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Henry Bunch and Ann

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The primary source for information on the BUNCH family is Park/e/s and Bunch on The Trail West, compiled by Alice Crandall Park (Baltimore: 1975), pages 201-42.

John and Rebecca Bunch

John BUNCH - b. by 1692, New Kent Co., VA; d. 14 Mar. 1741/2, Louisa Co., VA. Though his ancestry is unproved, land records and tax rolls of New Kent Co., VA support the belief that John was the son of John (born in the 1660s) and grandson of John BUNCH, for whose transportation Mr. Gervase DODSON was granted Lancaster Co., VA on Mar. 3, 1656 (600 acres for 12 passengers). On Mar. 18, 1662, 450 acres in New Kent Co., VA was assigned to John BUNCH. This John is called John BUNCH, Jr. on a Feb. 18, 1722 land patent for 400 acres in the part of Hanover Co., VA that became Louisa Co. in 1742. This land was distributed by deed in 1742 according to his will, which identifies five of his six sons (omitting son Samuel from the list). Married about 1715.

Rebecca HARRISON - b. 1699, Louisa Co., VA; d. Mar. 16, 1770, Louisa Co., VA. Her death is the first entry in the Bible record of her son David.

Children of John and Rebecca Bunch

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  1. John - b. about 1716, prob. Hanover Co., VA; d. 1777, Louisa Co., VA. In his will dated Jun. 8, 1774, and proved Jan. 18, 1777, he names his sister Lucretia, brothers William, Samuel, David and James, and William's daughter Nanny. John apparently did not marry.
  2. William - b. about 1718, prob. Hanover Co., VA. In 1742 he sold 60 acres received from his father to his brother John. Married by 1754 Febe (or Phoebe), possibly surnamed GIBSON. Children: Anne 'Nanny'; and possibly Martin, David, and Winslow.
  3. Henry - b. about 1720, prob. Hanover Co., VA.
  4. David - b. about 1722, prob. Hanover Co., VA; d. Apr. 18, 1776, Trinity Parish, Louisa Co., VA. His will was dated Jan. 3, 1776 and proved Oct. 14, 1776. Married about 1746 Mary Jane 'Polly' HUGHSON (b. Aug. 29, 1729; d. May 4, 1807). [One source gives David's wife as Mary O. ASHER.] Children: John married Hannah CRUZE/CREWS; Joseph married Mary; Pouncey married Elizabeth BUNCH (first cousin and daughter of James); William married Nancy MOORE; Jane was possibly the Jeanie BUNCH who married George CHEWNING; Mary; David married Judith BUNCH (first cousin and daughter of Samuel); Lucretia; Anthony married first Mary BUNCH (first cousin and daughter of Samuel), and second Mary BURNETT/BARNETT; Thomas married Jennie; Nathaniel did not married; Winnie married William CREWS; and Paul married Mary 'Poly' HANCOCK.
  5. James - b. about 1724, prob. Hanover Co., VA; d. 1802, prob. Bedford Co., VA. His will was dated Apr. 27, 1795 and filed Sep 27, 1802 in Bedford Co., VA. Married about 1749 Mary. Children: Elizabeth married first James TAYLOR, and second Pouncey BUNCH (first cousin and son of David); Susannah'Sukey' married Patrick COYLE; Margery married James HARRIS or HARRISON; Sarah 'Sally' possibly married Maddox STANLEY, Jr.; Martha married Nathaniel HARRIS or HARRISON; Priscilla married William SCOTT; Mary 'Molly' married Blackstone GENTRY; Ann married Henry EDISON; and James married Susannah COFFER.
  6. Samuel - b. about 1726, prob. Hanover Co., VA; d. 1783, Louisa Co., VA. His will was dated Jan. 30, 1782 and proved Jun. 9, 1783. Married about 1747 Mary HUDSON (b. 1726, Hanover Co., VA; d. 1783, Louisa Co., VA), daughter of John HUDSON and Elizabeth HARRIS. Children: Rebecca married Mr. MEREDITH; James married; John married; Samuel married Sally; Ann; Judith married David BUNCH (first cousin and son of David); Mary married Anthony BUNCH (first cousin and son of David); George married Sally SARGENT; and Charles married Mary BELLAMY.
  7. Lucretia - b. prob. Hanover Co., VA. Named in brother John's will of 1774 as married to Mr. MEREDITH.
  8. ? Rebecca - Listed as youngest child by an undocumented source.

