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Highly Recommended: Hazelrigg Family History, by Lawrence Hazelrigg (2007)

A Hesilrige Ancestry in England - Noseley Hall
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Thomas Hazelrigg and Ann

James Hazelrigg and Ann

Richard K. Hazelrigg and Ann Williams

William Hazelrigg and Jemima

William Hazelrigg and Sarah Knox

Charles Hazelrigg and Lucinda Holloway

Lucy Jane Hazelrigg and James Howell Freeman

Scott Cyrus Freeman and Malinda Margaret Sears

Lucy Jane Freeman and James Martin Lawson

Donald VanHoosier Lawson and Iva Melvina Freeman

Stephen Martin Lawson

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The Hazelrigg Family in America

Although Thomas HAZELRIGG of VA is said to be the son of Thomas HESILRIGE (d. 1651) or of John HESILRIGE (d. 1650), brothers and sons of Sir Thomas HESILRIGE (1563-1629), note the critical difficulty with dates. Thomas of VA (b. 1615) could hardly have been the son of either the 7th or 8th son of Sir Thomas when the latter's eldest son was born in 1593. The immigrant also became an indentured servant to pay for his transport to America. It appears that an alternative English ancestry is required.

With the publication of the Hazelrigg Family History, by Lawrence Hazelrigg (2007, 652 pages) by Xlibris.com, there is now available a comprehensive study of the HAZELRIGG family, including extensive listings of descendants. In addition to eight generations of the following line and collateral lines from immigrant Thomas HAZELRIGG, the Hazelrigg Family History includes some unconnected lines from Benjamin HAZELRIGS of Gwinnett Co., GA, William HASLERIG of Walker Co., GA, Charles Henry HAZELRIGG of Clark Co., KY, and others. The only documented descendants in America of the HESILRIGE family of England are through a daughter of Sir Robert HESILRIGE, 8th Baronet, and Sarah WALTER. Their daughter Sarah married Col. David HENLEY, and they had numerous descendants through son Alexander Hasilrigge HENLEY of MA and TN. The author also maintains on-line support, including documents, photographs, corrections and additions, and an index to the book of persons with the HAZELRIGG (and variants) surname.

The family of Thomas and Ann HAZELRIGG was documented in 2002 by descendant David A. Dunn from early Virginia records. When included here in August 2002, it is believed that this was the first published identification of Thomas HAZELRIGG as the indentured servant of Col. John MOTTROM. From the copies he has shared, selected Northumberland and Westmoreland County Records are provided to support these Hazelrigg family narratives.

Thomas and Ann Hazelrigg

Thomas HAZELRIGG - b. 1615, England; d. before Dec. 1679, Westmoreland Co., VA. It is likely that Thomas HAZELRIGG became an indentured servant of Col. John MOTTROM to pay for transport to America. Available court records indicate that Thomas signed with his mark. In the 1657 estate records for Col. John MOTTROM, a list of indentured servants included Thomas HAZCHIPP or HAZELIPP, and he petitioned the court on Feb. 20, 1656/7 for "his Freedome Corne & Clothes", obtaining and order for release and payment by the estate of Col. MOTTROM. In Jul. 1657, Thomas HAZELIP received payment under court order from the estate of Col. MOTTROM for "the ballance of all Accompts betweene the sd. Colls: Estate & the said Comptons." He deposed in 1675 that he was 60 years of age. Son James consented to a Dec. 1679 court order that he live with his brother William HAZELRIGG. Thomas probably married the widow Ann COMPTON between Feb. 20 and Jul. 20, 1657 in Westmoreland Co., VA. After the death of his first wife, Thomas married Hester (or Easter) before Sep. 1673. Easter HASELRIGG made oath on Sep. 24, 1673 that she was "aged 34 years or thereabouts". She was granted administration of her deceased husband's estate in March 1680, and married second William KEMP.

