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French Ancestry in England
                                   Riddlesdale Ancestry in England
Thomas French and Susan Riddlesdale

Dorcas French and Christopher Peake
                               William French and Elizabeth Godfrey
Jonathan Peake and Sarah French

Jonathan Peake and Hannah Leavens

Abigail Peake and Isaac Johnson

Abigail Johnson and Abijah Child

Sarah Child and Elijah Mason

Sophronia Mason and Eli Morey

Elijah Mason Morey and Elizabeth Merrill

William Clemeth Morey and Melvina E. Andrews

Minnie Elsie Morey and Aretus Erastus Freeman

Iva Melvina Freeman and Donald VanHoosier Lawson

Stephen Martin Lawson

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French Ancestry in England

Jacob and Susan (Warren) French

Jacob FRENCH - b. about 1555, probably in Suffolk or Essex, England; bur. Nov. 11, 1615, Assington, Suffolk, England. One source suggests that he was the son of Stephen (b. about 1530) and Mary FRENCH. Jacob married Sep. 27, 1578, Bures St. Mary, Essex, England.

Susan WARREN - b. say 1560. Believed to be the granddaughter of William and Katherine WARREN of Bures St. Mary. William died intestate, with administration of his estate granted to Katherine on Sep. 26, 1554 in Essex. Katherine's will, dated July 31, 1567, was proved Jan. 1570/1 in Essex. William and Katherine's probable family appears in NEHGR, July 1988, pages 251-252, including children: William; Thomas; Katherine married John ANSELL; John married Joan; Robert; Julyan; Elizabeth married William SIDAY; and three other children.

Children of Jacob and Susan French

  1. William - bap. July 25, 1580, Bures St. Mary, Essex.
  2. Jacob - bap. Aug. 12, 1582, Bures St. Mary, Essex. He probably died young.
  3. Thomas - bap. Oct. 11, 1584, Bures St. Mary, Essex, England; d. before Nov. 5, 1639, Ipswich, MA.
  4. Elizabeth - bap. Feb. 27, 1586/7, Assington, Suffolk. Recorded as the "dau. of Jacob."
  5. Susan - say 1589; bur. Aug. 1, 1613, Assington, Suffolk. Recorded as the "dau. of Jacob."
  6. Children - It is probable that Jacob and Susan had about 3 children born 1590-1596, for whom baptism records are not available.
  7. John - bap. Mar. 27, 1596, Assington, Suffolk. Probable son. John had a dau. Sarah buried at Assington Jan. 22, 1620/1.
  8. Robert - bap. Jun. 25, 1600, Assington, Suffolk. Recorded as "the son of Jacob & Susan."

William French

William FRENCH - bap. July 25, 1580, Bures St. Mary, Essex. Evidence suggests he was the William FRENCH living at Twinstead Essex, with sons Thomas and Jacob baptised there.

Children of William French

  1. Thomas - bap. Twinstead, Essex, England.
  2. Jacob - bap. Twinstead, Essex, England.
  3. William - Unrecorded, but refer to Lt. William FRENCH of  Cambridge and Billerica, MA for comments.
  4. John - Unrecorded, but Lt. William French had a brother John who died by Apr 1650 at Cambridge, MA. Daughter of John FRENCH: Sarah married John TRULL.

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The Riddlesdale Family in England

Jasper and Elizabeth Riddlesdale

Jasper RIDDLESDALE - b. about 1490; d. Sep. 1552, Boxford, Suffolk. His will was dated Aug. 29, 1552 and proved Sep. 15, 1552 at Boxford, Suffolk. Also known as Jasper RYDYSDALE, husbandman, he was a churchwarden at Boxford 1542-3 and 1547-8. He had sisters Agnes, Christine EGLE, and Margery SKOTT. Married about 1581, probably at Boxford, Suffolk.

Elizabeth - d. about Apr. 1553, Boxford, Suffolk. Her will was dated Oct. 30, 1552 and proved Apr. 13, 1553, which names all her children, also includes 'my sister Rose BENET' and 'mother Agnes.'

