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Morse and Shepard-Jasper Ancestry in England

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Morse Ancestry in England

[See NEHGR 83 (1929):70-84, 278-294]

Robert and Agnes Morse

Robert MORSE - d. 1551-2, England. Resided at Stoke-by-Nayland, Suffolk. Husbandman. Will dated Oct. 5, 1551, and proved Sep. 15, 1552.

Agnes - b. about 1491; bur. Jan. 17, 1578/9 Stoke-by-Nayland, Suffolk, England. Unwritten will Jan. 13, 1578/9.

  1. Thomas - b. before 1520.
  2. John, the Elder - b. about 1520; bur. Sep. 25, 1577, Stoke-by-Nayland. Married Katherine (b. about 1531; bur. Aug. 26, 1594, Stoke-by-Nayland). No children.
  3. Richard - b. after Oct. 5, 1530; bur. Aug. 8, 1614, Stoke-by-Nayland. Married Oct. 18, 1562 Margerie WOOD (bur. Feb. 26, 1609/10, Stoke-by-Nayland). Children of Richard and Margerie MORSE: Robert married Anne HEDGE; Margerie married Thomas GENTRIE; Elizabeth married John CROSSE; and Richard died in infancy.
  4. John, the Younger - b. about 1533; bur. May 11, 1621, Stoke-by-Nayland. Children of John MORSE: John married Katharine; Margaret; Robert did not marry; Anne married Thomas BULL; William married Anne KIRKMAN; Bridget; Jeremie; and Richard.
  5. Alice - Living 1578/9. Married Sep. 12, 1570, Stoke-by-Nayland, Robert ELSINGE, widower.
  6. Joan - Living in 1551.
  7. Margaret - Living in 1578/9.
  8. Katharine - Living in 1551.

Thomas and Agnes Morse

Thomas MORSE - b. before 1520; bur. Feb. 17, 1566/7 Stoke-by-Nayland, Suffolk, England. A laborer of Stoke-by-Nayland, mentioned in father's will as eldest son 1551.

Agnes - bur. Apr. 5, 1574, Stoke-by-Nayland, Suffolk, England.

See Notable Cousins for line to: Calvin COOLIDGE and Richard Milhous NIXON

  1. Robert - Named in will of grandfather 1551, and of Uncle John 1577.
  2. Thomas - d. 1596/7.
  3. Richard - b. about 1540; bur. Jun. 30, 1603 Dedham, Essex, England. Living in 1596. Weaver of Boxted and Dedham, Essex, England. Married first -?-; and second Feb. 15, 1586/7, Dedham, Margery SYMSONE. Children of Richard MORSE and his first wife: Joseph married Dorothy and emigrated to Ipswich, MA [ancestors of Presidents COOLIDGE and NIXON]; Nathaniel; and Daniel. Children of Richard and Margery MORSE, his second wife: Samuel; Sara; and Hanna.
  4. Lancelot - Living 1578/9.
  5. Margaret - Living unmarried 1596.
  6. Thomas - bap. Sep. 14, 1567, Stoke-by-Nayland. Born after death of father.

Rev. Thomas and Margaret (King) Morse

Thomas MORSE - d. 1596-7, Foxearth, Essex, England. Will dated Nov. 10, 1596. Was minister at Boxted, Essex 1573-1578; Hinderclay, Suffolk 1583; and Foxearth, Essex 1594. His replacement at Foxearth was presented Mar. 10, 1596/7. Will proved Apr. 28, 1597. Married first May 26, 1573, Boxted, Essex; and second Nov. 24, 1585, Boxted, Essex, Margery BOGGAS.

Margaret KING - bur. Jul. 28, 1585, Hinderclay, Essex, England.