Ann - d. after 1663, Westmoreland Co., VA. Ann COMPTON witnessed the will of Edward WALKER on Dec. 2, 1650, signing with her mark. She is identified in the Jul. 20, 1657 "hearing of the Cause betweene Tho: Hazelip, whoe marryed wth: the Widdowe & Relict of Jno: Compton, decd." concerning the estate of Col. John MOTTROM. On Jul. 20, 1663, Mrs. Anne HAZELRIGG made an accounting of the cattle of her minor son John COMPTON [Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Vol. I, p. 514 and 542].

Children of Thomas and Ann Hazelrigg

  1. William - b. about 1658, Westmoreland Co., VA. In Dec. 1679, William obtained a court order to have his brother James live with him. In May 1692, Hester KEMP, wife of William KEMP and widow of Thomas HAZELRIGG, petitioned the court to have her stepson William relinquish 50 acres of land whch she claimed as a dower right. The court ordered that the property be assigned to her.
  2. James - b. about 1660, Westmoreland Co., VA; d. 1713, Westmoreland Co., VA.

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James and Ann Hazelrigg

Wills of Westmoreland County, Virginia 1654-1800
by Augusta B. Fothergill (1925)

HASELRIGG, JAMES: 7 Aug 1713 - page 51. Inventory returned by Richard Haselrigg.

WILLIAMS, EDWARD: 26 Jan 1733; 28 May 1734 - page 98. Brother William; neice<sic> Elizabeth daughter of Joshua Williams; wife Sarah; neice<sic> Sarah daughter of William Williams; neice<sic> Frances daughter of Richard Haselrig.

SUTTON, Richard: 1 Oct. 1747; 23 Feb. 1747-8. My sons Richard, James and Jacob land; grandson William son of John and Elizabeth Sutton 1 bed; remainder of estate to all children; dau. Mary Hezelrigg; wife Mary; son John one-third of estate and son William part of remaining estate.

SUTTON, MARY: 17 Mar 1755; 26 Mar 1755 - page 137. Son Jacob; son in law William Hazelrigg a still; grandchildren Mary Sutton, Elizabeth Thomas, Henrietta Sutton, Kezia Hazelrigg; dau. Mary Hazelrigg Christian and Frances Sutton; Richard Sutton, Jacob and James Sutton.

HAZELRIGG, WILLIAM: 21 May 1795; 22 Aug 1796 - page 199. Wife, Mary use of est. for life; grand dau. Mary Porter; Keziah McClanahan my dau. and Edward Porter exrs.

James HAZELRIGG - b. about 1660, Westmoreland Co., VA; d. 1713, Westmoreland Co., VA. Son of Thomas HAZELRIGG and Ann. James was apprenticed by his father to Clement SPILMAN for eight years from the end of Nov. 1673, with the bond being recorded by "Tho:. Hasselrigg father of Ja:" on Apr. 29, 1674. James consented to a Dec. 1679 court order that he live with his brother William HAZELRIGG. He left no will and his oldest son Richard was granted administration of the estate by the June Court 1713; inventory was returned Aug. 7 by Richard HAZELRIGG [see above].

Ann - No information available.

