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Howell and Elizabeth Freeman

While unproved, it is probable that Howell FREEMAN was the son of Bridges FREEMAN. Much of the material used to construct the family of Howell FREEMAN is based on four decades of research by Bobbie Jo FREEMAN LANE PINSON and generously shared in Freeman Chronicles, Issue 2 (Garland, TX 1996).

Howell FREEMAN - b. 1760, Sussex or Brunswick Co., VA; d. May 4, 1836, Dickson Co., TN. It is believed that Howell was the son of Bridges FREEMAN and Elizabeth, but no direct evidence has been located. The earliest record naming Howell FREEMAN was the will of William REEVES dated Oct. 15, 1776 in Bute Co., NC, to which Howell was a witness and Henry FREEMAN (probably his uncle) was co-executor. On Feb. 9, 1778, Howell proved this will. He took the oath of allegiance of the Bute County Committee of Safety in 1778. Beginning in Mar. 1779, Howell was a Revolutionary soldier (Pvt.) in the infantry and cavalry from Franklin Co., NC -- serving 3 months as a replacement, 3 months as a volunteer, and as a draftee in Carter's Co. for 12 months to Apr. 25, 1782. He was possibly related to Moses FREEMAN, who served in the same company from Apr. 25, 1782. The pension file [W19296] for Howell gives the names of his Captains during his 12 month enlistment as SHARP, BREVARD, and BUSH, and states that he was in the Battle of Brier Creek. After the War, Howell lived (in order) in Franklin Co., NC; SC (two years); NC; KY; Humphries Co., TN; KY; and Dickson Co., TN. His application for pension includes: "I was born in the State of Virginia according to information - and in the year 1760. My father had my birth recorded in his family Bible, but the same is lost or destroyed. I have no further record of my age." On Feb. 20, 1784, Bridges FREEMAN deeded 125 acres in Franklin Co., NC, to Howell for 50 pounds, with both being then residents of Johnston Co., NC. The 1784 tax list of Johnston Co. indicates that Howell owned 175 acres. He was back in Franklin Co. in 1785 and 1787, but moved to Chatham Co. by 1790. The census of 1790 of Chatham Co., NC, Hillsborough District includes the Howell FREEMAN household. Howell purchased 99 acres of land on May 5, 1792, and received a state grant of 150 acres on Mar. 9, 1799. The 1800 census of Chatham Co., NC lists the Howell FFREEMAN household. The sale of 150 acres of land in Chatham Co., NC, on June 1, 1801, to Alexander SMITH by Howell and Elizabeth FREEMAN (signed by their marks), and the sale of 99 acres on Oct. 1, 1801, suggests the family left Chatham Co., NC in late 1801. The purchase of 200 acres in Wake Co., NC is recorded Nov. 4, 1805, and its sale is recorded Sep. 9, 1806. He is listed on the Aug. 1807 tax list as insolvent, and next appears in Logan Co., KY on the tax lists of Aug. 4, 1808, and Jan. 13, 1809. Howell FREEMAN lived in Humphreys Co., TN between 1810 and 1811, appears on the tax list of Giles Co., TN in 1812, returned to KY between about 1813 and 1815, and settled in Dickson Co., TN in 1816, with a land purchase recorded there in Jan. 1817. Howell is found in the 1820 census of Dickson Co., NC and the 1830 census of Dickson Co., TN. Various land transaction by Howell FREEMAN were recorded in Dickson Co., TN between 1826 and 1833. Howell wrote his will [will transcription and document image] on Oct. 15, 1835 (proved Jun. 1836), in which he named his wife, six children, and three sons-in-law [Dickson Co., TN Wills, Book A, pp. 126-127]. The initial estate sale for Howell FREEMAN was on Jul 2, 1836, and various estate papers were filed in Dickson Co., TN until Apr. 22, 1846. His widow Hannah resided in Humphrey Co., TN in Dec. 1856, when she applied for her widow's pension [W19296]. A memorial marker for Dickson Co., TN soldiers of the Revolution was dedicated Jul. 4, 1976 at the County Courthouse at Charlotte, TN, and includes the name of Howell FREEMAN. Married first Elizabeth, second Jan. 13, 1809, Russellville, Logan Co., KY Tabitha MAY, and third Mar. 4, 1830, in Dickson Co., TN, Hannah DOTY (b. about 1787).

