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Zimmerman Ancestry in Europe

Hans Zimmerman and Sarah Salome

Peter Zimmerman and Barbara Deppen Joseph Carpenter and Elizabeth Johnson John H. Carpenter and Mary McGaughey Susanna Carpenter and George Romulus Freeman Aretus Erastus Freeman and Minnie Elsie Morey Iva Melvina Freeman and Donald VanHoosier Lawson Stephen Martin Lawson

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Zimmerman Ancestry in Europe

There were many ZIMMERMAN families living in Steffisburg in the 17th century and it is not currently known how the ZIMMERMAN families of Lancaster Co., PA are related. The research of Robert C. Carpenter indicates that the Zimmerman family "arrived in the St. Marie Aux Mines area of Alsace around 1693 or so from Steffisburg, Canton of Berne, Switzerland. Later by the 1720's or so they moved north to the area of Rothau, Waldersbach, and Salm. In 1732 many of these Zimmermans sailed to America on the Pink Plaisance. They settled in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Later in the middle 1750's they moved to North Carolina." Refer also to the RUCHTY family of Steffisburg, which also had Zimmerman family connections.

Christian and Anna (Buoss) Zimmerman

Christian ZIMMERMAN - b. Feb. 26, 1608/9, Steffisberg, Thurnen Parish, Canton Bern, Switzerland. Son of Niclaus ZIMMERMAN and Margaret PUNTLISPERG, who were married at Steffisberg in 1575.

Anna BUOSS -

Children of Christian and Anna (Buoss) Zimmerman

  1. Verena - b. 1630, Steffisberg, Thurnen Parish, Canton Bern, Switzerland.  Married Christian RUCHTI (b. 1626, Steffisberg, Thurnen Parish, Canton Bern, Switzerland). CAUTION: Verena is placed as a daughter of Christian ZIMMERMAN and Anna BUOSS based only on her age, origins in Steffisburg, Bern, and her grandchildren's settling in Lancaster Co., PA.
  2. Hans - b. Dec. 7, 1635, Steffisberg, Thurnen Parish, Canton Bern, Switzerland; d. after 1708, Alsace-Lorraine.

Hans and Barbara (Gilgan) Zimmerman

Hans ZIMMERMAN - b. Dec. 7, 1635, Steffisberg, Thurnen Parish, Canton Bern, Switzerland; d. after 1708, Alsace-Lorraine. Son of Christian ZIMMERMAN and Anna BUOSS.

Barbara GILGAN -

Children of Hans and Barbara (Gilgan) Zimmerman

  1. Peter - b. Aug. 23, 1668, Steffisberg, Thurnen Parish, Canton Bern, Switzerland.
  2. Niclaus 'Claus' - b. Oct. 13, 1670, Steffisberg, Thurnen Parish, Canton Bern, Switzerland; d. 1739, Lancaster Co., PA. Married Verena SPRING.
  3. Hans - Believed to be the father of Hans ZIMMERMAN (d. 1786, Lancaster Co., PA; bur. there in Litchy Cemetery), who married Anna RUCHTY (b. Oct. 15, 1702, Steffisberg, Thurnen Parish, Canton Bern, Switzerland; d. 1784, Lancaster Co., PA; bur. there in Litchy Cemetery). Anna was the daughter of Christian RUCHTY and Anna KAUFMAN. CAUTION: Hans is placed as a son of Hans ZIMMERMAN and Barbara GILGAN based only on his estimated age, origins in Steffisburg, Bern, and his son's settling in Lancaster Co., PA.

Peter Zimmerman

Peter ZIMMERMAN - b. Aug. 23, 1668, Steffisberg, Thurnen Parish, Canton Bern, Switzerland. Son of Hans ZIMMERMAN and Barbara GILGAN. CAUTION: Nothing is known of this Peter ZIMMERMAN in America and his family. Only the slimmest of circumstantial evidence is available to connect him to possible son Hans and another possible son. Thus, the lineage connecting the CARPENTER family of Rutherford Co., NC to the ZIMMERMAN family of Canton Bern, Switzerland is pure conjecture.

