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George and Frances (Taylor) Adams

The principal sources of information on the ADAMS family are Genealogies of the Families and Descendants of the Early Settlers of Watertown, Massachusetts, by Dr. Henry Bond (1860),  and an article in The American Genealogist, "George Adams of Watertown, MA & His Son Daniel of Simsbury, CT," by Gerald James Parsons.

George ADAMS - d. Oct. 10, 1696, Watertown, MA. Killed "by the fall of a rock," his estate was inventoried Oct. 19, 1696 at £61.13.8. George was a glover. At Watertown, MA by 1645, he was convicted of "selling two guns & strong water to the Indians" in 1653. Living at Watertown in indigence with wife and five children Jan. 1660/1, he removed about 1664 to Lancaster, and spent his last years at Cambridge Farms (now Lexington). Numerous court records exist concerning control of a two hundred acre tract at Lancaster. Soldier in King Philips War. Married 1645, Watertown, MA.

Frances TAYLOR - Daughter of Richard TAYLOR of Watertown, MA. Richard TAYLOR (d. Jul. 10, 1659) was made Freeman May 18, 1642, and wrote his will May 6, 1659, naming wife Ann and daughter Frances ADAMS.

Children of George and Frances Adams

  1. John - b. Oct. 16, 1645, Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA; d. Nov. 22, 1732, Colchester, New Haven Co., CT. His birth is recorded as "16d. 8m." Married Dec. 6, 1677 at Windsor, Hartford Co., CT Abigail PINNEY (b. Nov. 26, 1654, Windsor, Hartford Co., CT; d. 1743), daughter of Humphrey PINNEY and Mary HULL. The family moved to Simsbury, CT by Aug. 1688. Children: Mary married Andrew CARRIER; John married married Ruth LOOMIS; Abigail; Sarah; and Benjamin.
  2. George - b. 1647, Watertown, MA; d. Feb. 17, 1732/3, Lexington, MA.
  3. Daniel - b. 1652, Watertown, MA; d. Nov. 7, 1713, Simsbury, CT. Will dated Jul. 29, 1713 and proved Dec. 7, 1713. Served in King Philip's War under Maj. Simon WILLARD in 1675. Moved to Windsor, CT by 1677, and then to Simsbury, CT. Baptised at Simsbury Jan. 16, 1697/8. Freeman 1686, deputy 1699, Sgt. under Capt. John HIGLEY 1698. Executor of father's will. Married Sep. or Dec. 20, 1677 at Windsor, CT Mary PHELPS (b. Oct. 26, 1658, Windsor, CT; d. Mar. 1715, Simsbury, CT), daughter of Samuel PHELPS and Sarah GRISWOLD. Children: Daniel married Thanks SHEPARD; Sarah married Thomas STEVENS; Samuel married Elizabeth READE; Benjamin married first Rachel CASE, and second Lois GRISWOLD; Joseph married Mary CASE; Thomas married Martha BUTTOLPH; Mary married Daniel PORTER; Thankful died as an infant; Ephraim married Ruth BEAMAN; and Thankful married Robert WESTLAND.
  4. Joseph - b. Mar. 6, 1657, Watertown, MA. Probably died young.
  5. Samuel - b. about 1660, Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA. Married first about 1685 at Simsbury, CT to Elizabeth HILL (b. Oct. 8, 1666; d. 1693), daughter of Luke HILL and Mary HOYT. Married second on Apr. 23, 1694 at Windsor, Hartford Co., CT to Deborah (BARTLETT) GILLET (b. Apr. or Aug. 3, 1666; d. Sep. 29, 1753), daughter of Benjamin BARTLETT and Deborah BARNARD, and widow of Jeremiah GILLET. Children of Samuel and Elizabeth: Elizabeth married first Ephraim GRIFFIN, and second Caleb HOLCOMB; Samuel married Elizabeth READ. and Joshua. Children of Samuel and Deborah: Jemima married Abraham SOURHILL (or SOVERHILL); and Thankful.
  6. Mary - b. about 1663, Watertown, MA. d. Feb. 10, 1715/6, Lexington, MA. Baptized and owned covenant at Watertown Nov. 21, 1686.
  7. Benjamin - d. Oct. 26, 1672, Lancaster, MA.

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George and Martha (Fiske) Adams

George ADAMS - b. 1647, Watertown, MA; d. Feb. 17, 1732/3, Lexington, MA. Son of George ADAMS and Frances TAYLOR. Baptized by Mr. Angier and owned the covenant Jun. 19, 1698 at Watertown, MA. Assessor in 1702, and constable in 1715. Married Feb. 28, 1683, Watertown, MA.

Martha FISKE - b. Dec. 15, 1666, Watertown, MA; d. May 7, 1747. Baptized by Mr. Bailey Nov. 21, 1686 at Watertown, MA. Daughter of John FISKE and Sarah WYETH.

Children of George and Martha Adams

  1. George - b. Apr. 28, 1685, Lexington, MA; d. Feb. 8, 1767, Waltham, MA. Baptized Nov. 21, 1686 at Watertown. Was "a bonesetter" and "chirurgeon." Resided at Lexington to 1720, then at Watertown. Will dated 1765. Married Judith. Children: Lydia married Caleb POND; Jonas died in infancy; Judith married Mr. BOYDEN; Elizabeth married Robert BAKER; Hannah married Barrachias LEWIS; Seth died young; Josiah married Grace HAGAR; Deborah died in infancy; Abigail died young; and Daniel married Elizabeth BAKER.
  2. Martha - b. Jan. 10, 1686/7, Lexington, MA. Living in 1757.
  3. John - b. Sep. 2, 1688, Lexington, MA; d. May 18, 1774, Lexington, MA. Married first Oct. 27, 1714, Watertown, MA Mary FLAGG; and second Nov. 24, 1743 Mary (b. about 1690; bap. Oct. 25, 1713; d. Jul. 21, 1786), adopted daughter of John SANDERSON and Hannah STRATTON. Children of first marriage: Mephibasheth married Jane DERBY (or DARLEY); John married Elizabeth; Michael; Mary married Jonas PIERCE; Abijah married Mary BAKER; Prudence; Samson married first Mary BURRIDGE, and second Katherine (DAVIS) BACON; George married Abigail.
  4. Nathaniel - b. probably at Lexington, MA; bap. Jun. 12, 1698, Watertown, MA. Married Nov. 20, 1738, Waltham, MA Eunice STEARNS (b. Dec. 23, 1715), daughter of Lt. Samuel STEARNS and Mary HAWKINS. Nathaniel's brother-in-law, Ebenezer BROWN, was administrator of his estate. His will named all of his brothers and sisters except supposed sister Anna.
  5. Sarah - b. probably at Lexington, MA; bap. Jun. 12, 1698, Watertown, MA.
  6. Benjamin - b. Dec. 20, 1701. Member of church at Waltham Mar. 21, 1724/5, and at Lexington Sep. 26, 1736. Married Eunice. Children (all born at Lexington, MA): Benjamin; Micaiah; Samson; Eunice; Israel; Simon; Ebenezer died young; Nathaniel died young; Ebenezer; Abraham; Solomon; Martha; Mary; and Abel.
  7. Abigail - b. 1699; d. Dec. 26, 1784. Married Ebenezer BROWN.
  8. Anna - Supposed sister of Abigail. Married Dec. 7, 1727, Watertown, MA Isaac CHILD (bap. Mar. 24, 1705/6; d. Feb. 16, 1788, Waltham, MA), son of John and Mary. Children: Nathaniel died young; Moses; and Eunice.

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