Elizabeth - d. 1806-1808, probably in Logan Co., KY. Perhaps surnamed BURRELL. It is possible that Howell FREEMAN, perhaps given his mother's maiden name, did the same for his firstborn son, continuing the pattern begun by his grandfather. Nothing further is currently known about her.

Children of Howell and Elizabeth Freeman

  1. Burrell - b. 1780, Franklin Co., NC; d. about 1847-59, Lamar Co., TX. Married Mar. 7, 1808, Logan Co., KY, Nancy WILLIAMS (b. 1791; d. after 1840). Burrell and Nancy were living in Chariton Co., MO in 1828 when son Andrew Jackson was born. Note that four children of Burrell married their first cousins, children of Jeremiah, and that another son married his first cousin once removed. Children Burrell and nancy FREEMAN: John C. Massie (aka John Massie FREEMAN) married his first cousin Mary Ann FREEMAN, daughter of Jeremiah; Sarah married her first cousin Joseph Dennis FREEMAN, son of Jeremiah; Elizabeth married first Mr. SMITH, and second Mr. JOHNSON/JOHNSTON; Ebenezer Roger married first Jane FREEMAN (daughter of Jeremiah FREEMAN), second Mary 'Polly' HUCHENS, and third Sarah Jane COFFEE; a daughter married Ira FOSTER; Cornelius; William Young; Permelia married her first cousin Alford Albert FREEMAN, son of Jeremiah; Andrew Jackson married first Elizabeth Fitzgerald, second Polly SIMPKINS, and third his first cousin once removed Nancy Ann Havins RUSHING, daughter of Mark and Elizabeth (FREEMAN) RUSHING, and granddaughter of William R. FREEMAN; and three more daughters (b. 1830-1835).
  2. A daughter - b. about 1782. The 1790 census shows 3 females in the household, and the 1800 census lists a female age 16-26. She may have married Willie UNDERWOOD between 1800 and 1808.
  3. A son - b. say 1784; d. by 1800. The 1790 census indicates that Howell and Elizabeth had four males under age 16 in their household, but only three sons appear in the 1800 census.
  4. William R. - b. Mar. 25, 1786, Franklin Co., NC; d. Mar. 16, 1871, Pike Co., IL.
  5. Jeremiah - b. about 1788. Jeremiah served in the War of 1812, and lived in Pike Co., IL in 1830, and in Washington Co., AR in 1840. Married Jane CRAWFORD (b. 1795; d. 1866). Named in father's will. Note that four children of Jeremiah married their first cousins, children of Burrell. Children of Jeremiah and Jane FREEMAN: Mary Ann married her first cousin John Massie FREEMAN, son of Burrell; Joseph Dennis married his first cousin Sarah FREEMAN, daughter of Burrell; John C. married Matilda (JOHNS) SHOEMAKER; Jane married her first cousin Ebenezer Roger FREEMAN, son of Burrell; Jeremiah, Jr.; Alford Albert married his first cousin Permelia FREEMAN, daughter of Burrell; two daughters probably died young; Eliza R. married Edward BOYD; Louisa E. married Philoman H. 'Dock' HIGGINS; Andrew Jackson married Missouri Ann LUCKIE; and Francis Marion.
  6. Mary 'Polly' - b. Mar. 10, 1791, Chatham Co., NC; d. 1875. Married about 1811 Ambrose W. HALLIBURTON (b. 1790; d. 1860), who served in the Blackhawk War. Children of Mary and Ambrose HALLIBURTON: Charles Wesley 'Westly' married first Armilda E. COLLINS, second Juliet OWENS, and third Sophia HOLMAN; Thomas; Carrol; David; Elizabeth; Ambrose J. married Elizabeth EDWARDS; Cynthia; and James H. married Frances B. HALLIBURTON.
  7. Elizabeth - b. Jun. 23, 1793, Chatham Co., NC; d. about 1836, Pike Co., IL. Married Jun. 13, 1815, in TN, John C. MASSIE (b. Aug. 11, 1795; d. 1853, Pike Co., IL), son of Thomas MASSIE and Fannie HUDSON. John served in the War of 1812. After Elizabeth's death, John married Mary SHAW (b. 1807; d. 1853) [see MASSIE for children of John and Mary]. The MASSIE family lived in Sangamon Co., IL from 1828 to about 1833. Children of Elizabeth and John MASSIE: Evaline; Perry died as infant; Hudson died as infant; George Washington died as infant; Thomas M. married Harriet (MITCHELL) MASSIE, widow of brother Sylvanus; Sylvanus F. married Harriet MITCHELL; John C. died as infant; Elizabeth O.; possibly William married Mary; Amanda Melvina married James C. BOOTHE; and Rebecca A. died at age 17.
  8. Martha 'Patsy' - b. Aug. 24, 1797, SC; d. after 1850, Dickson Co., TN. Living in Dickson Co., TN in 1850. Married Jan. 13, 1820, Dickson Co., TN Abraham SELF (b. Sep. 15, 1799, Person Co., NC; d. after 1850, Dickson Co., TN). Abraham's sister Susan SELF married Hugh McCLERKIN. The children of Martha and Abraham listed here are all found in the SELF household in the 1850 census as ages 12 to 22 years. Children of Martha and Abraham SELF: William Vanhook married Elvira Hendrix; Sarah Ann M. married first George B. LEWIS, and second Robert DILLAHAY; Elizabeth married Ezekal N. PARRISH; Tabitha J. married first John Frank FOSTER, and second Thomas JAMES; Susannah married Francis GWALTNEY; Martha Ann married Samuel Jarvis ROBERTSON; Rosannah Mariah 'Rosy' married James Washington PRICHARD; Dilla Margaret 'Dilly' married Abner PARRISH; and Samuel Jarvis married Emily Frances GWALTNEY.

