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Edward I, King of England

Ancestry of Richard Bullar

Katteren Bullar and James Parker

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Edward I, King of England

Very extensive ancestral 'trees' are available for Sir Hugh de Courtenay, Humphrey De Bohun, Reynold Fitz Piers, and Elizabeth, daughter of King Edward I of England and Eleanor of Castile. For example, refer to:

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Ancestry of Richard Bullar

Sir Richard BULLAR of Shillingham, a descendant of the royal lines of England, France, Spain, and Portugal, and related to the royal families of virtually all European nations and states, married Alice HAWARD. They were the parents of Katteren BULLAR, who married James PARKER, and grandparents of Richard PARKER, Chirurgeon, emigrant to Virginia.

The ancestry of Katteren (BULLAR) PARKER, through the BULLAR, TRETHEFFE, COURTENAY and de BOHUN families to Edward I, King of England is given in the following lineage privately published in 1899 by William Bartlett and reproduced in Some Ancestors and Descendants of Richard Parker, Chirugeon, by Eleanor Davis McSwain (1981). Some formatting is used here, but the lineage text is unchanged from the original.

Royal Descent of the late
John Adams Bartlett, Esquire, of Liverpool,
from Edward I., King of England

Copied, with notes and additions from the original
Pedigree recorded at the College of Arms.

N.B. - Those portions of the Descent which are printed in Clarendon
type [underlined here] are from the College Records.


EDWARD THE FIRST, King of England, France, and Ireland, eldest son of King Henry III, and Eleanor of Provence his Queen. Born at Westminster 17 June 1239, succeeded 1272, crowned 18 August 1274; died 7 July 1307, and was buried in Westminster Abbey. Married first Eleanor, daughter of Ferdinand III., King of Castile, and Joanna his second wife, October 1254, at the Monastery of Las Huelgas in Spain. She died at Harby, near Lincoln, November 1290, and was buried in Westminster Abbey 16 January following. The King married secondly Margaret, daughter of Philip III, of France.

Harby (formerly spelled Herdeby and Hardeby) is in Nottinghamshire, about six miles from Lincoln, and is not to be confused with the place of the same name in Leicestershire on the borders of Nottinghamshire. Queen Eleanor died at the former on 20 or 27 November, being seized with autumnal fever at the house of Richard de Weston. Her viscera were buried in the Lady Chapel of Lincoln Minster, where an alter cenotaph was erected recording the circumstance. The first of the Eleanor crosses erected by King Edward to mark the places at which her body rested on the way to Westminster Abbey was at Lincoln. From nine to fifteen (according to different authorities) of these crosses were erected, but only those at Geddinton, Northampton, and Waltham remain.

His youngest daughter by his first marriage was

1. de Bohun

LADY ELIZABETH PLANTEGENET (called "the Welshwoman"). Born at Rhuddlan, co. Flint, 1282; died 5 May 1316, and was buried at Walden Abbey. Married first John, Count of Holland, 1297, by whom she had no issue. Married secondly, 25 November 1302, Humphrey de Bohun, fourth Earl of Hereford and third Earl of Essex, Hereditary Lord High Constable of England, eldest son of Humphrey de Bohum and Maude his wife. Born 1276. Slain in Battle of Boroughbridge 16 March 1321-2. Buried in the Church of Friars Preachers (Dominican) at York. [Humphrey de Bohun was 2-great grandson of Magna Charta Surety Henry De Bohun.]

Lady Elizabeth Plantagenet was third daughter according to George's "Genealogical Tables," sixth daughter according to Doyle's "Official Baronage" )vol. ii, p. 163), and fifth or seventh daughter according to other authorities. Anderson's "Genealogical Tables" and Sandford's "Genealogical History of the Kings of England" give the year 1284 as that of her birth, but Professor Tout, the author of the account of her father in the "English Statesman" series, gives 1282.

