Haller Ancestors
From the files of Stephen M. Lawson

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Horstman Marker
August Horstman Grave Marker
Knights of Pythias Cemetery
Port Orchard, WA
Photo by Steve Lawson
Bertha (Horstman) Haller Family
Bertha & Walter Haller and sons
Bill, Larry & Earl (1943, Hawaii)
Photo from Colette Lawson

Walter & Bertha were married 11 Dec 1923 at Port Orchard, WA
Marriage Certificate from Kitsap County Marriages Vol. 5, Page 104







This is a project in progress, and everything contained herein is subject to correction. The beginning point was limited to the names of Walter HALLER and his wife Bertha HORSTMAN, with estimates of their birth dates from memory and possible places of their births.

These Person Sheets contain the information gathered thus far on the paternal ancestry of my sister-in-law, through her grandparents Walter HALLER and Bertha HORSTMAN. Both the HALLER and HORSTMAN families seem to have German origins, although there is a family tradition that the HALLER line is from Dutch ancestry. As additional information is gathered, the Person Sheets will be updated.

This is intended to be a fun project. At these initial stages, there is no intent to make a formal presentation of a proven lineage. It is very much desired to add various notes and stories that go beyond simply the gathering of dates, places and relationships. Please read whatever information is presented with care since it may be that some of the suspected relationships will ultimately be found to be inaccurate.

And please note that this compiler does not have information on collateral lines. There will be no wholesale gathering of HALLER and HORSTMAN family information. Person Sheets will only be added for those who are known or probable ancestors of Walter HALLER and Bertha HORSTMAN.


Any information on the HALLER or HORSTMAN families that may connect to this lines is welcomed, but there should be some indication of the connection beyond simply a similarity of names, dates and places.

Walter Ervin HALLER was the son of Paul HALLER and Anna KOENIG, of St. Louis, MO and possibly immigrants from Germany..

Bertha (HORSTMAN) HALLER was the daughter of Carrie (MOORE) HORSTMAN, and Carrie was the daughter of Henry Clay MOORE and Emilie GRIGSBY of KY. The identity of the parents of Emilie (GRIGSBY) MOORE is uncertain, and any help in connecting her to a known GRIGSBY line is desired.

Bertha (HORSTMAN) HALLER was the granddaughter of Mary (ROSSITER) HORSTMAN, and Mary was the daughter of Samuel ROSSITER and Mary BLY of Harrison Co., IN. Information concerning the BLY family is primarily from the research of Daniel W. Bly and his book A History of the Bly Family (1992). Information on the YOUNGBLUE, STEPHENS, ADDAMS and FLEXNEY connections to the ROSSITERS is desired.

For extensive information on August HORSTMAN and Mary Ann (ROSSITER) HORSTMAN BAKER WILBER of Port Orchard, WA, refer to two articles by Stephen M. Lawson published in THE BACKTRACKER, Newsletter of the Puget Sound Genealogical Society. The second article (Dec 2003) includes information not yet incorporated in the Person Sheets presented here.

Steve - 12/10/03

A Addams
B Bankes, Bley, Bly
D Doors
E Elkins
F Flexney
G Gallihue, Graeff, Graham, Grigsby
H Haller, Hofer, Horstman, Huber
J Jansen
K Koenig
M Moore
R Redmond, Rosser, Rossiter
S Sessions, Sibert, Stephens
T Tackett, Taylor, Thomas
W Williams
Y Youngblue
Z Ziegler

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