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William R. and Mary (Massie) Freeman

William R. FREEMAN - b. Mar. 25, 1786, Franklin Co., NC; d. Mar. 16, 1871, Pike Co., IL; bur. Taylor-Martin Cemetery, Derry Twp., Pike Co., IL [photo]. Son of Howell FREEMAN and Elizabeth. Family sources give William's middle name as Ronald or Roland. An extensive George W. Freeman Bible Record covering 4 generations from the parents of William and Mary to their grandchildren is in the files of the DAR. He was appointed overseer of the road from Palmyra to Vernon in Dickson Co., TN, in Oct. 1818. The Handbook of Dickson County, located at the DAR Library in Washington, DC, states that William R. Freeman served in the War of 1812 from Nov. 1814 to May 1815. An early settler of Derry Township, Pike Co., IL, William was buried there in the Taylor-Martin Cemetery. The inventory of his estate consisted soley of Notes and Account receivable as follows: John W. Hazelrig <husband of daughter Frances> $254.31; Syl Freeman <son Sylvanus> $434.72; Martha Ann Jones <daughter who married Rev. Thomas Jones> $219.21; J L Freeman $736.54; Jordan L. Freeman <son and administrator of estate> $107.28; James H. Freeman <son> $352.89; and C. M. Freeman <son Cavil M.> $267.51; for a total estate of $2,372.46. [The full name and relationship of the J L Freeman mentioned is uncertain at present.] William and Mary married Jul. 12, 1807 in KY.

Mary MASSIE - b. June 14, 1789, KY; b. Sep. 16, 1867, Pike Co., IL; bur. Taylor-Martin Cemetery, Derry Twp., Pike Co., IL [photo]. Daughter of Thomas MASSIE and Frances 'Fanny' HUDSON.

