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Hus Family Church at Montigny

Nine generation graphic Ancestry Charts from Irene (Paul) Haller

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First Generation

Second Generation

Third Generation

Fourth Generation

Fifth Generation

Sixth Generation

Seventh Generation

Eighth Generation

Ninth Generation

Tenth Generation

Eleventh Generation

Twelfth Generation

Thirteenth Generation



Note: This is a working document and nothing contained herein is guaranteed to be accurate. The great bulk of material has been obtained from internet sources, and has NOT be independently verified. Specific sources are not given because specific sources have not been consulted, and including source notes implies that the compiler has personally reviewed tthe cited source.

This Ahnentafel contains the French-Canadian ancestry of my sister-in-law's mother Irene (Paul) Haller. This compiler has no personal French-Canadian ancestry and has very little knowledge of the French language and French family traditions and genealogy. Most names are lacking the French accented vowels and other standard formats, simply because of the compiler's lack of knowledge. The same is true for place names and place hierarchies. In many cases, it appears that there is little or no differentiation between birth and baptism data and death and burial data, and the compiler can only conclude that the normal sequence of events is birth, baptism, death and burial.

Names are difficult for the compiler because of the apprently traditional use of Marie or Joseph as the first given name, and the use of dit names and a variety of alternate spellings. Alternate surname spellings are given in notes, as are dominant dit names, with the latter also appended to the primary surname. Hyphenated surnames have been removed whenever it appears possible, but some were missed, especially for the GAMELIN surname.

Because the compiler is unfamiliar with many aspects of French-Canadian genealogy, and doesn't intend on developing an expertise, suggested modification are welcomed. Especially welcome, of course, are corrections to errors in fact and extension of various ancestral lines.

This project has been a fun one, and quite different from the past four decades, plus, of tracing American genealogy (United States and British Colonies variety). I intend to keep it fun, but know I will be returning now and then to edit and expand on this project.


Identification of the parents of Louis Lefort, husband of Catherine Petit, would be greatly appreciated. And the identification of missing individuals in any earlier generation is welcome!

Steve - Revised 10/18/06.

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