Childen of Jasper and Elizabeth

  1. Henry - b. about 1518/20, Boxford, Suffolk; bur. Jun. 25, 1591, Boxford, Suffolk.
  2. Thomas - b. about 1522, Boxford, Suffolk; d. possibly by 1567. Possibly married Joan, who married marred Oct. 5, 1567, Boxford, Suffolk, Launcelott MAYOR, a widower.
  3. Robert -
  4. Peter - Paid rent in 1547 to the church at Boxford, Suffolk. Married and had son: Thomas.
  5. Grace - Probably married Richared KEBLE by Aug. 1552.
  6. Elizabeth - Possibly married Thomas RYVET about Sep. 1552.
  7. Jane - Possibly twin of Amy.
  8. Amy - Possibly twin of Jane.
  9. Richard - b. after 1532. Under age 21 in 1552.
  10. John - b. about 1536; bur. Dec. 5, 1614, Groton, Suffolk. Married Nov. 29, 1562, Boxford, Suffolk, Elizabeth PATTEN, and moved to Groton shortly thereafter. Children: Henry died as infant; Mary; Thomas; possibly Richard; and possibly Jasper.
  11. William - Probably youngest child of Jasper and Elizabeth. Married Joan JOHNSON on Nov. 2, 1561 at Polstead, Suffolk.

Henry and Joan Riddlesdale

Henry RIDDLESDALE - b. about 1518/20, Boxford, Suffolk; bur. Jun. 25, 1591, Boxford, Suffolk. Son of Jasper RIDDLESDALE and Elizabeth. Married about 1554, probably at Boxford, Suffolk.

Joan - d. after Jun. 1591. Named as "Joan RIDSDALE my wife" in Henry's will.

Children of Henry and Joan

  1. Robert - b. about 1554/5, Boxford, Suffolk, England. name in father's will.
  2. John - bap. Sep. 27, 1557, Boxford, Suffolk; bur. Jun. 4, 1629, Assington, Suffolk.
  3. Thomas - bap. Jun. 2, 1560, Boxford, Suffolk; bur. Feb. 7, 1588/9. Married Sep. 1, 1584, Boxford, Suffolk, Susan BRONDE (bap. Jan. 23, 1560/1), daughter of John BRONDE. Susan married second Jan. 30, 1593/4 Richard WENDALL. Son of Thomas and Susan: Richard.
  4. Joan - bap. Oct. 23, 1562, Boxford, Suffolk. Married Aug. 30, 1582 at Boxford, Suffolk to Richard WALTON (bap. Apr. 8, 1561), son of Richard WALTON. Children: Richard; Richard; William; and Joan.
  5. Julyan - bap. Dec. 10, 1564, Boxford, Suffolk. Married Jun. 13, 1587 at Boxford, Suffolk to John STANBYE. Son: John.
  6. Henry - bap. Mar. 6, 1566/7, Boxford, Suffolk Married Sep. 5, 1592 at Boxford, Suffolk to Bridget SMYTHE (bap. Apr. 20, 1572), daughter of Symond and Alice SMYTHE. Son: Henry.
  7. Richard - bap. Aug. 13, 1570, Boxford, Suffolk; d. early 1610. Married Rose BRAND on Sep. 17, 1593 at Groton. His widow was granted administration of his estate on Jun. 5, 1610. On Apr. 23, 1611, Rose (BRAND) RIDDLESDALE married John WARREN (b. about 1555; d. 1613), cardmaker of Nayland, Suffolk, as his third wife. Rose married third Nov. 20, 1617, Boxford, Suffolk, Richard GRYMES.

John and Dorcas Riddlesdale

John RIDDLESDALE - bap. Sep. 27, 1557, Boxford, Suffolk; bur. Jun. 4, 1629, Assington, Suffolk. Son of Henry RIDDLESDALE and Joan. Married about 1583, probably at Assington, Suffolk.

