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Harris Ancestry in England

William Harris IV and Ellen Burrows

Robert Harris                           John Kimbrough and Mary Douglas

Robert Harris and Elizabeth Turner      John Kimbrough and Elizabeth Bradley

                 Richard Harris and Margaret Kimbrough
                 Richard Harris and Priscilla Holmes

                 Mary Harris and Elijah Parker

                 Sally Parker and Richard Neely

                 Mary Ann Neely and John C. Turman

                 Elizabeth Caroline Turman and Mordecai S. Lawson

                 James Martin Lawson and Lucy Jane Freeman

                 Donald VanHoosier Lawson and Iva Melvina Freeman

                 Stephen Martin Lawson

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Harris Ancestry in England

The Harris ancestry in England as presented here is based on that proposed in May 2001 by J. Phillip Harris of Richmond, VA and shared through Harris Hunters, and the wonderfully documented Harris of Essex, England research of Noël Robertson. Additional details have been added from other internet files, such as the extensive HARRIS family at RootsWeb WorldConnect ( database jmljr ) presented by James Macon Lawrence, Jr. Errors of selection, compilation and incorporation of information from various sources are entirely the responsibility of this compiler, and not of those who have shared the information. All information is subject to verification.

William and Johanna (Smith) Harris

William HARRIS I - b. about 1490; d. about 1556. Said to be the son of John and Joan HARRIS - confirmation desired. Resided in Southminster, and was High Sheriff of Essex. His will of 1556 names five of his sons. William married twice more, having 13 children by three marriages (names of all children not yet known). Married first about 1515. Married second Joanne COOKE of Bockinge. Married third Agnes RUTTER, widow, who had a daughter Agnes RUTTER by her first marriage who married Richard KINGE I of Bockinge.

Johanna SMITH -

Children of William and Johanna Harris

  1. William II - b. about 1516; d. 1559.
  2. Richard -
  3. Felice - Married Bartholomew AVERILL.
  4. Susanna - Married John OLLIFFE.
  5. Rowland - Married on Nov, 24, 1563 in Mitcham, Surrey to Katherine ALLINE. Children of Rowland and Katherine HARRIS: Jane; and Robert.
  6. George -
  7. Vincent - d. Nov. 18, 1574, Maldon, Essex. Married on Apr. 23, 1559 in Saint John The Baptist, Croydon, Surry to Elizabeth HEARON, daughter of Thomas HEARON. Children of Vincent and Elizabeth HARRIS: Thomas married Cordelia GILL; Susanna; Frances; and Mary.

Son of William and Joane Harris

  1. Arthur - d. Jun. 30, 1597, Woodham Mortimer, Essex. Married Dorothy WALDEGRAVE, daughter of William WALDEGRAVE and Julian RAINESDORD. Children of Arthur and Dorothy HARRIS: William married Alice SMYTHE; and Dorothy married Robert KEMPE.

Sons of William and Agnes Harris

See Notable Cousins for line to: Henry CLAY, and Barack Hussein OBAMA.
  1. Christopher - d. Dec. 26, 1571, Margaretting, Essex. Minor in 1556. Married about 1559 to Mary GEDGE. Mary was the daughter of James GEDGE and sister of Jane GEDGE, wife of James ELLIOTT. Mary (GEDGE) HARRIS married second John BUTLER I. Children of Christopher and Mary HARRIS: Katherine; Thomas married Margaret MIDDLETON; Edward married Elizabeth TAVERNER; William married Frances ASTLEY; and Mary married Thomas BLUDDER.
  2. Edward - Minor in 1556. Resided at Shellow Bowells, Essex. Married first about 1575 to Elizabeth BARRINGTON, daughter of Francis BARRINGTON and Johan CROMWELL. Married second Jul. 8, 1583 at Shellow Bowells, Essex to Mary JOSSELYN, daughter of Henry JOSSELYN and Anne TORRELL of Torrell Hall, Essex. Mary was the widow of Robert Leigh (seven children) and of Ralph CANTRELL (no children). Children of Edward and Elizabeth HARRIS: Francis married Elizabeth SULLIARD; and Edward. Children of Edward and Mary HARRIS: Thomas; Anne; Arthur; and Robert.