  1. John - bap. Feb. 20, 1574/5, Boxted, Essex, England; bur. Jan. 31, 1647/8 Romford, Essex, England. Master of Arts 1598, Emmanuel College, Cambridge; ordained priest Jun. 29, 1601. Rector of Little Ilford, Essex 1607-1615; rector of Digwell, Herts. 1612-1615; perpetual curate of Romford, Essex 1615-1647/8. License granted Apr. 16, 1610 to marry Dorothy BURNAP, daughter of Thomas. Children of John and Dorothy MORSE: Elizabeth; Dorothy; John died young; Lydia probably died young; Thomas probably died young; Ann died young; Thomas died young.
  2. Samuel - bap. Jun. 12, 1576, Boxted, Essex, England; d. Dec. 5, 1654, Medfield, MA.
  3. Sara - bap. Jun. 11, 1578, Boxted, Essex, England. Living 1596.
  4. Daniel - bap. Jun. 29, 1580, Boxted, Essex, England. Probably died young.
  5. Daniel - bap. May 2, 1583, Boxted, Essex, England. Lived at Ipswich, Suffolk. Had child living in 1638.
  6. Joseph - b. about 1586; d. by 1648. Married first Oct. 29, 1605, Redgrave, Suffolk, Ann JASPER (bap. Sep. 28, 1577, Redgrave; d. after 1616), daughter of Lancelot JASPER and Rose SHEPARD, and sister of Elizabeth; and second Elizabeth, who survived him. Children of Joseph MORSE (by which wife is uncertain): Joseph died young; John died in infancy; John; Benjamin; and Mary died young.
  7. Jeremiah - bap. Aug 11, 1588, Hinderclay, Suffolk, England; bur. Jul. 14, 1663. Clothworker of Dedham, Essex. Married Abigail (d. 1665/6). Son of Jeremiah and Abigail MORSE: Thomas died without children.
  8. James - bap. Nov. 10, 1590, Hinderclay, Suffolk, England; bur. Sep 5, 1638, Barham, Suffolk, England. Will proved Sep. 8, 1638, Ipswich, Suffolk by brother Joseph, who was sole executor. Will names brothers Joseph, Nathaniel, Philip, John, Samuel; a child of brother Daniel, and cousin Joseph.
  9. Nathaniel - bap. Mar. 13, 1592/3, Hinderclay, Suffolk, England.
  10. Philip - bap. Mar. 14, 15995/6, Foxearth, Essex, England.

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Shepard-Jasper Ancestry in England

[See TAG 62 (1987):235-240]

Edmund and Agnes Shepard

Edmund Shepard - b. about 1475; d. between Jan. 22 and Mar. 1, 1523/4, prob. at Redgrave, Suffolk, England. His will names wife, three sons, and four daughters.

Agnes - d. between Feb. 16 and Mar. 16, 1539/40, prob. at Redgrave, Suffolk, England.

  1. John - b. about 1501; d. between June 19 and July 5, 1529. Married Elizabeth. His will names wife, daughter Agnes, son John, brother Robert, and brother-in-law Edmund GRYGGES.
  2. Thomas - b. about 1503. Married Alice.
  3. Robert - b. about 1505; d. between Mar. 1560 and Feb. 3, 1560/1, prob. at Redgrave, Suffolk, England.
  4. Margaret - b. about 1506. Married Edmund GRYGGES. Children of Margaret and Edmund GRYGGES: Agnes; Rose; Katheryn; and Anne.
  5. Ellen - b. about 1509.
  6. Agnes - b. about 1511. She married and had a son named John.
  7. Mary - b. about 1513.

Robert and Agnes Shepard

Robert Shepard - b. about 1505; d. between Mar. 1560 and Feb. 3, 1560/1, prob. at Redgrave, Suffolk, England.

