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Fiske and Symonds Ancestry in England

Nathaniel Fiske and Dorothy Symonds Nicholas Wyeth and Margaret Clarke John Fiske and Sarah Wyeth Martha Fiske and George Adams Mary Fiske and Joseph Mason Abigail Adams and Ebenezer Brown Joseph Mason and Mary Monk David Brown and Mindwell Cummins Elias Mason and Lydia Brown Huldah Brown and Benoni Morey Elijah Mason and Sarah Child Eli Morey and Sophronia Mason Elijah Mason Morey and Elizabeth Merrill William Clemeth Morey and Melvina E. Andrews Minnie Elsie Morey and Aretus Erastus Freeman Iva Melvina Freeman and Donald VanHoosier Lawson Stephen Martin Lawson

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Fiske Ancestry in England

Conflicting data exists on the early generations, including one forged ancestry for Robert FISKE that was published in 1896 and is still being circulated. The ancestry of Richard FISKE (d. 1565) is summarized here from the work of Hugh Fiske, who has been researching, revising and expanding the 1901/2 Fiske Family Papers of Henry Fiske. Continuing work on this project and extensive additional details are available at Hugh Fiske's web site. Information for the line from Richard FISKE (d. 1565) to Nathaniel FISKE, Sr. is based on the work of G. Andrews MORIARTY as revised in Ancestral Lines Revised, compiled by Carl Boyer III (Newhall, CA, 1981), pp. 198-200, and in Mr. Boyer's Ancestral Lines, Third Edition (Santa Clarita, CA, 1998), pp. 252-254.

Simon and Susannah (Smyth) Fiske

Simon FISKE - b. about 1400, Laxfield, Suffolk; d. 1464, Laxfield, Suffolk. Probably the son or grandson of Hugh FISKE mentioned as being in Laxfield in 1340. Wheelwright. His will mentions wife Katherine, three unmarried daughters, sons William, Geoffrey and John the Elder, daughter Margaret DOWSING, son Edmund, wife Katherine again, and son John the Younger, in that order. Married second Katherine CRISPE.

Susannah SMYTH - While it is not possible to positively identify Simon's children with their respective mothers, it seems probable that John the Elder was son of Susannah and John the Younger was son of Katherine. It also appears that the three unmarried daughters were by Katherine, on the basis of the wording of Simon's 1463 will. Son Simon is not mentioned in Simon's will.

  1. William - b. about 1423, Studhaugh, Laxfield, Suffolk; d. about 1504. Married in 1460 to Joan LYNNE of Norfolk. Her will of Jul. 15, 1504 indicates whe was a widow and named her sons John, Augustine and Simon, and daughters Margery and Margaret.
  2. Jeffrey - b. about 1425, Laxfield, Suffolk; d. May 1504, Laxfield, Suffolk.
  3. John, the Elder - b. about 1428; d. about 1488. His will of 1488 names his wife Elizabeth. Resided at Diss, Norfolk.
  4. Edmund - b. about 1430, Laxfield, Suffolk; d. about 1495. Will dated Aug. 7, 1494. Married Margery, and probably resided at Eye, Suffolk.
  5. Margaret - b. about 1432. Married Mr. DOWSING.
  6. Three daughters - b. about 1434-37.
  7. John, the Younger - b. about 1440; d. 1512, Laxfield, Suffolk. His will, dated Jan. 18, 1506 and proved Feb. 5, 1512, names sons Sir John Ffyske and Sir Robert Ffyske, canon of Leiston, Suffolk, and the latter's daughter Jone. Granted land at Laxfield on Sep. 8, 1500
  8. Simon - Resided at Diss, Norfolk.

Jeffrey and Margaret Fiske

Jeffrey FISKE - b. about 1425, Laxfield, Suffolk; d. May 1504, Laxfield, Suffolk. Son of Simon FISKE and Susannah SMYTH. His will, dated May 3, 1504 and proved May 13, 1504, naming son John, daughter Johane, daughter Maryon, Margaret Kempe, son Jeffrey, and son Simon, in that order.

Margaret - d. about 1504, Laxfield, Suffolk. Her will, dated May 4, 1504 and proved May 13, 1504, naming husband Jaffrey, John Fyske, Jaffrey his brother, Margarett Cryspe, and others.