William and Jane (Semer) Harris

William HARRIS II - b. about 1516; d. 1559. Son of William HARRIS I and Johanna SMITH. Married afout 1540 and had only one known child.

Jane SEMER - Of Brawghinge (perhaps Bocking).

Children of William and Jane Harris

  1. William III - b. about 1545; d. after 1601.

William and Joan (Hardings) Harris

William HARRIS III - b. about 1545; d. after 1601. Son of William HARRIS II and Jane SEMER. Resided at Windmill Farm, Willingale Doe, Essex, located about 8 miles west of Chelmsford. Married May 6, 1576.


Children of William and Joan Harris

  1. Ellen - b. 1586.
  2. Elizabeth - b. 1590.
  3. John - b. 1593.
  4. William IV - b. 1596, Willingale Doe, Essex, England; d. about 1656, Jamestown, VA.
  5. Thomas - b. 1596. Possibly twin to William. Married Mar. 25, 1617 to Sarah KINGE, daughter of Richard KINGE II of Bockinge.
  6. Edward - b. 1599.
  7. Alice - b. 1601. Married Nov. 24, 1618 to Thomas KINGE, son of Richard KINGE II of Bockinge.

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The Harris Family in America

While it is believed that the lineage presented here is essentially correct, substantive evidence is still required to firmly establish the line - especially the link between the two Roberts and between the two Richards. Any genealogy presentation should be carefully and critically reviewed. All information is subject to verification.

It is to be noted that there are many details and persons omitted from this presentation which further connect the various families and locations that are included. For example, William Harris IV's great half uncle's wife, Mary GEDGE was also both step grandmother and great aunt of Elizabeth BUTLER, wife of William CLAIBORNE. Mary's father, James GEDGE, was Surveyor General in Essex and William CALIBORNE was Surveyor General in Virginia. Such kinships, and common occupations and locations, are not unexpected and lend support to the structure of the HARRIS family.

William and Ellen (Burrows) Harris

William HARRIS IV - b. 1596, Willingale Doe, Essex, England; d. about 1656, Jamestown, VA. Son of William HARRIS III and Joan HARDINGS. Immigrated aboard the 'George' to Virginia, arriving in Oct. 1621, as a surveyor with William CLAIBORNE. A land patent recorded Jun. 3, 1624 to William CLAIBORNE was for transportation of William HARRIS, John PHIPPS and William MORRIS, the latter two arriving aborad the 'Tyger' in 1621. William CLAIBORNE was Surveyor General, with the other three working with him. William HARRIS appears in the 1623 muster of Elizabeth City, and was then acting as overseer for the plantation of William CLAIBORNE at Kecoughtan. William HARRIS settled at Jamestown about 1630. Married about 1624.

Ellen BURROWS - b. 1599, London, England. Her aunt Anne BURROWS married at Elizabeth City, VA to John LAYDON, who arrived at Jamestown in 1607. Ellen's father was born in London in 1581, being age 44 on the muster of 1625. Anthony BURROWS had a brother James and an only son James. Daughter of Anthony BURROWS.

Children of William and Ellen Harris

  1. James - b. about 1625; d. after 1667. Settled first in York Co., VA about 1647, removing to Westmoreland Co., VA about 1662.
  2. William V - b. about 1630; d. about 1690. Resided at Jamestown, VA in 1658. Children of William HARRIS: Robert married first Mary ALBRITTON, and second Anne (widow of George FULLER); William VI; and Thomas married Beatrice.
  3. Robert - b. about 1635, VA; d. 1701, Blissland Parish, New Kent Co., VA.