Children of Peter Zimmerman

  1. Hans - b. about 1702, Canton Bern, Switzerland; d. Jun. 10, 1794, NC.
  2. A son - Believed to have been the first husband of Margaret ZIMMERMAN GACKLIN (d. Feb.-May 1798, Lancaster Co., PA), who married second Detrich GACKLIN (d. before Mar. 1798, Lancaster Co., PA). CAUTION: The kinship of the brothers Samuel and Joseph CARPENTER to the other CARPENTERS of PA and NC is unproven, with placement as possible cousins and sons of Margaret ZIMMERMAN GACKLIN based on the analysis of Robert C. Carpenter on page 13 of Carpenters A Plenty.

Children of Margaret Zimmerman Gacklin

  1. Samuel CARPENTER - b. before 1750; d. Mar.-Oct. 1811, Barren Co., KY. Married about 1770 in Tryon Co., NC to Catherine EAKER (b. about 1757, NC; d. after 1811, Barren Co., KY), daughter of Peter EAKER (about 1724-1798) and Barbara (about 1730-after 1800). Children of Samuel and Catherine CARPENTER: Sarah 'Salley' married Daniel LATTIMORE; Susannah married John LATTIMORE, brother of the husband of Susannah's sister Sarah; Margaret married John ORR; Barbara married Mr. SHITLE; Elizabeth married Lanmon SHORT; Samuel Eaker married Sarah Gray DOWNING; and Frances Green 'Fanny' married Enoch ENLOE.
  2. Joseph CARPENTER - b. Jan. 2, 1753; d. Jan. 24, 1839, Rutherford Co., NC. Married on Apr. 11, 1786 in Rutherford Co., NC to Susannah EAKER (b. 1759; d. Oct. 27, 1825, Rutherford Co., NC), sister of the wife of Joseph's brother Samuel. Children of Joseph and Susannah CARPENTER: Margaret married Henry HOYLE; Barbara married Peter MULL; John (twin) married Margaret RAMSEY; and Peter (twin) married Margaret RAMSEY, a cousin of the wife of Peter's brother John.
  3. Salome ZIMMERMAN - Married John STUCKEY.

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The Carpenter/Zimmerman Family in America

The relationship of the Carpenter family of Lincoln and Rutherford Counties, NC to the other Carpenters and Zimmermans in PA, notably Hans of Lancaster Co., PA, has not been established. A thorough review of the documents available is found in Carpenters A Plenty, by Robert C. Carpenter (1982, Baltimore).

Hans and Sarah Salome Zimmerman

Hans ZIMMERMAN - b. about 1702, Canton Bern, Switzerland; d. Jun. 10, 1794, NC. Possible son of Peter ZIMMERMAN. Only son Johannes is a proven child of Hans, with others placed as children based on a variety of evidence as analyzed by Robert C. Carpenter on pages 1-14 of Carpenters A Plenty.

