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Warren and Scarlett Ancestry in England

The Warren-Scarlett ancestry in England is primarily based on the material presented in The Ancestry of Eva Belle Kempton 1878-1908: Part I The Ancestry of Warren Francis Kempton 1817-1879, by Dean Crawford Smith and edited by Melinde Lutz Sanborn (Boston, 1996), pages 462-474. This work contains much additional supporting material, and additional details on family members.

Robert and Margaret Warren

Robert WARREN - b. about 1485; d. 1544, Suffolk. His will (made Oct. 29, 1544; proved Feb. 22, 1544/5) names his wife and all children except son John (who names brothers James and William in his own will). Robert lived at Wyston, Suffolk. He was possibly the son or younger brother of John WARREN, and brother of Thomas WARREN, both of Wyston.

Margaret - Named as wife in Robert's will.

  1. James - b. about 1514; will dated May 1, 1594 and proved Jul. 9, 1594.
  2. Lawrence - b. about 1516; living in 1559. Named in wills of father and of brother Thomas.
  3. Thomas - b. about 1520; will dated Mar. 13, 1559/60 and proved Mar. 20, 1559/60. Married before 1545 Marion, who married second William HARRISON and had daughter Elizabeth. Children of Thomas and Marion WARREN: Edward; Jane; Simon; Agnes; and Anne.
  4. Anne - b. about 1520. Married Thomas LORKIN, possibly the son of Henry LORKIN who witnessed the will of Anne's father. Son of Anne and Thomas LORKIN: Thomas.
  5. John - b. about 1522; bur. Apr. 23, 1576, Nayland, Suffolk.
  6. William - b. after 1523; bur. Jun. 4, 1576, Nayland, Suffolk.

John Warren

John WARREN - b. about 1522; bur. Apr. 23, 1576, Nayland, Suffolk. Son of Robert WARREN and Margaret. His estate in Nayland parish, Suffolk was called Corlie or Curlie. John's first wife's name is unknown; she was mother of John the Elder, John the Middle, Richard, and Stephen. He was married second on Dec. 10, 1559 at Nayland to the widow Christian HINSON, by whom he had no children. John married third Sep. 5, 1563, Nayland, Agnes HOWLET (bur. Nov. 25, 1567, Nayland), mother of Anne/Agnes. John was married fourth Jan. 30, 1568/9 at Great Horkesley, Margaret FIRMETT (bur. Apr. 19, 1576, Nayland), widow of Mr. COLE, who was mother of Margaret. John's will was made Apr. 21, 1576 and proved Jun. 5, 1576, naming brothers James and William as executors, children the two Johns, Richard, and Anne. The will also names John's step-children Agnes COLE and John COLE, children of his last wife.

  1. John the Elder - b. about 1550, Nayland, Suffolk; bur. May 22, 1583, Nayland, Suffolk. It appears that he did not marry.
  2. John the Middle - b. about 1552, Nayland, Suffolk; d. 1613, Nayland, Suffolk.
  3. Richard - b. about 1554; bur. Sep. 30, 1612, Nayland, Suffolk. Married Mary (bur. Sep. 19, 1596, Wissington). Son of Richard WARREN: William (bap. Sep. 5, 1596, Wissington).
  4. Stephen - bap. Feb. 24, 1557/8, Nayland, Suffolk.
  5. Anne - bap. Oct. 8, 1564, Nayland, Suffolk; living in 1576. Daughter of John and Agnes. Her name is also given as Agnes, but is Anne in her father's will. She may have been the Agnes who married Thomas GOODRED in Nayland on Jul. 15, 1582.
  6. Margaret - b. about 1569/71, Nayland, Suffolk; bur. Apr. 15, 1571, Nayland, Suffolk. Daughter of John and Margaret.

John and Elizabeth (Scarlett) Warren

John WARREN - b. about 1552, Nayland, Suffolk; d. 1613, Nayland, Suffolk. His will (dated Mar. 27, 1613; proved Nov. 4, 1613 at Nayland, Suffolk) names his wife Rose, and all his surviving children. Son of John WARREN. John, a cardmaker by trade, married first Oct. 4, 1584. He married second about 1605 Rose (bur. Aug. 11, 1610, Nayland), and third Apr. 23, 1611 at Nayland, Rose BRAND, the widow of Richard RIDDLESDALE of Boxford, Suffolk, son of Henry RIDDLESDALE. Rose (BRAND) RIDDLESDALE WARREN married third Nov. 20, 1617, Boxford, Suffolk, Richard GRYMES.