Agnes -

  1. John - b. about 1531.
  2. Thomas - b. about 1533; bur. Mar. 18, 1589, Redgrave, Suffolk, England. In 1572 at Wortham, Suffolk, he married Amy ERLE and his second wife. Child of first marriage: George. Children of Thomas and Amy SHEPARD: Millisent; Robert (named his uncle Lancelot Jasper in his will); Mary; Rose; William; George; Thomas.
  3. Robert - b. about 1535.
  4. Margaret - b. about 1537.
  5. Anne - b. about 1539.
  6. Edmund - bap. Oct. 1541, Redgrave, Suffolk; prob. died young.
  7. Richard - bap. Nov. 25, 1542, Redgrave, Suffolk.
  8. Catherine - b. about 1545.
  9. Edmund - bap. May 10, 1547, Redgrave, Suffolk; prob. died young.
  10. Rose - bap. Aug. 9, 1549, Redgrave, Suffolk; bur. there Sep. 3, 1625.
  11. Edmund - bap. July 23, 1551, Redgrave, Suffolk.
  12. A son bap. Sep. 23 1553, Redgrave, Suffolk; prob. died young.
  13. Olive - b. about 1555.
  14. Elizabeth - b. about 1557.
  15. Henry - bap. Mar. 31, 1560, Redgrave, Suffolk. Married Sep. 26, 1588 at Redgrave, Anne KNIGHT (bur. July 25, 1598, Redgrave). Children of Henry and Anne SHEPARD: Olive; and John.

Lancelot and Rose (Shepard) Jasper

Lancelot JASPER - b. about 1550, England; bur. Feb. 22, 1616/7, Redgrave, Suffolk, England. Married Dec. 10, 1574, probably at Redgrave, Suffolk, England.

Rose SHEPARD - bap. Aug. 9, 1549, Redgrave, Suffolk, England; bur. Sep. 3, 1625, Redgrave, Suffolk, England.

  1. William - bap. Feb. 6, 1574/5, Redgrave, Suffolk; d. after 1631. Married Frances. Children of William and Frances JASPER: Nathaniel; Jonathan; Elizabeth; Joseph married; Jeremy 'Jeremiah Lance alias Jasper' married; Mary perhaps married John WESTINGE; Bridget; and Lydia.
  2. Ann - bap. Sep. 28, 1577, Redgrave, Suffolk. Married Joseph MORSE. Refer to MORSE line for family details.
  3. Elizabeth - bap. Oct. 8, 1578, Redgrave, Suffolk. Died young.
  4. Elizabeth - bap. Jan. 30, 1579/80, Redgrave, Suffolk; d. Jun. 20, 1655, Medfield, MA. Married Samuel MORSE.
  5. Henry - bap. May 26, 1581, Redgrave, Suffolk; perhaps bur. Jan. 27, 1640/1, Redgrave, Suffolk. Married. Children of Henry JASPER: Henry; and Ruth.
  6. Rachel - bap. Aug. 5, 1583, Redgrave, Suffolk.
  7. Samuel - bap. Feb. 2, 1585/6, Redgrave, Suffolk. Married Sep. 21, 1607, Redgrave Suffolk, Anne EDWARDS. Children of Samuel and Anne JASPER: John and Joseph, perhaps twins.
  8. Jeremiah - bap. Nov. 2, 1588, Redgrave, Suffolk.
  9. Nathaniel - bap. May 24, 1590, Redgrave, Suffolk.
  10. Daniel - bap. Apr. 23, 1591, Redgrave, Suffolk.
  11. John - bap. Feb. 2 or 11, 1593/4, Redgrave, Suffolk.

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The Morse family in America

For the immigrant family, see The Great Migration: Immigrants to New England 1634-1635, Volume V (Boston, 2007), pages 170-77.

Samuel and Elizabeth (Jasper) Morse

Samuel MORSE - bap. Jun. 12, 1576, Boxted, Essex, England; d. Dec. 5, 1654, Medfield, Norfolk Co., MA. Son of Rev. Thomas MORSE and Margaret KING. Resided at Redgrave and Burgate, Suffolk, England, and Watertown 1635, Dedham 1636, and Medfield 1651, MA. Samuel was a signer of The Covenant of Dedham, MA in 1636. A husbandman, Samuel embarked Apr. 15, 1635 on the 'Increase' bound from London to New England, together with wife, son Joseph, and granddaughter Elizabeth DANIEL (age 2). Admitted to the First Church at Dedham, Norfolk Co., MA on Jun. 28, 1640; freeman Oct. 8, 1640. Will dated Dec. 2, 1654, with estate inventoried Dec. 5, 1654 at £124.7.0. A Morse Monument was erected at Vine Lake Cemetery, Medfield in Apr. 1858 by Morse descendants. Married Jun. 29, 1602, Redgrave, Suffolk, England.