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Robert Harris

Robert HARRIS I - b. about 1635, VA; d. 1701, Blissland Parish, New Kent Co., VA. Son of William HARRIS IV and Ellen BURROWS. Robert settled on Ware Creek in New Kent Co., VA about 1659 where he received a patenet to 389 acres recorded Dec. 6, 1662 under the name Robert HARRISON. He married about 1663, the the name of his wife has not been determined.

Children of Robert Harris

  1. Robert II - b. about 1664,.
  2. John - Married first Anne, and second Mary STANLEY. Sons of John and Anne HARRIS: John; and Benjamin. Son of John and Mary HARRIS: Daniel married Mary HUTCHINS.
  3. Thomas - b. about 1667, New Kent Co., VA; d. 1725, Hanover Co., VA. Married about 1700 to Mary GILES. Order of Charlemagne line, Vol. III, p. 23. Children of Thomas and Mary HARRIS: Claiborne married Judith; Thomas married Elizabeth LINDSEY; David married Jane LANDY; George; John married Mary TINSLEY; Stephen married.
  4. Col. William - b. 1669; d. about 1730, Hanover Co., VA. Married second about 1696 in New Kent Co., VA to Temperance OVERTON (b. Mar. 2, 1678/9, Hanover Co., VA; d. Feb. 10, 1710, Hanover Co., VA), daughter of William OVERTON and Mary WATERS. Order of Charlemagne line, Vol. II, p. 159; Vol. III, p. 27. Indicative of the problems encountered, one publication lists 18 children born to William and Temperance in the 15 years between their marriage about 1695 and her death in 1710, while omitting son James. Children of William and Temperance HARRIS: Benjamin married Sarah DUMAS; William married Elizabeth BURNETT; John married Anne CLOUGH; James; Jemima married her first cousin William OVERTON (son of James OVERTON and Elizabeth GARLAND); Maj. Robert married Mourning GLEN.
  5. Mary -
  6. Judith -


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Robert and Elizabeth (Turner) Harris

Robert HARRIS II - b. about 1664, VA. Son of Robert HARRIS I. While it is believed that Robert's parentage is supported by available evidence, additional evidence is desired. Married in Oct. 1699 in St. Peter's Parish, New Kent Co., VA.

Elizabeth TURNER -

The Parish Register of St. Peter's, New Kent County, Va.
by the Society of Colonial Dames (Richmond 1904)
- selected entries -

p. 16 - Richd son of Robt Harris Baptised March ye 4th, Born Jan'y 21st, 1709.
p. 48 - Robt Harris & Eliz. Turner married - october, 1699.
p. 61 - Mercy Daughter of Robert Harris Departed this Life April 6th, 1710.

Children of Robert and Elizabeth Harris

  1. Richard - b. Jan. 21, 1709, New Kent Co., VA; bap. Mar. 4, 1709, St. Peter's Parish, New Kent Co., VA.
  2. Mercy - d. Apr. 6, 1710, New Kent Co., VA.
  3. Robert III - b. about 1710, VA; d. 1785/6, Granville Co., NC. Robert was a NC State Representative in 1752, a Colonel of the Granville Co., NC Militia 1768-1773, and a NC State Senator during the Revolution (DAR Appl. 608618). His will dated Jun. 1, 1785, and proved in the Aug. Court 1786, names wife Lemander, who receives property "if she can give just cause for leaving her marriage bed," children as listed here, "my grandson Thomas HARRIS, son of Thomas HARRIS", and "my niece Mary, daughter of David HARRIS". Robert deeded 100 acres in Granville County to daughter Mary and her husband William OGILVIE on Sep. 7, 1756. Granville County records includes the exchange on Jul. 29, 1780 of a slave named Tobey by Robert HARRIS to his grandson William Harris OGILVIE for a horse valued at 3000 pounds. Married about 1732 in Brunswick Co., VA to Lemender SMITH. Children of Robert and Lemender HARRIS: Thomas married his first cousin Sarah HARRIS (daughter of Sherwood HARRIS and Jane HUDSPETH); Mary married William OGILVIE; Lemander married Ephraim HAMPTON; Christopher married; Sherwood married first Elizabeth TILLMAN, and second Elizabeth WILLIAMS; Robert IV; David; and Samuel.
  4. Sherwood - d. 1763, Granville Co., NC. Will dated Jun. 15, 1763 and proved in Aug. Court 1763. Married Jane HUDSPETH. Their children are listed in what is believed to be the order of birth based on their father's will. Children of Sherwood and Jane HARRIS: Sherwood; Mary married Absalom HICKS; Sarah married her first cousin Thomas HARRIS (son of Robert HARRIS and Lemander); John; Jemima married Henry WHITE (son of Jonathan WHITE); Ann; and Elizabeth.
  5. David - Married. Daughter: Mary.
  6. A daughter - Possible daughter, wife of Jonathan WHITE.

