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TAYLOR, RICHARD, Charlestown, but a mem. of some other ch. when adm. freem. 18 May 1642, the same day with Boston. Richard, d. 10 July 1659, of wh. I learn nothing but from his will, made 6 May bef. that his w. was Ann, and he had d. Frances Adams.

TERRY, JOHN, Windsor, may be that one wh. came in the Abigail, 1635, aged 32, from London, fellow passeng. with John Winthrop perhaps was first of Dorchester, and may have been br. of Stephen, is found among the freem. and prob. had been for some yrs. in 1669, unless this freem. may rather seem to be JOHN, Windsor, s. of Stephen, wh. m. 27 Nov. 1662, Elizabeth d. of William Wadsworth, had Elizabeth b. 16 Dec. 1663; or as ano. says 1664; Stephen, 6 Oct. 1666; Sarah, 16 Nov. 1668; John 22 Mar. 1670; Rebecca, 7 Jan. 1672, d. young; Mary, 19 July 1673; Solomon, 29 Mar. 1675; and Rebecca, again, 27 Feb. 1677, d. young. STEPHEN, Dorchester, came 1630, prob. in the Mary and John, on 19 Oct. req. adm. and 18 May 1631, was allow. freem. held in good repute, appoint. constable as in Coll. Rec. I. 151 appears evid. of his being sw. 7 July 1635, next yr. partook of the spirit of migrat. and prob. rem. with the major pt. of the ch. and Rev. John Warham their min. at least we kn. he was in Windsor 1637, and twenty yrs. aft. was one of those engag. in the first troop of cavalry estab. in the country. Who his w. was, or whether be brot. her form Eng. is not ascert. but of ch. Mary was b. at D. 31 Dec. 1635; John, m. 6 Mar. 1638 at W. Elizabeth 43, bapt. 9 Jan. 1642; and Abigail, 21, bapt. 27 Sept. 1646. Mary m. 8 Dec. 1659, Richard Goodman; and Elizabeth m. 10 Jan. 1666, Philip Russell of Hadley as his sec. w. and with two of her four ch. was k. by the Ind. Sept. 1677; Abigail m. 9 May 1667, as his sec. w. lieut. Joseph Kellogg, and was liv. in 1715.

TIDD, JOHN (TEAD), Charlestown 1637, emb. 12 May of that yr. at Yarmouth, aged 19, as serv. of Samuel Greenfield of Norwich, but perhaps was not desir. by his master of acomp.him, aft. reach. this side of the ocean, if, as seems prob. he be the person call. Todd, in Frothingham, p. 88, may have rem. aft. 1640 to Woburn,there was one of the true-spirited petnrs. to the Gen. Ct. 30 Aug. 1653 in fav. of liberty of proph. had w. Margaret, wh. d. 1651, and he d. 24 Apr. 1657. By his will made 15 days bef. we find he had sec. w. Alice, and ds. Mary, and Elizabeth beside Benjamin, Hannah, and ano. d. of one Savil; and John and Samuel Savil, of ano. Thomas Fuller, and John Kendall, also a s. of his own name. See Tidd. Yet one of this name was propound. for freem. in 1664, tho. no more heard of. See 4 Mass. Hist. Coll. I. 101, and Geneal, Reg. XIV. 328. JOHN, Woburn, prob. s. of that John, spelled Tead, b. in Eng. m. 14 Apr. 1650, Rebecca Wood, had Hannah, b. 21 Sept. 1652, John, 26 Feb. 1655; Mary, 13 Nov. 1656; Samuel, 16 Jan. 1650; Joseph, 18 Jan. 1661, d. in 2 wks.; Joseph, again, perhaps, but not cert.

TURNER, NATHANIEL, Lynn, came 1630, in the fleet with Winthrop reg. adm. as freem. 19 Oct. of that yr. land was sw. in 3 July 1632, and was constable the same yr. was rep. 1634, at the first Court, when dep. came 1635 and 6, went against the Pequots 1637, had a w. whose name, fam. or bapt. we have not seen, and rem. next yr. to the new settlem. at New Haven, with his ch. Mary, prob. the name of eldest d. wh. m. Thomas Yale; Nathaniel; Rebecca; Abigail; Hannah, wh. was bapt. 17 Nov. being the earliest in the ch. rec. and Isaac, 7 June 1640. In 1640, he was one of the purch. of Stamford, always a man of enterpr. and public spirit, and sailed for London, in the ill-fated bark, with capt. Lamberton, Mr. Gregson and others, Jan. 1646, whose arr. was never heard of. The wid. m. Samuel Vangoodenhausen, and of the ds. beside the w. of Thomas Yale bef. ment. Rebecca m. a. 1649, Thomas Mix; Abigail m. 2 Sept. 1651, John Hudson; and Hannah m. Samuel Hopkins, 5 Dec. 1667. Nathaniel d. unm. and in Jan. 1662, his share, L75, of the est. was distrib.