Sarah Salome

Children of Hans and Sarah Salome Zimmerman

The families of these children were in the transitional generation when surnames were used with both the original German-Swiss spellings and the American versions.
  1. Christian - b. about 1721, Canton Bern, Switzerland; d. May 4, 1800, NC. Married about 1741 in PA to Mary (b. about 1723; d. Feb. 2, 1815, NC. Children of Christian and Mary ZIMMERMAN: John Nicholas married Elizabeth DEPPEN; Mary married John Nicholas WHISNANT; Christopher or Christian married; Jacob married Susannah FINGER, Catharina possibly married Mr. SIDES; Barbara possibly married Mr. SIDES; Michael married Mary CHERRY; Peter married Susanna COX; Henry; Frederick married Christena Jane KISER; and Mary Fanny married John COX.
  2. Jacob - b. 1734, probably in PA; d. May 3, 1807, NC. Married about 1759 in NC to Catherine RAMSOUR (b. about 1742, probably in PA; d. Jan. 31, 1819, NC), daughter of Dietrich RAMSOUR. Children of Jacob and Catherine ZIMMERMAN: Margaret married Martin FREITAG; Henry married Frances LAYMAN; Catherine married Peter HOYLE; Elizabeth married Henry CLINE; Mary married Michael RUDISILL; Sarah Salome married David CLINE; David married Elizabeth QUICKLE; Jacob married Caherine QUICKLE, who married second George HOVIS; and Jonas married Mary KISER, who married second George HOVIS as his second wife.
  3. Peter - b. 1736-1740, probably in PA; d. Apr. 1817, Lincoln Co., NC; bur. Big Gullies Cemetery.
  4. Barbara - No information other than name. It is possible that Barbara and Ann are the same person, named Barbara Ann.
  5. Ann - b. Mar. 15, 1750; d. Jan. 1, 1808. Married first about 1770 in PA to Jacob RAMSOUR (b. Feb. 11, 1731; d. Jan. 5, 1787, Lincoln Co., NC), son of Dietrich RAMSOUR. Ann was married second about 1798 to Andrew MOTZ. Children of Ann and Jacob RAMSOUR: Capt. John married Elizabeth SHUFORD; Elizabeth married David SHUFORD; David married Sarah WILFONG; Margaret married Daniel WARLICK; Barbara married Daniel HOKE; Jacob married Barbara SUMMEY; Katherine married first Henry HOKE, and second Mr. CLONINGER; and Sarah married George F. 'Rich' BOLLINGER.
  6. Johannes - b. before 1755; d. Apr. 3, 1809, NC. Married about 1772 to Elizabeth. Children of Johannes and Elizabeth ZIMMERMAN: Henry married Catharina ROOT; John married Catherine MOSTELLER; Ann married Anthony PEELER; Mary married her 1c1r John CARPENTER; Margaret married Jonas MOSTELLER; Nicholaus married first Catherine PLUNK, and second Catherine WHEARD; Daniel married Elizabeth PASOUR; Salome 'Sally'; Joseph married his 1c1r Elizabeth CARPENTER; and Susanna.

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Peter and Barbara (Deppen) Zimmerman

Peter ZIMMERMAN - b. 1736-1740, probably in PA; d. Apr. 1817, Lincoln Co., NC; bur. Big Gullies Cemetery.  Believed to be son of Hans ZIMMERMAN and Sarah Salome. Peter and his wife moved to NC between 1758 and 1762, where he settled in Lincoln Co. as a blacksmith. Recorded land deeds beginning Mar. 8, 1762 and extending to Jul. 1809 contain the names of most of Peter's children, and show that he owned nearly 1350 acres in Lincoln Co. by 1777. Peter's will was dated Nov. 7, 1816, and proved Apr. 1817. Many activities during the Revolution era, including family tradition, are related in Carpenters A Plenty, from which the following summary is extracted.

Peter Zimmerman was able to read and write German. His signature... was located on the marriage bond of his son Samuel Carpenter. Peter was a skilled craftsman, a blacksmith, whose trade was necessary on the frontier. He valued education highly, and all his sons whose signatures I located signed their names legibly in English or German. He acquired property and status in the community. His friends and neighbors thought highly enough of him to elect him Captain of his militia company. As the threat of conflict in the American Revolution appeared greater, his judgment and influence was more valuable.

Records reveal a most interesting mixture concerning the allegiance of Peter Zimmerman to the Revolutionary cause. When studying the American Revolution, too many researchers assume that an individual was either loyal to Great Britain, a Tory, or was a Patriot, also called a Whig. Peter Zimmerman exemplifies a very large number of persons in frontier NC. He was both Tory and Whig, and he also assumed the status of Neutral. The important point to remember is that Peter, as did others, reacted to circumstances as they arose. He was most interested in preserving his home, his family, and his way of life in NC. His choice of allegiance usually centered around which side was winning at the time and where the greatest threat to his home and family centered.