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Richard and Margaret (Kimbrough) Harris

Richard HARRIS - b. Jan. 21, 1709, New Kent Co., VA; bap. Mar. 4, 1709, St. Peter's Parish, New Kent Co., VA; d. about 1768, Granville Co., NC. Son of Robert HARRIS II and Elizabeth TURNER. By 1739, Richard and Margaret HARRIS were in that portion of Edgecombe Precinct, NC that became part Granville County. The 1750 Tax List indicates that Richard HARRIS was Constable of Granville Co., NC.

Margaret KIMBROUGH - d. Granville Co., NC prob. Daughter of John KIMBROUGH and Elizabeth BRADLEY.

Children of Richard and Margaret Harris

  1. Richard - d. 1786-May 1787, Granville Co., NC.
  2. John - b. about 1755, Granville Co., NC; d. after Dec. 5, 1831, McCormick, McCormick Co., SC. Served in the Revolutionary War in the 1st SC Reg't Cont'l Line. Married Rachel Millie KITTRELL (b. about 1756, Granville Co., NC; d. 1809, Abbeville Co., SC), daughter of Jonathan KITTRELL and Elizabeth BRYANT. Children of John and Rachel HARRIS: Emillia 'Millie' married Adam W. WIDEMAN; a daughter married Mr. TATUM; William; Robert; Polly; John; Sarah; Caroline; Peggy; Luisa; Catherine; and Thomas.
  3. ? Nathaniel - Possible son of Richard and Margaret. Named in several deeds of Granville Co., NC. including one naming "Richard Harris and Priscilla, his wife, and Nathaniel Harris and Mary, his wife." Married Mary.
  4. Claiborne - d. probably before April 1785. Not named in father's will. Appearing on the Granville County Tax List of 1755 as "Richard Harris & Son Claiborne & Negroe Bob 2-1-3," and on the 1767 Tax List as "Claborn."
  5. George - d. probably before April 1785. Not named in father's will. On Granville County Tax List of 1767 as "Richard Harris son George negro Bobb."

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Richard Harris of Granville Co., NC

NOTE: No positive documentation has been located that shows Richard HARRIS of Granville Co., NC as the son of Robert HARRIS of New Kent Co., VA, although circumstantial evidence (such as given name usage) does support that conclusion. Documentary evidence of the parents and grandparents of Richard HARRIS, husband of Priscilla and father of Mary (HARRIS) PARKER is desired.

ALSO: Some compilers show the Richard HARRIS who married Margaret KIMBROUGH and the Richard HARRIS who married Priscilla as the same person. Several difficulties arise with this conclusion. Deeds and wills indicate that Richard and Margaret were married by 1739, and possibly by 1735, and that Richard and Priscilla were married by 1755, and probably by 1749 (see the 1749 will of Frederick HOLMES) - but a 1751 deed indicates that Richard and Margaret were still husband and wife. The 1785 will of Richard Harris names the eight (or nine) children of Richard and Priscilla, but not one of the sons of Richard and Margaret. If the widower Richard Harris married Priscilla as late as 1749, he would have been age 40 and she at least 15 years younger (assuming she was 45 or less when daughter Mary was born about 1770). Richard Harris, husband of Margaret, was likely born in 1709, probably before 1714 and certainly before 1718, and would therefore have been probably over age 56 (and likely over age 60) when daughter Mary was born about 1770.

