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                  Iva Melvina Freeman and Donald VanHoosier Lawson

                  Stephen Martin Lawson

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White ancestry in England

A well documented presentation of the ancestry of Robert White is desired. Until it is obtained, the brief outline included, from undocumented sources, should be considered conjecture and used with caution.

Robert and Bridget (Allgar) White

Robert WHITE - bur. Jun. 17, 1617, Messing, Essex, England. Said to be the son of Robert WHITE (b. South Pemerton; d. 1600) and Alice, grandson of Richard WHITE (b. Hillariance; d. May 6, 1578) married Helen (1523-1580), and great-grandson of Thomas WHITE (b. Meriot) married Agnes RICHARDS. His will was dated May 27, 1617, and indicates he lived for considerable time in the parish and was quite wealthy. He gave to support the poor of Messing, and to Rev. Richard ROGERS, a non-conformist, and Rev. Bartholomew SCRIVENER, an established church minister. Robert's will names his wife and all his children. Son Daniel and wife Bridget were named executors, and John CHRISTMAS (Sr.) and William LEVETT were witnesses. Also named are three sons in law (James BOWTELL, Joseph LOOMIS, and William GOODWIN), Ralph BETT ("my kinsman and servant"), and Joseph DIGBIE ("my servant"). The three unmarried children, Bridget, Anna, and John, were bequeathed money on the condition that they obtain the consent of their mother, and of Joseph LOOMIS and William GOODWIN, before marriage (100 marks to each daughter, and 200 marks to John). It is possible that Daniel was the son of a first wife, prior to Robert's marriage to Bridget on Jun. 24, 1585 at Shalford, Essex.

Bridget ALLGAR (or ALGER) - bap. Mar. 11, 1562, Shalford, Essex, England. Daughter of William ALLGAR (bur. Aug. 2, 1575, Shalford, Essex), and sister of: Mary, who married "Ralfe BETTE"; John, who died in infancy; John; and Elizabeth.

Children of Robert and Bridget White

See Notable Cousins for line to: Lucille BALL, Stephen Grover CLEVELAND, Sarah (WATSON) DANA, Lee DeFOREST, Emily Elizabeth DICKINSON, Millard FILLMORE, Gerald Rudolph FORD, Ulysses Simpson GRANT, Frederick Law OLMSTED, William Sydney 'O. Henry' PORTER, Vincent Leonard PRICE, Sophia SMITH, Raquel WELCH, William WILLIAMS, Wilbur WRIGHT and Orville WRIGHT, and Jane WYMAN