Elizabeth JASPER - bap. Jan. 30, 1579/80, Redgrave, Suffolk, England. d. Jun. 20, 1655, Medfield, Norfolk Co., MA. Arrived aboard the 'Increase' with husband, son and granddaughter in 1635. Admitted to the First Church at Dedham, Norfolk Co., MA on Dec. 24,1641. Daughter of Lancelot JASPER and Rose SHEPARD of Suffolk, England.

Children of Samuel and Elizabeth Morse

See Notable Cousins for line to: George Herbert Walker BUSH, George Walker BUSH, Calvin COOLIDGE, Emily Elizabeth DICKINSON, James Butler 'Wild Bill' HICKOK, Dr. Brewster HIGLEY, Joseph Perry HOLBROOK, Mary LYON, Lowell MASON, George Andrews MORIARTY, Jr., and Raqul WELCH
  1. Samuel - bap. May 1, 1603, Redgrave, Suffolk; bur. May. 11, 1626, Burgate, Suffolk.
  2. Elizabeth - bap. Mar. 6, 1605/6, Redgrave, Suffolk; d. Oct. 2, 1643, Cambridge, MA. Married Robert DANIEL.
  3. John - bap. Feb. 28, 1607/8, Redgrave, Suffolk; d. May 26, 1657, Boston, MA. A tailor, he was admitted as freeman May 13, 1640, and signed The Covenant of Dedham, MA. Moved to Boston 1654. Will dated Dec. 18, 1655, with estate inventoried Jun. 9, 1657 at £385.9.5. Married about 1636 Annis (d. Sep. 1, 1692). Children of John and Annis MORSE: Ruth married Mr. BRACKETT; John married Elizabeth BOSWORTH; twins Samuel and Rachel died young; Joseph married Priscilla COLBURN; Ezra married Joanna HOARE; Abigail married Mr. JONES; Ephraim; Bethia married Timothy DWIGHT; and Nathaniel married.
  4. Daniel - d. Jun. 5, 1688, Sherborn, MA. Resided at Watertown, Dedham, Medfield, and Sherborn, MA. Freeman at Watertown May 6, 1635. Signer of The Covenant of Dedham, MA. Married Lydia FISHER (b. about 1621; d. Jan. 29, 1690/1, Sherborn, MA), daughter of Anthony FISHER. Children of Daniel and Lydia MORSE: Obadiah married Martha JOHNSON; Daniel married Elizabeth BARBOUR; Jonathan married Mary BARBOUR; Lydia married Ephraim WIGHT (ancestors of poet Emily DICKINSON); Bethia married John PERRY; Mary married Edward WEST; Bathshua (or Bathsheba) married Benjamin FISK; Nathaniel married Mary; and Samuel married Deborah.
  5. Joseph - bap. May. 2, 1613, Redgrave, Suffolk; d. by Jun. 1654, Dorchester, MA. To New England on 'Increase' with parents 1635. Resided at Watertown 1635; Dedham 1638; Medfield 1651; and Dorchester by 1654. Signer of The Covenant of Dedham, MA. Married Sep. 1, 1638, Dedham, Norfolk Co., MA Hannah PHILLIPS of Watertown, perhaps a sister of Rev. George PHILLIPS. Hannah married second Nov. 3, 1658 Thomas BOYDEN of Watertown. Children of Joseph and Hannah MORSE: Samuel married first Elizabeth WOOD, second Sarah THURSTON, and third Hannah ROCKWOOD; Hannah married James FLOOD; Sarah married Nathaniel LAWRENCE (they became ancestors of Pres. Calvin COOLIDGE, and of genealogist George Andrew MORIARTY); Dorcas married Benjamin CLARK; Elizabeth married Peleg LAWRENCE (brother of Nathaniel LAWRENCE who married Sarah MORSE, both being sons of John LAWRENCE and Elizabeth COOKE); Joseph married first Mehitable WOOD, second Hannah BADCOCK, and third Mrs. Hannah DYER; Jeremiah married Elizabeth HAMANT; and another child who died young.
  6. Sarah - bap. Aug. 25, 1616, Burgate, Suffolk. Probably died young.
  7. Mary - bap. Aug. 13, 1620, Burgate, Suffolk; d. Feb. 14, 1691/2, Medfield, Norfolk Co., MA. Married Aug. 10, 1641, Dedham, MA Samuel BULLEN (d. Jan. 16, 1691/2, Medfield, Norfolk Co., MA). Samuel was freeman Jun. 2, 1641, and a deacon. Children of Mary and Samuel BULLEN: Mary married Ephraim CLARK (ancestors of Wild Bill HICKOK); Samuel; Elizabeth; Joseph; Ephraim; Meletiah; Elisha; John; Eliezer died in infancy; and Bethia.

