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In seventeenth and eighteenth century colonial America, especially in New England, much of the leadership in all areas of society came from members of the clergy. It is of interest and some import that a high percentage of the colonial clergy was closely related to other members of the clergy by blood or by marriage. Since the clergy was called by and served in local churches, it is also significant that, with few exceptions, a minister's minister son relocated to a distant location, spreading the familial influence and values throughout the New England colonies.

The intent of these Web Family Cards to provide information on various members of the colonial clergy who were closely related to other members of the clergy. Of the over 400 family groups presented here, more than 95% have a minister as the husband of the central family. A few non-ministers have been included to provide links between family groups.

Most of the information concerning the members of the clergy has been obtained from The Colonial Clergy and the Colonial Churches of New England, by Frederick Lewis Weis (Baltimore 1977, reprint of 1936 edition). The original work was published by the Society of the Descendants of the Colonial Clergy. The Rev. Dr. Weis includes over 2000 ministers in his work, so less than 20% are represented here.

The greatest challenge has been to identify the mothers, wives and daughters of those included. No doubt, errors have been made in identifying these relationships. Very little information is provided for the women included, but addition of this data is a priority for future updates. As with other information presented on this web site, the facts are believed to be correct, but nothing is guaranteed.

This compiler is a descendant of only two of the ministers included, Rev. Henry Smith [Colonial Clergy - Family Narrative] and Rev. John Warham [Colonial Clergy - Family Narrative], but several dozen ancestors have close kinships tomembers of the Colonial Clergy.

Please note that not all children of every couple are shown. With a very few exception, only sons who became members of the clergy and daughters who married members of the clergy are included.


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