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Elijah Mason Morey and Elizabeth Merrill

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Minnie Elsie Morey and Aretus Erastus Freeman

Iva Melvina Freeman and Donald VanHoosier Lawson

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Major published sources referred to for the COOLIDGE and RAVENS families are:

Coolidge Ancestry in England

William and Margaret (Mayse) Cooledge

William COOLEDGE - bur. 25 Oct. 1618, Cottenham, Cambridge. Son of Simon COOLEDGE and Jane. Churchwarden of Cottenham in 1612. Will dated 21 Oct., 1618, and proved 31st same month. Married at Cottenham, Cambridge on 23 June, 1588.

Margaret Mayse - bur. aFeb. 11, 1620, Cottenham, Cambridge.

  1. Richard - bap. Jan. 4, 1590, Cottenham, Cambridge. Married May 5, 1615 Elizabeth ESSEX. Children: Alice; Richard; Sarah; Simon; Elizabeth; and William.
  2. William - bap. Jan. 4, 1592, Cottenham, Cambridge. Son William.
  3. Jane - bap. Dec. 27, 1593, Cottenham, Cambridge; bur. Mar. 22, 1596, Cottenham, Cambridge.
  4. Thomas - bap. Jul. 22, 1595, Cottenham, Cambridge; bur. Jul. 1, 1597, Cottenham, Cambridge.
  5. Elizabeth - bap. May 22, 1598, Cottenham, Cambridge.
  6. Simon - bap. Jun. 15, 1600, Cottenham, Cambridge.
  7. Margaret - bap. Sep. 19, 1602, Cottenham, Cambridge.
  8. John - bap. Sep. 16, 1604, Cottenham, Cambridge, England; d. May 7, 1691, Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA.

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Ravens and Hedge Ancestry in England

William and Joan (Starlyng) Ravens

William RAVENS - b. about 1519; bur. Aug. 1, 1580, Dedham. Will dated Jul. 18, 1580. A clothier of Dedham, Essex, he married, probably shortly before May 7, 1544.

Joan STARLYNG - bur. Oct. 10, 1584. Daughter of Robert STARLYNG (d. Oct. 30, 1537) and graddaughter of Robert STARLYNG (d. by Sep. 23, 1504).

Children of William and Joan Ravens

  1. Grace - b. about 1545, Dedham, Essex; d. before Apr. 1606. Married at Dedham, Essex on Jan. 12, 1567/8 to Edward COLE (will dated Apr. 1, 1606; proved Feb. 4, 1606/7) of East Bergholt, Suffolk. Children of Grace and Edward COLE: Edward married Abigail (BRAND) CORNELIUS alias JOYNER; Grace married Simon ROZIER; and Robert married Bridget BARRETT.
  2. Bridget - b. about 1548, Dedham, Essex; bur. Nov. 14, 1609, Dedham, Essex. Married at Dedham, Essex on May 15, 1571 to Habakkuk PAGE (d. before Feb. 1608/9). Daughters.
  3. WIlliam - bur. Nov. 10, 1560, Dedham, Essex.
  4. Mary - bur. Nov. 22, 1563, Dedham, Essex.
  5. Richard - bap. Apr. 1, 1562, Dedham, Essex; d. Apr. 3, 1626, Wattisfield, Suffolk; bur. there Apr. 5, 1626. Married Elizabeth HEDGE.

Nicholas and Alice (Burrough) Hedge

Nicholas HEDGE - d. 1577. Of East Bergholt, Suffolk, he was the brother of Robert HEDGE, Anne HEDGE and Margaret HEDGE. Son of James HEDGE (will dated Feb. 13, 1553/4; proved Apr. 5, 1554) and Elizabeth (will dated Mar. 11, 1566/7; proved Jan. 30, 1567/8), who married second Christopher MELLES.

Alice BURROUGH - Sister of Christopher BURROUGH (will dated Nov. 16, 1604; proved Mar. 19, 1604/5). Daughter of John BURROUGH (will dated Apr. 10, 1577; proved May 10, 1577) and Margaret.

Children of Nicholas and Alice Hedge

  1. Alice - b. about 1564; d. before Jun. 1619. Named in 1567 will of her grandmother Elizabeth HEDGE MELLES. Married George MARKES (will dated May 24, 1619; proved Dec. 4, 1621). Eldest son of Alice and George MARKES: George.
  2. Elizabeth - b. about 1566. Married Rev. Richard RAVENS.
  3. Robert - b. about 1568. Married and had children.
  4. Susan - b. about 1570. Married John THORPE.
  5. Christopher - b. about 1572.
  6. Jeremy - b. about 1574. Named in the 1606 will of his cousin Christopher BURROUGH.
  7. Ruth - b. about 1576; d. probably before Nov. 1606.
  8. Parnell - b. about 1578. Born after 1577 will of her grandfather John BURROUGHS. Married Robert THOMPSON.

