Morey Register Report
From the files of Stephen M. Lawson

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First Generation - Possible grandfather of George Morey, with introductory comments
Second Generation - Possible father of George Morey, with extensive research notes
Third Generation - George and Hannah (Lewis) Morey of Bristol, RI
Fourth Generation
Fifth Generation
Sixth Generation
Seventh Generation
Eighth Generation
Ninth Generation
Tenth Generation - Including Minnie Elsie (Morey) Freeman - Narrative



The New England ancestry of the compiler is through his maternal grandmother Minnie Elsie (Morey) Freeman, daughter of William Clemeth Morey and Melvina E. Andrews of NY, MI, KS and TX. The earliest proven Morey ancestor is George Morey of Bristol, RI - not to be confused with Roger Mowry of Providence, RI. There is no known connection between the Moreys of Bristol and the Mowrys of Providence, so far. (Unless you count George Morey's 2 great grandson marrying Roger Mowry's brother-in-law's 4 great granddaughter as a connection.)

Included in the First Generation are some introductory and proprietory comments. Included in the Second Generation are extensive notes on published sources concerning the possible ancestry of George Morey of Bristol, RI, who is placed by this compiler as the Third Generation in America. The Tenth Generation includes the compiler's mother as a child.

Although four more generations of descendants could be included, their presence would do little in providing useful information for those seeking their roots. Limiting the report to the generations included also provides for the privacy of the current generations. As with all of the family history material on this site, the compiler believes the information to be accurate, but nothing is guaranteed. Readers must seek documentation elsewhere to satisfy their own proof of lineage requirements.


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