Children of James and Ann Hazelrigg

  1. Richard K. - b. before 1697, Westmoreland Co., VA; d. about 1762, Prince William Co., VA.
  2. Sam - b. Westmoreland Co., VA. d. 1773. Evidence is sparse, but the genealogist of the Hazelrigg Family Association placed the following William HAZELRIGG as son of Sam HAZELRIGG. Use this relationship with caution. Reported son:
    1. William - d. 1795-96, Westmoreland Co., VA. His will dated May 21, 1795 and proved August 22, 1796 names wife Mary, granddaughter Mary PORTER, daughter Keziah McCLANAHAN, and Edward PORTER [see above]. Married before Feb. 1748 to Mary SUTTON, daughter of Richard and Mary SUTTON. Richard SUTTON's will dated 1 Oct 1747 and proved 23 Feb 1747/8, Westmoreland Co., VA, names daughter Mary HEZELRIGG.  Mary SUTTON's will dated Mar. 17, 1755 and proved Mar. 26, 1755, Westmoreland Co., VA, names son-in-law William HAZELRIGG, daughter Mary HAZELRIGG, and granddaughter Kezia HAZELRIGG [see above]. William and Mary HAZELRIGG were parents of at least one daughter:
      1. Keziah - b. before Mar. 1755; d. before May 1795. The wills of her grandmother and her father indicates that Keziah married a Mr. McCLANAHAN after Mar. 17, 1755, and prior to May 21, 1795. Married John McCLANAHAN (d. about 1845, Westmoreland Co., VA), son of William McCLANAHAN and Martha SMITH. John's brother Rev. William S. McCLANAHAN (1733-1802) married Mary MARSHALL (1737-1809), sister of Col. Thomas MARSHALL, who was the father of U.S. Chief Justice John MARSHALL. Keziah and John had three children:
        1. John McCLANAHAN - Married Elizabeth MARMADUKE, daughter of Vincent MARMADUKE and Sarah PORTER. John and Elizabeth had at least six children:
          1. Vincent Marmaduke McCLANAHAN -
          2. Elizabeth Porter McClanahan - b. 1812.
          3. John Hazelrigg McCLANAHAN - b. Oct. 13, 1813, Westmoreland Co., VA. He settled in Noxubee Co., MS by 1840 with wife Elizabeth HUGHES. John and Elizabeth were parents of William McCLANAHAN, who married Elizabeth STERNE (see McClanahan Times, Vol. 8, Iss. 1, p. 2).
          4. Sarah Porter McCLANAHAN -
          5. Mary Maria McCLANAHAN - b. 1818.
          6. Nancy Marmaduke 'Ann' McCLANAHAN -
        2. William McCLANAHAN - Married in 1797 to Elizabeth GRIGGS.
        3. Mary McCLANAHAN - Named as granddaughter Mary PORTER in the 1795 will of William HAZELRIGG. Married in 1789 to Edward PORTER.

  3. Ann - b. abt 1704, Westmoreland Co., VA.

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Richard K. and Ann (Williams) Hazelrigg

Richard K. HAZELRIGG - b. before 1697, Westmoreland Co., VA; d. about 1762, Prince William Co., VA. Son of James HAZELRIGG and Ann. Note that the middle initial of 'K.' is traditional, with no documented support. Richard stated that he was the oldest son of his deceased father, James HAZELRIGG, in Jun. 1713 and returned the inventory of the estate in Aug. 1713. James settled in Prince William Co. by 1744. His will was admitted to probate Feb. 22, 1762, presented by his sons James, Abel and William, and proved by the oath of two persons, including Elizabeth VICKERS (relationship, if any, unknown).

Ann WILLIAMS - b. abt 1695. The will of Edward WILLIAMS, dated January 26, 1733 and proved May 28, 1734, Westmoreland Co., VA, names "neice Frances daughter of Richard HAZELRIGG" [see above]. From the will abstract it appears that Edward WILLIAMS had wife Sarah, brother William WILLIAMS (father of Sarah), brother Joshua WILLIAMS (father of Elizabeth), and a sister who married Richard HAZELRIGG (father of Frances). The omission of his sister's given name suggests that she may have died before the will date.

