Ahnentafel Report
From the files of Stephen M. Lawson

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The ancestor tiles above give the names of the three great grandparents of Stephen Martin Lawson, the Sixth Generation of this ahnentafel. The reports have been prepared from information gathered from public, published and private sources over a period of nearly half a century. Only research comments are provided in the ahnentafel. Extensive additional details may be found in the linked family narratives.

While the information presented is believed to be accurate, not all relationships, dates and places have been fully documented. Without a doubt, some errors have been made in gathering, analyzing and/or entering the data. Some information has been accepted from family sources, and some relationships are based on an analysis of circumstantial evidence. It is not possible to cite sources for all data, so no sources are given. In many cases sources are noted in the linked narratives.

It must be stated that none of the information herein is guaranteed. Each person must decide the extent of documentation desired and seek the information from other sources.








G Grandparents

GG Grandparents

GGG Grandparents

GGGG Grandparents

5G Grandparents

6G Grandparents

7G Grandparents

8G Grandparents

9G Grandparents

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12G Grandparents


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