Barbara DEPPEN - b. about 1740, Berks Co., PA; d. before Nov. 1816, probably in Lincoln Co., NC; bur. Big Gullies Cemetery. Daughter of Christian DAPPEN and Veronica RUCHTY.

Children of Peter and Barbara Zimmerman/Carpenter

  1. Christian - b. about 1760, PA or NC; d. Jun. 1822, Todd Co., KY. In Christian Co., KY by 1804, Todd Co. being formed from it. Will dated May 8, 1822 and proved Jun. 1822, Todd Co., KY. Married about 1786, Lincoln Co., NC, Katy (or Caty) (b. about 1773, NY; d. after 1860, Pettis Co., MO). Children of Christian and Katy CARPENTER: Peter married Mary 'Polly'; John married Jane GALLAHAN; Robert married; Sarah possibly married William NICHOLS or Thomas WOOD; Elizabeth possibly married Charles HUNT or Thomas GALLAHER; Christian; Polly; Nancy; Catharine 'Katy'; Minerva.
  2. John - b. 1762, NC; d. Feb. 14, 1847, NC; bur. Antioch Methodist Church Cemetery. Resided was of Crouse, NC on Indian Creek. Married about 1790 Mary MAUNEY (b. 1768; d. Jan. 3, 1844). Children of John and Mary CARPENTER: Ann<?> perhaps married Richard MARTIN; Samuel married Polly BROWN; William; Catherine; and James married Martha 'Patsy JOHNSON.
  3. David - b. about 1765, NC; d. between Apr. 1, 1816 and 1820 census. Married May 1, 1802 (bond) Zeruah JOHNSON (b. Oct. 16, 1784; d. Jan. 30, 1836) daughter of Daniel JOHNSON and Mary MORTON. Childen of David and Zeruah CARPENTER: Elizabeth married first James CHERRY, and second Terrill HAWKINS; Mary 'Polly' married George FREEMAN; Barbara married Nathaniel PARTON; Phoebe married Benjamin M. BURNETT; Frances; Peter married Mary E. EDWARDS; Jacob D. married Sarah E. JOHNSTON; Minerva married Squire Joseph SILVA; Martha 'Patsy' married George W. TANNER; and Nancy married Francis JUSTICE.
  4. Jacob 'Blacksmith' - b. 1767, NC; d. Jan. 9, 1840; bur. Blacksmith Jacob Cemetery. Will dated Dec. 31, 1839, Lincoln Co., NC. Married first before 1790 possibly Anne McCASLIN (b. 1755-1774; d. 1800-1805), and second Anne JENKINS (b. 1772; d. Aug. 14, 1858) daughter of Joseph JENKINS and Elizabeth HAMBRIGHT. Children of Jacob and Anne CARPNETER (his first marriage): Nancy married David JENKINS; Margaret married Abraham MAUNEY; and Barbara married David RUDISILL. Children of Jacob and Anne CARPENTER (his second marriage): Elizabeth married Aaron JENKINS; Mary married Levi WEAVER; Jacob married Elizabeth WEAVER; Sarah 'Sally' married Philip CARPENTER; Lawson married Ruthy KISER; Wiley; Anne married Samuel Simpson BLACK; Joseph married first Sarah CARPENTER FLOYD, second Harriett METCALF, and third Mary Jane HUFFSTETLER; Susan married first Nathan ROBERTS, and second Rev. Adam MILLER; and Catherine married first Lawson H. LEONHARDT, second James Henry MULLEN, and third Joseph CARROLL.
  5. Joseph - b. May 13, 1768, NC; d. Oct. 25, 1853, Rutherford Co., NC.