[document image]

Children of William and Mary Freeman

  1. Jordan Lewis - b. Oct. 1, 1808, KY; d. Jun. 7, 1882, Pike Co., IL. (Taylor-Martin Cemetery record has 1806 as birth year.) Resided at Perryville, Decatur Co., TN in 1840, and probably married there. Married May 31, 1829 to Sarah 'Sally' SHIPMAN (b. Dec. 3, 1810, Pike Co., IL). Son-in-law George W. SHIELDS was the son of William M. SHIELDS and Lydia SELBY. In the following, from the Pike County History, the full name of son William is William Carroll, and of daughter Martha is Martha Esther..

    "The Freemans were early settlers in Derry township. Jordan L. Freeman and his wife Sarah Shipman, are both buried in the Taylor-Martin cemetery in Section 27, Derry township, three miles southeast of El Dara. He was born October 1, 1808; she December 3, 1810. His father, William R. Freeman, was born March 25, 1786; his mother, Mary Massie, June 14, 1789. Jordan Freeman's paternal grandfather, Howell Freeman, was born in 1760; his maternal grandfather, Thomas Massie of Virginia, soldier of the Revolution, was born December 26, 1759.

    "The children of Jordan L. Freeman and Sarah Shipman were William C., who married Sarah Wilson; Nancy, who married Solomon P. Hornback; Mary Jane, who married John W. Thomas; John R., who married Sophia L. Davis; Isaac S., who married Mary A. Husband; Elizabeth, who married Reuben W. Hornback; Sarah, who married Robert N. Wright; Martha E., who married George W. Shields; and Eliza E., who married Francis Marion Reeve."

