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Nicholas Hathaway

Most of the information on the Hathaway family has been obtained or verified from the two books of Elizabeth Versailles, Hathaways of America (1970), and Hathaways 1200-1980 (1980). However, additional information from other sources has been added, and reference should be made to the above cited books for the position of the Hathaway Family Association. A summary narrative of the family is found in Ancestral Lines, Third Edition, by Carl Boyer, 3rd (Santa Clarita, CA 1998), pp. 289-290.

Nicholas HATHAWAY - b. about 1595, probably at Kingscote, Gloucestershire, England; d. MA. Though unproved, it is possible that he was a son of Thomas (d. 1609) and Margaret (d. 1630) HATHAWAY, grandson of Thomas HATHAWAY (d. 1588), and great grandson of Robert (d. 1545) and Catherine HATHAWAY. In her will proved Jan. 8, 1630/1 at Gloucester, Margaret HATHWAY names son Nicholas of London, believed to be the brewer of Southwark in 1623 and the Plymouth immigrant. Of Boston (Dorchester) in 1638, of Taunton in 1640, and of Braintree 1643. There is evidence to indicate that he may also be the father of Joseph, Jacob.

Children of Nicholas Hathaway

  1. Elizabeth - bap. Nov. 25, 1621, Kingscote, Gloucester.
  2. Deborah - bap. Feb. 29, 1623/4, St. Saviour's parish, Southwark, London.
  3. John - b. about 1629, England; d. 1705, Taunton, MA.
  4. Jacob - b. about 1631. Possible brother of John.
  5. A daughter - b. about 1633. Possible sister of John. Married William SHEPHERD.

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John and Martha Hathaway

John HATHAWAY - b. about 1629, England; d. 1705, Taunton, MA. Son of Nicholas HATHAWAY. Lived in "The Farms", then part of Taunton, and now part of Berkley, MA. Ensign John served as Deputy to the Plymouth Colony General Court 1680-1684 and 1691, and to the General Court of MA in 1696-1697. He was constable in 1676 and 1691, a frequent juror, an attorney of record, and co-founder of the Chartley Iron Works of Norton. Married first about 1649, at Freetown, MA. Married second Dec. 25, 1692 at First Church, Braintree, MA, Ruth (b. 1642; d. Sep. 10, 1705, Taunton, MA; bur. Fox Burying Ground, Berkley, MA), the widow of Christopher DYER. The inventory of widow Ruth HATHAWAY's estate was taken Jan. 23, 1705/6.

Martha - b. about 1629; d. 1683-1692. She was the mother of the six children listed, and probably two more currently not known. Martha signed a deed in 1683. Some sources wrongly identify her as daughter of John SHEPERD and Margaret SQUIRE.

