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Foote and Brooke Ancestry

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Foote Ancestry in England

The information concerning the FOOTE family in England is based primarily on articles in The American Genealogist, Vol. 53, pp. 193-206 (FOOTE), and Vol. 58, pp. 165-166 (WARREN).

John and Helen (Warren) Foote

John FOOTE - d. 1558, Royston, Hertfordshire, England. A tallow chandler, his will was probated Jul. 18, 1558. Those receiving bequests included: the church at Royston, wife Helen, servant Maud SMYTHE, an unnamed brother, wife's brother Richard WARREN the younger, wife's uncle John JENAWAYE, sons John and Robert, and daughters Aves <Alice> and Elizabeth. Witnesses included John JENAWAYE, and Nicholas and Richard WARREYN of Bassingbourn, Cambridgeshire, which is about three miles from Royston.

Helen WARREN - b. about 1529. Daughter of Richard WARREN (aka WALLER) of Bassingbourn, Cambridgeshire (b. about 1501; will dated Mar. 28, 1557, proved May 2, 1557) and Alice (probably sister of John JENAWAYE). Helen was the sister of Richard (married Beatrice), Nicholas, Henry (married and had daughter), Alice (likely married Richard FRENDE), and William (married Margaret PAINTER, and had daughters Alice and Elizabeth). Helen (WARREN) FOOTE married second Jan. 19, 1558/9, St. Peter Cornhill, London, John HALL, "sgt trumpeter to Queen Elizabeth."

  1. Robert - b. prob. at Royston, Hertfordshire; d. Jan. 27 - Feb. 15, 1608/9, London; bur. Feb. 16, 1608/9, Shalford, Essex.
  2. John - b. Royston, Hertfordshire, England; d. Nov. 17 - Dec. 4, 1616, prob. London. Grocer of St. Bennet, Grace Church. His will, dated Nov. 17, 1616 and proved Dec. 4, 1616, mentions a great number of relatives and other beneficiaries. In his will he addresses the celebrated poet and clergyman, John DONNE, as "loving friend." A bequest was also made to "Mr. Culverwell the preacher," probably Nathaniel CULVERWELL (d. about 1651) of Cambridge, author of Light of Nature (1652), and possibly father of Cicely CULVERWELL, who married Dr. Lawrence CHADDERTON, Puritan Divine. John married Margaret BROOKE (d. Sep. 13 - Oct. 10, 1634, prob. at London) on Apr. 10, 1581, at St. Mary Woolnoth Church. Margaret was the daughter of John and Elizabeth (WHETMAN) BROOKE, and sister of Joan, who married Robert FOOTE, brother of John. Her will, dated Sep. 13, 1634 and proved Oct. 10, 1634, names many relatives and other beneficiaries. She, too, left a bequest to John DONNE. She also mentions "Mr. Ward, lecturer," possibly the Puritan Divine and translator of the Apocrypha for the Authorized Verision of the Bible, Samuel WARD (d. 1643). Children: John; Sir Thomas married Elizabeth (MOTTE) BODDICOTT; Samuel married; Elizabeth married John HAYES; Susan married Edward CUTT; Priscilla married first Robert CLEMENT, and second Richard GARFORD; and Ellen married first Thomas BENYON, and second Charles HARRIS.
  3. Elizabeth - Married Mr. Smith (d. by 1616).
  4. Alice - Married Mr. SAWLE.

Robert and Joane (Brooke) Foote

Robert FOOTE - b. about 1553, prob. at Royston, Hertfordshire; d. Jan. 27 - Feb. 15, 1608/9, London; bur. Feb. 16, 1608/9, Shalford, Essex. Son of John FOOTE and Helen WARREN. His will was dated Jan. 27, 1608/9 and proved the following Feb. 16th, at Shalford, Essex. He is called "my sonne in lawe Robert ffoote, Citizen and ffishemonger of London" in the will of John BROOKE. Robert married Joane on Jun. 18, 1576 at St. Leonard's in Eastcheap, London. They lived later at Wethersfield, Essex.