Elizabeth SCARLETT - bap. Aug. 30, 1561, Nayland, Suffolk; bur. Mar. 27, 1603, Nayland. Daughter of John SCARLETT and Emma.

  1. John - bap. Aug. 1, 1585, Nayland, Suffolk, England; d. Dec. 13, 1667, Watertown, MA.
  2. Daniel - bap. Nov. 13, 1586, Nayland, Suffolk; bur. Feb. 13, 1596/7, Nayland, Suffolk.
  3. Isaac - bap. Jan. 28, 1587/8, Nayland, Suffolk. Living in 1613.
  4. Nathaniel - bap. Sep. 7, 1589, Nayland, Suffolk; bur. Jan. 17, 1624/5, Nayland, Suffolk. Married Sep. 21, 1618, Nayland, Suffolk, Mary GONNE. Children of Nathaniel and Mary WARREN: Nathaniel; Mary; and Thomas.
  5. Amos - bap. Mar. 14, 1590/1, Nayland, Suffolk. Living in 1613.
  6. Elizabeth - b. about 1592/3, Nayland, Suffolk. Living in 1613.
  7. Joshua -bap. Apr. 2, 1594, Nayland, Suffolk. Living in 1613.
  8. Joseph - bap. Dec. 19, 1596, Nayland, Suffolk; d. Jul. 22, 1596<sic>, Nayland, Suffolk.
  9. Mary - bap. Mar. 22, 1598/99, Nayland, Suffolk. Living in 1613.
  10. Thomas - bap. Feb. 22, 1600/1, Nayland, Suffolk. Married Jan. 15, 1638/9, Nayland, Suffolk, Mary RANCKE. Child of Thomas and Mary WARREN: Samuel.

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John and Emma Scarlett

John SCARLETT - b. about 1525/30; bur. Nov. 11, 1571, Nayland, Suffolk. John was married first on Jan. 26, 1554/5, Layham, Suffolk, to Margaret MARTIN (d. by 1558), and second about 1558 to Emma.

Emma - Married second Sep. 13, 1574, Nayland, Suffolk, Thomas PARISH.

  1. John - b. about 1555, Nayland, Suffolk; bur. Sep. 19, 1614, Nayland, Suffolk. Son of John and Margaret. Married Mary (bur. Nov. 30, 1625). Children of John and Mary WARREN: Ann married John BOND; Susan; Mary never married; Christopher married; Dorothy died young; George married; and Frances married Daniel COLE.
  2. Alice - b. about 1557; bur. Mar. 2, 1560/1, Nayland, Suffolk. Probably daughter of John and Margaret.
  3. Joan - bap. May 16, 1559, Nayland, Suffolk. Daughter of John and Emma.
  4. Elizabeth - bap. Aug. 30, 1561, Nayland, Suffolk; bur. Mar. 27, 1603, Nayland. Daughter of John and Emma. Married John WARREN.
  5. James - bap. Jan. 11, 1563/4, Nayland, Suffolk. Daughter of John and Emma.
  6. Richard - b. about 1566; bur. Dec. 20, 1579, Nayland, Suffolk. Daughter of John and Emma.
  7. Thomas - bap. Sep. 29, 1568, Nayland, Suffolk; bur Sep. 11, 1579, Nayland, Suffolk. Daughter of John and Emma.
  8. Frances - b. about 1570/1; bur. Oct. 17, 1580, Nayland, Suffolk. Daughter of John and Emma.

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Bigelow Ancestry in England

Primary information source: The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Vol. 1, edited for The Bigelow Society by Patricia Bigelow (Flint, MI, 1986)

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The Warrens in America

For information on the immigrant family, refer to The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England 1620-1633, Vols. I-III, by Robert Charles Anderson (Boston, 1995). Additional information is found in The Ancestry of Eva Belle Kempton 1878-1908: Part I The Ancestry of Warren Francis Kempton 1817-1879, by Dean Crawford Smith and edited by Melinde Lutz Sanborn (Boston, 1996), pages 470-490, especially in the line John WARREN's son Daniel, and continuing through grandson John and great grandson Jonathan.