  1. Daniel - Co-executor of father's will with his father's widow. Daniel's baptism is not recorded at Shalford, and he is not granted a bequest in his father's will, though he is called "my sonne." It is poosible that he was the son of a first wife of Robert WHITE.
  2. Sarah - bap. Mar. 8, 1585/6, Shalford, Essex. Married James BOWTELL of Little Sailinge, Essex. Children of Sarah and James BOWTELL: Matthew died in infancy; James died in infancy; John died in infancy; Nathaniel; Stephen; and Sarah died in infancy.
  3. Nathaniel - bap. Apr. 30, 1587, Shalford, Essex. He was apparently unmarried in 1617, since there is no mention of his wife or children (actual or potential) in his father's will.
  4. Mary - bap. Aug. 24, 1590, Shalford, Essex, England; d. Aug. 23, 1652, CT. Married Joseph LOOMIS.
  5. Elizabeth - bap. Mar. 5, 1591/2, Shalford, Essex; d. May 17, 1667, Farmington, CT. Married William GOODWIN.
  6. Bridget - bap. Aug. 18, 1594, Shalford, Essex. Unmarried in 1617. Bridget was married on Sep. 28, 1618 at Messing, Essex to John CHRISTMAS, Jr., and they had two sons: Richard and John.
  7. Anna - bap. Jul. 13, 1600, Shalford, Essex. (Also known as either Ann or Anne.) Married Oct. 18, 1620, Messing, Essex, John PORTER (d. Apr. 22, 1648, Windsor, CT). The baptisms of the first eight of their children, ending with Mary (bap. Oct. 1, 1637) are recorded at Felsted, Essex. The baptism of Anna (bap. Nov. 4, 1638) is recorded at Messing, Essex. Son Nathaniel and daughter Hannah were born at Windsor, CT. Children of Anna and John PORTER: John married Mary STANLEY; Sarah married Joseph JUDSON; James lived in London, England; Rebecca; Samuel died in infancy; Rose; Samuel married Hannah STANLEY, daughter of Thomas; Mary married Samuel GRANT; Anna died in infancy; Nathaniel; and Hannah (or Anna) married William GAYLORD (William married second Elizabeth DRAKE, daughter of John of Windsor, CT).
  8. John - d. Dec. 17, 1683 - Jan. 23, 1684, Hartford, CT. To America in 1632 aboard the 'Lyon', setting first at Cambridge, MA, where he was freeman Mar. 4, 1633. Removed to Hartford, CT about 1636, and then to Hadley by 1664, where he was Representative in 1664 and 1669. Returned to Hartford about 1670, and was Elder in the South Church. Unmarried in 1617, he married before leaving England, Mary LEVETT, probably the daughter of William (will dated Oct. 9, 1626; proved Dec. 15, 1626, Fering, Essex) and Margaret, and sister of Isaac, Richard and John LEVETT. John and Mary resided at Hadley, MA. Children of John and mary WHITE: Mary married Jonathan GILBERT; Nathaniel married first Elizabeth, and second Martha COIT, daughter of John and widow of Hugh MOULD; John married Sarah BUNCE, who married second Nicholas WORTHINGTON; Daniel married Sarah CROW, daughter of John and Elizabeth; Sarah married first Stephen TAYLOR, second Barnabas HINSDALE, and third Walter HICKSON; and Jacob married Elizabeth BUNCE.

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The Goodwin Brothers

The Town Records of Hadley, MA for Dec. 19, 1661 includes an entry in which a grant to Osias GOODWIN is renewed under certain conditions, and that William GOODWIN performed these conditions "for his brother."

  1. William - b. about 1591, probably in Essex, England; d. Mar. 11, 1673, Farmington, CT.
  2. Ozias - b. 1596, Bocking, Essex, England; d. about April 1683, Hartford, Hartford Co., CT. The inventory of his estate was taken Apr. 3, 1683 at Hartford, CT. Few records are found for Ozias, but he was one of the original proprietors of Hartford, CT in 1639. His name does not appear on the passenger list of the 'Lyon' of 1632, although he was then married, with a son William. Although he agreed to remove to Hadley, MA in 1659, he remained in Hartford. He married about 1628, probably in Essex, England Mary WOODWARD, daughter of Robert WOODWARD. Their son William was born in England, and the other children either in England or Hartford, CT, depending on when they arrived in America. Children of Ozias and Mary GOODWIN: William married Susannah FRUEN; Nathaniel married first Sarah COWLES, and second Elizabeth PRATT; and Hannah married William PITKIN.

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The Goodwin Family in America

William and Elizabeth (White) Goodwin

William GOODWIN - b. about 1591; d. Mar. 11, 1673, Farmington, CT. His name appears on Hartford's Founders Monument. William settled first at Newtown (Cambridge), MA (freeman Nov. 6, 1632; deputy to General Court May 1634), then at Hartford, CT 1636, Hadley, MA 1659, and Farmington, CT about 1670. He was the brother of Osias GOODWIN of Hartford. Elder William married second by Jan. 1669/70 Susan (GARBRAND) HOOKER (d. May 17, 1676, Farmington, CT), widow of Rev. Thomas HOOKER. <see: NEHGR Jan. 1901, pp. 22-31> Married first Nov. 7, 1616, Shalford, Essex, England.