Dorcas - b. 1571, Assington, Suffolk, England; bur. Sep. 24, 1624, Assington, Suffolk. Dorcas is named as John's wife in the baptismal records of daughters Susan and Sarah, and on land records of Jan. 1613/14.

Children of John and Dorcas

  1. Susan - bap. Apr. 20, 1584, Boxford, Suffolk, England; d. Aug. 1658, Ipswich, MA.
  2. Richard - b. about 1586; bur. Nov. 6, 1610, Assington, Suffolk. Probably unmarried, the administration of his estate was granted to his sisters Susan and Joan.
  3. Thomas - b. about 1588. Named in will of his grandfather Henry RIDDLESDALE.
  4. Joan - b. about 1590. Married Oct. 11, 1610 at Assington, Suffolk to Richard MATHER, in a double wedding with sister Dorcas. Joan and Dorcas may have been twins.
  5. Dorcas - b. about 1590; bur. Dec. 15, 1610, Assington, Suffolk. Married Oct. 11, 1610 at Assington, Suffolk to Thomas DYNES, yeoman, in a double wedding with sister Joan. Dorcas and Joan may have been twins. Administration of her estate was granted to her sisters Susan and Joan. No children.
  6. Edward - b. about 1592; bur. Feb. 9, 1630/1, Assington, Suffolk. Married Mary (d. Apr. 10, 1683, MA), who married second Jun. 27, 1632 at Assington, Suffolk, John WYATT (b. about 1594; d. Dec. 1665, Ipswich, MA), who had married first Martha SHELDRAKE, daughter of John and Joan SHELDRAKE. Mary and John settled at Ipswich, MA, probably with Mary's daughters Mary, Sarah, and Dorcas RIDDLESDALE. Mary married third May 22, 1666 at Rowley, MA, James BARKER (d. Sep. 7, 1678, Rowley, MA), whose first wife was Grace (d. Dec. 27, 1665). Children of Edward and Mary: Edward; Mary married Henry KIMBALL; Sarah married first Luke HEARD, and second Joseph BIXBY; Dorcas; and Rebecca.
  7. John - b. about 1594/8, Assington, Suffolk; bur. Dec. 10, 1602, Assington, Suffolk.
  8. Sarah - bap. Mar. 1, 1599, Assington, Suffolk. Married Marke GRYME on May 30, 1620 at Assington.

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The French Family in America

Thomas and Susan (Riddlesdale) French

Thomas FRENCH - bap. Oct. 11, 1584, Bures St. Mary, Essex, England; d. before Nov. 5, 1639, when administration of his estate was granted to his widow at Ipswich, MA. Son of Jacob FRENCH and Susan WARREN. The will of John GURDON, Esq., of Assington, made Dec. 6, 1621, left to his grandson "the messuage or farm house wherein one Thomas FRENCH doth now inhabit, called Garland's." Emigrated to Ipswich, MA before Jul. 25, 1638 when a lot of his is mentioned as a boundary to land at the Reedy marsh. Four of his children had preceeded him to America. Thomas was married Sep. 5, 1608 at Assington, Suffolk, England.

Susan RIDDLESDALE - bap. Apr. 20, 1584, Boxford, Suffolk, England; d. Aug. 1658, Ipswich, MA. On Mar. 10, 1658/9, inventory of her estate was made, totaling £12.11.6. Daughter of John RIDDLESDALE and Dorcas. Susan was probably the aunt of Dorcas RIDDLESDELL, a witness in a case in Ipswich, MA court in Mar. 1647.

