Freeman Descendant Report
From the files of Stephen M. Lawson

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This Descendant Report includes all descendants of John and Mary FREEMAN of Surry Co., VA who have the FREEMAN surname. Where known, the birth and death years, and spouse name are provided. By using the index in conjuction with the outline, the report should aid in finding the proper relationships of included persons. The Report is limited to 9 generations, ending with the generation including the compiler's parents.

Please note that some corrections and adjustments are undoubtedly needed, especially in the earlier two or three generations where documentation is scarce and the relationships necessarily include some conjecture. Also, some lines which had previously been shown as descendants of John and Mary FREEMAN have been removed following Y-DNA analysis showing the believed lineage has been found to be incorrect.

The descendants are numbered based on sibling order within each generation. Thus, number 1.2.3 would be the third child of the second child of John and Mary FREEMAN. Small letters are used to indicate multiple marriages of a descendant. Thus 1.2b.3 would be the third child of second child's second marriage.

As usual, information provided is only as accurate as time and ability permits - and nothing is guaranteed. Refer to the Freeman Family Narrative for more details on the compiler's line.

Steve - 1.3.2a. (maternal) and (paternal)

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