  6. Frederick - b. 1770, NC; d. Jan 28, 1840; bur. Fredrick Carpenter Cemetery. Resided in what is now Gaston Co., NC. Will dated Aug. 17, 1839, Lincoln Co., NC. Married Apr. 8, 1800, Lincoln Co., NC, Catharine KISER (b. 1778; d. Apr. 15, 1854; bur. Frederick Carpenter Cemetery) daughter of Adam KISER and Sallie BEST. Children of Frederick and Catherine CARPENTER: Samuel married Catherine MAUNEY; Mary married 'Post Rider' Peter CARPENTER; Barbara married George CARPENTER; Sarah married Philip M. HOVIS; Frances 'Fanny' married David MAUNEY; Alfred married Abigail WARLICK; William married Elizabeth BAKER; and Bennet Morgan married Hannah C. KISER.
  7. Henry W. - b. May 15, 1772; d. Jun. 12, 1859; bur. Carpenter Cemetery near Pott's Creek. Married Mary HILDEBRANDT (or KISER?) (b. Aug. 20, 1776; d. Aug. 10, 1822). Children of Henry and Mary CARPENTER: Jonathan married first Barbara KISTLER, and second Annie CLAY; Anne married David RHYNE; two daughters.
  8. Abraham - b. 1774-1780; d. 1840-1843. Apparently died without issue in Lincoln Co., NC.
  9. Samuel - b. about 1780; d. May 2, 1825; bur. Big Gullies Cemetery. Estate sale was held in Aug, 1825, Lincoln Co., NC. His widow's will is dated May 28, 1839, Lincoln Co., NC. Married Oct. 4, 1804, Lincoln Co., NC, Elizabeth RUDISILL (b. Aug. 1784; d. Sep. 20, 1839; bur. Michael Carpenter Cemetery) daughter of Philip RUDISILL and Elizabeth LAU. Children of Samuel and Elizabeth CARPENTER: Philip married first Sarah 'Sally' CARPENTER, and second Elizabeth JOHNSON GEORGE; Amelia 'Milly' married Levi RUDISILL; Susan married Wiley RUDISILL; Michael married Rebecca CARPENTER; Ephraim married Dicy; Absolom; Samuel married Elizabeth Q CARPENTER; Barbara Elizabeth married Michael CARPENTER; Frances 'Fanny' married David FRIDAY; and Sally Salina married Solomon CARPENTER.
  10. William - b. about 1780; d. Jun. 10, 1845; bur. Michael Carpenter Cemetery. Married Dec. 18, 1807, Lincoln Co., NC Amelia 'Millie' RUDISILL (b. 1778; d. May 20, 1859), daughter of Philip RUDISILL and Elizabeth LAU. Children of William and Amelia CARPENTER: Eli; Elizabeth 'Betsey' married John HOVIS; Peter W. married Sara 'Sally' SETZER; Catherine married Daniel MOSTELLER; Sarah 'Sally' married first Robert FLOYD, and second Joseph CARPENTER; Anna married Jacob MAUNEY; Mary M. 'Polly' married Hial B. WITHERSPOON; William Wesley married first Sarah W. MATTOX, and second Sinai Josephine MYERS GREGORY; Christopher 'Christy'; Eliza married Eli MAUNEY; David R. died young; and Mary Susan married John W. 'Jack' McKEE.
  11. Anna - d. Jan. 10, 1839, Lincoln Co., NC. Buried in Blacksmith Jacob CARPENTER Cemetery. A resident of Lincoln Co., NC, her will dated Jul. 2, 1828 leaves all her estate to her brother Jacob, including lands of about 100 acres adjoining properties of Joshua ROBERTS and Michael MAUNEY. Married probably before 1790 Peter CROUSE (d. before 1800). The only knowledge of their children (two or three daughters) is from the will of Elizabeth CROUSE (d. Apr. 28, 1810; probated 1811), which names her parents and her sister Susanna, and a land purchase by Barbara and her mother in 1811. Barbara and Elizabeth may be the same person, namely Barbara Elizabeth CROUSE.
  12. Frances 'Fanny' - b. 1780-1782; d. 1830-1840. Married Mar. 25, 1808, Lincoln Co., NC Daniel EAKER, son of Christian EAKER and Eve WHISNANT. Son of Fanny and Daniel EAKER: Abraham married Mary HUGGINS.