The Granville County Tax Lists provide evidence that there was one Richard HARRIS family in the county in 1750, two in 1755, three in 1767, and two in 1769:

1750 - Richd Harris Const. negroe Bob 2

1755 - Richard Harris & Son Claiborne & Negroe Bob 2-1-3
1755 - Richard Harris, Abraham Cook, Wm Cook & Negroe Jenny 3-1-4

1767 - Richard Harris son George negro Bobb
1767 - Richard Harris negroes Abram and Jenney
1767 - Richard Harris

1769 - Richard Harris 2-1
1769 - Richard Harris 1-2

Selected Records of North Carolina

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Richard and Priscilla (Holmes) Harris

Richard HARRIS - d. 1786-May 1787, Granville Co., NC. Son of Richard HARRIS and Margaret KIMBROUGH. He (or possibly his father) was the Richard HARRIS who was Sgt. in the company of Capt. John SALLI, 1754, Granville, Co., NC. A 2-great granddaughter [Sarah F. (McGILL) DEAN, daughter of Dr. James W. McGILL, granddaughter of Sarah (PARKER) NEELY McGILL, and great granddaughter of Mary (HARRIS) PARKER] relates that he was the Richard HARRIS of Tar River who signed the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence on May 20, 1775. Richard HARRIS, Jr. and Jonathan PARKER (father-in-law of Richard's daughter Mary) took an oath to defend NC against George III in Tar River District, Granville Co., NC on May 22, 1778 (recorded May 30, 1778) [State Records of North Carolina, Vol. 22, p. 169]. Various land records include the names of Richard and Robert HARRIS, probably brothers, and Richard HARRIS, Jr. A published abstract of the 1785 Will of Richard HARRIS follows [see also will transcription from a photocopy]:

Mar. 30, 1785 - proved May Court 1787 - Richard HARRIS wills to his daughter Jemima FORD, Molly BEARDON, and Lucy PARKER each one negro; to daughter Mary HARRIS, a negro, a feather bed and furniture; to my son Richard HARRIS, a negro; to son Charles HARRIS, all my land on east side of Cattail creek; to son Samuel HARRIS, all land on west side of Owen creek and a negro; to son Tyre HARRIS, all land I had of GRIGS on east side of Owen creek (my wife's life interest excepted), and a negro; the land I bought of John CORDOR to be sold to pay my debts; to my wife PRISCILLA, the use of my plantation, tools, household goods, stock, and 5 negroes and, at her death, divided to all my children. Exrs: Benjamin BEARDON, Samuel HARRIS, my son, and my wife PRISCILLA. Wts: John BADGET, Peter BADGET, Jonathan BADGET.

By 1749, Richard was married to Priscilla.

Priscilla HOLMES - An abstract of a 1749 Granville Co., NC will gives her brother. In the Jan. 20, 1749 will of Frederick HOLMES (or HOMES), he names his wife Mary, and children John and Priscilla. Since Frederick names co-executors as his father-in-law Jonathan WHITE and brother-in-law Richard HARRIS, Priscilla may have been daughter of Jonathan WHITE rather than sister of Frederick HOLMES. The HOLMES may be related to the HOLMES family of Duplin co., NC. Priscilla is named as wife of Richard HARRIS in his will, and in deeds dated Dec. 8, 1752 and Jun. 4, 1755, Granville Co., NC. She was living in NC in Nov. 1808, according to letter written by her son Charles. Those children listed in their father's will are listed in the order given in the will.