John and Margaret Warren

John WARREN - bap. Aug. 1, 1585, Nayland, Suffolk, England; d. Dec. 13, 1667, Watertown, MA. Son of John WARREN and Elizabeth SCARLETT. Prosecuted in England for refusing to kneel at communion, 1629. To Watertown, MA by 1630, possibly in the 'Plain Jane.' Freeman May 18, 1631, selectman 1636 and 1640. Fined Apr. 4, 1654 for neglect of public worship on fourteen Sabbaths, each 5 shillings. His home at Watertown was ordered searched May 17, 1661 on suspicion that he was harboring Quakers. It has been speculated that John was a Baptist. His will was dated Nov. 30, 1667 and proved Dec. 16, 1667, naming his wife and four surviving children. The estate was inventoried Dec. 13, 1667, including considerable real estate at Watertown. Married about 1611, England.

Margaret - d. Nov. 6, 1662, Watertown, MA.

Children of John and Margaret Warren

See Notable Cousins for line to: David Campbell BIGELOW, George Herbert Walker BUSH, George Walker BUSH, Carole LOMBARD, Vincent Leonard PRICE, and Eli WHITNEY

  1. Susan - bap. Apr. 14, 1612, Nayland, Suffolk, England.
  2. Mary - bap. Apr. 23, 1615, Nayland, Suffolk, England; bur. Dec. 17, 1622, Nayland, Suffolk, England.
  3. Elizabeth - bap. Jun. 25, 1619, Nayland, Suffolk, England; bur. Nov. 25, 1622, Nayland, Suffolk, England.
  4. Sarah - bap. Apr. 20, 1620, Nayland, Suffolk, England; bur. Sep. 7, 1621, Nayland, Suffolk, England.
  5. John - bap. May 12, 1622, Nayland, Suffolk, England; d. Jan. 24, 1703, Watertown, MA. Married Jul. 11, 1667 Michal JENNISON (b. Dec. 17, 1640; d. Jul. 14, 1713), daughter of Robert and Grace, and widow of Richard BLOYS (d. Aug. 7, 1665). Children of John and Michal WARREN: Margaret; Sarah; Elizabeth married Daniel HARRINGTON; Mary married Joseph PIERCE; John married first Abigail HASTINGS, and second Lydia FISKE; Grace; and Samuel married Lydia CUTTING.
  6. Mary - bap. Sep. 12, 1624, Nayland, Suffolk, England; d. Oct. 19, 1691, Watertown, MA. Married John BIGELOW.
  7. Daniel - bap. Feb. 25, 1626/7, Nayland, Suffolk, England; d. Feb. 24, 1706/7, Watertown, MA. Took oath of fidelity 1652. Married Dec. 10, 1650, Watertown, MA Mary BARRON (d. Feb. 13, 1715/6), daughter of Ellis and Grace. Children of Daniel and Mary WARREN: Mary married first John CHILD (ancestors of Pres. BUSH), and second Nathaniel FISKE; Daniel married Elizabeth WHITNEY; Hannah who married David MEADS; Elizabeth who married Jonathan TAINTER; Sarah; Susanna died young; John married Mary BROWNE; Joshua married Rebecca CHURCH; and Grace married Joseph MORSE, Jr.
  8. Elizabeth - bap. Jul. 21, 1629, Nayland, Suffolk, England. Married about 1654 James KNAPP (1627-1695), son of William (1578-1658) and his first wife. William married second about 1658 Priscilla AKERS. James KNAPP was charged (but apparently not convicted) with adultery in 1656 with the widow Mary DAVIS, who subsequently died in childbirth while in prison. James moved to Groton, MA in 1662, and became a community leader. Before her marriage, daughter Elizabeth became maidservant in home of Rev. Samuel WILLARD, 1670. Entertaining Satan, by John Putnam Demos (1982), pages 96-131, relates the details of 'a diabolical distemper' daughter Elizabeth experienced (1671-1672), and provides information on both the WARREN and KNAPP families. Children of Elizabeth and James KNAPP: Elizabeth married Samuel SCRIPTURE; and James died in infancy.