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Joseph and Elizabeth (Johnson) Carpenter

Joseph CARPENTER - b. May 13, 1768, NC; d. Oct. 25, 1853, Rutherford Co., NC; bur. Salem Methodist Church Cemetery [photo]. Son of Peter ZIMMERMAN and Barbara DEPPEN. Joseph resided all his married life in Rutherford Co., NC on the homestead deeded to him by his father, namely "200 acres on the east side of Second Broad River." Joseph and Elizabeth appear in the Rutherford Co., NC censuses for 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840 (in the household of son James), and 1850. See also the 1850 Argicultural Schedule for the county. His will, written Feb. 11, 1829, probated Fall of 1853, names his seven sons and three daughter, leaving them each $10. The balance of the estate went to his wife Elizabeth. Married Dec. 11, 1798.

Elizabeth JOHNSON - b. Oct. 10, 1780, NC; d. Aug. 5, 1856, Rutherford Co., NC; bur. Salem Methodist Church Cemetery [photo]. Daughter of Daniel JOHNSON and Mary MORTON. Her will dated Jul. 24, 1856, probated Aug. 1856, names her seven sons, two surviving daughters, and James J. JONES who received "one horse colte for the neighteral love and afections I have for him." Her land is divided equally between daughters Nancy EDWARDS and Miry BRADLEY, with the balance of the estate to be sold and equally divided between her sons. Her son Emmanuel Morton CARPENTER was named administrator.