WADSWORTH, *WILLIAM, Cambridge 1632 came, prob. with fam. of four ch. Sarah, William, wh. d. young, Mary, and John, in the Lion from London, arr. 16 Sept. See Winthrop Hist. I. 90. This date overthrows the slight presumpt. of some mem. of the mod. fam. that their progenit. had been first of Braintree, inasmuch as the court had in the preced. mo. order. the few friends of Hooker, wh. had sat down at B. to rem. to a safer spot. he was freem. 6 Nov. 1632, and in the great exodus, June 1636, rem. to Hartford, and there seems to have liv. in the highest esteem, no man ever more oft. chos. rep. for betw. Oct. 1656 and May 1675 (his last appear.), hardly a single yr. miss. his serv. Prob. he d. soon aft. He m. 2 July 1644, Elizabeth Stone, but this, of course, not his first w. outliv. him. His ch. by this w. were Elizabeth b. 17 Mary 1645; Samuel, 20 Oct. 1646, wh. d. at mid. age; Joseph, a. 1648; Sarah, the sec. 17 Mar. 1650; Thomas, a. 1651; and Rebecca, a. 1656; but of the first w. we kn. nothing, nor the order of dates for her ch. nor indeed date of a single one. The first Sarah m. 17 Sept. 1646, John Wilcox; Mary m. a. 1656, Thomas Stoughton of Windsor, so that we can be sure these two as well as John were of the first w. Elizabeth m. 27 Nov. 1662, John Terry of Windsor; and Sarah of the sec. w. m. 10 Nov. 1669, Jonathan Ashley of Springfield. He d. 1675, his will of 16 May 1675, with his inv. of 18 Oct. foll. and his wid. d. 1682, when Rebecca was unm.

WALES, NATHANIEL. Dorchester, a shipwirght, one of the passeng. with Rev. Richard Mather, in the James of Bristol. 1635, of whose voyage the interest. details are giv. in Mather's Journal, publ. in Young's Chron. was freem. 2 Nov. 1637, had w. Isabel, wh. outliv. him but two wks. and ch. Timothy, John, and Nathaniel; yet if these were all, or whether any were b. here, is unkn. One acco. calls his w. Susan, with wh. he rem. to Boston a. 1654, and he d. at Boston, 4 Dec. 1661, hav. made his will 20 June bef. NATHANIEL, Dorchester, s. of the preced. b. in Eng. d. at Boston, 20 May aft. his f. leav. four young ch. Nathaniel, Samuel, Mary, and Jonathan, k. in Philips' war. NATHANIEL, Braintree, s. of the preced. by w. Joanna, youngest d. of Thomas Faxon the sec. of the same, had Elizabeth b. 10 Feb. 1676, if Vinton or Thayer is right in mak. the mo. less than fourteen and a half yrs. old; Joanna, 18 Apr. 1679, d. in few days; Sarah, 11 Mar. 1680; Nathaniel, 29 Dec. 1681; Joanna, again, 19 Dec. 1683; Elkanah, 1 Dec. 1685; Deborah, 16 Oct. 1687; Thomas, 6 Oct. 1689, d. soon; Mary, 1 Apr. 1691; Samuel, 23 June 1693; Thomas, again, 19 Apr. 1695; Joseph, 29 Apr. 1697; John, 25 May 1699, H. C. 1728; Rachel, 15 Oct. 1701; Atherton, 8 Mar. 1704, H. C. 1726, being 15 ch. in all; was made Rul. Elder, 27 Feb. 1701. His w. d. 11 May 1704, and he d. 23 Mar. 1718. Of this br. descend. hae been num.