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The Bigelow Family in America

The family name of BIGELOW has been spelled many ways in colonial records (Bigulah, Biggalough, Begaloo, Bigolo, Biggilo, etc.), with BIGLO being used in the will of the first ancestor in America, who signed it with his mark. The primary source of information is from The Bigelow Society, Inc., its quarterly publication FORGE, and its The Bigelow Family Genealogy (1986). Other significant sources (short names) are Watertown Records and Bond's Watertown.

John and Mary (Warren) Bigelow

John BIGELOW - bap. Feb. 15, 1616/7, Wrentham Parish, Suffolk, England; d. Jul. 14, 1703, Watertown, MA. Rev. John PHILLIPS of Wrentham and of Dedham, MA testified that he was the John BAEGELY baptised Feb. 16, 1617, Wrentham Parish, the son of Randall BIGELOW and Jane. The first record in America is his marriage at Watertown, followed by many entries beginning with his name on the list of those who took the oath of fidelity at Watertown 1652. Surveyor of Highways 1652 and 1660; constable 1663; selectman 1665, 1670 and 1671; soldier 1675; and freeman Apr. 18, 1690. John appears to have purchased land in 1649 and entered the blacksmith trade about 1651. His will dated Jan. 4, 1702/3 names wife Sarah, his six surviving sons in birth order, and his five surviving daughter by married name in birth order. Will proved Jul. 28, 1703, and estate inventoried at £627.12.00. Married first Oct. 30, 1642, Watertown, MA. Married second Oct. 2, 1694 Sarah BEMIS (b. Jan. 15, 1642/3), daughter of Joseph and Sarah.

Mary WARREN - bap. Sep. 12, 1624, Nayland, Suffolk, England; d. Oct. 19, 1691, Watertown, MA. Daughter of John WARREN and Margaret.

Children of John and Mary Bigelow

See Notable Cousins for line to: Lucile BALL, Clarissa Harlowe 'Clara' BARTON, David Campbell BIGELOW, Erastus BIGELOW and Horatio BIGELOW, Dorothea Lynde DIX, Frank Nelson DOUBLEDAY, James Abram GARFIELD, Abbott Lawrence LOWELL, Amy LOWELL, Percival LOWELL, Vincent Leonard PRICE, Lucy STONE, and Raquel WELCH