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Robert and Elizabeth (Morse) Daniels

Note: There are a number of Daniel, Daniels, and Daniell families in colonial Massachusettes. Where an unresolved conflict has been found, the information from James O. Austin's One Hundred and Sixty Allied Families has been generally used. David Daniels has reviewed, organized and shared many details which shows that the Robert Daniels in the records of Watertown and Cambridge is one person - refer to Daniels of Massachusetts Bay Colony.

While there is no substantive evidence concerning the English origins of Robert Daniels, the search continues. For the curious, a separate narrative on a DANIELL family in England. Please read comments and use with CAUTION.

Signature and seal from Will dated July 3, 1655

Robert DANIELS - b. about 1592, England; d. Jul. 6, 1655, Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA. Arriving in America about 1636, Robert was granted 25 acres on Jul. 25, 1636 at Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA. His son Samuel came to America with him, but daughter Elizabeth (age 2) came with her maternal grandfather. It may be supposed that this arrangement was made due to the recent or expected birth of son Thomas about 1635. Robert purchased additional lands at Watertown and at Cambridge. A constable at Watertown in 1651, he removed to Cambridge about 1654, possibly encouraged by both his second marriage and the following entries in the Watertown records: "at ameting of the Select men the 8/4/1654 Rebert Geneson and John Knap Complaining that Robert Daniell that hee Did not fence his pportion within their feild -- It Did appeere by testymony of Mr whitny and his owne Confession that all his Land was by his owne act in a generall feild with them and hee Could not make it appeere that he hath taken himsefe orderly out The sentance of the Select men is that wher as it Dooth apeere that Robert Daniel hath apaffell of Land within their feeld Containing 8 or 10 akers mor or Les, that he shal fence it by equall pportion with the rest of the Comoners." "Vpon a second hearing of Goodman Daniell sute the towne Dooth not see any thing to mooue them to alter their minds but Doe Judg him a delinquent to the Towne 20 s fine according to the Towne order." The will of Robert DANIELL was dated Jul. 3, 1655 at Cambridge, and proved there Oct. 2, 1655, and mentions his wife Reana and his five surviving children. Robert married first about 1630 in England, and second May 2, 1654, Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA Mrs. Reana ANDREWS, widow of both Edmund JAMES (d. 1640) and William ANDREWS (marriage contract Aug. 11, 1640, Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA; d. 1652). Reana married fourth before Apr. 12, 1669 Elder Edmund FROST (d. 1672) as his third wife, with the estate of Reana FROST being values at £78.10 on Jan. 3, 1675/6.

Elizabeth MORSE - b. Mar. 6, 1605/6, Redgrave, Suffolk, England; d. Oct. 2, 1643, Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA. Daughter of Samuel MORSE and Elizabeth.