Joane BROOKE - bap. May 11, 1555, St. Leonard's in Eastcheap, London; d. after Jan. 1609. Daughter of John BROOKE and Elizabeth WHATMAN.

See Notable Cousins for line to: Richard Milhous NIXON and William Howard TAFT

  1. Robert - b. about 1577. bur. Aug. 17, 1646, London. A citizen and grocer of London, his will was dated Feb. 4, 1645/6 and proved the following Sep. 4th. In it he names his second wife, Elizabeth CHILD (Daughter of Wolstone and Ellen CHILD, and widow of Benjamin MILES), and his sons. Children of Robert and Dionis FOOTE: John married; Samuel married; Robert married Mrs. Anne SKINNER; and Elizabeth married Ralph GRIGGS.
  2. James - b. by 1583. Married and had a son Thomas.
  3. Daniel - Married first Margaret TOMSON, second Frances (d. 1684), and third Ann (WEST) LEE. His son Daniel, who resided at Cambridge in 1634, is called Dr. in will of Sir Thomas FOOTE. Children of Daniel and Frances: Frances; Mary; Dr. Daniel; Elizabeth; and Robert. [Ref. TAG 72:1, pp 49-55]
  4. Nathaniel - b. about 1593, England; d. by Dec. 20, 1644 (est. inv.), Wethersfield, CT.
  5. Francis - Mentioned in his father's will. Possibly the Francis FOOTE of Castle Heddingham who left a will proved Dec. 15, 1624 naming wife Lydia, daughters Lydia and Mary, and brother-in-law Edmund BREWER.
  6. Joshua - d. Oct. 1655, Providence, RI. Citizen and ironmonger of London, and emigrant to Roxbury, MA in 1653. Will dated Oct. 2, 1655, with administration given to Joshua HEWES at Boston on Oct. 31, 1655. Joshua married Elizabeth. Children: Samuel of London; Joshua of London; Caleb of Boston and London; Elizabeth of London; Daniel; Mary; and Hannah.
  7. Elizabeth - d. after Jun. 1658, Essex. Her will was dated Jun. 26, 1658 and names her husband and numerous FOOTE relatives. Under age 30 and unmarried in 1608. Married Jul. 17, 1617 at St. James, Clerkenwell, Middlesex to Thomas JENNINGS (d. 1658). Thomas wrote his will Dec. 26, 1657 at Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex, and it was proved May 12, 1658 at London. No known issue.
  8. Joseph - bur. Sep. 1639, Shalford, Essex. Married Anne (bur. Jan. 26, 1644/5, Shalford, England). Children: Robert; Anne; Mary married William CORNELL; Elizabeth died as an infant; Dorcas; Elizabeth married Mr. LYON; Leonard; Joseph died as infant; and Robert.
  9. Mary - Married by 1608 John HEWES. Mary FOOTE's husband, a chandler of Royston, left a will dated Jun. 20, and proved Aug. 21, 1621. Children of Mary and John: Jonathan; Lt. Joshua married Mary GOLDSTONE (daughter of Henry GOLDSTONE and Anna); Mary; Elizabeth married Ralph HEMINGWAY (they became ancestors of Pres. TAFT and of Pres. NIXON); Sarah, Hester, Lidia; Anne married Lewis JONES; and Phoebe married Richard GORDE.

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Brooke Ancestry in England

The information concerning the BROOKE family in England is based primarily on articles in The American Genealogist, Vol. 55, pp. 193-206.

John and Elizabeth (Whatman) Brooke

John BROOKE - b. about 1525; will dated Jan. 9, 1577/8, proved Jul. 8, 1584. Only surviving son of Robert BROOKE (b. about 1495; d. Jul. 1551), a citizen and merchant tailor of London, and his wife Katherine (b. aout 1500, prob. Kent Co., Eng.; d. Mar. 1565/6), who married second, in Sep. 1554, John BERYMAN of London. John BROOKE had sisters Margaret who married William HARTINGE, Frances who married John CLARKE, and Isabel who married first John WILSON, and second Christopher HOLMES. John completed his apprenticeship as a leatherseller about 1547. On May 8, 1554, he married Elizabeth in St. Leonards Parish, London.