WARHAM, JOHN, Dorchester, came in the Mary and John from Plymouth 1630, having been a min. at Exeter in Co. Devon, where capt. Roger Clap, wh. in his humble, but invalu. tract, gives the best acco. of him, had in his youth, heard his teaching; yet we kn. not, at wh. of the univ. he was bred, if at either, tho. so much may be presum. as he was episcop. ord. At Plymouth, bef. embarc. he with an elder br. in the gospel, Rev. John Maverick, and many of their fellow passeng. had formed a strictly congregatio. ch. He was sw. a freem. 18 May 1631, and the w. wh. he brot. d. 1634, without having ch. as is believ. Ano. w. Abigail, m. a. Oct. 1662, wid. of John Branker, outliv. him, and d. 18 May 1684, but she was not the mo. of his four ds. for her former h. did not die bef. 1662. He was with the body of his ch. rem. 1635 to Windsor, and there officiat. till his d. 1 Apr. 1670, tho. for near six yrs. preced. a dissatisf. party of the worshippers had desired the serv. of a younger preach. From the whole page of Magn. III. 121, it is found that he was afflict. with melancholy in his latter days, and earlier had deliv. sermons from notes; but betw. these two distinguish. traits of his life, no connex. is pretended by the profound author. His d. Abigail, bapt. at W. 27 May 1638, n. Oct. 1658, Thomas Allyn; Sarah, b. 28 Aug. 1642, m. 11 May 1664, Return Strong, and d. 26 Dec. 1678; and youngest d. Esther, bapt. 8 Dec. 1644, m. Rev. Eleazer Mather of Northampton, and next Solomon Stoddard, and bore ch. to ea. Of the sec. d. Hepzibah, bapt. 9 Aug. 1640, rept. of her d. 1647 is furnish. The mo. Jane, wh. he m. at W. no doubt, tho. date is not found, nor parent, d. at Norwalk, 23 Apr. 1645, says the Parson's transcr. of Windsor rec. in Geneal. Reg. V. 363, tho. we might be sure this is wrong, for the town of N. was not sett. for more than four yrs. later. She d. Apr. 1655.

WARREN, JOHN, Watertown, came prob. 1630, in the fleet with Sir Richard Saltonstall, then aged a. 45, and hav. w. and ch. (four certain. are nam. in his will, and of them only Elizabeth could be b. here.). There may have been others, but no rec. of b. or d. is found. He was adm. freem. 18 May 1631, chos. selectman 1636-40. Late in life he fell under the censure of the laws, unwisely levelled at dissent. from the relig. course of the major part of the inhab. and Bond informs us of proceedings against him in 1651, 4, and 61; but he d. in peace, 13 Dec. 1667, aged 82. His w. Margaret d. 6 Nov. 1662. She was prob. the mo. of all his ch. John, b. 1622; Mary; and Daniel, b. 1628; beside Elizabeth wh. n. a. 1654, James Knapp. Mary m. 30 Oct. 1642, John Bigelow. He had good est. in lds. in W. His will of 30 Nov. 1667, names the four ch. and Mary, w. of Daniel, Daniel W. and Mary Bigelow.

WATERS, BEVIL, Hartford, found in the list of freem. 1669, had good est. d. 14 Feb. 1730, says the gr.-st. in 97th yr. Wh. was his first w. and mo. of his ch. is not kn. but when 92 yrs. old, he took ano. w. 13 Dec. 1722, Sarah, wid. of Joseph Mygott. His will of 1 Feb. 1721 ment. Thomas, d. bef. his f. and ds. Sarah, wh. m. 10 Feb. 1698, Joseph Benton; Hannah m. 1708, Wilterton Merrills; Mary m. 1711, Thomas Seymour.

WATSON. JOHN, Hartford 1644, d. bef. 1656, leav. wid. Margaret, and s. John; d. Sarah, m. John Merrills; and Mary m. John Seymour. The wid. d. 1683, in her will of Mar. in that yr. names the three ch.