Children of Thomas and Susan French

  1. Thomas - bap. Nov. 27, 1608, St. Edmund's, Assington, Suffolk, England; d. Aug. 8, 1680, Ipswich, MA. Emigrated to America by 1631 when he was a member of the Boston, MA church; freeman, Nov. 6, 1632; dismissed to Ipswich church, Jan. 27, 1638/9. He was a soldier in the Pequot expedition and was called Sgt. to 1664, and Ensign thereafter. Will dated Aug. 3, 1680. Thomas married about 1631, probably in Boston MA, Mary (d. May 6, 1681, Ipswich, MA), whose may have been Mary MORTON, an original member of the First Church of Boston, MA. Children: Mary died in infancy; Mary married Robert SMITH (they became ancestors of Joseph SMITH, founder of the LDS Church); Thomas married Mary ADAMS; John married Phoebe KEYES (founders of the family branch at Topsfield, MA); probably Sarah; Samuel; and Ephraim married.
  2. Alice - bap. Apr. 9, 1610, St. Edmund's, Assington, Suffolk, England; d. Jun. 26, 1666, Topsfield, MA. Probably emigrated to America with brother Thomas. Alice was dismissed from the Boston church to Ipswich Jun. 16, 1644. Married Thomas HOWLETT (b. 1606 and d. Dec. 22, 1677), who married second Rebecca, widow of Thomas SMITH. Children of Alice and Thomas: Samuel; Sarah married John CUMMINGS, Sr.; Mary married John PERLEY; John married Susannah HUDSON; Thomas married Lydia PEABODY; and William [and possibly Dorothy married Thomas ABBOTT].
  3. Dorcas - bap. Jul. 31, 1614, St. Edmund's, Assington, Suffolk, England; d. Dec. 30, 1697, Roxbury, MA. Married Christopher PEAKE.
  4. Susan - bap. Apr. 25, 1616, St. Edmund's, Assington, Suffolk, England. Probably emigrated to America with sister Dorcas. Served in the family of John WINTHROP, Jr. in Ipswich, MA. A letter written by Thomas GOSTLIN to John WINTHROP, Jr., from Groton on Jun. 11, 1633 refers to both Dorcas and Susan: "she is one of the goodman French's daughters of Assington. I have sent two of them, one for your father and the other for you. Your father must take his choice. The eldest must serve for 3 years, and the youngest 4...pray let them be delt as well with all as any of the same quality."
  5. Anne - bap. Mar. 15, 1617, St. Edmund's, Assington, Suffolk, England.
  6. Margaret - bap. Mar. 12, 1619/20, St. Edmund's, Assington, Suffolk, England; bur. Nov. 25, 1635, Assington, England.
  7. John - bap. May 26, 1622, St. Edmund's, Assington, Suffolk, England; d. Feb. 1, 1697, Northampton, MA. A tailor by trade, he married about 1654 Freedom KINGSLEY (d. Jul. 26, 1689, Northampton, MA), daughter of John and Elizabeth KINGSLEY. Children: Thomas married first Mary CATLIN and second Hannah (EDWARDS) STEBBINS; a son died in infancy; Mary married Samuel STEBBINS; Samuel died young; a daughter died in infancy; Hannah married Francis KEET; Jonathan married Sarah WARNER; John married first Hannah PALMER, and second Mary PALMER; and Elizabeth married Samuel POMEROY.
  8. Mary - bap. Jan. 6, 1624, St. Edmund's, Assington, Suffolk, England. Married about 1644 in Ipswich, MA George SMITH (d. Dec. 15, 1674, Ipswich, MA). Children: Sarah; Samuel; Thomas; Rebecca; Elizabeth; and Joan.

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Note on the Ancestry of Sarah (French) Peake

There are so many discrepancies and suppositions concerning the English ancestry of William FRENCH that it is best to omit all references to possibilities until such time as the conflicts are resolved. For a discussion of various theories, refer to The Frenchline, especially Vol. II, No. 3, Winter 1986. A possible link to the family of Thomas FRENCH of Ipswich, MA has been suggested.