Children of Richard and Priscilla Harris

  1. Jemima - Married Mr. FORD.
  2. Molly - Married about 1770 Benjamin BEARDON, an executor of the estate of her father. Benjamin (b. 1748; d. Dec. 16, 1821 - Feb. Court 1822, Granville, Co., NC) was possibly the son of Richard and Martha W. BEARDEN of Bute Co., NC, and grandson of Francis and Sarah BEARDEN. Children of Molly and Benjamin BEARDON, whose order of birth is uncertain: Richard married Nancy Ann BENNETT; John married Nancy ADAMS; Mary 'Polly' married Edmund PARHAM; William married Sarah BARTON; Sally married Mr. FREEMAN; Lettice married Mr. KNIGHT; Betsy married Samuel HARRIS; Charles married Fanny PARHAM; Benjamin married Elizabeth MINOR and/or Elizabeth WINN; Martha 'Patsy' married Thomas W. PARHAM; Lucy married John TRIPPETT; and possibly Thomas.
  3. Lucy - b. about 1768, Granville Co., NC; d. after Sep. 14, 1831, Granville Co., NC. Married Dec. 14, 1784, Granville Co., NC, Samuel PARKER, son of Jonathan PARKER and Ann COPELAND. Refer to the PARKER family for further information.
  4. Mary - b. 1770, Granville Co., NC; d. May 4, 1831, Bedford Co., TN. Married Capt. Elijah PARKER.
  5. John - Possible unmarried son, as the name appears as "my son John Harris" as the first son named in the will of Richard Harris, but is lined out.
  6. Richard III - Married on Apr. 17, 1777 in Granville Co., NC to Mary GWIN, with bondsmen Richard HARRIS and William JONES, and witness Reuben SEARCY.
  7. Charles - d. 1811. Married Sarah ALLEN. Children of Charles and Sarah: Benjamin; David; William; Allen; Drury; Mary married Mr. JONES; and Fennel. Charles resided in NC when he sent the following letter to his sister Mary and brother in law Capt. Elijah PARKER:

      Mr. Elijah Parker, Bedford County, Tompsons Creek, Tennessee By Mr. Jesse Davis

      Brother and Sister these few lines leaves us well as I hope they will find your Family. I received a letter from you by Mr. Amis and you mentioned in your letter that you never expected to see me in your Country but I expect I shall deceive you for I have a very great thought that I shall be in your County, you wrote in your letter that I had never seen such land as yours nor never wood unless I cross the blew ridge, John Beardon [probably son of sister Molly (HARRIS) and Benjamin BEARDON] lives with me this year and we have made ten thousand weight of tobacco of about 26 or 27 thousand hills, Crops of corn are very good in the County, I saw your Brother Sam a few days ago they are all well my mother [Priscilla (HOLMES) HARRIS] is well and the neighbors also from your well wisher - /s/ Charles Harris

      turn over

      I shood be glad to here from you every opportunity and write the price of your baset land in that Country I wish to no whether you ever received a letter from me by Tyre [brother] concerning the price of land I remain your well wisher - /s/ Charles Harris

  8. Samuel - d. before Nov. 4, 1811, Abbeville District, SC. Mentioned in his father's will and in a letter dated Nov. 15, 1808, from his brother, Charles. Charles implies Sam had a family when he wrote "they are all well." Probable children of Samuel HARRIS: Richard; and Harriet.
  9. Tyre - Mentioned in his father's will and in a letter dated Nov. 15, 1808, from his brother Charles. Married in Jan. 21, 1796 in Granville Co., NC to Betsy HAWKINS. In 1831, they were living in Wilson Co., TN. Son of Tyre and Betsy HARRIS: John reportedly married Amelia HEARD.

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The Kimbrough Family in America

John and Mary (Douglas) Kimbrough

John KIMBROUGH - b. about 1640, England; d. 1716, New Kent Co., VA. John first settled in MD, but relocated to New Kent Co., VA about 1676. Married first about 1660. Married second in 1698 to Margaret.

Mary DOUGLAS - b. 1645, England; d. 1680, VA. Daughter of Robert DOUGLAS (b. about 1619, England).