WILLARD, *SIMON, Cambridge, s. of Richard of Horsemonden, Co. Kent, where he was bapt. 7 Apr. 1605, came 1634, arr. in May, with w. Mary, d. of Henry Sharpe of Horsemonden, bapt. 16 Oct. 1614; and d. Mary; rem. next yr. to the new settlem. of Concord, where prob. this d. soon d. aft. m. with Joshua Edmunds, and b. of her first ch. 16 Feb. 1650. At Cambridge or Concord, he had Elizabeth whose date of b. is not found, wh. m. 8 Apr. 1653, Robert Blood; Josiah, whose date is also unkn.; Samuel, in recorder's rec. at Boston, call. Simon, b. 31 Jan. 1640; Sarah, 27 June or 24 July 1642, wh. m. 2 July 1666, Nathaniel Howard of Charlestown, and d. 22 Jan. 1678; Abovehope, 30 Oct. 1646, d. at 17 yrs. unm.; Simon, 23 Nov. 1649; Mary, again, 7 or 27 Sept. 1653, wh. m. 22 Jan. 1672, Cyprian Stevens; Henry, 4 June 1655; John, 12 Jan. or Feb. 1657; Daniel, 29 Dec. 1658; but of these the last four were b. of a sec. w. Elizabeth Dunster, sis. of the presid. of the coll. or third w. Mary Dunster, a niece of the presid. for the dates of m. are not giv. But bef. the b. of his next ch. he rem. to Lancaster, there had Joseph, 4 Jan. 1661; Benjamin, 1665; Hannah, 6 Oct. 1666, wh. m. 23 May 1693, capt. Thomas Brintnall of Sudbury, and was the last surv. ch. of her f.; and Jonathan, 14 Dec. 1669; beside two others, Elizabeth and Dorothy, wh. both d. young. I suppose he must have had some acquaint. in Eng. with milit. duty, for he was made lieut. here so early as 1637, capt. 1646, and maj. the highest rank at that time, in 1655; and was rep. 1636-49, chos. Assist. 1657 to his d. 24 Apr. 1676. Bef. the Ind. destr. Groton in 1676, to wh. he had rem. a few yrs. earlier, he had estab. his retreat at Salem, but d. at Charlestown, during the sess. of the Ct. of Assist. For his serv. the governm. had many yrs. bef. made him a gr. of 1,000 acres, wh. he had never taken up, but had giv. to his d. Elizabeth on her m. but his wid. Mary was compel. to petition for it in the yr. of his d.

WINCHELL, DAVID, Windsor, s. of Robert m. 18 Nov. 1669, Elizabeth d. of William Filley, had Joseph, b. 13 Sept. 1670; Christian, 9 Mar. 1673; Elizabeth 9 Dec. 1675; and ano. d. perhaps two ch. rem. to Suffield, and had David, 19 Mar. 1682; Mary, 8 Feb. 1685; Jedediah, 13 Mar. 1688, d. at 2 yrs.; Jedidiah, again, 29 Dec. 1690, d. young; and he d. 1723 or 4, leav. two s. and four ds. Perhaps the name of Elizabeth W. aged 52, a passeng. in the Rebecca, from London, Apr. 1635, with John, 13, prob. her s. may rather be Wincol. ROBERT, Dorchester, but how early is not kn. nor how he came, but prob. with w. and perhaps one ch. was there 1635, and carr. two s. Nathaniel and Jonathan, to Windsor a. 1638, there had Phebe, bapt. 24 Mar. 1639, d. at 23 yrs.; Mary, 5 Sept. 1641; David, 22 Oct. 1643; Joseph, 5 Apr. 1646, wh. d. bef. his f.; Martha, 18 June 1648, d. in 7 yrs; and Benjamin, 11 July 1652, d. at 4 yrs. His w. whose name is not heard, d. 10 July 1655, and he d. 21 Jan. 1668. In his will of that mo. s. Nathaniel, Jonathan, and David are nam. and Mary refer. to as hav. had her portion.

WOODS, JOHN, Sudbury, pinmaker, wh. seems an odd trade for a wilderness pioneer; by w. Mary had John, b. 8 May 1641; perhaps Francis, 1645; James, 18 July 1647; Catharine; Isaac, 14 July 1655; beside Hannah, prob. the oldest ch. wh. m. 7 June 1665, John Leavins of Roxbury, and d. early, leav. Hannah nam. in the will of her gr.f. He d. 10 July 1678, and his wid. d. 1690, aged 80, says Barry. In Oct. 1675 he was, I suppose, the serg. in one of the Marlborough garrison houses, as John, James, and Isaac, his s. were there also.

WYETH, NICHOLAS, Cambridge 1647, brot. from Eng. d. Sarah, wh. m. 11 Dec. 1651, John Fiske of Watertown. Whether he brot. w. is uncert. but if he did, she d. early, and he m. a. 1648, Rebecca, wid. of Thomas Andrews of C. had Mary, b. 18 Jan. 1649; Nicholas, 10 Aug. 1651; Martha, 11 Jan. 1653; John, 15 July 1655; and William, 11 Jan. 1658; all bapt. at C. and d. 19 July 1680, aged 85. Martha, m. 1 Apr. 1672, Thomas Ives.

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