Elizabeth WHITE - bap. Mar. 5, 1591/2, Shalford, Essex, England; d. May 17, 1667, Farmington, CT. Daughter of Robert WHITE and Bridget ALLGAR.

Daughter of William and Elizabeth Goodwin

  1. Elizabeth - b. about 1620, England; d. 1673, CT. Married John CROW.

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Lewis Ancestry Notes

An often repeated ancestry for William LEWIS of Farmington, Hartford Co., CT is apparently based on an unlocated deed of Walter COLLYNS of Cardiff, Wales in which William LEWIS is called son-in-law of Walter COLLYNS. Edward Bullard, in his 1931 book (see below), described this as a "fraudulent Lewis pedigree." Until such time as the supposed deed in located and the exact wording can be determined, or evidence of other origins is discovered, the ancestry of William LEWIS remains undetermined.

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Lewis Family in America

William and Felix Lewis

William LEWIS - d. Aug. 2, 1683, Farmington, Hartford Co., CT. Arrived at Boston Sep. 16, 1632 aboard the 'Lyon.' Admitted freeman at Boston Nov. 6, 1632. Settled first and Newton (now Cambridge), MA, and then removed to Hartford, Hartford Co., CT in 1636, and to Hadley, Hampshire Co., MA in 1659. His name appears on Hartford's Founders Monument. In 1664 he lived at Northampton, Hampshire Co., MA, and by Nov. 29, 1677 moved to Farmington, Hartford Co., CT. William, in a 1675 affidavit, identifies his sister Ann (LEWIS) STAINES, who came to New England in 1642, but soon returned to England. William LEWIS went back to England in 1649, and paid Ann's passage back to New England, where she died at Farmington, Hartford Co., CT prior to the end of 1675. Ann's will of 1670 (proved 1675/6) names benificiaries as William PIXLEY, Samuel COWLES, John CLARK, and Elizabeth JUDD, daughter of Benjamin JUDD. Married in England on Feb. 7, 1618.

Felix - b. England; d. Apr. 17, 1671, Hadley, Hampshire Co., MA. Her surname ihas not been determined. Edgar Bullard writes in Bennett and Allied Families (1931), p. 29: "The identity of ... Felix is not sertainly known.... A fraudulent Lewis pedigree, which was unfortunately given circulation in Lewisiana, states that William's wife, Felix, was daughter of Walter Collins, and this has been repeated in print elsewhere." Bullard continues quotes from the wills of Thomas OLCOTT and Giles WHITING, both of whom call William LEWIS "brother." Refer to the OLCOTT narrative for the 1653 will of Thomas OLCOTT.

  1. William - d. Aug. 18, 1690, Farmington, CT.

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William and Mary (Hopkins) Lewis

William LEWIS - d. Aug. 18, 1690, Farmington, CT. Son of William LEWIS and Felix. To MA 1632 with parents in the 'Lyon.' Capt. William married first about 1644, CT; and second at Boston, MA on Nov. 22, 1671 Mary CHEEVER, mother of the six youngest children. Mary CHEEVER (b. Nov. 29, 1640; d. Jan. 10, 1728) was the daughter of Ezekiel CHEEVER of New Haven, CT, and she married second Dea. Thomas BULL.

Mary HOPKINS - d. before Nov. 1671, CT. Her mother married second William WHITEHEAD of Windsor, CT. Daughter of William and Mary HOPKINS.