  2. Thomas M. - b. Oct. 18, 1810, prob. in KY; d. Aug. 20, 1830, prob. in TN or IL. Apparently, he did not marry.
  3. Elizabeth - b. Nov. 20, 1812, Dickson Co., TN; d. May 4, 1896, VanZandt Co., TX; bur. Rocky Point Cemetery. Married Mar. 14, 1830, Mark RUSHING (b. Sep. 29, 1809, Stewart Co., TN; d. May 25, 1883, VanZandt Co., TX; bur. Rocky Point Cemetery), son of William and Jane (NICHOLS) RUSHING. Children of Elizabeth and Mark RUSHING: a daughter died young; Nancy Ann Havins married first William Carroll HAVINS, and second her first cousin once removed Andrew Jackson FREEMAN, son of Burrell and Nancy (WILLIAMS) FREEMAN; S. Elizabeth married first E. C. HICKS, and second Josiah Hardin SANDERS; William P. married Hannah COOKE; Martha E. married first John Alexander ALLRED, and second S. L. MARTIN; John Calvin married Margaret Mainla ALLRED; and James W. 'King' married Lucinda Caroline COX.
  4. John R. - b. July 10, 1814, TN; d. June 18, 1833, TN. Married Sophia DAVIS.
  5. Martha Anne - b. Sep. 21, 1816, TN; d. Jan. 9, 1895, ElDara, Pike Co., IL. Married May 12, 1833, Pike Co., IL, Rev. Thomas JONES (b. Dec. 6, 1808, IN; d. Oct. 15, 1865, Pike Co., IL), son of Reuben and Hester (McCONNELL) JONES. Martha, Thomas and there son John Amos are buried in Taylor Martin Cemetery, Pike Co., IL. Children of Martha and Thomas JONES: William [photo] married first Elizabeth ROSEBERRY, and second Mary J. PURCELL; Mary Jane married Sgt. Pine DEXTER, whose name is reportedly a division of the surname POINDEXTER; John Amos; James Newton; Thomas Jefferson [photo] married first Rachel Elizabeth DOLBEARE, and second Lyde OWNBY [photo]; Elizabeth; Franklin; Joseph Henry; and Sarah Frances married Mr. CHASE.
  6. William P. - b. Apr. 7, 1818, TN; d. Apr. 1, 1907. William has not been located in the 1850 Census, but there is a Sarah FREEMAN household in Pike Co., IL, including a John T. MORTON, age 15, as a laborer, and children: James P., William M., Jordan L. and Edwin F. FREEMAN. Married Jan 11, 1843, Pike Co., IL Sarah MORTON (b. Dec. 3, 1810), whose surname has also been reported to be MASTON. Children: James P.; William M.; Jordan L. married Hannah M. WILKE; and Edwin died young.
  7. James Howell - b. Apr. 8, 1820, TN; d. Aug. 25, 1892, Pike Co., IL; bur. there in Hornback Cemetery.
  8. Mary Ann - b. June 8, 1822, TN; d. Aug. 23, 1832, IL.
  9. Frances - b. Jun. 6, 1824, TN; d. Jun. 30, 1912, Eldara, Pike Co., IL. Married Jul. 28, 1842, Eldara, Pike Co., IL, John William HAZELRIGG (b. Jan. 24, 1821, Clark Co., KY, d. Feb. 15, 1893, Marceline, Linn Co., MO), son of Charles HAZELRIGG and Lucinda HOLLOWAY. Refer to HAZELRIGG line for children.
  10. Pleasant M. - b. July 29, 1826, TN; d. Aug. 1850, CA. Apparently, he did not marry.
  11. George W. - b. Apr. 17, 1828, Perry Co., TN; d. Oct. 2, 1896, Willows, CA; bur. there. George served in the 1st Regt., IL Vol. as a Corp. during the Mexican War. An extensive George W. Freeman Bible Record covering 4 generations from George's grandparents to his children is in the files of the DAR. Married Mar. 19, 1857, Yolo Co., CA, Mary Lydia BLACK (b. May 2, 1840, IL; d. Apr. 16, 1899, Willows, CA), the daughter of Thomas G. BLACK (1809-1868) and Margaret MORRISON (1819-1902). Children of George and Mary FREEMAN: Frank married first Emma ALDERSON, and second Edna WEST; Emma married John Frank SERSANOUS; William Valentine married first Harriet 'Hattie' WILSON, and second Cora M. BRYANT; and Ada L. married Gustave A. HOFFMAN.
  12. Sylvanus - b. Nov. 17, 1829, TN; d. Jan. 3, 1900. Living with father in 1850, with occupation of blacksmith. Married Dec. 21, 1851, IL, Caroline J. F. LIPPINCOTT (b. 1832, OH), probably the daughter of Samuel and Mary LIPPINCOTT of Pike Co., IL. Children of Sylvanus and Caroline FREEMAN: Don C. married Nancy C. CHALK; William R.; David A.; Margaret A.; and Sylvanus.
  13. Cavil M. - b. Apr. 12, 1832, IL; d. Oct. 4, 1874, Linn Co., MO. Cavil was living with father in 1850. Married on Feb. 22, 1858 in Linne Co., MO to Maggie WILKINSON (b. May16, 1842, Linn Co. MO; d. Jan. 17, 1918, Linn Co. MO), daughter of Henry WILKINSON and Susannah HINES. A well digger by occupation, Cavil died when a piece of heavy equipment fell on him while digging a well. His widow married second Mr. CANADA. Children of Cavil and Maggie FREEMAN: William H.; Laura C. married John A. CONNELY (3 ch.); Rolla; Lula May married George Wilmot CROZIER (4 ch.); Joel Harvey married Ida McDONALD (4 ch.); Robert G.; and David G.

    Research note: A John L. FREEMAN married Nov. 25, 1845, Pike Co., IL, Mary A. BARNEY (b. Dec. 1824, OH; d. Apr. 24, 1863, bur. Taylor Martin Cemetery, Pike Co., IL). In the 1850 census, John (age 35, b. KY) is a 'farmer,' his household also including (1850) Hezekiah FREEMAN (age 37, b. KY) and William UPPINGHOUSE (age 11, b. IA). Children: Emily (age 4, b. MO); Sophronia (age 2, b. MO); Viola died young; and Frances M. died young.

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