if we suppose the reference being oft. made to the famous Dr. M. in the youth's hearing, he always assoc. the Presid. of the Coll. at Cambridge with that rare title, and thot. more of Increase, than of the humble neph. Atherton Mather, from wh. his own prefix came. Good substitution the f. made in the child's name by enrich. him with an honor. designat. tho. no Cotton blood ran in his veins, as had heedless. been assum.

SMITH, CHILIAB, or CHILEAB, Hadley, s. of Samuel of the same, m. 2 Oct. 1661, Hannah, d. of Luke Hitchcock of Wethersfield, had Hannah, b. 7 July 1662; Samuel, 9 Mar. 1664; Luke, 16 Apr. 1666; Ebenezer, 11 July 1668; Nathaniel, 2 Jan. 1670, d. soon; John, 8 Oct. 1671; one in 1673, d. very soon; Esther, 31 Mar. 1674; one in 1677, d. very soon; Elizabeth 2 Feb. 1678, Mary, 16 Aug. 1681; one in 1682, d. soon; Chiliab, 18 Feb. 1685; and Sarah, 26 Apr. 1688; was freem. 1673, and d. 7 Mar. 1731, aged almost 96. His wid. d. 31 Aug. 1733 aged 88, by the gr. stone. PHILIP, Wethersfield, sec. s. of Samuel, brot. at one yr. old by his f. from Eng., made freem. 1654, m. 1657, Rebecca, youngest d. of Nathaniel Foote, soon rem. and is the same wh. in Hadley, among its new sett. took the freem.'s o. for Mass. 26 Mar. 1661; was rep. for Hadley 1677, 80-4, aft. wh. last he d. 10 Jan. foll. was selectman, lieut. of horse, and deac. yet "murder. with an hideous witchcraft, that fill. all those parts of N. E. with astonishment," as most minutely is told in the Magn. VI. 70. Still the wonder did not so far outrun conscience and common sense, as to prevail on the trial of Mary Webster, charg. for such clear malignities not only against Smith, the hypochondriac suffer. but others; even tho. she was before a jury at Boston, then peculiar. expos. to false impress., she was acquit. and d. peaceably at Hadley. Years more were need. for the full triumph of the devil and Cotton Mather. His Ch. were Samuel, b. Jan. 1659; John, 18 Dec. 1661; Jonathan, 1663; Philip, 1665; Rebecca, 1668; Nathaniel, 1671; Joseph, 1674, H. C. 1695; and Ichabod, 11 Apr. 1675 or 6; all the eight are ment. in his will. His wid. m. 2 Oct. 1688, Major Aaron Cook, of Northampton, wh. d. 6 Sept. 1690, and she d. at Il. 6 Apr. 1701. His only d. Rebecca early in 1686, m. George Stillman of H. SAMUEL, Wethersfield, came in the Elizabeth 1634, from Ipswich, then by the custom-ho. rec. aged 32, with w. Elizabeth 32, and ch. Samuel, 9; Elizabeth 7; Mary, 4; and Philip, 1 ; was adm. freem. 3 Sept. 1634 ; was first, perhaps, at Watertown, where most of the passen. of that sh. plant. but in few yrs. rem. with many of them to the banks of the Conn. was rep. 1641-53 almost all the sess. more than any other man, was in 1608 exempt. from train. Next yr. he rem. with many of Rev. Henry Smith's opponents (wh. support. his success. Rev. John Russell's side of the Hartford controv.), to Hadley, where he wag in very high repute, rep. oft. from 1661 to 73, lieut. in com. of the milit. from 1663 to 78, then hon. disch. and his s. Philip made lieut. and a capt. was appoint. for the first time; made a magistr. for the town, and d. in Dec. 1680, or next mo. Of the four ch. he bro't three are nam. in his will, tho. he gave the eldest only 5s. no doubt for suffic. reason, yet not express. Mary, not nam. had prob. d. young. Chiliab, and John, his s. are ment. in that docum. the former, b. a. 1636, and the other some yrs. aft. His wid. d. 16 Mar. 1685; and his d. Elizabeth m. 1646, Nathaniel Foote, and next, William Gull, wh. d. 1701, and she outliv. him.