Children of Joseph and Elizabeth Carpenter

  1. Hiram - b. Mar. 19, 1800, Rutherford Co., NC; d. after 1860, AR. Lived in Tippah Co., MS 1850, and Tishomingo Co., MS 1860.
  2. William J. - b. Jan. 23, 1802, Rutherford Co., NC; d. Aug. 20, 1887, Catawaba Co., NC; bur. Bethel Lutheran Church Cemetery. Married Feb. 9, 1832 Catharine FULLBRIGHT (b. Dec. 21, 1811; d. Sep. 14, 1869). Children of William and Catharine CARPENTER: Daniel Franklin married first Candace Euphema MOSER, and second Catharine M. SIGMON; A. Wesley; Caroline W.; William Wilkie married Mildred Naomi FRAZIER; and Sarah Ann G. married George Alfred HOKE.
  3. Emmanuel Morton - b. Feb. 22, 1805, Rutherford Co., NC; d. Mar. 15, 1889, Rutherford Co., NC; bur. Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Rutherford Co., NC. In a Rutherford Co. July Court 1831 paternity case against E. M. Carpenter, he and his brother Wm. J. Carpenter posted bond because of a child born to Sarah Wood. Married Jul. 13, 1844 (bond) Jane DAYBERRY (b. Feb. 27, 1826; d. Aug. 11, 1876; bur. Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Rutherford Co., NC. Son of Emanuel CARPENTER and Sarah WOOD: Emanuel Morton CARPENTER married Elizabeth Elvira WIKLE. Children of Emmanuel and Jane CARPENTER: Margaret C. married first David G. HARMON, second Mr. WOLFE, and third Thomas MILLER; Martha Jane married Rev. Jonathan Beatty CARPENTER; Samuel Hueston married first Julia Mullins WALKER, and second A. A. WOLFE; Vienna E. married Joseph W. ALLEN; Avery Byron married Lucy HARVEY; Milan Travis maried first Sarah E. WEBER, and second Ollie J. HAMRICK; Mariah Alice married James Alexander DUNLAP; Amanda C. married F. Pitz WALKER; Emmanuel Morton married Mary A. Della WEBER; and Nancy Cora married Benjamin G. DIVINEY.
  4. Daniel T. - b. Dec. 10, 1806, Rutherford Co., NC; d. after 1870, AR. Living in 1850 Tippah Co., MS, and 1860 Tishomingo Co., MS. Married Priscilla (b. Apr. 1831, NC; d. after 1900). Their family is found in the 1870 census of Printiss Co., MS, which names children as Joseph T. 18, James M. 16, Mary R. (or Meisy) 14, and William L. 3. Priscilla is found in the 1900 census of Prentiss Co., MS with birth in Apr. 1831, a widow, mother of 10 children (5 living), residing with son-in-laws James LEDBETTER and his wife Fannie (or Hannah). Children of Daniel and Priscilla CARPENTER: Joseph Teppah; James Morton; Mary Elizabeth; Martha J. probably died young; William L.; Fannie (or Hannah) married James LEDBETTER; and four other children died young.
  5. John H. - b. Feb. 29, 1808, Rutherford Co., NC; d. Feb. 24, 1887, Rutherford Co., NC.
  6. Mariah M. - b. Jun. 20, 1810, Rutherford Co., NC; d. Apr. 30, 1844; bur. Salem Methodist Church Cemetery, Rutherford Co., NC. Unmarried
  7. Samuel A. - b. Dec. 27, 1812, Rutherford Co., NC; d. after 1845, CA. An adventurer who traveled in NC, SC, AB, MS, and CA. Family tradition states he was murdered in CA.
  8. James M. - b. Sep. 9, 1814, Rutherford Co., NC; d. Nov. 29, 1890, Polk Co., NC. Married Apr. 2, 1844 (bond) Nancy Avaline EDWARDS (b. 1823; d. Apr. 22, 1885; bur. Polk Co., NC) daughter of Daniel EDWARDS and Lavinia DICKY. Children of James and nancy CARPENTER: Almeda Katharine married Samuel Monroe SITTON; Alethea Louise married Capt. Martin Garner CLARK; Frances Caldonia married Martin H. SHUFORD; Joseph T.; Emily Elizabeth married John D. SITTON; John D.; Sara Jane; Nancy Ann married Dr. Joseph Grayson WALDROP; and James Morton married Eunice RICHARDSON WYATT.
  9. Nancy Walton - b. Jan. 28, 1817, Rutherford Co., NC; d. Nov. 30, 1880. Married Oliver P. EDWARDS (b. Nov. 23, 1821; d. Sep. 10, 1864, Camp Elmira, NY) who died as a Confederate prisoner of war. Children of Nancy and Oliver EDWARDS: Mary E. married Peter A. CARPENTER; and Samuel married Mary L. PARTON.
  10. Mira Isena - b. Oct. 10, 1819, Rutherford Co., NC. Named as Mary Sarah in her mother's will. Married George BRADLEY. Children of Mira and George BRADLEY: Lathey and another child.

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John H. and Mary (McGaughey) Carpenter

John H. CARPENTER - b. Feb. 29, 1808, Rutherford Co., NC; d. Feb. 24, 1887, Rutherford Co., NC; bur. Salem Methodist Church Cemetery [photo], Rutherford Co., NC. Son of Joseph CARPENTER and Elizabeth JOHNSON. Family tradition indicates that John and Mary were to be married, but an accident crippled Mary and she refused to marry. After Elvira's death, the romance between John and Mary was renewed. John and Elvira are listed in the Rutherford Co., NC census of 1850. See also the 1850 Argicultural Schedule for the county. John and Mary are listed in the Rutherford Co., NC censuses of 1860, 1870, and 1880. Married first about 1849 Elvira MCMAHAN (b. 1825; d. 1852). Married second Feb. 8, 1853, Rutherford Co., NC.

Mary McGAUGHEY - b. Oct. 12, 1820, Rutherford Co., NC; d. Jul. 8, 1906, Rutherford Co., NC; bur. Salem Methodist Church Cemetery [photo], Rutherford Co., NC. Daughter of James Withrow McGAUGHEY and Elizabeth. The surname has been variously spelled, including McGaha, McGhey, McGahhey, and McGaughey.