Could William have been the son of William FRENCH (bap. Jul. 25, 1580), son of Jacob and Susan (WARREN) FRENCH, and thereby nephew of Thomas FRENCH of Ipswich, MA? See NEHGR 142:250 for the conjecture that William of Cambridge and Billerica was grandson of Jacob of Assington, and see the French DNA Project showing 24 of 25 matches between DNA of said William and Jacob lines as follows:

Line A is from Jacob FRENCH through son Thomas FRENCH of Ipswich.
Line B is from William FRENCH of Cambridge.
A:  15 21 14 10 12 14 11 12 11 13 11 30 17 9 10 11 11 23 16 23 29 12 13 13 14 0 0
B:  14 21 14 10 12 14 11 12 11 13 11 30 17 9 10 11 11 23 16 23 29 12 13 13 14 0 0
Refer to The Great Migration: Immigrants to New England 1634-1635, Volume II, by Robert Charles Anderson, George F. Sanborn Jr., and Melinde Lutz Sanborn (2001, Boston), pages 588-93, for information concerning the immigrant family. John FRENCH, who was at Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA in 1637, is identified as a brother of Lt. William FRENCH by a court record of Apr. 2, 1650 granting "William French right and power of administration upon the estate of his brother John French deceased, and do confirm and allow of his disposal of the children." One child of John FRENCH was Sarah FRENCH, who was married on Oct. 11, 1657 at Billerica, MA to John TRULL. Lt. William FRENCH was probably a close relative of Richard FRENCH, who was in Cambridge by 1647. More information about Richard's son Samuel FRENCH is in the following narrative.

Lt. William and Elizabeth (Godfrey) French

William FRENCH - b. about 1605, England; d. Nov. 20, 1681, Billerica, Middlesex Co., MA. His will was made Jun. 5, 1679, and proved Dec. 20, 1681. William came to New England in 1635 aboard the 'Defence', landing at Boston Oct. 3, 1635 and settling at Cambridge. Master of the 'Defence' on the voyage departing England on Aug. 10, 1635 was Edward BOSTOCK, and William FRENCH was enrolled at London as one of the servants to Roger HARLAKENDEN. William's home in Cambridge was on the westerly side of Dunster Street, between Harvard Square and Mt. Auburn Street, purchased in 1639 and sold Jun. 19, 1659. Removed to Billerica, Middlesex Co., MA in 1652. Freeman Mar. 3, 1635/6; Sergeant 1642, nominated Lt. 1645 and confirmed 1647; and representative of Billerica 1660, 1663 and 1664. There seems to be no support in the colonial records for a title of Captain, and his estate inventory and settlement papers consistently name his as Lt. William FRENCH. A tailor by trade, he had two 'families', with 8 children born by 1646, and 4 more born 1670-1676 when he was age 67-73. Married first by 1628 in England; and second on May 6, 1669 at Billerica, MA to Mary LOTHROP (b. Oct. 4, 1640), widow of John STEARNS of Billerica, Middlesex Co., MA, and daughter of Thomas LOTHROP and Mary (LEARNED) EWER. Mary had 6 children by her first marriage (John, Isaac, Samuel, Isaac, Nathaniel, and Thomas), and married third 1684 Isaac MIXER, Jr.

Elizabeth GODFREY - b. about 1605, England; d. Mar. 31, 1668, Billerica, Middlesex Co., MA. Another source gives her surname as SYMMES. Arrived aboard the 'Defence' with husband and four children, who were not specifically identified as children of William and Elizabeth. The passenger list gives ages as follows: William, 30; Elizabeth, 30; Francis, 10; Elizabeth, 6; Mary (or Marie), 2 1/2; and John, 5 months. Note that Francis was not a son of William and Elizabeth - see information that follows.