SPENCER, JARED, Hartford, s. of Thomas the first, m. 22 Dec. 1680, Hannah, d. of John Pratt the third of the same, wh. d. 22 Oct. 1692, and he d. 1712, hav. had Hannah, b. 12 Oct5. 1681; Jared, 15 Jan 1683; Nathaniel, 2 Feb. 1685, d. soon; John, 25 Oct. 1686; Sarah, and Elizabeth tw. 16 Feb 1688; Nathaniel, again, 21 Dec. 1690; and Mary, 8 Sept. 1692. THOMAS, Cambridge 1632, br. of Jared and John, freem. 14 May 1634, rem. 1638 at Hartford, was serj. of the milt. and had, in 1671, a gr. for serv. d. 11 Sept 1686. By his first w. he had Obadiah, Thomas, Samuel, and Jared, but he m. sec. w. 11 Sept. 1645, Sarah, only ch. of Nathaniel Barding or Bearding of H. and by her had Sarah; Elizabeth bapt. 26 Mar. 1648; Hanah, b. 25 Apr. 1653; Mary, 29 May 1655; and Martha, 19 May 1657; of wh. Sarah m. Thomas Huxley; Elizabeth m. Samuel Andrews; and Martha m. a Benton.

STANDISH, THOMAS, Wethersfield, a soldier in the Pequot war 1637, had gr. of ld. on that acco. 1671, is on the list of freem. 169, and his d. Eunice m. 7 Dec. 1693, Nathaniel Stoddard. He d. 1692, aged 80, and Susanna, his w. d. the same yr. aged 68. Perhaps she was sec. w. but prob. mo. of Eunice. He had, also, s. Thomas, and perhaps more ch.

STOCKING, GEORGE, Cambridge, freem. 6 May 1635, rem. to Hartford, prob. with earliest sett. and his name is in the list of freem. 1669, tho. excus, prob. by reason of age, in 1660, from the com. duty of train, watch, and ward. He d. May 1683, at gr. age, leav. Samuel, and had three ds. Hannah, w. of Andrew Benton; Sarah, w. of Samuel Olcott; and the w. of John Richards; but Benton's w. was d. leav. childr.

STONE, JOHN, Hartford, an orig. propr. perhaps is he to wh. the Conn. Governm. in 1668, gr. 100 accres. But he had rem. early to found in 1639 the orig. compact at Guilford, there by w. Mary had John, b. 14 Aug. 1644; Samuel, 6 Dec. 1646; Nathaniel, 5 Feb. 1648; Thomas, 5 June 1650; and Noah, 1652, wh. d. unm. 3 or 4 yrs. bef. his f. wh. d. a. 1687. He, with William s., is among the freem. of Guilford 1669.