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Henry and Ann Bunch

Henry BUNCH - b. about 1720, prob. Hanover Co., VA. Son of John BUNCH and Rebecca. In 1742 he sold the 60 acres received from his father to his brother John. He apparently moved to Bedford Co. prior to 1742, and his name is found in court and land records there beginning in 1754. His date and place of death have not been discovered, but many of his children moved to Mercer Co., KY beginning about 1789. Perhaps Henry died about this date. In addition to the seven sons shown, Henry was perhaps the father of Charles (b. about 1761), Betsy (b. about 1773), and Simeon (b. 1775) who married Celia 'Lula' Boone in 1799, residents of Warren Co., KY in 1800. Married about 1745, Bedford Co., VA.

Ann - A deed for the sale of Bedford Co., VA land was dated Nov. 2, 1763 and signed by Henry and Ann BUNCH, and recorded May 22, 1764 when Anne relinquished dower right. She was possibly Ann CALLOWAY, and the presumed mother of his children.

Children of Henry and Ann Bunch

  1. Richard - b. about 1747, Louisa Co., VA; d. prob. Washington Co., KY. Served in the Revolution. Resided in Mercer Co., KY in 1789 through 1811, and then moved to Washington Co., KY. A Mercer Co., KY deed of 1804 names his wife as Mary. Children: Susanna married William WILLSON; and possibly Charles married Fanny LYONS, William married Martha ELLIS, and Richard married Milly MADDOX.
  2. Zachariah - b. about 1751, Louisa Co., VA; d. Apr.-Aug. 1794, Clark Co., KY.
  3. Joseph - b. about 1753, Louisa or Bedford Co., VA; d. by 1800, Hardin Co., KY. He served in the Revoution at the Battle of Point Pleasant in 1774. Joseph is found on the tax rolls of Bedford Co., VA in 1782, and of Mercer Co., KY in 1789 and 1790. A Mercer Co., KY deed of 1805 names his wife as Sarah. His will, dated Apr. 20, 1818, names his children: Matilda married Jonathan GRAY; and Zachariah.
  4. Winston - b. about 1759, Bedford Co., VA; d. 1830, Mercer Co., KY. Served three years as a private from Albemarle Co., VA in the Revolution, and received a land warrant for 100 acres in KY. Winston is listed in the DAR Patriot Index. Married 1784 Eliza BUNCH (b. 1764; d. 1834). Children: David W. married Elizabeth WRIGHT (DAR line); William married Martha HART; and others.
  5. George - b. about 1765, Bedford Co., VA; d. Warren Co., KY. Received land grant in Aug. 1799 in Warren Co., KY. Named in will of his brother Calloway. Married first Nov. 28, 1787, Bedford Co., VA Hannah HIBBS, daughter of Isaac HIBBS. George married second Feb. 22, 1798, Nelson Co., KY Elizabeth SPENCER, daughter of Thomas SPENCER. Child of Hannah: A son. Children of Elizabeth: Mariah Jane married James Love BLEWETT; and two sons.
  6. James - b. about 1767, Bedford Co., VA; d. by Jul. 1797, Nelson Co., KY. Married Nov. 28, 1791, Bedford Co., VA Ruth HIBBS, daughter of Isaac HIBBS. The widow Ruthy BUNCH married again on Jul. 29, 1797 in Nelson Co., KY. Son of James and Ruth: James.
  7. Calloway - b. about 1769, Bedford Co., VA; d. 1807-8, Warren Co., KY. Will dated Nov. 11, 1807 and proved Jan. 4, 1808. Married Jul. 8, 1794, Mercer Co., KY Mrs. Ann 'Nancy' HENDERSON (b. about 1773). Ann had a son Joseph HENDERSON. Children of Calloway and Ann: Elizabeth married Nathaniel COVINGTON; Simeon married Minnie/Malinda/Massey BRIGGS; William married Melinda ROARK; Martha 'Parsy'; Pamelia; and Mary 'Polly'.