The second and youngest daughter of Lady Elizabeth Plantagenet by her second husband Humphrey de Bohun was

2. Courtenay

MARGARET DE BOHUN, who died 16 December 1391, and was buried in Exeter Cathedral. Inquisitio post mortem 15 Richard II., No., 16. Her will dated 28 January 1390; proved P.C.C. 1391. Married 11 August 1325 Hugh Courtenay, second Earl of Devon and Lord Courtenay of Okehampton, second son of Hugh Courtenay, first Earl of Devon, and Agnes his wife. He was born 12 July 1308 and died 2 May 1377. Buried in Exeter Cathedral. Inquisitio post mortem I Richard II., No. 12. Their third son was

3. Courtenay

EDWARD COURTENAY of Godlington, who died in his father's lifetime (1372), and was buried at Sheviock, co., Cornwall. Named in Inquisition taken at death of his brother Sir Peter Courtenay. Married Emeline, daughter and heiress of Sir John Dawnay, Knight. She was buried at Sheviock. Inquisitio post mortem 45 Edward III., No. 15. Their second son was

4. Courtenay

SIR HUGH COURTENAY of Haccombe, co. Devon {interlined, replacing Cornwall}, Knight banneret. Died 5 March 1425. Inquisitio post mortem 3 Henry VI., No. 30. He married first Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Miles Cogan and widow of Sir Fulk Fitzwarren [settlement in Madox's "Form. Angli.," p. 403], who died without issue by Sir Hugh Courtenay. Married secondly Phillipa, daughter of Sir Warren Archdekne of Haccombe. Married thirdly Matilda, daughter of Sir John BEAUMONT of Sherwill, co. Devon, Knight. His died 3 July 1467. Inquisitio post mortem 7 Edward IV., No. 41. Her will dated 10 January 1466-7; proved P.C.C. (Godyn, 30.) A son of Sir Hugh Courtenay and Matilda his third wife was

[Note: Plantagenet Ancestry of Seventeenth-Century Colonists, Second Edition, by David Faris (1999), pp. 100-101, gives the last wife of Sir Hugh Courtenay as Maud Beaumont, daughter of Sir William Beaumont, rather than as given here. Refer to the volume for details.]

5. Courtenay

SIR HUGH COURTENAY of Boconnoc, co. Cornwall. Heir to his mother. Aged 40 at her death, and named in her will. Knight of the Shire for Cornwall 25 and 28 Henry VI. Killed at Battle of Tewkesbury 1471. He married Margaret, elder daughter and coheir of Thomas Carminowe of Carminowe, co. Cornwall, Esquire, by Jane his wife. Aged 20 at date of Inquisition taken at death of her father 21 Henry VI., No. 46 (1442-3), and therein stated to be the wife of Hugh Courtenay, son of Sir Hugh Courtenay of Haccombe.

There is an obvious error as regards this lady at p. 107 and in an intended correction at p. 638 of Vivian's "Visitations of Cornwall," and it is repeated at pp. 245 and 747 of his "Visitations of Devon." It is there stated that she was the widow (1) of Sir John de Sancto Lando, and (2) of William Bottreaux, and that her will was proved P.C.C. 26 January 1412-13 (Marche, 24). This is of course impossible, as Sir Hugh Courtenay, who is there made her third husband, was only born in 1427! Margaret Courtenay's pedigree is correctly stated at p. 74 of the "Visitations of Cornwall."

Their fourth daughter and ultimate heiress was

6. Trethurffe

ELIZABETH, who was named in the will of her brother the Earl of Devon. She married John Trethurffe of Trethurffe in Lanrake, co. Cornwall, son of Reginald Trethurffe and Margaret his wife, who was daughter and coheiress of John St. Aubyn. He died 20 June 1510. Inquisitio post mortem 3 Henry VIII., No. 12. Their eldest son was

7. Trethurffe

THOMAS TRETHURFFE, who was aged 33 years at the death of his father. He died 10 September 1529. Inquisitio post mortem 24 Henry VIII., No. 101. He married Mary, daughter and sole heir of . . . . Trevisa of Trevisa, co. Cornwall. Their second and younger daughter and coheir was