Rev. Richard and Elizabeth (Hedge) Ravens

Richard RAVENS - bap. Apr. 1, 1562, Dedham, Essex; d. Apr. 3, 1626, Wattisfield, Suffolk; bur. there Apr. 5, 1626. Son of William RAVENS and Joan STARLYNG. Minister of the Church of Wattisfield. Will dated Oct. 31, 1625, proved May 25, 1626. A clerk and grammar teacher at East Bergholt, he married about 1588.

Elizabeth HEDGE - b. about 1566. Daughter of Nicholas HEDGE and Alice BURROUGH.

Children of Rev. Richard and Elizabeth Ravens

See Notable Cousins for line to: George Herbert Walker BUSH and George Walker BUSH
  1. Jonathan - b. about 1589, East Bergholt, Suffolk; bur. Sep. 26, 1626, Wattisfield, Suffolk. Principal beneficiary of father's will.
  2. Grace - b. about 1591, East Bergholt, Suffolk; d. Jun. 3, 1662, Watertown, MA. Married first Sep. 26, 1611, Wattisfield, John SHERMAN (bap. Aug. 17, 1585, Dedham, Essex; bur. Jan. 24, 1615/6, Great Horkesley, Essex), son of Henry SHERMAN and Susan LAWRENCE. Grace married second Thomas ROGERS (b. about 1588; d. Nov. 12, 1638, Watertown, MA). Grace and Thomas arrived in America about 1634. She married third, as his second wife, Roger PORTER (d. Apr. 3, 1654, Watertown, MA). Children of Grace and John: John married Martha PALMER; and Richard. Child of Grace and Thomas: Elizabeth married Daniel SMITH (ancestors of Pres. BUSH).
  3. Bezaleel - bap. Dec. 9, 1593, Dedham, Essex; bur. there Oct. 21, 1648. Married first Judith BROWNE (Bur. Jan. 16, 1644/5, Dedham, England), sister of Titus BROWNE. He married second Jane. Children of Bezleel and Judith RAVENS: Richard died young; Nathaniel; John married Alice Freeman; Samuel; Edmond died young; Judith died young; Mary; and Anne. Children of Bezaleel and Jane RAVENS: Richard; and Jane died in infancy.
  4. Elizabeth - bap. Dec. 21, 1595, Dedham, Essex. She was living May 31, 1634. Married Apr. 10, 1621, Coddenham, Suffolk, Anthony MILLS (d. by May 31, 1634, probaby at Brantham, Suffolk). Children of Elizabeth and Anthony MILLS: John; Richard; and Elizabeth.
  5. William - b. about 1598. Married Martha (bur. Sep. 10, 1654, Dedham, England). Children of William and Martha RAVENS: Martha married Robert BRABROOK; Richard married Ann; Nathaniel; Samuel married Alice; Mary; and Stephen.
  6. Edmund - bap. Jun. 29, 1600, Wattisfield, Suffolk. A clothier of Dedham, his will was dated Mar. 10, 1625/6, and proved Mar. 31, 1626. Married Feb. 23, 1624/5, Wattisfield, Suffolk, England, Mary GULL (Bap. May 22, 1604, Dedham; bur. there Dec. 3, 1647), the daughter of Richard and Grizell GULL. Children of Edmund and Mry RAVENS: Nathaniel; two children died in infancy; Martha died young; two children died in infancy.
  7. Mary - bap. Nov. 14, 1602, Wattisfield, Suffolk; d. Aug. 22, 1691, Watertown, MA.
  8. Richard - bap. May 5, 1605, Wattisfield, Suffolk. Living in 1625.
  9. Helen (Ellin) - bap. Jul. 7, 1607, Wattisfield, Suffolk. Living in 1625.
  10. Sarah - bap. Nov. 3, 1611, Wattisfield, Suffolk. Living in 1625.