  1. John - b. Oct. 27, 1643, Watertown, MA; d. 1721, Hartford, CT. Moved to Hartford, CT about 1649. Married first, May 27, 1675, Concord, MA Sarah WHEATE, daughter of Moses and Thamzin; and second Rebecca OLMSTED (b. Mar. 12, 1647/8), daughter of Nicholas OLMSTED and Sarah LOOMIS. No known children.
  2. Jonathan - b. Dec. 11, 1646, Watertown, MA; d. Jan. 9, 1710/1, Hartford, CT.
  3. Mary - b. Mar. 18, 1648/9, Watertown, MA; d. Sep. 3, 1704, possibly at Worchester, MA. Married Jun. 3, 1674 Michael FLAGG (b. Mar. 23, 1650/1; d. Oct. 12, 1711, Watertown, MA), son of Thomas FLAGG and Mary UNDERWOOD. Michael married second Dec. 27, 1704 Mary EARLE. Children of Mary (BIGELOW) and Michael FLAGG: Abigail; Michael married first Susanna WARREN, and second Sarah BEMIS; and Mary married William HAGAR. Children of Mary (EARLE) and Michael FLAGG: Erle married Elizabeth SMITH; Prudence married Samuel FRIZZEL; and Bezaleel.
  4. Daniel - b. Dec. 1, 1650, Watertown, MA; d. about 1715. A tailor residing at Framingham, MA. Married about 1683 Abial PRATT, daughter of Thomas PRATT and Susanna GLEASON. Children of Daniel and Abial BIGELOW: Abigail married Abraham BELKNAP; Daniel married first Rebecca EAMES, and second Prudence (PRATT) STONE; Abiel married first Jonathan STONE, and second Samuel WALKER; Susanna married Stephen JENNINGS; Ephraim married Lydia JOHNSON; Lydia married Martin PRATT.
  5. Samuel - b. Oct. 28, 1653, Watertown, MA; d. Feb. 1, 1731/2, Waltham, MA. An Innkeeper at Watertown for most of life. Frequently mentioned in Watertown records 1687-1716. Married Jun. 3, 1674 Mary FLAGG (b. Jan. 14, 1658, Watertown, MA; d. Sep. 7, 1720, Waltham, MA), daughter of Thomas FLAGG and Mary UNDERWOOD. Children of John and Mary BIGELOW: John married Jerusha GARFIELD; Mary married first David BRUCE, and second Thomas READ, Jr.; Samuel married first Ruth WARREN, and second Mary GLEASON; Sarah married Josiah HOWE; Thomas married Mary LIVERMORE; Martha married Thomas GARFIELD, ancestor of President James A. GARFIELD; Abigail married Jonathan CUTLER; Hannah married Daniel WARREN III; Isaac married Mary BOND; and Deliverance married John STEARNS.
  6. Joshua - b. Nov. 5, 1655, Watertown, MA; d. Feb. 1, 1745, Westminster, MA. Lived most of life in Watertown, moving at age 87. Wounded in King Philip's War. Married Oct. 20, 1676, Watertown, MA Elizabeth FLAGG (b. Mar. 22, 1655 or 1657; d. Aug. 9, 1729, Watertown, MA), daughter of Thomas and Mary. Children of Joshua and Elizabeth BIGELOW: Joshua married Hannah FISKE; Jonathan married first Elizabeth BEMIS, and second Mary RICE; Lt. John married first Hannah, second Sarah BIGELOW, third Abigail, and fourth Hannah MUNN; Benjamin did not marry; Jabez is placed here by family tradition; Elizabeth married Jonathan HARRINGTON; David; Joseph married first Sarah, and second Thankful ROBINSON; Daniel married Elizabeth WHITNEY; Ebenezer married Hannah BROWNE; Gershom married Rachel GALE; and Eleazer married Mary FISKE.
  7. Elizabeth - b. Jun. 15, 1657, Watertown, MA; d. Apr. 18, 1694, Billerica, MA. Married Lt. John STEARNS (b. May 1654, Billerica, MA; d. Oct. 26, 1728, Billerica, MA), son of John STEARNS and Sarah MIXER. Children of Elizabeth and John STEARNS: Elizabeth; John died in infancy; Sarah; Mary married Samuel BARRON; John married Esther JOHNSON; Isaac did not marry; Abigail married Sgt. William WYMAN; and Samuel married Rachel CROSBY.
  8. Sarah - b. Sep. 29, 1659, Watertown, MA; d. after 1703, Framingham, MA. Married Jul. 23, 1679, Watertown, MA Isaac LEARNED (b. Sep. 16, 1655, Chelmford, MA; d. Sep. 15, 1737, Framingham, MA), son of Isaac LEARNED and Mary STEARNS. Children of Sarah and Isaac LEARNED: Isaac married Sarah HOW; Sarah; Abigail married John GLEASON; Mary married George ROBINSON; William married Hannah BRYANT; Ebenezer married Deborah HAINES (ancestors of Clara BARTON); Samuel did not marry; Hannah married Obadiah WALKER; Elizabeth married Jonathan PARTRIDGE; Moses married Lydia BRYANT; and Martha married Jacob CUMMINS of Oxford, MA who married second Huldah COOLIDGE, third Elizabeth EDDY, and fourth Deborah HINKLEY.
  9. James - b. about 1660, Watertown, MA; d. Jan. 20, 1727/8, Weston, MA. Married first Mar. 25, 1687, Sherburne, MA Patience BROWN (b. Mar. 6, 1668/9), daughter of Jonathan BROWNE and Mary SHATTUCK. Married second Jul. 3, 1694 Elizabeth CHILD (b. Jul. 24, 1670; d. Apr. 20, 1707, Watertown, MA), daughter of John CHILD and Mary WARREN. Married third Jun. 15, 1708 Joana ERICKSON of Boston. Son of James and Patience: James married Mercy. Children of James and Elizabeth BIGELOW: Patience married Samuel WOOD; John; and Abraham did not marry.
  10. Martha - b. Apr. 1, 1662, Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA. Perhaps married first a Mr. KING, and married second Obadiah WOODS (d. 1712) of East Hartford, Hartford Co., CT. Children of Obadiah WOOD from Families of Early Hartford: Margaret died young, Abigail; Margaret; Obadiah married Mehitable; John; Mary; Martha married John SHAW; and Samuel.
  11. Abigail - b. Feb. 4, 1664, Watertown, MA; d. Jan. 12, 1754, Watertown, MA. Lived at Watertown, Sudbury, and Weston, MA. Married Dec. 10, 1684, Watertown, MA Benjamin HARRINGTON (b. Jan. 26, 1661/2, Watertown, MA; d. there in 1724), son of Robert HARRINGTON and Susanna GEORGE. Children Abigail and Benjamin HARRINGTON: Benjamin married first Grace ALLEN, second Lydia (FISKE) WARREN, and third Ruth GUILD; Abigail married John MYRICK, Jr.; Isaac married Susanna ALLEN; and Thankful married Josiah LIVERMORE.
  12. Hannah - b. Mar. 4, 1666, Watertown, MA; d. there Mar. 8, 1666.
  13. A son - b. and d. Dec. 18, 1667, Watertown, MA.