Children of William and Mary (Hopkins) Lewis

See Notable Cousins for line to: Lucius M. BOLTWOOD, Philo Taylor FARNSWORTH, Garrison Kent HALL, Frank Billings KELLOGG, and Will Keith KELLOGG

  1. Mary - b. May 6, 1645, Farmington, CT; d. 1691. Married Benjamin JUDD of Farmington, CT, son of Thomas JUDD (b. 1608; d. Nov. 12, 1688) and Clemence. Son of Mary and Benjamin JUDD: Benjamin married Susannah NORTH.
  2. Philip - bap. Dec. 13, 1646, Farmington, CT; d. about 1723, Fairfield, CT. The inventory of his estate was taken Dec. 4, 1723. Lived at Hartford and Fairfield, CT. Married first about 1670 Sarah ASHLEY (b. 1648), and second by 1694 Elizabeth. Children of Philip and Sarah LEWIS: Sarah married James BENNETT; Phillip married Matha HENDER; Ruth married first Richard HOLLINGSWORTH, and second Stephen MUNSON; Thomas; Nathan married; and Abigail.
  3. Samuel - b. Aug. 18, 1648, Farmington, CT; d. 1725. Lived at Farmington, CT. Married Elizabeth and had children Hannah and Samuel. Samuel married second before 1701 Mary (d. Feb. 16, 1744/5, Farmington, CT). Children of Samuel and Mary LEWIS: John married; Nehemiah married; Nathan married; Hester died young; Lt. Josiah married; and Job died young.
  4. Sarah - b. about 1652, Farmington, CT; d. Aug. 10, 1722, hadley, MA. Married about 1672 Samuel BOLTWOOD (d. Feb. 29, 1704, Deerfield, MA), son of Robert and Mary. Children of Sarah and Samuel BOLTWOOD: Sarah married Nathaniel KELLOGG; Mary died young; Samuel married Hannah ALEXANDER; Elizabeth married Dea. Eleazer MATTOON; Robert died at age 20, unmarried; Ebenezer married Mary; William died at age 27, unmarried; Rebecca married Daniel SHATTUCK; Solomon married Mary (NORTON) PANTRY; and Lydia married John INGRAM.
  5. Hannah - b. 1653, Farmington, CT. Married first Samuel CROW; and second 1676 Daniel MARSH.
  6. William - b. Mar. 15, 1657, Farmington, CT, d. 1737. Married about 1679 Sarah MOORE (b. 1661; d. 1725), daughter of Issac and Ruth (STANLEY) MOORE, and resided at Farmington, CT. Children of William and Sarah LEWIS: Ruth married Samuel GRIDLEY; Sarah married Samuel SMITH; Ens. Isaac married; William died young; Daniel married; Phebe died young; Capt. Jonathan married Elizabeth NEWELL; and Mary.
  7. Felix - b. Dec. 12, 1658, Farmington, CT; d. after 1738. Married about 1675 Thomas SELDEN (bap. Aug. 30, 1645; d. Nov. 24, 1734), son of Thomas and Hester (WAKEMAN) SELDEN of Hartford, CT. Children of Felix and Thomas SELDON: John married Sarah HARRISON; Thomas was slain at Deerfield at age 27, unmarried; and Ebenezer married Elizabeth CLARK.
  8. Ebenezer - d. about 1710, Farmington, CT. Married Dec. 2, 1685, Wallingford, CT Elizabeth MERRIMAN (b. Sep. 14, 1664, New Haven, CT; d. Feb. 2, 1748/9), daughter of Nathaniel and Joan MERRIMAN. Elizabeth married second William FREDERICK. Children of Ebenezer and Elizabeth LEWIS: Hezekiah married Abigail; Caleb married; Felix married Thomas ANDREWS; Elizabeth married Ephraim BIDWELL; Barnabas married Elizabeth; Hannah married Samuel COOK; Dr. Benjamin married; Malachi married; and Agape married Jonathan MUNGER.
  9. John - b. May 15, 1665, Farmington, CT; d. about 1694.
  10. James - b. Jul. 10, 1667, Farmington, CT; d. 1728. Lived at Jamaica, Long Island, NY.