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The Coolidge family in America

John and Mary (Ravens) Coolidge

John COOLIDGE - bap. Sep. 16, 1604, Cottenham, Cambridge, England; d. May 7, 1691, Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA; bur. Arlington Street Cemetery [inscription], Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA. Son of William COOLEDGE and Margaret MAYSE. The earliest record in America is his admission as Freeman on May 25, 1936. John was a signer of The Covenant of Dedham, MA in 1636 , but probably never resided there. He received 30 acres in the Great Division of Jul. 25, 1636, and obtain additional lands by grant and purchase, with 238 acres valued at £226 10s in the inventory of his estate on Jun. 10, 1691. Selectman of Watertown 1638-1642, 1664-1669, 1677, 1680, and 1682; deputy to Great and General Court 1658. Will dated Nov. 19, 1681, and proved Jun. 16, 1691; inventoried at £237 - 7s. Married about 1630 in England.

Mary RAVENS - bap. Nov. 14, 1602, Wattisfield, Suffolk; d. Aug. 22, 1691, Watertown, MA; bur. Arlington Street Cemetery [inscription], Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA. Daughter of Rev. Richard RAVENS and Elizabeth HEDGE.

Children of John and Mary Coolidge

See Notable Cousins for line to: Calvin COOLIDGE, William David COOLIDGE, Robert Hutchings GODDARD, William Howard TAFT

  1. John - b. about 1630, England; d. Feb. 8, 1690/1, Watertown, MA. Will dated Feb. 7, 1690/1 and proved Apr. 7, 1691. Called Ensign, was Sgt. in 1666 and in military records 1678-1679. Selectman of Watertown 1684 and 1686-1690. Married first Nov. 14, 1655, Watertown, MA Hannah LIVERMORE (b. 1633, England; d. Dec. 23, 1678, Watertown, MA, daughter of John LIVERMORE and Grace SHERMAN; and second Sep. 16, 1679, Watertown, MA Mary WELLINGTON (b. Feb. 10, 1640/1, Watertown, MA; d. Jan. 21, 1690/1, Watertown, MA), daughter of Roger WELLINGTON and Mary PALGRAVE, and widow of Henry MADDOCK. Children of John and Hannah COOLIDGE: Hannah married John BOND (ancestors of Robert H. GODDARD); twins Mary and Sarah died in infancy; twins John and Jonathan died in infancy; John married Mary; Grace married Col. Jonas BOND; Lt. Richard married first Mary BOND, and second Susanna; Abigail; Elizabeth died young; Daniel died young; and Sarah married Dea. Nathan FISKE. Daughter of John and Mary COOLIDGE: Mary married Daniel LIVERMORE.
  2. Simon - b. about 1632 probably in England; d. Dec. 27, 1693, Watertown, MA. Married first Nov. 17, 1658, Watertown, MA Hannah BARRON (b. about 1635; d. Jul. 14, 1680, Watertown, MA), daughter of Ellis BARRON and Grace; and second Jan. 19, 1681/2, Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA Priscilla ROGERS (b. about 1637; d. Jun. 9, 1717, Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA), daughter of John ROGERS and Priscilla DAWES. Children of Simon and Hannah COOLIDGE: Mary married Nathaniel BRIGHT; Obadiah married Elizabeth ROSE; Dea. Joseph married Rebecca FROST (daughter Rebecca married Rev. Edward WIGGLESWORTH, son of Rev. Michael WIGGLESWORTH); Sarah married Samuel HASTINGS; Hannah married first Daniel SMITH, and second Dea. Nathan FISKE; Stephen married Sarah PARKER; and Lydia died in infancy.
  3. Nathaniel - b. about 1636, Watertown, MA; d. Nov. 3, 1711, Watertown, MA.
  4. Mary - b. Oct. 14, 1637, Watertown, MA; d. Mar. 2, 1659/60, Watertown, MA. Married Sep. 19, 1655, Watertown, MA Isaac MIXER, son of Isaac and Sarah. Children of Mary and Isaaxc MIXER: Mary; and Sarah.
  5. Stephen - b. Oct. 28, 1639, Watertown, MA; d. Feb. 20, 1710/1, Watertown, MA. Service in King Philip's War. Married Rebecca (d. Apr. 15, 1702, Watertown, MA). No children.
  6. Obadiah - b. Apr. 15, 1642, Watertown, MA; d. Jul. 11, 1663, Watertown, MA. Did not marry.
  7. Jonathan - b. Mar. 10, 1646, Watertown, MA; will was dated Feb. 12, and proved Mar. 16, 1723/4. Watertown, MA. Birth date is given as "1645 ye 10d-1m" in Watertown Records. Married Dec. 3, 1679, Watertown, MA Martha RICE (b. Jan. 14, 1661/2, MA; d. Dec. 10, 1695, Watertown, MA), daughter of Joseph RICE and Mercy KING. Children of Jonathan and Martha COOLIDGE: Martha did not marry; Rebecca married Peter SPOONER; Mary; Jonathan married Ruth HOLLAND; John married Mary; Joseph probably did not marry; and Josiah died young.