Children of Richard and Ann Hazelrigg

  1. Frances - b. abt 1713. Likely the "Miss Frances Hazelrigg" noted in the 1768 and 1769 ledgers of James Glasscock and Company. If so, Frances apparently never married.
  2. John - b. 1715, Westmoreland Co., VA; d. after 1780, probably in Prince William Co., VA. In a deed of Apr. 18, 1764 the wife of John is identified as Elizabeth.  In a deed of Jun. 10, 1780 his wife is identified as Nancy. No evidence has been located indicating that John had children.
  3. Richard - b. about 1718; d. Feb. 1757, Frederick Co., VA. His will dated Aug. 11, 1756, probated Mar. 1, 1757, names the following: his father, brother John, brother James, brother William, brother-in-law Peter Cockrell, brother Abel, cousin Nancy Haselrig (probably his niece, the daughter of Abel, who was just mentioned), cousin Thomas Cockrell (probably his nephew, son of sister Nancy), and cousin Nancy (identified as the daughter of brother William). Executors were his father Richard and brother-in-law Peter COCKRILL. In court Jul. 5, 1762, Ann is named as the daughter of Richard HAZELRIGG, deceased, and chose Peter COCKRILL for her guardian.  On Oct. 5, 1762 the Executors of the estate of Richard HAZELRIGG were ordered to deliver to the guardian of Nancy HAZILRIGG her part of her grandfather's estate. Daughters of Richard HAZELRIGG: Ann and Nancy.
  4. Thomas - b. about 1720, Westmoreland Co., VA; d. after 1777, Prince WIlliam Co., VA. Only circumstantial evidences places him as a son of Richard and Ann HAZELRIGG.
  5. Abel - b. about 1722, Westmoreland Co., VA; d. about 1778, Albemarle Co., VA. Abel and Mary sold land holdings in Prince William Co., VA 19 Apr 1764 and apparently removed to Albemarle Co., VA at that time. A court record of Aug. 12, 1772 names Abel in a trespass suit. Married about 1750 Mary THURMOND (d. Jun. 1817, Albemarle Co., VA). Mary gave consent to daughter Sarah's marriage Mar. 29, 1786. Children of Abel and Mary HAZELRIGG: a daughter who married Joseph PYE; Richard married first Mary 'Polly' EUBANK, and second Mary SHOUN; Sarah married Lewis SHIFLETT; and Nancy married Edward WINGFIELD.
  6. Mary - b. about 1724, Westmoreland Co., VA; d. Mar. 28, 1744, Albemarle Co., VA. Married about 1743 in Albemarle Co., VA to Nathaniel HAGGARD (b. Nov. 21, 1723, Overwharton, Stafford Co., VA; d. Aug. 21, 1806, Winchester, Clark Co., KY). The will of Nathaniel HAGGARD, dated Jul. 16, 1800 and proved Aug. 25, 1806 in Clark Co., KY, names "Hennery Hazelrigg and son, John." Nathaniel HAGGARD was married second by 1751 to Elizabeth GENTRY, daughter of Nicholas GENTRY and Mary BROOKS. Sons of Mary and Nathaniel HAGGARD: Rev. Henry Hazelrigg married Dolly RANDOLPH; and possibly Rev. Martin never married. Rev. Henry Hazelrigg HAGGARD (b. Mar. 27, 1744, Albemarle Co., VA; d. 1842, Bibb Co., AL) married Dorothea 'Dolly' RANDOLPH (about 1746-about 1813), and they had ten children, including David B. HAGGARD (b. 1767, Albemarle Co., VA; d. 1850, Winchester, Clark Co., KY). The latter married Amelia 'Milly' ELKIN (b. Jun 16, 1777, Albemarle Co., VA; d. 1865), and their daughter Sally married James HOLLOWAY. The latter was son of John HOLLOWAY and Millie BUNCH; refer to HOLLOWAY narrative for family details.
  7. William - b. about 1725; d. 1805, Clark Co., KY.
  8. James - b. 1738, Westmoreland Co., VA; d. 1819, Clark Co., KY. Received 350 acres of land in Fayette Co., KY, surveyed June 26, 1783, by a survey team including Daniel BOONE, Deputy Surveyor, Fayette Co., KY. Married first 1759 in Prince William Co., VA to Margaret GREGG (b. 1742, Westmoreland Co., VA), and second on Oct. 30, 1793 in Clark Co., KY to Lucia 'Lucy' PETTIT (b. about 1743, York Co., PA), daughter of Thomas PETTIT and Rebecca HENDRICKS of York Co., PA. Lucy was first married on Nov. 27, 1763 in York Co., PA to Patrick DONALDSON (d. Mar. 1781, Clarke Co., KY), with children John, Thomas, William, Betsy, and Sally. She second married Col. John FLEMING (d. about 1787, Fleming Co., KY), with children John, Thomas Wallace, and William. Supporting this identification of Lucy is a listing of Clarke Co., KY marriages which includes "Robert Donilson-Sary Donalson, May 12, 1796," and the original which includes consent for Sarah to be married given by "James Hazelrigg, stepfather." Children James and Margaret HAZELRIGG: Joshua married America Frances WRIGHT; Nancy married David SNOWDEN; Mary 'Polly' married William CRAYCRAFT; Rebecca married John STILLWELL; Eli married first Rebecca FLETCHER, and second Ruth (FLETCHER) BYRAM; Elizabeth married John McGINNIS; and perhaps Ruth.