Children of Robert and Elizabeth Daniels

See Notable Cousins for line to: George EASTMAN, and Levi Parsons MORTON
  1. Samuel - b. about 1631, England; d. about 1695, Medfield, Norfolk Co., MA. To America with parents about 1636/7, and admitted freeman in 1652 at Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA. Moved to Medfield, Norfolk Co., MA by 1681. Married May 10, 1671, Watertown, MA Mercy GRANT, possibly the daughter of Christopher and Mary GRANT. Children of Samuel and Mercy DANIELS: Robert married Hester; Samuel died in infancy; Joseph; Mary; Elizabeth; and Sarah.
  2. Elizabeth - bap. Aug. 4, 1633, Earls Colne, Essex, England; d. Jan. 27, 1722/3, Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA. The baptism record names her parents as Robert Daniel and Elizabeth his wife. At age 2, Elizabeth came to America 1635 in the 'Increase' with maternal grandfather Samuel MORSE. Married May 17, 1655, Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA Thomas FANNING. Children of Elizabeth and Thomas FANNING: Elizabeth; Mary died in infancy; Mary married Benoni LEARNED; and Sarah died at age 26.
  3. Thomas - b. about 1635, probably in England; bur. Nov. 6, 1644, Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA.
  4. Sarah - b. about 1638, MA. Living unmarried in 1655. Reportedly, she later married William CHENEY of Medfield, Norfolk Co., MA
  5. Joseph - b. about 1640, MA; d. Jun. 23, 1715, Medfield, Norfolk Co., MA.
  6. Mary - b. Sep. 2, 1642, Cambridge, MA; d. 1704, on road to CANADA (slain by Indians). Moved to Medfield, thence to Hadley, MA about 1666. Married Jun. 14, 1660, Medfield, Norfolk Co., MA Sampson FRARY (d. Feb. 29, 1704, Deerfield, MA - slain by Indians), son of John and Prudence FRARY. Children of Mary and Sampson FRARY: Mary married Jacob ROOT; Mehitable married Hezekiah ROOT (ancestors of George EASTMAN); Susanna died in infancy; John; and Nathaniel married Mehitable.

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Joseph and Mary (Fairbanks) Daniels

Joseph DANIELS - b. about 1640, MA; d. Jun. 23, 1715, Medway, Norfolk Co., MA. Son of Robert DANIELS and Elizabeth MORSE. Joseph moved to Medfield (became Medway 1713, and Millis 1885), Norfolk Co., MA by May 1662, and deposed Apr. 25, 1672 at about age 31. In 1676 his home was burned by Indians during King Phillip's War. Married first Nov. 16, 1665, Medfield, Norfolk Co., MA to Mary FAIRBANKS; second about 1683 Rachel SHEFFIELD (b. Mar. 24, 1660; d. May 3, 1687, Medfield, Norfolk Co., MA), daughter of William and Mary SHEFFIELD; and third 1697 Lydia ADAMS (b. 1653; d. Dec. 26, 1731), widow of James ALLEN, and daughter of Edward and Lydia ADAMS.

Mary FAIRBANKS - b. Nov. 10, 1647, Dedham, Norfolk Co., MA; d. Jun. 9, 1682, Medfield, Norfolk Co., MA. Daughter of George FAIRBANKS and Mary ADAMS.