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Nathaniel and Mary (Bright) Coolidge

Nathaniel COOLIDGE - b. about 1636, Watertown, MA; d. Nov. 3, 1711, Watertown, MA. Son of John COOLIDGE and Mary RAVENS. Admitted freeman Apr. 29, 1668; selectman of Watertown in 1677. Was husbandman, miller, and owner of fishing weirs in the Charles River. Married Oct. 15, 1657, Watertown, MA.

Mary BRIGHT - b. Apr. 23, 1639, Watertown, MA; d. after Jun. 17, 1712. Daughter of Henry BRIGHT and Anna GOLDSTONE.

Children of Nathaniel and Mary Coolidge

  1. Abigail - b. Sep. 21, 1658, Watertown, MA; d. Jan. 5, 1658/9, Watertown, MA.
  2. Nathaniel - b. May 9, 1660, Watertown, MA; d. Jan. 29, 1732/3, Weston, MA. First member of church at Weston Oct. 2, 1709. Married Jan. 2, 1687/8, Watertown, MA Lydia JONES (b. Aug. 25, 1668, Watertown, MA; d. May 21, 1718, Weston, MA), daughter of Capt. Joseph JONES and Lydia TREADWAY. Children of Nathaniel and Lydia COOLIDGE: Samuel; Lydia married Joseph HARRINGTON; Josiah married Deliverance WARREN; Mary married Samuel JOHNSON; Abigail; and Thankful married Josiah PARKS.
  3. Samuel - b. Feb. 14, 1661/2, Watertown, MA; probably died young.
  4. Henry - b. May 16, 1664, Watertown, MA; d. Aug. 6, 1665, Watertown, MA.
  5. Mary - b. Jun. 16, 1666, Watertown, MA.
  6. Elizabeth - b. Mar. 21, 1666/7, Watertown, MA; d. Jul. 30, 1669, Watertown, MA.
  7. Thomas - b. Apr. 24, 1670, Watertown, MA; d. May 15, 1737, Watertown, MA. Selectman of Watertown, and innholder there. Married first Nov. 15 or 16, 1699, Watertown, MA Sarah EDDY (b. Oct. 31, 1670, Watertown, MA; d. Nov. 7, 1711, Watertown, MA), daughter of Samuel and Sarah; and second Jan. 15, 1712/3, Boston, MA Mary SMITH. Children of Thomas and Sarah COOLIDGE: Sarah married Jonathan PARKS; Tabitha married Jabez STRATTON; and David married Mary MIXER.
  8. Anna - b. about 1671, Watertown, MA; d. Dec. 28, 1718, Watertown, MA. Married first Nathaniel ADAMS (d. Jul 11, 1710), blacksmith of Charlestown, MA; and second Nov. 18, 1716 Benjamin LAWRENCE. Children of Anna and Nathaniel ADAMS: Anna; and another daughter.
  9. Jonathan - b. about 1672, Watertown, MA; d. Dec. 7, 1729, Watertown, MA. Married first Mercy (d. Sep. 19, 1724); and second in 1724, Boston, MA Experience THORNTON (b. Feb. 23, 1687, Boston, MA), daughter of Timothy and Experience, and widow of Ebenezer WAKEFIELD. Children of Jonathan and Mercy COOLIDGE: Annable married Thomas HARBACH; Abigail married Oakes ANGIER; Adam died in infancy; Eunice; Seth died in infancy; and Hannah married Richard COOLIDGE (bap. Apr. 30, 1699, Watertown, MA; d. Aug. 31, 1755, Newton, MA), son of Lt. Richard COOLIDGE and Mary BOND.
  10. John - b. about 1674, Watertown, MA; d. Apr. 26, 1755, Watertown, MA.
  11. Hepzibah - b. Feb. 27, 1680/1, Watertown, MA; d. Mar. 25, 1763, Watertown, MA. Married Nov. 15, 1720, Watertown, MA Jonathan STONE (b. Dec. 26, 1677; d. Jan. 7, 1754) son of Simon STONE and Mary WHIPPLE. Children of Hepzibah and Jonathan STONE: Hepzibah died in infancy; Anne married Jonas STONE; and Moses married first Hannah, and second Hannah TAINTER.
  12. Joseph - b. about 1684, Watertown, MA; d. Apr. 17, 1749, Watertown, MA. Deacon 1741-1749, and selectman 1732, 1739, and 1742. Married first May 9, 1717, Watertown, MA Elizabeth BOND (b. Mar. 20, 1684/5, Watertown, MA; d. 1736), daughter of John BOND and Hannah COOLIDGE; and second Nov. 10, 1737, Watertown, MA Esther MASON (b. Jul. 8, 1686, Watertown, MA), daughter of Joseph MASON and Mary FISKE. Children of Joseph and Elizabeth COOLIDGE: Susanna married John BOWMAN; Elizabeth married John HOAR; Samuel married Ruth CLARKE; Benoni did not marry; Mercy married Joshua STRATTON; and Mary.