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William and Jemima Hazelrigg

William HAZELRIGG - b. about 1725, Westmoreland Co., VA; d. 1805, Clark Co., KY. Son of Richard K. HAZELRIGG and Ann WILLIAMS. Executor of his father's will, 1762, and named in his brother Richard's will, 1757, as follows: "I leave to my brother, William, all my working tools," and " I leave to my cousin <niece>, Nancy Hazelrigg, daughter of my brother, William Hazelrigg, ten shilling." Sold land in VA in 1780 and received grant of 750 acres in Fayette Co., KY on Mar. 15, 1780 which was described in a Jun. 26, 1783 survey by Daniel BOONE and others as on the "Cantiuke river in the first large bend above Hickman's Crick." A deed of Oct. 8, 1792 transfering 150 acres of this tract to his Joshua HAZELRIGG was signed by mark by William HAZELRIGG, Senr., and witnessed by William HAZELRIGG, Junior, Graham HAZELRIGG and James HAZLERIGG. Though relationships are not stated in the deed, it is probable that witnesses William, Jr. and Graham were sons of William, Sr., that witness James was brother of William, Sr., and that Joshua was the son of the witness James HAZELRIGG. The inventory of the estate of William HAZELRIGG, December 1805, Clark Co., KY, is extensive, signifying he was a man of considerable means. William may have been married more than once, since his oldest child was born around 1745 and his youngest some 30 years later. However, no documentary evidence has been located naming another wife. The birth order of William's children are given as they appear in Hazelrigg Family History.

Jemima NEAVILL? - b. about 1730; d. before 1805, KY. Named as wife of William on Prince William Co., VA deed of Jun. 10, 1780. Jemima may have been the only wife of William, being married about age 15 and having her youngest child at age 45. If William had a prior wife, Jemima was at least the mother of the younger children. It is noted that daughter Frances and son John both named daughters Jemima. Some family sources have suggested that Jemima's birth surname may be NEAVILL.