  1. Jeffrey -  b. about 1460; d. after 1536.
  2. Simon - d. about 1505. Of Freston, Suffolk, his will was dated Jun. 25, 1505. Simon was a legatee and executor of his father's will. Married Joan. Three daughters.
  3. John - b. about 1465; d. after 1505. A priest, Master John was named as supervisor of his brother Simon's will in 1505. He was a legatee and executor of his father's will.
  4. Joan - b. about 1467. Named in her father's will.
  5. Maryon - b. about 1469. Named in her father's will. Possibly married Thomas THROWER.
  6. Margaret - b. about 1472. Probably married Geoffrey CRISPE, a wheelwright.

Jeffrey Fiske

Jeffrey FISKE - b. about 1460; d. after 1536. Son of Jeffrey FISKE and Margaret. Named in wills of his father and mother, and a legatee and executor, with son John, of will of Sir John FISKE in 1536. John possibly resided at Stradbroke.

  1. John - Living in 1536.
  2. Richard - b. about 1480; d. about 1565.

Richard Fiske

Richard FISKE - b. about 1480; d. about 1565. Son of Jeffrey FISKE. Reportedly he left a will dated Jan. 25, 1565. Lived at Broadgates, Laxfield, Suffolk.

See Notable Cousins for line to: Lynne Anne (VINCENT) CHENEY

  1. John - b. about 1514. Lived at Tittishall, Norfolk. Perhaps married about 1552 to Margaret CRISPE (b. about 1552), sister of Johane CRISPE and daughter of William CRISPE and Anne GODBOLD. Five children.
  2. George - b. about 1516. Taxed in 1543. Married and had one son.
  3. Nicholas - b. about 1517; d. 1569, Dennington, Suffolk. His will was dated Aug. 20, 1569 and proved Sep. 28, 1569. Married Johane CRISPE (b. about 1527) of Laxfield, daughter of William CRISPE and Anne GODBOLD. Children: William married Helen PAYNE; Amos married Mary GIRLING; Rachel; Esther; Mary married Anthony FISHER; and Martha married Robert GOLDING.
  4. Geoffrey - b. about 1519; bur. Apr. 29, 1591, Laxfield, Suffolk. Married and had two daughters.
  5. Robert - b. about 1521; d. 1602; Suffolk.
  6. Jeremie - b. about 1523.
  7. William - b. about 1525; d. Jan. 1578/9, Suffolk. His will had a codicil dated Jan. 2, 1578/9 at South Elmham, Suffolk, and it was proved Jan. 30, 1578/9. William was a wheelwright and member of the Church of England. His wife's name was perhaps Mary. Children: Gelyon/Gyllyan married Thomas ALDOWES; Margaret married Mr. BANCROFTE; Agnes married Mr. BOROWGHE/BURROUGH; and Mary married Robert LAWTER.
  8. Richard - Married Agnes CRISPE.

Robert and Sibilla (Gold) Fiske

Robert FISKE - b. about 1521; d. 1602. Son of Richard FISKE. His will was dated Apr. 10, 1590, and proved July 28, 1602 at Metfield, Suffolk. Robert, a wheelwright, lived at Fressingfield and St. James, South Elmham, Suffolk. He is reported to have fled to Geneva during the reign of "Bloody Mary" due to religious convictions. Married second Joan (bur. Aug. 3, 1587, St. James).

Sibilla GOLD - At the time of her marriage to Robert, she was the Widow BARBOR. One source reports that she was confined to the castle of Norwich for religious convictions, and escaped with her brother's help. Robert and Sibilla became ancestors of 7 immigrants to New England.