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John and Margaret (Bond) Coolidge

John COOLIDGE - b. about 1674, Watertown, MA; d. Apr. 26, 1755, Watertown, MA. Son of Nathaniel COOLIDGE and Mary BRIGHT. Another source estimates birth year as 1668. Deacon of First Church for many years; town clerk 1725; selectman 1738 and 1741. Married Jan. 16, 1699/1700, Watertown, MA.

Margaret BOND - b. Oct. 1, 1681. Daughter of Deacon William BOND and Hepzibah HASTINGS of Watertown, MA.

Children of John and Margaret Coolidge

  1. John - b. Nov. 8, 1702, Watertown, MA; d. Nov. 17, 1702, Watertown, MA.
  2. Huldah - b. Jan. 10, 1704/5, Watertown, MA; d. Nov. 25, 1736, Oxford, MA. Married Jacob CUMMINS.
  3. Anna - b. Jul. 23, 1706, Watertown, MA. Moved to Westminster, MA about 1741. Married Feb. 11, 1724/5, Watertown, MA John STEARNS (b. Nov. 18, 1702, Watertown, MA; d. 1775, Westminster, MA), son of John STEARNS and Abigail FISKE. Children of Anna and John STEARNS: Moses married Ruth HOUGHTON; Jerusha married Darius HOUGHTON; Anna; Abigail married Roger WELLINGTON; Hepzibah married Benjamin STRATTON; Aaron married Esther GLAZIER; and Elias married Sarah KEYES.
  4. Melicent - b. Sep. 12, 1708, Watertown, MA; d. Dec. 7, 1725, Watertown, MA.
  5. Deborah - b. May 29, 1711, Watertown, MA. Married Dec. 1731 Jonathan PRATT of Oxford, MA.
  6. William - b. Mar. 13, 1712/3, Watertown, MA; d. Jan. 24, 1798, Waltham, MA. Captain; assessor; selectman 1764-1768. Married Jun. 2, 1743, Watertown, MA Elizabeth BROWN (b. Feb. 8, 1719/20, Watertown, MA; d. Nov. 19, 1803, Waltham, MA), daughter of Jonathan BROWN and Elizabeth SIMONDS. Children of William and Elizabeth COOLIDGE: Elizabeth married Eyres TAINTER; Eunice married Samuel CUTTING; William married Mary BRIDGE; Lucy married Samuel HARRINGTON, Jr.; Anna married Daniel HARRINGTON; Hepzibah married Capt. Francis LANE; John did not marry; Gen. Jonathan married first Hannah CLARKE, and second Mrs. Elizabeth HAMMOND; and Elias died young.
  7. Mindwell - b. Jan. 17, 1715/6, Watertown, MA; d. Feb. 17, 1734/5, Weston, MA. Married Apr. 11, 1734 Benjamin BIGELOW (b. Dec. 3, 1709), son of Jonathan BIGELOW and Elizabeth BEMIS. Son Benjamin died in infancy. Benjamin married second Love WOOD.
  8. Henry - b. Nov. 3, 1717, Watertown, MA. Married Sep. 12, 1747 Phebe DANA. Settled at Brighton, MA.
  9. Elisha - b. Jul. 9, 1720, Watertown, MA. Setted at Ashburnham, MA. Married Sarah. Children of Elisha and Sarah COOLIDGE: Catherine; Sarah; Permelia; Jonathan; Judith; John; Elizabeth; Elisha; Relief; Lucy; and Flavel married Nancy WILDES.
  10. Hepzibah - b. 1722, Watertown, MA. Married Oct. 21, 1742, Watertown, MA James HACKLETON. Children of Hepzibah and James HACKLETON: John married Bethia; Susannah; Hepzibah; Elisha; Samuel; Mary; and Daniel.

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