Children of John and Mary Kimbrough

  1. John - b. 1661, England; d. 1750. New Kent Co., VA.
  2. Marmaduke - b. about 1663, England; d. about 1676.
  3. Jane - b. about 1665, England.
  4. Mary - b. about 1667, St. Mary's Co., MD; d. 1727, VA.
  5. Robert -
  6. James -

Children of John and Margaret Kimbrough

  1. Buckley - b. Nov. 17, 1699, St. Peter's Parish, New Kent Co., VA; d. 1742, NC. Parish Register of St. Peter's: Bulkley Son of Jno Kembriell senr by Margt natin: Novr 17 1699. A partial estate sale was held in Jan. 1743 in Edgecombe Co., NC, and includes the name of Richard HARRIS. Married Elizabeth. Children of Buckley and Elizabeth KIMBROUGH: Grizell married John HINTON; John married Hannah KOLB; Frances married Samuel BENTON; Elisabeth married Thomas LOYD (or LIDE); Hannah married first William ALSTON, and second Jeconias YANCEY; and Nathaniel married Mary ALSTON.
  2. Major -

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John and Elizabeth (Bradley) Kimbrough

John KIMBROUGH - b. 1661, England; d. 1750, New Kent Co., VA. Son of John KIMBROUGH and Mary DOUGLAS. Married in 1698, New Kent Co., VA.

Elizabeth BRADLEY - b. 1663, New Kent Co., VA; d. after 1750, New Kent Co., VA. Daughter of Thomas BRADLEY and Elizabeth

Children of John and Elizabeth Kimbrough

  1. Rebecka - b. Aug. 10, 1699, St. Peter's Parish, New Kent Co., VA.
  2. John - bap. Dec. 21, 1701, St. Peter's Parish, New Kent Co., VA; d. 1765, Louisa Co., VA. Will dated Jun. 27, 1758 and proved Aug. 12, 1765 in Louisa Co., VA. Married about 1728 to Elizabeth SPILLER, daughter of William SPILLER. Children of John and Elizabeth KIMBROUGH: John married; and William.
  3. Mary - bap. Jan. 30, 1703/4, New Kent County, VA. She perhaps married John WILKINS of Spotsylvania Co., VA.
  4. Thomas - b. about 1707, New Kent Co., VA; d. 1777, Caswell Co., NC. Will dates Sep. 25, 1777 and prove at the Dec. Court 1777, Caswell Co., NC. Married Eleanor GRAVES (b. about 1721, Spotsylvania Co., VA; d. about 1785, Caswell Co., NC), daughter of Thomas GRAVES and Sarah Ann DAVENPORT.
  5. Marmaduke - b. about 1710, New Kent Co., VA; d. 1769, Rowan Co., NC. Will dated Oct. 22, 1768, Rowan Co., NC, and proved Aug. 1769, naming wife Mary, and children. Married first Ann, and second Mary TURNER. Children of Marmaduke KIMBROUGH: John; Orman; George married Katherine YOUNG; Golman married Mary ALLEN; Anna married first William ALSTON, and second Wyatt GARDNER; and Marmaduke (post mortem).
  6. William - b. about 1713, New Kent Co., VA.
  7. Bradley C. - b. about 1716, New Kent Co., VA; d. about 1795, Rowan Co., NC. Bradley C. - b. about 1716, New Kent Co., VA; d. about 1795, Rowan Co., NC. Married before 1753 to Sarah THOMPSON (b. 1712, Hanover Co., VA poss., d. Rowan Co., NC), daughter of Samuel THOMSON of Fredericksville Parish, Louisa Co., VA, whose 1753 Will names daughter Sarah KIMBROW with child, Samuel KIMBROW. Children of Bradley and Sarah KIMBROUGH: Samuel; Jesse; Thomas married Susannah MABRY; Marmaduke; David; and at least another.
  8. Margaret - b. about 1720, New Kent Co., VA; d. Granville Co., NC prob. Married Richard HARRIS.

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