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From the files of Stephen M. Lawson

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The following reports are entirely created by Reunion, with only minor editing of the Table of Contents pages to include links to other locations and to add some comments on report contents.

The following reports are created by Reunion as images, but conversion of the images and inclusion in web pages has been accomplished using other software. The Relative Chart includes major modifications using ClarisWorks.



All of the reports included in the Contents above have been created with Reunion for Macintosh, the family tree software by Leister Productions, Inc. The content of the reports, of course, is the responsibility of the compiler.

Much additional material on all ancestral lines is included in other locations at this site. Note that the Reunion files from which the report data is extracted are always in the process of being updated. These files do not include all of the material that appears in the Freeman Family Lines narratives, and probably never will. It is intended that the Reunion Reports will be re-created periodically, thereby incorporating the material being added to the files.

Most reports contain many persons not found in Freeman Family Lines. These include many additional descendants of the Morey, Hazelrigg and Freeman surnames, ancestries of Haller and Paul, the Colonial Clergy interconnections, some fictional families, and others.

Except for the Ahnentafel Report, the persons in the Reunion Reports will not be directly linked to other site locations - the logistics and time involved is simply too great to handle. Please make use of other navigational aids, including web search engines, that are available.


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