The Pariss Sims Family

by Almon J. Sims

Prepared for Kinnexions by Stephen M. Lawson.

1965 Edition      1948 Edition

Cover page - 1948

Almon J. Sims, author

The 1948 edition provides some background not available in the later edition, and is presented primarily for historical use.

The 1965 edition extends the genealogy considerably, corrects some errors in the prior edition, adds a number of family letters, and includes several family pictures.

All genealogical information in the 1948 edition should be compared to the updated information provided in the 1965 edition.

See also the SIMS Family Narrative for further information on the descendants of Pariss SIMS through his son Robert SIMS and granddaughter Sarah M. (SIMS) LAWSON. The narrative includes links to some published family sketches, photos, grave markers and memorials, and census records.

In the 1965 edition, the author writes the following concerning this 1948 edition and his entry in the COMPENDIUM OF AMERICAN GENEALOGY, Volume IV (1930):

     At the 1948 reunion I discussed and distributed a brief history of the family which I later found contained some errors that are being corrected in this history. At that time I gave Pariss Henry Sims as our ancestor -- the name Henry was given me by a great aunt many years ago. Census records have since proven the "Henry" part of the name to be an error.

     In Volume IV, the Compendium of American Genealogy, issued in 1930, I listed our ancestor as Henry Sims (Simms) and his brothers as Parish (Pariss) and Robert. Now we known different -- Pariss (Parish) was our ancestor and Abraham and Robert were brothers who came to America with him about 1765.

     In the brief history of the family which I prepared for the reunion in 1948, I made another serious error, by confusing Pariss Sims, our ancestor of Giles County, Tenn., with Parish Sims who made Sims Settlement on Elk River, just south of Giles County, in Limestone County, Ala., in 1807, the same year our Pariss arrived in Tennessee from North Carolina. This error was caused by the two being confused in an early history of Giles County. Parish Sims of Limestone County, Ala., is now believed to have been a nephew of Pariss Sims of Giles County.

1965 Edition      1948 Edition

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