Children of William Hazelrigg

  1. Charles - b. about 1745, Prince William Co., VA; d. Oct. 1795-Apr. 1796, Clark Co., KY. Graham HAZELRIGG was a co-administator of the estate of Capt. Charles HAZELRIGG, whose will was dated Oct. 19, 1795, proved Apr. 26, 1796, and names "eldest brother, John HAZELRIGG."
  2. Elijah - b. Prince William Co., VA; d. 1801, Clark Co., KY. The administator of his estate was Grahm HAZELRIGG.
  3. Margaret - b. about 1750, Prince William Co., VA. Married John RAMEY.
  4. Nancy - b. about 1752, Prince William Co., VA; d. by 1808. Married John HAMRICK (b. about 1746, Prince William Co., VA; d. 1817, Leeds, Fauguier Co., VA. Their children were all termed "infants" in an 1808 Clark Co., KY District Court list of heirs of William HAZELRIGG, Sr. [father of Nancy], probably meaning under legal age. Children of Nancy and John HAMRICK: William married Sarah BARTON; Elizabeth 'Betsy'; Payton married Darius WINGFIELD; Henry married Isabella JETT; Nancy; Polly; James married Catherine STIGLER; John married Elizabeth SPINNY; Elijah married Eliza MASON; Daniel married Susanna GLADSTONE; and Susanna.
  5. Frances - b. about 1754, Prince William Co., VA; d. Scioto Co., OH. Married Samuel MARSHALL (b. about 1750, PA or VA; d. about 1817, Scioto Co., OH). Children of Frances and Samuel MARSHALL: Nancy married William J. RAWLINS; Hettie married (Permenius?) WASHBURN; Jemima married Thomas McDONALD; Mary 'Polly' married John H. LINDSEY; William died young; Jesse married first Hannah Burt KIRKENDOLL, and second Mary Gervais SERAT; Elizabeth married Joshua PARRISH; Samuel married Nancy BARBER; Sabina married Absalom PYLE; and Fanny married George Adam SHONKWILER, Jr.
  6. John - b. 1754, Prince William Co., VA; d. Jul. 20, 1833, Bourbon Co., KY. Together with brother Graham, he was an administrator of the estate of William HAZELRIGG, Sr. An Oct. 1, 1795 deed conveying land from William HAZELRIGG, Jr. and Charles HAZELRIGG to Graham HAZELRIGG was witnessed by John HAZELRIGG and Elijah HAZELRIGG. John's will names sister Nancy HAMBRICK<sic>. Married Anna CLEVELAND (b. 1751, Prince William Co., VA; d. Jan. 14, 1838, Montgomery Co., KY), daughter of Alexander CLEVELAND and Margaret DOOLITTLE. Children of John and Anna HAZELRIGG: Martha 'Patsy' married George Washington BOONE (son of Edward 'Ned' BOONE and Martha BRYAN, and nephew of Daniel BOONE); Milly; Betsy married Hamilton JENKINS; WIlliam married; Anna married Jarrod WILSON; Jemima married Daniel DONAHUE (who married second Sarah KNOX, widow of Jemima's uncle William HAZELRIGG); Charles married Nancy WIGGONTON; Alexander married Catherine BARRYMAN; John married Jane HILLIS; and Dillard married first Magdaline S. 'Sally' RENICK, and second Delilah FICKLIN.
  7. Catherine - b. about 1760, Prince William Co., VA; d. after 1805. Married Thomas PEAKE.
  8. William - b. 1765, Prince William Co., VA; d. Mar. 16, 1821, Clark Co., KY.
  9. Elizabeth - b. about 1766, Prince William Co., VA; d. Oct. 24, 1852, Pendleton Co., KY. According, Elizabeth died at age 86 of "old age." Elizabeth was married about 1786 in Prince William Co., VA to Major RINGO (b. Aug. 15, 1755, Hopewell Twp., Hunterdon Co., NJ; d. Jul. 15, 1838, Montgomery Co., KY), son of Henry RINGO and Margaret MAJOR. The RINGO family moved from NJ to Loudoun Co., VA by 1769, and then to Prince William Co., VA by 1772. After his marriage, Major moved to Mason Co., KY by 1789, and was in Fayette Co. in 1791,  Clark Co. in 