Children of John and Elvira Carpenter

  1. Mary E. - b. Jan. 1850, Rutherford Co., NC; d. Mar. 1938; bur. Salem Methodist Church Cemetery, Rutherford Co., NC. Married John G. Bynum DEPRIEST. Children of Mary and John DePRIEST: Rebecca Edna married James Samuel Milton ANDREWS; Frances married Loran LONG; Georgia married John BABER; Minnie married Will BABER; Winnie married John HARRILL; and Margaret O. married Horace D. HAMPTON.
  2. John - b. about 1851, Rutherford Co., NC. Married Sarah GESS. Resided in Greenville, SC and Forney, TX, and returned to Rutherford Co., NC. A grand-niece recalls "I can remember John Carpenter, Susanna's brother. When I was a very small girl, he visited my father E. Morton Carpenter <Jr>. He had snow white hair and very blue eyes - was a small man. My brothers liked for him to come, as he would take them fishing."

Children of John and Mary Carpenter

  1. Susanna - b. Jan. 14, 1856, Rutherford Co., NC; d. Feb. 10, 1942, Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., TX. Susanna is listed as 'Nancy' at age 5 in the 1860 census. Married George Romulus FREEMAN.
  2. Elizabeth - b. about 1857, Rutherford Co., NC; d. Oct. 20, 1929, Bostic, Rutherford Co., NC; bur. Mt. Hebron (Sharon) Methodist Church Cemetery, Rutherford Co., NC. Married Dec. 21, 1887, Rutherford Co., NC, William Francis LEE: Children of Elizabeth and William LEE: Robert E.; John W.; Harry T.; Ernest F.; Clyde H.; and Bertha married O. Roscoe BABER.
  3. Martha - b. about 1860, Rutherford Co., NC. One source reports she died at age 15 years, 9 months. Another source reports she married Tom WATSON.
  4. Lourany 'Lou' - b. Oct. 6, 1862, Rutherford Co., NC; d. Oct. 18, 1942, Rutherford Co., NC; bur. Concord Church Cemetery. Lived at Bostic, NC. Married Apr. 29, 1886, Rutherford Co., NC, Andrew Pinkney HIGGINS (b. Apr. 16, 1855; d. Oct. 2, 1944, Rutherford Co., NC; bur. Concord Baptist Church Cemetery). When the FREEMAN family first moved to Texas, Andy and Lou purchased their home in Logan Store township. The home burned about 1915, and a new HIGGINS home was built on the foundations. Children of Lou and Andrew HIGGINS: Myrtle O. married H. H. TUCKER; Royal C. married Maude CHANEY; Grady W. married Betty ROGERS, and Mirth Cornelius married Alda ALDRIDGE (living in 1984).
  5. James W. - b. Aug. 1864, Rutherford Co., NC; d. Mar. 25, 1936, Rutherford Co., NC; bur. Mt. Lebanon Church Cemetery, Rutherford Co., NC. Joseph A. T. BLACK was the illegitimate son of James and Laura D. SMITH, daughter of Fate SMITH and Elizabeth LONG. Laura later married John Thomas WILLIAMS, and Joseph was bound to John S. BLACK, whose name he took, at about age 4 or 5. James married about 1890 Elora GRAYSON (b. Jan. 21, 1868; d. Nov. 19, 1951, Rutherford Co., NC; bur. Mt. Lebanon Church Cemetery, Rutherford Co., NC). Son of James CARPENTER and Laura SMITH: Joseph Adolphus Tillman BLACK married Lee Ila Ada WESTMORELAND. Children of James and Elora CARPENTER: Nimmie (living in 1984) married Grayson C. MARTIN; Colon married Essie DIGH; John Carroll (living in 1984) married Pearl WEAST; and William married Nellie DEAL.

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