8. Buller

MARGARET, who ws aged 26 years at date of father's death. She was living a widow anno 3 and 4 Philip and Mary, and died 28 June 1576. Inquisitio post mortem 18 Queen Elizabeth, Part I., No. 22. She married first John Boscawen of Tregothnan, co. Cornwall, who died 15 February 1524; secondly Edward Courtenay of Lanrake, co. Cornwall; and thirdly Richard Buller of Shillingham in the parish of St. Stephen-juxta-Saltash, and of Tregarrick in the parish of Pelynt, both in co. Cornwall, second son of Alexander Buller of Lillesdon, co. Somerset, and Elizabeth his second wife, daughter of Sir John Horsey, Knight. Named in Inquisition taken on death of his father. He died 9 December 1555. Inquisitio post mortem 24 April 2 and 3 Philip and Mary, 1556, Part I., No. 5, which recites his will, dated November 1555. Her second son by Richard Buller was

9. Buller

FRANCIS BULLER of Shillingham and Tregarrick, who was aged 10 at the death of his father. Died 27 September 1616. Buried at the Church of Pelynt. Inquisitio post mortem 14 James I., W. and L. B. 27, No. 118. Will dated 10 May 1615; proved 26 October following. He married Thomasine, daughter of Thomas Williams of Stowford in the parish of Harford, co. Devon, and of the Inner Temple, London, Esquire, representative for the City of Exeter in the first and second Parliaments of Queen Elizabeth and Speaker of the House of Commons, by Emelyn his wife, daughter and coheiress of William Crewse of Chymley, co. Devon, Esquire. She was buried at St. Stephen's by Saltash 29 October 1627. Their eldest son was

10. Buller

SIR RICHARD BULLER of Shillingham, Knight. Aged 37 at his father's death. Knighted 13 June 1608. M.P. for and Sheriff of Cornwall 1637. Buried at St. Andrew's, Plymouth, 1 December 1642. Will dated 30 March 1640; proved 1 March 1646. He married Alice, daughter and at length coheiress of Sir Rowland Hayward, Knight (Alderman of the City of London and Lord Mayor in 1570, when he was knighted), by Catherine his second wife, daughter of Thomas Smith. Lady Buller was also coheiress of her brother Sir John Hayward. Living in 1647, and executrix of her husband's will.

    See Buller pedigree, recorded at College of Arms. General the Right Honourable Sir Redvers Henry Buller, G.C.B., V.C., is descended from the above-named Sir Richard Buller, the descent being as follows: - (11) Francis Buller, 1603-1677; (12) John Buller, died 1715; (13) John Buller, died 1700); (14) John Francis Buller, died 1751); (15) James Buller, died 1765; (16) James Buller, died 1772; (17) James Buller, 1765-1827; (18) James Wentworth Buller, died 1865; (19) Sir Redvers Henry Buller, born 7 December 1839.
    The Right Honourable Albert Edmund, third Earl of Morley, is descended from the above-named John Buller (12), who died in 1715, the descent being as follows: - (13) Anne Buller (died 1726-7), married George Parker, died 1743; (14) John Parker, 1703-1768; (15) John Parker, created baron Boringdon, died 1788; (16) John Parker, created Viscount Boringdon and Earl of Morley, 1772-1840; (17) Edmund Parker, second Earl, 1810-1864; (18) Albert Edmund Parker, third Earl, born 1843.
    Alice Buller was seventh in descent from Thomas Chicheley of Higham Ferrars, co. Northampton, the father of Henry Chicheley, Archbishop of Caterbury and Founder of All Souls' College, Oxford, the descent being as follows: - (1) Sir Robert Chicheley; (2) Philippa Chiche; (3) Margaret Judde; (4) Sir Andrew Judde (Lord Mayor of London); (5) Alice Smythe; (6) Catherine Hayward; (7) Alice Buller.