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Jonathan and Mary (Olcott) Bigelow

Jonathan BIGELOW - b. Dec. 11, 1646, Watertown, MA; d. Jan. 9, 1710/1, Hartford, CT. Son of John BIGELOW and Mary WARREN. Moved to Hartford, CT before his first marriage, and owned land there by 1674. Will dated Jan. 8, 1710/11 and proved Jan. 29, 1710/11, Hartford, CT. His children Jonathan, Rebecca, Mary, Sarah, John and Violet were reportedly mentioned in regards to the money of their grandfather John SHEPARD in 1686. Sometime prior to 1877, a memorial marker for Jonathan was place in the Center Church Cemetery (Ancient Burying Ground), Hartford, CT. Jonathan married first in 1671 Rebecca SHEPARD (b. about 1650, Cambridge, MA; d. about 1686, Hartford, CT), daughter of John SHEPARD and Rebecca GREENHILL. He married second about 1686, and third about 1710 Mary BENTON (b. Apr. 14, 1655, Milford, CT; d. Dec. 23, 1752, Hartford, CT), daughter of Andrew BENTON and Hannah STOCKING, and widow of Nathaniel COLE. Mary, as widow of Jonathan, married Mar. 19, 1713 Dea. John SHEPARD, son of John SHEPARD and Rebecca GREENHILL.

Mary OLCOTT - d. Mar. 7, 1697, Hartford, CT. Daughter of Samuel OLCOTT and Sarah STOCKING.

Children of Jonathan and Rebecca Bigelow

  1. Jonathan - b. Mar. 22, 1673, Hartford, CT; d. Jul. 29, 1749, Hartford, CT; bur. Center Church. Married Dec. 14, 1699, Hartford CT Mabel EDWARDS (b. Dec. 13, 1685; d. Mar. 14, 1765). Children Jonatthan and Mabel BIGELOW: Lt. Timothy married Abigail OLCOTT; Mabel married Daniel SEYMOUR; Joseph; Rebecca; Irene married Daniel MARSH; Jonathan married Tabitha COLEMAN; Jerusha married Elijah BUTLER; and Anne.
  2. Rebecca - d. before 1711. Did not marry. Admitted to First Church at Hartford, CT Feb. 22, 1696.
  3. John - d. Jul. 25, 1733, Whippany, NJ. Moved to Hanover, Hunterdon Co., NJ by 1719. Married Jan. 11, 1710 Abigail RICHARDS. Reported children of John and Abigail BIGELOW: John married Elizabeth DICKERSON; Aaron; Daniel; Samuel married Elizabeth CONRON; Jonathan married Sarah LADD; Joshua; and Timothy married Hannah (OGDEN) MEEKER.
  4. Mary - d. after 1716. Married Feb. 20, 1699/00 John WILIAMS (d. about 1713), son of William WILLIAMS and Jane WESTOVER. Children of Mary and John WILLIAMS: Jonathan; Deborah died young; Joseph married; Mary; and Elizabeth.
  5. Sarah - d. Oct. 13, 1754, Colchester, CT. Married Nov. 4, 1709 John BIGELOW (b. Dec. 20, 1681), son of Joshua BIGELOW and Elizabeth FLAGG. Children of Sarah and John BIGELOW: John married Anna BATE; two others.
  6. Violet - d. after 1723. Married Sep. 1, 1709, Hartford, CT Stephen TAYLOR, son of John, as his second wife. They resided at Hartford, CT. Children of Violet and Stephen TAYLOR: Moses married Jemima CLARK; Violet married Stebbin WILSON; Stephen; Jonathan married second Sarah; and Esther.