Children of John and Martha Hathaway

  1. John - b. Aug. 16, 1650, Taunton, MA; d. June 1730, Freetown, MA. Will dated May 23, 1723, and proved Jun. 11, 1730. He was in the shipyard business with Thomas CORAM, and then independently. John also owned iron works, which he bequeathed half to Jacob, and half to Isaac. Married first 1668 Hannah BURT (b. 1655; d. 1705-1726), possibly daughter of James BURT; and second by June 1726, Christian (probably) MAXFIELD. Children born in Freetown, MA to John and Hannah: John married Mary WILBORE; Jacob married Phillip(a) CHASE; Isaac married Sarah MAKEPEACE; Thomas married Margaret MAXFIELD; Ephraim married Abigail DAVIS; Hannah married John SIMMONS, Jr.; Martha married Capt. Josiah WINSLOW; Sarah married Rev. James HAILE; Abigail married David SHERMAN; and Experience married Elnathan SHERMAN.
  2. Abraham - b. Sep. 11, 1652, probably at Taunton, MA; d. Aug. 30, 1727, Dighton, MA; bur. Fox Cemetery. Abraham was a blacksmith, ferryman across Taunton River, Deacon of South Congregational Church, 35 year Town Clerk of Taunton, and soldier in King Phillip's War. Married Aug. 28, 1684 Rebecca WILBORE (b. Jan. 13, 1664; d. Aug. 23, 1725), daughter of Shadrach WILBORE and Mary DEAN, and widow of Mr. PIERCE. Children: Abraham married Sarah; Thomas married Hannah BRIGGS; Shadrach married Deborah KENT, who married second Jacob HATHAWAY; Ebenezer married first Hannah SHAW, and second Mary TUBBS; Samuel married Sarah ROWE; John married Mercy JONES; Benjamin, who died at Morristown, NJ in 1762, married first Miss CLEMONS, and second Elizabeth MEHURIN of Morristown, NJ, widow of Theophilus CROSSMAN (Note: The six youngest of his 14 children were baptized at the First Presbyterian Church of Morristown, NJ 1743-1750); Eleazer married Thankful BAKER; and Rebecca married John CLARK.
  3. Isaac - b. about 1655, Freetown, MA; d. Dec. 17, 1722, Berkley, MA.
  4. Ephraim - b. Dec. 8, 1661, Taunton, MA; d. Dec. 20, 1716, Dighton, MA. Resided in the current Broad Cove section of Dighton; was town officer; supported establishment of first school; among those who established first church in 1708; and operated first ferry across river. Married May 8, 1690 Elizabeth TALBOT (b. Dec. 15, 1671), daughter of Jared TALBOT and Sarah ANDREWS, and grandson of Henry ANDREWS of Taunton, MA. Children: Elizabeth married John WHITE (ancestors of Pres. COOLIDGE); Ephraim married Ann; Nathaniel married Elizabeth RICHMOND; Josiah married first Content, second Abigail CLARK, and third Sarah RANSOM (or RAWSON?); Joseph died young; Mercy married Daniel KING, Jr.; Sarah; Seth married first Damaris PAUL, and second Hannah SHIVERICK; Rebecca probably died young; Joshua married Sarah WHEATON; and Abigail.
  5. Rebecca - b. Jan. 13, 1664, Taunton, MA; d. Dec. 31, 1742, Dighton, MA. Married May 4, 1687, Taunton, MA, Capt. Jared TALBOT (b. Mar. 20, 1666/7, Taunton, MA; d. Jan. 21, 1733/4, Dighton, MA), son of Jared TALBOT and Sarah ANDREWS, and grandson of Henry ANDREWS of Taunton, MA. Capt. TALBOT's will was dated Jan. 16, 1733/4 and proved Feb. 19, 1733/4. He held public office at Taunton and at Dighton. Children: a son died as infant; Jared married Mercy HASKINS; Josiah married first Hannah REED and second Sarah GOODING; four daughters died as infants (two sets of twins); Jacob married Joanna PRATT; John died as infant; Elizabeth married Sylvester RICHMOND; Seth married Rebecca; Rebecca died as infant; Benjamin died as infant; and Ebenezer died as infant.
  6. Abigail - b. 1667; d. 1690. Married Dec. 12, 1685 or Feb. 9, 1685/6 (12/9/85) James PHILLIPS (b. 1661), son of James and Mary. After the death of Abigail, James married Elizabeth FRENCH on May 7, 1690.

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Isaac and Mary (Pitts) Hathaway

Isaac HATHAWAY - b. about 1655, Freetown, MA; d. Dec. 17, 1722; bur. Fox Cemetery, Berkley, MA. Son of John HATHWAY and Martha. Served in King Philip's War, and resided at Berkley, MA. Married Mar. 17, 1686/7, Taunton, MA.

Mary PITTS - b. about 1657-58, probably at Taunton, MA; d. Nov. 14, 1727, Berkley, MA. Her three children signed a statement on Feb. 8, 1722, that they would care for her. Daughter of Peter PITTS and Mary ANDREWS.

Children of Isaac Hathaway and Mary Pitts

  1. Isaac - b. 1688; d. Dec. 17, 1723. His will dated Feb. 8, 1722/3 mentions mother, Mary, sister Mary BABBITT, brother-in-law, Elkaneh BABBITT, and Richard WOODS and Hopestill, his wife. Married Damaris BABBITT (b. Jun. 18, 1691), daughter of Elkanah BABBITT and Elizabeth BRIGGS. Children: Mehitable married Joshua BASSETT; Ann married Capt. Seth CRANE; Abijah married Sarah TALBOT; Damaris married Samuel TUBBS; Dorcas married Edmund HARVEY; and Stephen married first Mary BABBITT, and second Elizabeth BABBITT.
  2. Mary - b. about 1691; d. Aug. 15, 1729 (in her 38th year). Married Capt. Elkanah BABBITT (b. Apr. 22, 1690), son of Elkanah BABBITT and Elizabeth BRIGGS. Among children was son Isaac.
  3. Hopestill - b. about 1694, probably in Bristol Co., MA. Married Richard WOOD.

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