See Notable Cousins for line to: George Herbert Walker BUSH, George Walker BUSH, Richard Bruce CHENEY, Charles GOODYEAR, and Eli WHITNEY

Children of William and Elizabeth French

  1. Elizabeth - b. 1629, England; d. by 1681. Married first on Sep. 19, 1650 at Dedham, Norfolk Co., MA to Richard ELLIS (bap. 1600; d. 1694). Daughter of Elizabeth and Richard ELLIS: Elizabeth (named as a grandchild in will of Lt. William FRENCH).
  2. Mary (or Marie) - b. 1633, England; d. May 27, 1672. Married Jonathan HYDE (b. 1626, England; d. Oct. 5, 1711), brother of Samuel HYDE. Refer to the HYDE line for further family information.
  3. John - b. Feb. 1635, England; d. Oct. 17, 1712, Billerica, Middlesex Co., MA. John was named as eldest son in the will of his father. Married first Jun. 21, 1659 Abigail COGGAN (d. Apr. 5, 1662, Billerica, MA), daughter of Henry COGGAN. John was married second on Jul. 3, 1662 at Billerica, MA to Hannah BURRAGE (d. Jul. 7, 1667, Billerica, MA), daughter of John. John was married third on Jan. 14, 1667/8 at Billerica, MA to Mary ROGERS (d. Jun. 16, 1677), and fourth on Jan. 16, 1677/8 at Billerica, MA to Mary (LITTLEFIELD) KITTREDGE, daughter of Francis LITTLEFIELD. The latter Mary was widow of Capt. John KITTREDGE, and mother of Dr. John KITTREDGE, who married Hannah FRENCH, daughter of Capt. John and Hannah (BURRAGE) FRENCH. Children of John and Hannah FRENCH: Hannah married Dr. John KITTREDGE; and Abigail married Benjamin PARKER. Child of John and Mary FRENCH, his third marriage: Mary married Nathan SHED. Children of John and Mary FRENCH, his fourth wife: John married Ruth RICHARDSON; Elizabeth married Thomas ABBOTT; William died in infancy; Sarah married first Mr. FLINT, and second Joseph FROST; William married Mehitable PATTEN; and Hannah married Jonathan RICHARDSON.
  4. Sarah - b. Mar. 1638, Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA; d. Oct. 14, 1694, Roxbury, Suffolk Co., MA. Married Jonathan PEAKE.
  5. Jacob - b. Mar. 16, 1640, Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA; d. May 20, 1713. Settled at Billerica, Middlesex Co., MA. Married first Sep. 20, 1665 Mary CHAMPNEY (d. Apr. 1, 1681), daughter of Richard CHAMPNEY, second Jul. 30, 1685 Mary CONVERSE (d. Jun. 18, 1686), third Mary (drowned Jun. 9, 1709), and fourth Ruth MOORE (d. Nov. 6, 1730). Children of Jacob and Mary FRENCH, his first marriage: Jacob; William married Sarah DANFORTH (William was named as a grandchild in will of Lt. William FRENCH); Mary died in infancy; John died in infancy; Joseph died in infancy; Jabez died in infancy; Mary married Jonathan BALDWIN; Hannah died in infancy; Elizabeth married William MANNING; and Sarah married Thomas BALDWIN. Child of Jacob and Mary FRENCH, his second marriage: Abigail died in infancy.
  6. Hannah - b. Apr. 12, 1641, Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA; d. Jun. 20, 1642, Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA.
  7. Hannah - b. Feb. 16, 1644, Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA; d. May 9, 1674. Hannah was married on Sep. 6 1661 at Braintree, MA to John BRACKETT (b. 1641), son of Capt. Richard BRACKETT of Braintree, MA. John has also been reported as the son of Peter BRACKETT of Braintree and Scarborough, MA. Hannah and John BRACKETT had nine children, including: Marah (named as a grandchild in will of Lt. William FRENCH).
  8. Samuel - b. Dec. 3, 1645, Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA; bur. Jul. 15, 1646, Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA.