Elizabeth WHATMAN -b. probably at Cletchingley, Surrey; bur. Jun. 30, 1599, St. Leonards Parish, London. Will dated Jun. 18, 1599, proved Jul. 28, 1599.

  1. Joane - bap. May 11, 1555, St. Leonard's in Eastcheap, London; d. after 1609. Married Robert FOOTE, son of John FOOTE and Helen WARREN.
  2. William - bap. Oct. 9, 1556, St. Leonard's in Eastcheap, London; bur there Dec. 17, 1592. He perhaps married Elizabeth.
  3. John - bap. Mar. 4, 1557/8, St. Leonard's in Eastcheap, London. Probably died young.
  4. Susan - bap. Mar. 6, 1559/60, St. Leonard's in Eastcheap, London. She was married there on Jun. 3, 1577 to John BONNER. Children: Thomas; Henry; and Elizabeth married Robert AXON.
  5. Margaret - bap. Mar. 8, 1560/1, St. Leonard's in Eastcheap, London; d. Sep.-Oct. 1634. She married John FOOTE, brother-in-law of her sister Joane. Refer to FOOTE family for further details.
  6. Elizabeth - bap. Jul. 20, 1562, St. Leonard's in Eastcheap, London; bur. there Aug. 25, 1592. Married Thomas BERRY, and had son Thomas.
  7. John - bap. Jul. 20, 1563, St. Leonard's in Eastcheap, London; bur. there Feb. 23, 1578/9.
  8. Mary - bap. Nov. 26, 1564, St. Leonard's in Eastcheap, London; bur. Dec. 16, 1565, Bletchingly, Surrey.
  9. Robert - bap. Apr. 5, 1566, St. Leonard's in Eastcheap, London. Probaly married Mary, and perhaps father of the Rev. Mr. John BROOKE.
  10. Katherine - bap. Jul. 13, 1567, St. Leonard's in Eastcheap, London. She married first Dec. 5, 1586 Thomas BETHEAM (bur. Oct. 21, 1587), a leather-seller, second John NORTHCOTT (bur. Au. 27, 1592), and third Jun. 8, 1596 Richard FLUDD. Children: Thomas BETHEAM; John NORTHCOTT died as infant; a child NORCOTT died as infant; Mary NORCOTT; John NORCOTT; and Sybil FLOOD.
  11. Thomas - bap. Jan. 6 1568/9, St. Leonard's in Eastcheap, London; will dated Nov. 18 and proved Dec. 1, 1625. Married Joan. Children: John; Marie; Nathaniel; Elizabeth; Sara; Mary; Rebecca; Martha; Susanna; Benjamin; and Martha.
  12. Sara - bap. Oct. 1, 1570, St. Leonard's in Eastcheap, London. She married Mr. STORYE and had children John, Thomas and Mary.

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The Foote family in America

Refer to The Great Migration: Immigrants to New England 1634-1635, Volume II, by Robert Charles Anderson, George F. Sanborn Jr., and Melinde Lutz Sanborn (2001, Boston), pages 540-44, for information concerning the immigrant family.

Nathaniel and Elizabeth Foote

Nathaniel FOOTE - b. about 1593, England; d. by Nov. 20, 1644 (est. inv.), Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT. Son of Robert FOOTE and Joane BROOKE, and grandson of John FOOTE and Helen WARREN and of John BROOKE and Elizabeth WHATMAN. Age 16 and a apprentice to Samuel CROYLE, grocer of Colchester, on Sep. 21, 1608. Nathaniel arrived at Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA in 1630, and was a freeman there Sep. 3, 1634. He had a homstall of 16 acres and 2 acres of Marsh at Watertown, but they were acquired by Henry CUTTRIS by 1636. Nathaniel removed to settle at Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT in 1636. He was deputy to the CT General Court twice in 1641, and once in 1642 and 1644. Nathaniel's estate was inventoried Nov. 20, 1644 at £380 17s, plus land totaling 211 acres, with distribution to his widow and unmarried children, named as "Nath[aniel] Foote, 24 years," "Rob[ert] Foote. about 17," " Frances, about 15," "Sarah, about 12," and "Rebecka, about 10." Married about 1615, England.