Children of Joseph and Mary Daniels

  1. Joseph - b. Sep. 23, 1666, Medfield, Norfolk Co., MA. Married first Rachel PARTRIDGE, said to be the daughter of John PARTRIDGE, but published sources given conflicting information. Joseph married second by 1693 Bethia BRECK (b. Dec. 29, 1673; d. Feb. 3, 1754). Children of Joseph and Rachel DANIELS: Samuel; Joseph; David; Hannah; Ezra; Sarah; Abigail died as a child; and Tamar.
  2. Mary - b. May 4, 1669, Medfield, Norfolk Co., MA.
  3. Samuel - b. Aug. 20, 1671, Medfield, Norfolk Co., MA. Married 1694 Deborah FORD.
  4. Mehitable - b. Jul. 10, 1674, Medfield, Norfolk Co., MA; d. Jun. 3, 1686, MA.
  5. Ebenezer - b. Apr. 24, 1677, Medfield, Norfolk Co., MA; d. Jan. 29, 1767. Married first Dec. 22, 1701 Elizabeth PARTRIDGE (b. 1679; d. Apr. 25, 1706), daughter of John PARTRIDGE and Elizabeth ROCKWOOD, and half sister of Hannah PARTRIDGE. Ebenezer married second Oct. 31, 1707 Mary HARDING (b. Aug. 25, 1687; d. Jan. 20, 1725); and third, in 1726, Hannah FISKE. Children of Ebenezer and Elizabeth DANIELS: Elizabeth; Tryphenia, Mary. Children of Ebenezer and Mary DANIELS: Phebe and Mehitable (twins); Ebenezer married Sarah; Thankful; Jeremiah; and Moses.
  6. Elizabeth - b. Mar. 9, 1678/9, Medfield, Norfolk Co., MA. Married first Nov. 7, 1705 Joseph MASON (b. 1669, Medfield, Norfolk Co., MA; d. 1728). Elizabeth married second 1730 John DRAPER. Daughter of Elizabeth and Joseph DANIELS: Elizabeth possibly married Samuel LEACH.
  7. Jeremiah - b. Mar. 17, 1679/0, Medfield, Norfolk Co., MA; d. Jun. 16, 1680, probably at Medfield, Norfolk Co., MA.
  8. Eleazer - b. Mar. 7, 1680/1, Medfield, Norfolk Co., A; d. Mar. 28, 1772, possibly at Mendon, Norfolk Co., MA.

Children of Joseph and Rachel Daniels

  1. Jeremiah - b. Nov. 3, 1684, Medfield, Norfolk Co., MA. d. Nov. 16, 1771. Son of Joseph and Rachel. Married first May 7, 1713 Hannah PARTRIDGE (b. 1696; d. Oct. 12, 1751), daughter of John PARTRIDGE and Elizabeth ADAMS, and half sister of Elizabeth PARTRIDGE. Jeremiah married second Dec. 6, 1753 Mrs. Mehitable WILSON (d. Oct. 1780). Daughter of Jeremiah and Hannah DANIELS: Rachel married Elisha ADAMS. Children of Jeremiah and Mehitable DANIELS: Jeremiah; and Hannah.
  2. Rachel - b. Oct. 10, 1686, Medfield, Norfolk Co., MA.
  3. Zachariah - b. Apr. 9, 1687, MA; d. May 2, 1687, MA.

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Eleazer and Mary (Holbrook) Daniels

Eleazer DANIELS - b. Mar. 7, 1680/1, Medfield, Norfolk Co., MA; d. Mar. 28, 1772, Mendon, Worcester Co., MA; bur. Pine Hill Cemetery [photo]. Son of Joseph DANIELS and Mary FAIRBANKS. Lived most of life at Mendon, MA where he was constable in 1710, and selectman in 1725. Owned and managed 1000 acres at Mendon, MA, which was probably distributed prior to his death. The distribution of his estate (£143 8s.) was signed Jun. 23, 1772 by sons David and Joseph, and by his six daughters (by mark) and their husbands. Married Jul. 28, 1709, Scituate, MA.

Mary HOLBROOK - b. Nov. 2, 1686, Scituate MA; d. Mar. 11, 1759, Mendon, Worcester Co., MA; bur. Pine Hill Cemetery [photo]. Daughter of Samuel HOLBROOK and Mary PIERCE.