Children of William and Mary French

  1. Mary - b. Apr. 3, 1670, Billerica, Middlesex Co., MA; d. Sep. 17, 1729, Lexington; Middlesex Co., MA. As Mary DUNKLIN, she acknowledged the division of her father's estate on Aug. 20, 1722. Married first Jun. 20, 1687 to Robert SHARP (d. Aug. 26, 1693), and second on Mar. 23, 1693/4 at Billerica, MA to Nathaniel DUNKLEE (bap. Feb. 11, 1669, Dedham, Norfolk Co., MA) of Watertown. Children of Mary and Robert SHARP: Robert; William; and Mary. Children of Mary and Nathaniel DUNKLEE (variants DUNKLIN, DUNKLER, DUNKLEY, DUNCKLEY): Silence married Caleb PUTNAM; Ruth; David; Elnathan; Jonathan; Hannah; Hezekiah married Damaris WILSON; and Robert.
  2. Sarah - b. Oct. 29, 1671, Billerica, Middlesex Co., MA. As Sarah CROSBEY, she acknowledged the division of her father's estate on Aug. 20, 1722. Married on May 6, 1691 at Billerica, MA to Joseph CROSBY (b. 1668 or 1669). Children of Sarah and Joseph CROSBY: David married Sarah; William; Thomas; Robert; Sarah married Ephraim ABBOT; Rachel married first Samuel STEARNS, and second Thomas WYMAN; Mary married Eleazer ELLIS; Prudence married Jeremiah FISHER; Deborah married Peter RUSSELL; and Hannah married Mr. WATTS.
  3. Abigail - b. Apr. 14, 1673, Billerica, Middlesex Co., MA; d. Apr. 13, 1674, Billerica, Middlesex Co., MA.
  4. Hannah - b. Jan. 25, 1676, Billerica, Middlesex Co., MA; d. Jan. 2, 1766. As Hannah CHILD, she acknowledged the division of her father's estate on Aug. 20, 1722. Married on Oct. 5, 1693 at Watertown, Middlesex Co., MA to John CHILD (b. Apr. 25, 1669), son of John CHILD and Mary WARREN. Children of Hannah and John CHILD: John; Jonathan married Abigail PARKER; Sarah; Abigail; Isaac married Anna ADAMS; Prudence married Allen FLAGG (ancestors of Pres. BUSH); Lydia; Jonas; Ruth; Mehitabel; and <supposedly> Mary married Nathaniel WHITNEY, Jr. (parents of Eli, and grandparents of Eli WHITNEY, Jr., inventor of the cotton gin).

Other Children in the Family of William French

  1. Francis - b. 1624, England; d. Feb. 14, 1681, Derby, CT. Francis was not the son of William FRENCH, but was raised by him and was perhaps his nephew. Francis was married Apr. 10, 1661 to Lydia BUNNELL (d. Apr. 1, 1708), daughter of William and Ann (WILMOT) BUNNELL of Milford, CT. Children of Francis and Lydia FRENCH: Lydia died young; Elizabeth married Joseph HOLT; Anna married Thomas WHEELER; Mary did not marry; Lydia married Samuel BOWERS; Samuel died young; Fancis married Anna BOWERS; Susanna; and Hannah (or Jane) married John TOWNER (ancestors of Charles GOODYEAR).
  2. Samuel - b. Jul. 13, 1653, Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA; d. Nov. 4, 1727 (or 1724?), Dunstable, Middlesex Co., MA. Samuel was not the son of William FRENCH, but lived in the family for much of his life. He was the son of Richard FRENCH (b. May 26, 1629, Goggeshall, England) and Martha BEANE. Samuel settled at Dunstable, Middlesex Co., MA. Married on Dec. 28, 1682 at Chelmsford, MA to Sarah CUMMINGS (b. Jan. 27, 1661; d. 1715-1722), the daughter of John CUMMINGS, Sr. (b. 1630, England; d. Dec. 1, 1700) and Sarah HOWLETT (b. 1634; d. Dec. 7, 1700), the daughter of Thomas and Alice (FRENCH) HOWLETT. Children of Samuel and Sarah FRENCH: Samuel died in infancy; Sarah; Samuel; Joseph married Elizabeth CUMMINGS; John married Elizabeth; Ebenezer married Esther; Richard; Alice married Nathaniel WOODS; and Jonathan married Jane.

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