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Zachariah and Sabory Bunch

[Second H in first name reconstructed]

Zachariah BUNCH - b. about 1751, prob. Louisa Co., VA; d. Apr.-Aug. 1794, Clark Co., KY. Son of Henry BUNCH and Ann. Zachariah sold land in Bedford Co., VA by deed dated Sep. 1, 1772, making it likely that his first child was born in that county. He appears on the 1784 tax list of Botetourt Co., VA, and on the 1789 tax list of Mercer Co., KY. His will, dated Apr. 3, 1794, Clark Co., KY, and proved by witnesses John SUMMERS, Sr., and Peter DEWITT, Jr. and Sr. on Aug. 26, 1794, and by Saby BUNCH on Aug. 28, 1794. The will names wife Saby, six children, and grandson James CUBBAGE. Son in law John HOLLOWAY was security for the executrix. An inventory of the BUNCH estate was taken Nov. 24, 1794 and recorded Dec. 23, 1794, clearly indicates Zachariah was a livestock farmer, including seven horses, 24 head of cattle, 14 hogs and 7 sheep. Married about 1771.

Sabory - Wife of Zachariah in 1793, and possibly the mother of his children. The following entry appears in a volume of Mercer Co., KY Court Records: 'Indenture from Zachariah Bunch and Sabory Bunch, his wife, to Lawrence McGuire, was acknowledged and dower relinquished and ordered recorded.' This record provides Saby's full given name, and suggests a lead that may uncover her ancestry. Research continues.

Children of Zachariah and Saby Bunch

  1. Millie - b. Oct. 19, 1771, VA; d. Aug. 28, 1851, Scott Co., IL. Married John HOLLWAY.
  2. Mourning - Married before Apr. 1794 Mr. CUBBAGE. Son: James.
  3. Clark - b. about 1774, prob. VA; d. by 1820, poss. Montgomery Co., KY. On Mercer Co., KY tax list in 1800. Married July or Aug. 1794, Clark Co., KY Ann DAVIS, daughter of Ben, surety John HOLLOWAY. Their son Davis served in the War of 1812. Children: Davis married Mary 'Polly' HOLLOWAY (daughter of John HOLLOWAY and Millie BUNCH); and possibly two others.
  4. Henry - b. by 1775, VA; d. 1820-1830, Clark Co., KY. Included with "the three youngest" children in his father's will. Married by 1800 Sally. In addition to the children which follow, census records indicate Henry probably had two more sons and one daughter. Their first three sons moved by the 1850 census date to Independence Township, Macon Co., MO, with son Elijah remaining in KY. Children: John married Mary 'Polly' OLIVER; Henry married Nancy EPPERSON; Joseph married Luvicy Ann PATRICK; and Elijah married Julina HAGGARD.
  5. Anna (or Amey) - Included in "my youngest daughters" in her father's will. Married Dec. 12, 1795, Clark Co., KY Benjamin WHITTENTON, with consent given by Sabray BUNCH on Dec. 9.
  6. Lucy (or Lucinda) - Included in "my youngest daughters" in her father's will. Married Samuel H. HARDWICK (b. Jun. 11, 1779, VA; d. 1810-1820, KY). Lived in Montgomery Co., KY in 1810 and 1820. Children: Mary Ann 'Polly' married Robert PARKS; Sarah Ann married Levie SHECKELS and/or David FITZSIMMONS; Samuel married first Polly Ann HUGHES, and second Jane; Henry married first Matilda DOWNS and second Arina A. 'Ary' NICHOLS WEEKS; Jordon married Dorinda SPRAGGINS; Elizabeth married John O'HAIR; George Nimrod married Jane PUGH; John Wesley married Lovey PUGH; and William 'Billy' married Sarah ADKINS.

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