The eldest daughter of Sir Richard Buller was

11. Parker

KATHERINE, who died 1686, aged 86, and was buried at Warleggan, co. Cornwall. Her will dated 23 April 1686; proved in the Archeaconry Court of Cornwall at Bodmin 25 June following. Her marriage settlement was dated 18 December, and she was married at St. Stephen's by Saltash 31 December 1616 to James Parker of Trengoff in Warleggan, and of Blisland, both in co. Cornwall, Gentleman, eldest son and heir of the Venerable William Parker of the same places, D.D., Rector of Blisland 1601 and Archdeacon of Cornwall 1616, by Joan his wife, daughter of . . . . Panchard. Aged 30 in 1620. Buried at Warleggan 1672.

See Parker Pedigree, recorded at College of Arms.

They had a daughter named

12. Fathers

CORDELIA, who was baptized at Warleggan 15 December 1631. She was granted adm'on (Arch. Court of Cornwall) 17 September 1673 of the goods of her son John Fathers. She was buried at St. Stephen's by Saltash 20 September 1689. Married at St. Stephen's by Saltash 19 May 1651 to the Rev. John Fathers, Clerk in Holy Orders. He matriculated (Wadham College) Oxford 17 November 1616, aged 17, and was described as of Somerset, pleb. fil.; B.A. 26 July 1617; M.A. 18 May 1620. Instituted Vicar of St. Stephen's by Saltash 27 August 1620. Appointed Rector of Stoke Climsland, co. Cornwall, by an Ordinance of the Long Parliament passed 16 April 1646, and ejected therefrom for nonconformity 24 August 1662. Buried at Landulph, co. Cornwall, 30 May 1670. Will dated 13 September 1665; proved at Exeter 29 October 1670; and adm'on de bonis non granted at Bodmin to widow 10 February 1673-4.

[Cordelia was sister to Richard PARKER, Chirurgeon, immigrant to Virginia.]

Ancestry of Humphrey de Bohun VIII

The Magna Charta Sureties, 1215
by Frederick Lewis Weis, Th.D.
Fourth Edition
With Additions and Corrections by
Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr., M.S. with David Faris
(1991: Baltimore, MD)

Line 18

  1. Henry de BOHUN, Magna Charta Surety, 1512, son of Humphrey de Bohun IV and Margaret de Huntington, b. 1176, d. 1 June 1220, sheriff of Kent, 1st Earl of Hereford, 1200-1220, hereditary Constable of England; m. Maud Fitz GEOFFREY (160-4), d. 1236, Countess of Essex, dau. of Geoffrey Fitz, d. 1213, Earl of Essex, and Beatrix de Say, dau. of William de Say. (CP VI, 457; V, 134).
  2. Humphrey de BOHUN V, b. 1208, d. 24 Sept. 1275, 2nd Earl of Hereford and Essex, Constable of England; m. (1) Maud d'Eu, d. 14 Aug. 1241, dau. of Raoul I de Lusignan and Alice d'Eu. (CP VI, 459).
  3. Humphrey de BOHUN VI, d. 27 Aug. 1265, d.v.p., never held title; m. (1) Eleanor de Bralose, dau. of Eva MARSHAL (146-2). (CP VI, 462). [Eva Marshal was dau. of William Marshal, Earl of Pembroke, named in the Magna Charta Preamble as advisor of King John.]
  4. Humphrey de BOHUN VII, b. c. 1249, d. Pleshy, 31 Dec. 1298, Earl of Hereford and Essex, Constable of England; m. 1275, Maud, dau. of Enguerrand de Fiennes, Seigneur de Fiennes in Guisnes. (CP VI, 463-466).
  5. Humphrey de BOHUN VIII, b. c. 1276, slain at Boroughbridge, 16 Mar. 1321/2, Earl of Hereford and Essex, Lord High Constable of England; m. 14 Nov. 1302, Elizabeth Plantagenet, b. Aug. 1282, d. 5 May 1316, dau. of King EDWARD I (161-14) of England and Eleanor of Castile. (CP VI, 467-470).

[CP: Complete Peerage]

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