See Notable Cousins for line to: Clarissa Harlowe 'Clara' BARTON, David Campbell BIGELOW, Calvin COOLIDGE, and Carole LOMBARD

  1. William - b. about 1550; d. 1620, Ditchingham, Norfolk.
  2. Jeffrey - b. about 1552; d. 1629. Resided at South Elmham. Married Mary (or Sarah) COOKE. Children: Lydia married John SAWYER; David married Sarah SMYTHE; Samuel married; Nathan married Susanna (they resided at Watertown, MA, and became ancestor of Clara BARTON); Mary married first Mr. BRAHAM, and second John MORE; Anne married William BIRD; Martha married Martin UNDERWOOD (resided at Watertown, MA); Elizabeth married Mr. PYGOTT; Nathaniel died young; and Clara probably died young.
  3. Richard - bap. July 16, 1554, Fressingfield; d. young.
  4. Eleazar - bap. May 31, 1556, Fressingfield; d. about 1615. His will dated June 3, 1613 names his nephews Nathaniel, son of William, and David, son of Jeffrey. Married Elizabeth. No children.
  5. Elizabeth - Married Robert BARNARD of Custrick Hall, Weeley, Essex.
  6. Thomas - b. about 1560; bur. Feb. 26, 1610/1, Fressingfield, Suffolk. A resident of Fressingfield, he wrote his will Feb. 20, 1610/1. Married about 1587 to Margery. Children: Thomas married Mary WARD; James married Alice CHETLEBOROW; John; Elizabeth possibly married Philip WHISOLCROFT; and Phineas married first Sarah FRANCIS (they became ancestors of Pres. COOLIDGE), and second Elizabeth EASTWICK.

William and Anna (Austye) Fiske

William FISKE - b. about 1550; d. 1620, Ditchingham, Norfolk. Son of Robert FISKE and Sibillia GOLD. His will dated Nov. 25, 1616 at Ditchingham, Suffolk, and proved May 17, 1620, left lands in St. James and Metfield, Suffolk, and left money to the poor of Ditchingham and Bungay, Suffolk. He was churchwarden at St. James in 1601, but stated he was of Ditchingham. William married second, after Feb. 1600/1, Alice.

Anna AUSTYE - bur. Feb. 13, 1600/1, St. James, South Elmham, Suffolk. Daughter of Walter AUSTYE of Tibbenham, Long Row, Norfolk.

See Notable Cousins for line to: Lynne Anne (VINCENT) CHENEY, Anna Tuthill (SYMMES) HARRISON and Benjamin HARRISON

  1. John - b. about 1580; bur. May 14, 1633, St. James, South Elmham, Suffolk. He was churchwarden at St. James in 1628. Married his second cousin Anne LAWTER (d. enroute to America), daughter of Robert LAWTER. Children: Rev. John FISKE (minister at Wenham and Chelmsford, MA) married first Anne GIPPES, and second Elizabeth (-?-) HINCHMAN; Eleazer married Elizabeth; Anne married Francis CHICKERING (ancestors of Mrs. William Henry HARRISON and grandson Pres. Benjamin HARRISON); Nathaniel died as infant; Martha died as infant; Hon. William (of Wenham, MA) married Bridget MATCHET; and Martha married Capt. Edmund THOMPSON.
  2. Hannah - Married May 4, 1603 William GILLETT alias CANDLER, a schoolmaster at Yoxford. Children: Rev. Mathias CANDLER, genealogist; John; Anne died young; Mary died young; a daughter died young
  3. Esther - Married John CHALKER of Rednall as his second wife. Children: Esther married Anthony NOBLETT; and Matthias married Susan SOAME.
  4. Eleazer - Lived in Norwich, Norfolk. Married Mary BRABOURNE. Children: a daughter; and a daughter died as infant.
  5. Eunice - Died young.
  6. Nathaniel -

Nathaniel and Abria (Hovel Leman) Fiske

Nathaniel FISKE - Son of William FISKE and Anna AUSTYE. Resided at Weybred, Suffolk. Named in the wills of father, his Uncle Eleazar FISKE and his cousin of the same name.

Abria (HOVEL) LEMAN - The wife of Nathaniel is also found as Alice HEND (or HENEL).

  1. Nathaniel -  b. 1592, Weybred, Suffolk; d. probably enroute to America. Married Dorothy SYMONDS.
  2. Sarah - b. Weybred, Suffolk. Married Robert ROGERS. Children: Sarah; and Margaret.
  3. Abria - b. Weybred, Suffolk. Married Francis WRETTS. Children: Sarah; Benjamin; and Abria.