1793 and 1794, and Montgomery Co. from 1797, purchasing land near Mount Sterling, KY. Children of Elizabeth and Major RINGO: Mary 'Polly Ann' possibly married Mr. CURRAN; Frances did not marry; Peter married Margaret 'Peggy' HENDERSON (12 children and grandparents of Johnny RINGO of Tombstone); William did not marry; Richard married first Nancy JONES (7 children), and second Elizabeth B. STONE (4 children); Nancy married Capt. John H. WILSON (7 children); Elizabeth 'Betsey' did not marry; John married Elizabeth RICE (11 children); Daniel (first chief justice of the AR Supreme Court 1836-44) married Mary Ann COCKE (8 children); Graham died as infant; and Lucinda did not marry.
  10. Mary - b. about 1768, Prince William Co., VA; d. after 1805. Married on Aug. 10, 1790 in Clark Co., KY to John WINN., by Rev. James CRAWFORD - from The Rev. Dabney Shane Manuscript Collection of the Presbyterian Historical Association, 28th Reel, Vol., 5, Papers of Rev. James Crawford.
  11. Graham - b. about 1770, Prince William Co., VA; d. Feb. 1818, Shelby Co., KY. Will dated Feb. 24, 1818 and recorded Nov 1818 (Wills Book 4, p. 245). Married about 1792 to Hannah MORGAN (b. about 1775, MD; d. Dec. 11, 1854, Shelby Co., KY), daughter of John MORGAN. A Clark County, KY deed (Book 27, page 456) dated 14 Mar 1836, names Hannah Hazelrigg of Shelby County, Kentucky, widow of Graham Hazelrigg, deceased (late Hannah Morgan, heir of John Morgan, dec'd.) as deeding 125 acres to Benj. Talbott. Children of Graham and Hannah HAZELRIGG: WIlliam married Elizabeth 'Betsy' WALL; Mary 'Polly' possibly married Greenberry SIMPSON; John married Cyannah H. COTTRELL; Elizabeth married William HOWERTON; Elijah Married Lucinda A. COSBY; Anna married Phillip LLOYD; Tinsley married Sarah Ann McDONALD; Eliza married John B. WHITAKER;  Lucinda married Isaac ELLIOTT, Jr.; and James Morgan married Cynthia A. M. BROWN.
  12. Rachel - b. about 1774, Prince William Co., VA; d. before 1807. Married William HARRIS (b. about 1750). Children of Rachel and William HARRIS: Ketuna; and John.
  13. Unidentified children - Perhaps William HAZELRIGG had additional children, especially if a descendant's statement that he had multiple wives is accepted. It is conjectured that an unidentified son of William HAZELRIGG, may have been the father of Charles Henry HAZELRIGG (b. Apr. 1, 1792, Clark Co., KY; d. 1846, Linn Co., IA), who was married first on Nov. 3, 1814 in Clark Co., KY to Eleanor BEALL (b. Mar. 15, 1795, Clark Co., KY; d. Aug. 23, 1838, Fountain Co., IN), daughter of Zachariah H. BEALL and Nancy Ann EVANS. Charles Henry was married second on Jul. 7, 1839 to Mary E. McFARLING (b. Oct. 8, 1809, Loudon Co., VA), daughter of William McFARLING and Rachel LEWIS. Charles Henry HAZELRIGG is the earliest known ancestor of a large number of HAZELRIGG descendants. All efforts to identify his parents have been unsuccessful. Children of Charles Henry and Eleanor HAZELRIGG: Nancy married Alexander RHOTEN; Sarah married Mr. PLUMLEY; Joseph; Richard married Frances POWELL; Fielding; William; Susan married Silas PARSONS; Mary married Neely PARSONS; Charles married Sarah; John died as infant; Catherine married first Joseph FISHER, and second William Alexander; and Eleanor died as infant. Children of Charles Henry and Mary E. HAZELRIGG: James; Ellen Elizabeth married Isaac HAMPTON; Andrew Jackson married first Ollie COLE, and second Helen Elizabeth MARSHALL; George L.; Marion married Mary MANN; and Mason.