Children of William and Mary (Cheever) Lewis

  1. Elizabeth - b. Oct. 20, 1672, Farmington, CT; d. 1674, Farmington, CT.
  2. Ezekiel - b. Nov. 7, 1674, Farmington, CT; d. Aug. 14, 1755, Boston, MA. Graduated Harvard 1694, and was a merchant at Boston, MA. Married first in Boston, MA, Mar. 18, 1702 Mary BEARDON (b. Jan. 11, 1668/9, Boston, MA; d. Feb. 1702/3, Boston, MA), daughter of James and Hannah (YORK) BREADEN; and second in Boston, MA, Oct. 11, 1704 Mrs. Abigail KILCUP. Daughter of Ezekiel and Mary: Mary. Children of Ezekiel and Abigail LEWIS: Abigail; William died young; Sarah died young; Elizabeth; Hannah died young; and Ezekiel.
  3. Nathaniel - b. Oct. 1, 1676, Farmington, CT; d. Feb. 24, 1752, Farmington, CT. Married first at Farmington, CT, Nov. 25, 1699 Abigail ASHLEY (ancestors of Pres. Franklin ROOSEVELT through daughter Abigail); and second Jul. 4, 1726 Thankful LYMAN. Children of Nathaniel and Abigail LEWIS: Abigail; Nathaniel; Elisha died young; Nodiah married; Elisha married; Sarah married Joseph HOOKER; Mary married James THOMPSON; Mercy died young; Ezekiel married; and Phineas married.
  4. Abigail - b. Sep. 19, 1678, Farmington, CT; d. 1707. Married Dec. 10, 1696 William WADSWORTH, son of John and Sarah (STANLEY) WADSWORTH of Farmington, CT.
  5. Joseph - bap. Mar. 14, 1679/80, Farmington, CT. Died young.
  6. Daniel - b. Jul. 16, 1682, Farmington, CT. Died young.

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John and Elizabeth (Goodwin) Crow

John CROW - b. 1606, England; d. Jan. 16, 1686, Hartford, CT. Son of John Crow. His name appears on Hartford's Founders Monument. To New England by 1635, possibly aboard the 'Lion,' settling at Hartford, CT, then Hadley, MA where he was freeman 1666. He returned to Hartford by 1676. Married second about 1640, probably at Hartford, CT. No information on his first marriage is available.

Elizabeth GOODWIN - b. about 1620, England; d. 1673, CT. Departed England in the 'Lyon' Jun. 22, 1632, and arrived in New England Sep. 16, 1632 with her parents. Daughter of William GOODWIN and Elizabeth WHITE.