STRONG, JOHN, Hingham 1635, among first proprs. wh. drew ho. lots Sept. of that yr. freem. Mar. 1637, next yr. was of Taunton, and count. there as one of the first proprs. made freem. of that juridict. 4 Dec. chos. rep. 1641, 2, 3, and 4, as Baylies shows II. 2 and 3, and a juror 1645; three or four yrs. aft. is found a Windsor, and made freem. of Conn. May 1651, unless this were his s. wh. seems very improb. and soon aft. 1661 was inhab. of Northampton. With very gr. doubts as to most of the items, and utter reject. of part most import. in tradit. report. of his com. in the Mary and John to Dorchester with Warham in May 1630, and of the d. of his first w. on the pass. and tak. a sec. w. in 1630, I think it prob. that he brot. John in 1635, and at Hingham had Thomas, possib. also ano. ch. wh. d. inf. and that his w. d. there, and that he m. perhaps in 1638, Abigail, d. of Thomas Ford of Dorchester, for in that single yr. is the only ment. of his name as resid. at D. had prob. at Taunton Jedediah, bapt. 14 Apr. 1639, at D. tho. the ch. rec. implies, that the parents liv. at H. Return; Ebenezer; and Abigail; at Windsor, certain. had Elizabeth b. 24 Aug. 1647, or 24 Feb. 1648; Experience, 4 Aug. 1650; Samuel, and Joseph, perhaps sometimes call. Josiah, tw. 5 Aug. 1652; Mary, 26 Oct. 1654. At W. he m. 26 Nov. 1656, Mary, only d. of Joseph Clark; had Sarah not on rec. perhaps 1657; Hannah, 30 May 1659; and Esther, 7 June 1661; at Northampton had Thankful, 25 July 1663; and Jerijah, 12 Dec. 1665. Cothren favors him with three more ch. one wh. d. inf. two mos. aft. arr. of f. in 1630; Josiah, wh. d. young, unm. but I distrust the exist. of both; and Sarah, wh. m. 19 Dec. 1675, or 13 Jan. foll. (either of wh. may be thot. more prob. date, than that of fam. tradit. 13 July 1675) Joseph Barnard of Hadley, and next, 1698, Capt. Jonathan Wells of Deerfield. She may have come betw. Mary and Hannah. On the high authority of Dr. Allen I can find but sixteen ch. beside the inf. wh. d. He was, very likely, b. at Taunton in Co. Somerset, and his f. may have been Richard, and his sis. Elinor may have been w. of Walter Dean; but that he ever liv. at Dorchester is highly improb. for Harris, or any more search. inquirer has not found his name there, bef. or aft. 1638, exc. once was witness to a deed, wh. may have been writ. at Hingham; and it is hardly to be believ. that the same w. wh. bore the two ch. at N. had been taken at D. in 1630. That he was indeed ever resid. at D. aft. 1638, can be surmis. from the trifling incident only, that John Hill was m. at Boston 16 Jan. 1657 to Elizabeth Strong by Humphrey Atherton, the Assist. wh. was a Dorchester man. Nor is it more prob. as the tradit. ornaments the story, that he came from Eng. with Warham or accomp. him in 1636 to W. Hitchcock, Parsons, Cothren, Geneal. Reg. VIII. 180, and Emery too easily adm. such relat. in my opin. that relies on the powerful contempo. silence of his br.-in-law, Roger Clap, wh. did come in that sh. and m. a d. of his fellow passeng. Thomas Ford. For the modern origin of these improb. tradit. I presume that, as the ancest. was at Windsor, within twelve yrs. of its settlem. and a s. of this m. a Warham, and as Ford rem. with W. to Windsor the story spread grad. that he had come from Eng. to Dorchester, with W. and accomp. him to his next home in Conn. but the reporters did not consider two points, that many people were of Dorchester, wh. did not come with Warham, and many of Windsor, wh. did not come from Dorchester. In McClure's acco. of sett. of Windsor, writ. in 1797, pr. 1 Mass. Hist. Coll. V. 167, is seen the list of the sixteen male mem. of the ch. of Dorchester that went with Warham thither, among wh. is No Strong. As Roger Clap had m. a d. of Ford two or three yrs. bef. the exodus, the d. wh. bec. the sec. w. of Strong, as it seems to me after it, may have contin. at D. to comfort her sis. and avoid the perils of ano. first planting. He was a tanner, one of the pillars at foundat. of ch. Elder 1663, and his w. d. 6 July 1688, and he d. 14 Apr. 1699, aged 91, says his s. Jerijah, wh. in mod. tradit. is easily corrupt to 94. Beside Sarah, above ment. Abigail m. 12 Nov. 1673, Rev. Nathaniel Chauncy, and 8 Sept. 1686, deac. Medad Pomeroy; Elizabeth m. 17 Mar. or 11 May 1669, Joseph Parsons; Experience m. 27 May 1669, Zerobabel Filer; Mary m. 20 Mar. 1679, John Clark; Hannah m. 15 July 1680, William Clark jr.; Esther m. 15 Oct. 1678, Thomas Bissel, the younger, of Windsor; and Thankful m. a Baldwin of the countless tribes of Milford, as Cothren reports, no doubt from the fam. acco. So there were eight ds. and seven s. of the prosperous tanner, wh. liv. to m. and thirteen of this number were b. to him by the sec. w. Abigail Ford. RETURN, Windsor, younger br. of the preced. a tanner, freem. 1666, m. 11 May 1664, Sarah Warham, d. of Rev. John, had Sarah, b. 14 Mar. 1665; Abigail, 8 Mar. 1667; Return, 10 Feb. 1669; Elizabeth 20 Feb. 1671; Samuel, 20 May 1673, d. soon; Damaris, 3 July 1674; Samuel, again 27 Dec. 1675; and his w. d. 26 Dec. 1678, aged 36. He m. 23 May 1689, Margaret Newbury, d. of Maj. Benjamin, had Joseph, b. 1694, d. young; Hannah; Margaret, 1700; and Benjamin, 1703. He had large est. and d. 9 Apr. 1726; in his will, of 1719, he names the liv. s. Samuel and Benjamin, six ds. and also the childr. of s. Return wh. had dec. 1708. Both John and Return are in the list of freem. 1669, and the latter was one of the returning officers.

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