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Symonds Ancestry in England

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Nathaniel and Dorothy (Symonds) Fiske

Nathaniel FISKE - b. 1592, Weybred, Suffolk, England. Son of Nathaniel FISKE and Abria (Hovel) Leman. A descendant of the FISKE Family of Suffolk, England, Nathaniel reportedly "died in passage to New England."

Dorothy SYMONDS - b. about 1596, Wendham, Suffolk, England. Daughter of John SYMONDS of Wendham. In addition to the children shown here, some publications list daughter Martha, wife of Martin UNDERWOOD, and son Nathan, husband of Susanna, both families being residents of Watertown, MA. However, it seems more probable that Martha and Nathan were in the prior generation as children of Jeffrey FISKE and Mary COOKE.

  1. John - b. about 1619, England; d. Oct. 28, 1684, Watertown, MA.
  2. Nathaniel - Died as infant.
  3. Esther -

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The Wyeth Family in America

Nicholas and Margaret (Clarke) Wyeth

Nicholas WYETH - bap. Jan. 20, 1600, Saxtead, Suffolk, England; d. July 19, 1680, Cambridge, MA. Notwithstanding reports of earlier arrival, it is proabable that Nicholas did not arrive in America until shortly before purchasing a house and land at Cambridge, MA, and joining the church in 1645. He made a rather detailed "confession" or testimony, recorded by Rev. Thomas SHEPARD, upon his acceptance as a church member. In his testimony, reference is made to traveling 4 miles to hear Mr. Salby, and 16 miles to hear Mr. Burrows preach. Richard Salby was rector at Bedfield, Suffolk to 1610, and Jeremiah BURROUGHS was at Bury St. Edmonds in the late 1620s, with the area around Ipswich, Suffolk meeting the distance criteria. Nicholas further testified that he had left England to avoid persecution and to enhoy freedom. On Oct. 8, 1664, He subscribed to an oath of loyalty to the King, with the oath including language claiming liberties and privileges, and freedom from "arbitrary power of any who are not chosen by this people." Nicholas married first before about 1631, possibly at Saxtead, Suffolk. Nicholas married second at Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA Rebecca CRADDOCK (bap. Nov. 1, 1623, London, England; d. Mary 1698, Salem, MA), widow of Thomas ANDREWS. Rebecca was married third on Dec. 16, 1685 to Thomas FOX. Nicholas' step-daughter, Rebecca (ANDREWS) FROST JACOBS, was one of those accused of witchcraft in Salem, together with her husband George JACOBS, Jr., and daughter Margaret. Nicholas' step-son Daniel ANDREWS was arrested and jailed for witchcraft in 1692.

Margaret CLARKE - b. Oct. 12, 1608, Westhorpe, Suffolk, England; about 1647. Whether Margaret came to America with her husband and daughter is uncertain, but the 1645 testimony of Nicholas uses the plural "we" several times, seeming to imply his wife was with him and his daughter.

Children of Nicholas and Margaret

  1. Sarah - bap. Oct. 28, 1632, Saxtead, Suffolk, England; d. after Jul. 1701. Married John FISKE.
  2. John - bap. Oct. 18, 1634, Saxtead, Suffolk, England; bur. Apr. 23, 1638, Saxtead, Suffolk, England.

Children of Nicholas and Rebecca

  1. Mary - b. Jan. 26, 1648/9, Cambridge, MA; d. May 1698. Did not marry.
  2. b. Aug. 10, 1651, Cambridge, MA; d. about 1720. Married first on Sep. 6, 1681 at Arlington, MA to Lydia FISKE (b. Apr. 19, 1647, Watertown, MA; d. Mar. 10, 1697/8, Watertown, MA), daughter of David FISKE and Lydia. Nicholas was married second on Jun. 30, 1698 at Watertown, MA to Deborah PARKER. Nicholas and Lydia had no children. Daughter of Nicholas and Deborah: Mary.
  3. Martha - b. Jul. 10, 1653, Cambridge, MA; d. befoe 1680. Married Thomas IVES.
  4. John - b. Jul. 15, 1655, Cambridge, MA; d. Dec. 13, 1706, Cambridge, MA. Married on Jan. 2, 1682/3 to Deborah WARD.
  5. William - b. Jan. 1, 1657, Cambridge, MA; d. Oct. 1, 1703 (killed by Indians). Married on Oct. 16, 1683 to Ruth SHEPARD.