Child of John Crow and his first wife

  1. Esther - b. about 1628. Married 1655 Giles HAMLIN of Middletown.

Children of John and Elizabeth Crow

See Notable Cousins for line to: Rev. Timothy DWIGHT and Sophia SMITH

  1. John - d. 1667, at sea in the West Indies trade. Merchant and seaman of Fairfield, CT. Left no wife or children.
  2. Samuel - d. May 18, 1676, Turner's Falls, MA.
  3. Nathaniel - bur. Jul. 2, 1695, Hartford, CT. Married Deborah (d. 1697), who married subsequently Andrew WARNER. Wife's name also reported as Anna. Children of nathaniel and Deborah CROW: John married first Mabel KILBOURN, and second Hannah; two daughters; and another child.
  4. Mary - d. Oct. 7, 1720. Married first Dec. 27, 1666 Noah COLEMAN (d. Jul. 20, 1676), son of Thomas and Frances; and second Sep. 16, 1680, as his second wife, Peter MONTAGUE (b. Jul. 8, 1651; Mar. 27, 1725), son of Richard MONTAGUE and Abigail DOWNING. Children of Mary and Noah COLEMAN: Hannah; Noah; and Joseph.
  5. Ruth - d. before 1689. Married first Dec. 21, 1671 William GAYLORD (b. Feb. 25, 1651, Windsor, CT; d. 1680), son of William GAYLORD and Ann PORTER; and second John HALEY (d. about 1688). Children of Ruth and William GAYLORD: Ruth; a child; Samuel married Mary DICKINSON; and William married Hope BUTLER.
  6. Elizabeth - b. 1644. Possibly married William WARREN of Hartford.
  7. Sarah - b. Mar. 1, 1647, Hartford, CT; d. Jun. 26, 1719. Married Nov. 1, 1661 Lt. Daniel WHITE (d. Jul. 27, 1713), son of Elder John WHITE and Mary LEVITT. Children of Sarah and Daniel WHITE: Sarah married first Thomas LOOMIS, and second John BISSELL; Mary died in infancy; Mary married first Mr. WELLS, and second Mr. BARNARD; Elizabeth married Dea. Samuel LOOMIS; Daniel married first Sarah BISSELL, second Anna BISSELL, and third Elizabeth BLISS; Esther; Hannah died in infancy; John died in infancy; Esther married Lt. John ELLSWORTH; Hannah married Dea. Nathaniel DICKINSON; and Mehitable married Jeremiah BISSELL.
  8. Hannah - b. Jul. 13, 1649, Hartford, CT. Married Mar. 7, 1668 Thomas DICKINSON (d. 1716, Wethersfield, CT), son of Nathaniel and Anne. Children of Hannah and Thomas DICKINSON: Elizabeth married Mr. ADAMS; Hannah married Mr. LEFFINGWELL; Thomas married Mehitable MEEKINS; Esther married first Nathaniel SMITH, and second Hezekiah PORTER; Mehitable; Nathaniel died in infancy; Elihu; and Ebenezer.
  9. Mehitable - b. about 1652; d. Dec. 8, 1730. Married Sep. 24, 1668 Col. Samuel PARTRIDGE (b. Oct. 15, 1645; d. Dec. 25, 1740, Hatfield, MA), son of William PARTRIDGE and Mary SMITH. Children of Mehitable and Samuel PARTRIDGE: Rev. William; Samuel married a daughter of Rev. Seaborn COTTON, and widow of John ATWATER; Mehitable died in infancy; Mehitable married Nathaniel DWIGHT (they became great grandparents of Rev. Timothy DWIGHT, President of Yale 1795-1817); a child died young; Mary married Josiah DWIGHT; Jonathan died in infancy; Edward married Martha, daughter of Rev. William WILLIAMS; Jonathan died in infancy; John; and Elizabeth married first John HAMLIN, Jr., second Mr. HAMLIN, third Mr. JOHNSON, and fourth Mr. PAYSON.
  10. Daniel - b. about 1656, Hartford, CT; bur. Aug. 13 1693, Hartford, CT. No children.

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Samuel and Hannah (Lewis) Crow

Samuel CROW - d. May 18, 1676, Turner's Falls, MA (slain in battle). Son of John CROW and Elizabeth GOODWIN. Married May 17, 1671.

Hannah LEWIS - b. 1653, Farmington, CT. She married second Nov. 5, 1676 Daniel MARSH (b. about 1653), son of John MARSH and Anne WEBSTER, daughter of Gov. John WEBSTER. Children of Hannah and Daniel: Daniel; John; Rev. Joseph married Anne FISKE; Ebenezer; Job; Hannah married Daniel KENT; and William. Daughter of Capt. William LEWIS and Mary HOPKINS.

Children of Samuel and Hannah Crow

  1. Mary - b. Feb. 5, 1672, Hadley, MA; d. Jun. 19, 1761, Hadley, MA. Married Luke SMITH.
  2. Hannah - b. Dec. 6, 1673, Hadley, MA.
  3. Samuel - b. Feb. 11, 1675, Hadley, MA; d. Feb. 13, 1761. Married Jan. 11, 1710 Rebecca SMITH (d. Feb. 26, 1715). Children of Samuel and Rebecca CROW: Rebecca married Daniel NOBLE; and Mary married Samuel CATLIN.

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