Children of Eleazer and Mary Daniels

See Notable Cousins for line to: William Howard TAFT
  1. David - b. Jul. 4, 1710, Mendon, Worcester Co., MA; d. Mar. 21, /1776, Mendon, Worcester Co., MA; bur. Pine Hill Cemetery. He was constable in 1757 and selectman in 1761. Married about 1736 Huldah TAFT (b. Jun. 28, 1718), daughter of Israel TAFT and Mercy ALDRICH. Children of David and Huldah DANIELS: Ruth married first Jonathan WHEELOCK, and second Abraham STAPLES; Darius married first Ruth ALDRICH, second Mrs. Nancy THAYER, and third Mrs. Mary (ARNOLD) TAFT; Mary married Seth KELLY; Eleazer died young; Chloe married Seth DAVENPORT; Matilda died young; David married Olive ADAMS; Huldah married first Silas PENNIMAN, and second Henry DEARTH; Moses married Abigail ALDRICH; Clotilda married Sherebiah BAKER; Mercy married Ephraim WILLIAMS; and Matilda married first John GOULD, and second Ichabod THAYER.
  2. Mary - b. Jul. 30, 1712, Mendon, Worcester Co., MA. Living in 1772. Married Feb. 16, 1733 Eleazer HAYWARD (b. 1710; d. Jan. 4, 1782). Children of Mary and Eleazer HAYWARD: William; Mary; Sarah; Bethiah; Jemima; Eleazer; and Anne.
  3. Moses - b. May 29, 1714, Mendon, Worcester Co., MA. Not mentioned in distribution of father's estate in 1772.
  4. Abigail - b. Mar. 26, 1718, Mendon, Worcester Co., MA; d. Sep. 1775. Married Ephraim MOREY.
  5. Rachel - b. Mar. 23, 1720, Mendon, Worcester Co., MA; d. Aug. 12, 1802, West Stockbridge, MA. Married May 20, 1740 Nathaniel RAWSON (b. Aug. 27, 1716, Mendon, Worcester Co., MA; d. Aug. 15, 1803, West Stockbridge, MA), son of Nathaniel RAWSON and Hannah THOMPSON. Children of Rachel and Nathaniel RAWSON: Rachel B.; Elias died young; Nathaniel; Simeon; Mary; Jonathan; Moses; Anna; Mercy; Elias; Grindal; and Abner married Lucretia JEFFORDS (parents of Amariah RAWSON and grandparents of Jerome RAWSON, who married Elizabeth Rosalia MOREY)
  6. Mercy - b. Mar. 1, 1722, Mendon, Worcester Co., MA; d. Aug. 22, 1802. Married first Dec. 19, 1740 David POND (b. Jan. 31, 1720; d. about 1761), son of David POND and Sarah RICHARDSON; and second Jul. 2, 1767 John THAYER (living in 1772), son of John. Children of Mercy and David POND: Samuel; and Seva.
  7. Joseph - b. Apr. 12, 1724, Mendon, Worcester Co., MA; d. Jun. 2, 1779, Mendon, MA; bur. Pine Hill Cemetery. Joseph was Captain of the 3rd Mendon Company, responding by marching to Roxbury, MA on the alarm of Apr. 19, 1775, and soon became a Major.

    In Memory of Maj.
    Joseph Daniels, who
    died June the 2nd 1779 in
    the 56th year of his age.

    Now slain by death who spareth none
    and lies full low under this stone.
    Take heed and thou shalt see
    as I am now, so shalt thou be,
    Rotting in dark and silant dust.
    Prepare for death, for die thou must.
    Life is uncertain, death is sure;
    sin is the wound, Christ is the Cure.

    Married Jun. 21, 1748 Margaret FRENCH (b. Jun. 10, 1729), daughter of John FRENCH and Margaret. Children of Joseph and Margaret DANIELS: Elizabeth; Diadem; Margaret; Demaris; Joseph; Simeon; Eleazer married Mary BURRILL; Anne; and Nahum married first Anne COOKE (daughter of Dr. Samuel COOKE and Temperance), and second Susan ENOS.
  8. Bethiah - b. Aug. 28, 1726, Mendon, Worcester Co., MA. Intentions to marry Aaron TAFT published Feb. 4, 1745/6.
  9. Deborah - b. Oct. 13, 1728, Mendon, Worcester Co., MA. Living in 1772. Intentions to marry Hezekiah HALL, son of Edward and Hannah, published Nov. 1, 1749. Children of Deborah and Hezekiah HALL: Mary; Isaac; Rebecca; Elizabeth; Rebecca; Hannah; Sarah; Deborah; and Mary.

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