Children of Jonathan and Mary Bigelow

  1. Samuel - bap. Mar. 13, 1686/7, Hartford, CT. Died in infancy.
  2. Abigail - bap. Nov. 2, 1690, Hartford, CT. Resided at Westfield, MA. Living in 1714. Married Joseph SACKETT.
  3. Joseph - b. about 1691, Hartford, CT; d. Sep. 1731 - Feb. 1732, Hartford, CT.
  4. Daniel - bap. Mar. 26, 1693, Hartford, CT; d. May 14, 1733, Hartford, CT. Married first about 1718 Hannah BIDWELL (b. Jun. 2, 1697, Hartford, CT; d. by 1728), daughter of Daniel BIDWELL and Dorothy BENTON; and second about 1728 Elizabeth RISLEY. Children of Daniel and Hannah BIGELOW: Hannah married Ezekiel LADD; Martha did not marry; and Capt. Daniel married first Abigail, and second Elizabeth BUTLER. Children of Elizabeth: Elizabeth; and Thankful.
  5. Samuel - bap. Mar. 31, 1695, Hartford, CT; d. about 1748, Hartford, CT. Will dated Oct. 1748. Resided at Southhampton, Long Island, and Middletown, CT. Married in 1721 Mehitabel HALSEY, widow of Joseph TAYLOR. Children of Samuel and Mehitabel BIGELOW: Abigail married Joseph CARY; Timothy married Elizabeth CLARK; Mary married first Hezekiah WHITTEMORE, second Elijah JOHNSON; Isaac did not marry; and Samuel. Stepdaughter of Samuel: Elizabeth TAYLOR married Mr. SPENCER.
  6. A child - b. 1697, Hartford, CT; d. there Mar. 5, 1697.

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Joseph and Sarah (Spencer) Bigelow

Joseph BIGELOW - b. about 1691, Hartford, CT; d. Sep. 1731 - Feb. 1732, Hartford, CT. Son of Jonathan BIGELOW and Mary OLCOTT. Married May 21, 1713, Hartford, CT.

Sarah SPENCER - b. Feb. 16, 1687/8, Hartford, CT. Daughter of Jared SPENCER and Hannah PRATT.

Children of Joseph and Sarah Bigelow

  1. Sarah - b. Sep. 6, 1715, Hartford, CT. Baptized Sep. 11, 1715.
  2. Joseph - b. Aug. 14, 1717, Hartford, CT; d. Dec. 7, 1810, Hartford, CT; bur. Center Church. Baptized Aug. 18, 1717. Married Mar. 12, 1745, Hartford, CT Mary WELLS (b. Jul. 12, 1719; d. Apr. 29, 1790), daughter of John WELLS and Mary CURTIS of Wethersfield, CT. Children of Joseph and Mary BIGELOW: A daughter died young; Elisha; Joseph probably married Mary; and Mary.
  3. Abigail - b. Jun. 9, 1719, Hartford, CT; d. Oct. 27, 1725, Hartford, CT.
  4. Mary - bap. Jul. 2, 1721, Hartford, CT; d. Mar. 9, 1750, Hartford, CT. Married Gideon MERRILL.
  5. Elisha - b. Jun. 27, 1723, Hartford, CT; d. Jun. 23, 1796, Hartford, CT. Owned the covenant at First Church of Hartford, CT May 8, 1748. Married about 1747 Hannah NICHOLS (bap. May 8, 1720, Hartford, CT; d. Sep. 28, 1795, Hartford, CT; bur. Center Church), daughter of Cyprian NICHOLS and Mary SPENCER. Children of Elisha and Hannah BIGELOW: James; William; Elisha married Patience BOW; Cyprian married Elizabeth; Normand died young; Roderick; Samuel died in infancy; Norman; Samuel; Edward died in infancy; Hannah; and Edward.
  6. Josiah - b. Jan. 3, 1726, Hartford, CT; d. May 16, 1754, Hartford, CT. Married about 1753 Elizabeth WELLES.
  7. Abigail - b. Sep. 8, 1729, Hartford, CT. Married Jan. 3, 1751 Ichabod WELLES (bap. May 6, 1722, Hartford, CT), son of Jonathan WELLES and Ruth BULL.

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