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The Fiske family in America

John and Sarah (Wyeth) Fiske

John FISKE - b. about 1619, England; d. Oct. 28, 1684, Watertown, MA. Son of Nathaniel FISKE and Dorothy SYMONDS. Immigrated from St. James, South Elinham,Suffolk to America about 1636. Took oath of fidelity 1652. John FISKE is mentioned several times in the Watertown, MA records between 1670 and 1675, being admonished on his neglect in educating his children in reading and in religion. Inventory Nov. 28, 1684 amounted to £94.10, according to Dr. Henry Bond. Married Dec. 11, 1651, Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA..

Sarah WYETH - bap. Oct. 28, 1632, Saxtead, Suffolk, England d. after Jul. 1701. Executed deed with sons John FISKE and William FISKE on Jul. 26, 1701. Daughter of Nicholas WYETH and Margaret CLARKE.

Children of John and Sarah Fiske

See Notable Cousins for line to: Harriet Goodhue HOSMER
  1. Sarah - b. Feb. 1, 1652/3, Watertown, MA.
  2. John - b. Nov. 7, 1654, Watertown, MA; d. there Feb. 1654/5.
  3. John - b. Nov. 20, 1655, Watertown, MA; d. Jun. 6, 1718, Watertown, MA. Married first Dec. 9, 1679, Watertown, MA Abigail PARK (b. Mar. 3, 1658/9), daughter of Thomas PARKS and Abigail DIX, and granddaughter of Richard and Marjorie (CRANE) PARKS, and Edward and Jane DIX; and second Jan. 1699/1700 Hannah RICHARDS (d. 1714). Children by Abigail: Abigail married John STEARNS; Elizabeth married Benjamin WHITNEY; John married first Mary WHITNEY, and second Elizabeth CHINERY; Jonathan died in infancy; Jonathan married Lydia BEMIS; Hepzibah married George HARRINGTON; a daughter died in infancy; and David married Elizabeth BURKEE/DURKEE. Daughter by Hannah: Hannah died young.
  4. Margaret - b. Nov. 28, 1658, Watertown, MA; d. Jan. 15, 1750. Did not marry.
  5. Mary - b. Jul. 5, 1661, Watertown, MA; d. Jan. 6, 1723, Watertown, MA. Married Joseph MASON.
  6. William - b. Feb. 23, 1663/4, Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA; d. 1742. Married Oct. 20, 1693 Hannah SMITH (d. Dec. 7, 1728). Hannah is said to have been the daughter of John SMITH and Mary BEERS, and granddaughter of Thomas SMITH and Mary KNAPP. If this relationship is correct, Hannah (SMITH) FISKE was born Dec. 27, 1672 at Watertown, MA. William's will was dated Feb. 18, 1734/5 and proved Mar. 29, 1742. Children: William died young; Hannah; Mary died young; Thomas married Mary PIERCE; William married Mary SANDERSON; John married Sarah CHILD; and Samuel married Anna BEMIS.
  7. Martha - b. Dec. 15, 1666, Watertown, MA. Married George ADAMS.
  8. Elizabeth - b. May 11, 1669, Watertown, MA. Married Dec. 27, 1688 Simeon MELLEN, Jr. of Framingham, MA. Three children.
  9. Nathaniel - b. Sep. 11, 1672, Watertown, MA.
  10. Abigail - b. Oct. 8, 1675, Watertown, MA. Married Jul. 14, 1699, Watertown, MA Dea. Jonathan SANDERSON (b. Oct. 28, 1673, Cambridge, MA; d. Oct. 4, 1743, Watertown, MA), son of Dea. Jonathan SANDERSON and Abia BARTLETT. Children: Dea. Jonathan married Grace BARNARD; Abigail married James MELLEN; Margaret married Benjamin WHITNEY; Eunice married Isaac PIERCE; Thomas married first Mrs. Rebecca FISKE, and second Anna DIX; Nathaniel married Mary DRURY; and David married Abigail JONES.

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