Elizabeth DEMING - b. about 1595, England; d. Jul. 28, 1683, Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT. In her will, Elizabeth names "my beloved brother, Mr. John DEMING, sr." Married second Mar. 2, 1646 Gov. Thomas WELLES (b. about 1590; d. Jan. 14, 1659/60, Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT). Her will was dated Mar. 28, 1678, with a codicil Aug. 16, 1682, naming her two sons and providing the married surnames of her five daughters, including "daughter Sarah Judson, deceased." The inventory of her estate was taken Sep. 3, 1683.

Children of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Foote

See Notable Cousins for line to: Charles Gates DAWES, Garrison Kent HALL, Rutherford Birchard HAYES, Charles William POST, Jedediah Strong SMITH, Harriet Elizabeth BEECHER STOWE and Lucy Ware 'Lemonade Lucy' (WEBB) HAYES

  1. Elizabeth - bap. Jan. 14, 1617/8, St. James, Shalford, Essex, England; d. Sep. 8, 1700, Wethersfield, CT. Married 1638 Josiah CHURCHILL (d. Jan. 1, 1686, Wethersfield, CT). Children: Mary married Samuel CHURCH; Elizabeth married Henry BUCK; Hannah married Samuel ROYCE; Ann married Mr. RICE; Joseph married Mary; Benjamin married Mary; and Sarah married Thomas WICKAM.
  2. Nathaniel - bap. Mar. 5, 1619/20, St. James, Shalford, Essex, England; d. 1655, Wethersfield, CT. Married 1646, Elizabeth SMITH (bap. Jan. 28, 1626/7, Hadleigh, Suffolk, England), daughter of Lt. Samuel and Elizabeth SMITH. For children and additional information about Elizabeth refer to the Samuel SMITH family.
  3. Mary - b. about 1623, England; d. Jul. 31, 1721, Norwich, CT. Married first 1642 John STODDARD; second Apr. 4, 1674, Wethersfield, CT, John GOODRICH (b. 1623; d. Apr. 1680), son of John GOODRICH and Margery HOW; and third about 1681 Thomas TRACY (b. 1623; d. Nov. 7, 1685). Children of Mary and John STODDARD: Mary married Joseph WRIGHT; John married Elizabeth CURTIS; Caleb died young; Joshua married Berthia SMITH; Mercy married Joseph WRIGHT; Elizabeth married Mr. WRIGHT; and Nathaniel married first Mary, and second Eunice STANDISH.
  4. Robert - b. about 1627, England; d. 1681. Married 1659 Sarah POTTER, daughter of William and Frances of New Haven, CT. Children: Nathaniel married Tabitha BISHOP; Sarah married first Isaac CURTIS, and second Nathaniel HOW; Elizabeth married John GRAVES; Joseph married first Abigail JOHNSON, second Sarah ROSE, and third Susannah FRISBIE; Samuel married Abigail BARKER; John married Mary; Stephen married first Elizabeth NASH, and second Hannah HOWD; and Isaac married Rebecca DICKERMAN.
  5. Frances - b. 1629, England. Married first 1648 John DICKINSON (b. 1629; d. 1676), son of Nathaniel and Anne; and second 1677 Francis BARNARD (b. 1617; d. Feb. 3, 1698). Children of Frances and John DICKINSON: Hannah married first Samuel GILET, and second Stephen JENNINGS; Mary married Samuel NORTHAM; John married Susanna SMITH; Jonathan died young; Sarah married first Samuel LANE, and second Martin KELLOGG; Elizabeth died young; Rebecca married Joseph SMITH; Abigail married first Thomas CROFT, and second Samuel CROFOOT; Mercy married Joseph CHAMBERLAIN; and Mehitabel married John INGRAM, Jr.
  6. Sarah - b. about 1632, England; d. 1673. Married 1652, Jeremiah JUDSON. Children: Isaac; Mary; Elizabeth; Sarah; Mercy; and Jeremiah.
  7. Rebecca - b. about 1634; d. Apr. 6, 1701, Hadley, MA. Married first Philip SMITH.

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