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William and Sarah (Knox) Hazelrigg

William HAZELRIGG -  b. 1764, Prince William Co., VA; estate inventoried Mar. 16, 1821, Clark Co., KY. The son of William HAZELRIGG and Jemima, he resided in PA prior to moving to KY. William was a member of the Chester Co., PA militia in 1783, and served in the Washington Co., PA militia 1783-84 (DAR National Number 581490). He moved to Clark Co., KY, probably in 1784, witnessed a deed  there in 1792, and executed a deed there with his wife in 1794. William has been located in the 1810 and 1820 censuses of Clark Co., KY. The place of his marriage about 1783 has not been established, but was most likely Clark Co., KY.

Sarah KNOX - b. abt 1765, KY; d. after Aug. 1836, Pettis Co., MO. A letter written in 1904 by George H. HAZELRIGG reads, in part, "My grandfather's name was William. My grandmother's maiden name was Knox. They lived in Clark County, Kentucky." Sarah was married second on May 24, 1824, in Clark Co., KY, by Thomas BOONE, to Daniel DONAHUE, whose deceased first wife was Jemima HAZELRIGG, daughter of John HAZELRIGG and Anna CLEVELAND. Deeds in Clark Co., KY between 1827 and 1836 identify Sarah DONAHUE, wife of Daniel, as widow of William HAZELRIGG. Sarah and Daniel were living in Pettis Co., MO in 1836.

Children of William and Sarah Hazelrigg

  1. Mary 'Polly' - b. about 1784, Clark Co., KY; d. Aug. 19, 1866, Decatur Co., IN. Married Mar. 31, 1808, Clark Co., KY, Sampson McCONNELL (b. about 1778, Iredell Co., NC; d. Sep. 20, 1843, Decatur Co., IN), son of Archibald and Martha. Sampson's will was dated Sep. 9, 1843 and proved Oct. 20, 1843. Their marriage also reported as Mar. 13, 1808 and in Bourbon Co., KY. A Clark Co., KY deed dated May 26, 1835 identifies Polly as daughter of William and Sarah HAZELRIGG. Children of Polly and Sampson McCONNELL: Sarah married William NEUMAN; Mary Ann died young; Archibald married Lucinda MARTIN; Mary Ann married Nathaniel James Madison POTTER; Nancy married William H. PARKER; Sampson did not marry; George W. married Martha McCORMICK; John L. married Margaret C. McCORMACK; Betsy Jane married James W. PORTER; and Patsy married David HILLIS.
  2. Elijah - b. 1788, Clark (then Fayette) Co., KY. Living in Scott Co., KY in 1824 and 1835 with wife Jane. Children of Elijah and Jane HAZELRIGG: Rachel married first Thomas ELLIOTT, and second Thomas McFARLAND; Elizabeth married Robert B. JONES; John L. married Louisa THOMPSON; Sarah Ann; Nancy; Elijah; and Richard.
  3. Margaret - b. Jan. 24, 1792, Clark Co., KY; d. Mar. 24, 1869, Johnson Co., MO; bur. Knob Noster, Johnson Co., MO. Married Dec. 25, 1815, Clark Co., KY, Martillas EMBREE (b. 1796, Clark Co., KY; d. before Oct. 2, 1850 on the Oregon Trail. A Clark Co., KY deed dated Mar. 30, 1859 states she was a widow, daughter of William and Sarah HAZELRIGG, and resided in Johnson Co., MO. Children of Margaret and Martillas EMBREE: William Leonard married first Martha Caroline BEAMAN, and second Jemima Frances BEAMAN; Thomas D. married Phebe Elvira Childers BUTLER; Sarah married Abram ADAMS, Jr.; Calvin married Louisa BOTTS, and possibly Mary HALL; Dillard married Margaret REED; Allen married Susannah 'Susan Ann' HALL; and Louisa married William G. HOLCOMB.
  4. William - b. about 1794, Clark Co., KY; d. 1834, Union CO., IN. Moved west and last heard of in IA. Married Rebecca WOODS (b. Jul 30, 1791; d. 1823, Franklin, IN), daughter of John WOODS and Abigail ESTILL.
  5. Nancy - b. about 1796, Clark Co., KY; d. before Aug. 1836, Clark Co., KY. Married Jun. 14, 1816, William A. LUSBY, son of William LUSBY and Easter. A Clark Co., KY deed dated Aug. 29, 1836 names Nancy, wife of William A. LUSBY, as daughter of William and Sarah HAZELRIGG. Children of Nancy and William LUSBY: Elizabeth, Sarah, and Mary.
  6. Charles - b. Feb. 26, 1798, Clark Co., KY; d. Dec. 5, 1876, near Milton, Pike Co., IL.
  7. John - b. about 1802, Clark Co., KY. Married Aug. 28,1826, Clark Co., KY, Elizabeth CHRISTY (b. about 1808, KY). Living in Decatur Co., IN in 1835. Children  of John and Elizabeth HAZELRIGG: John F. married Nancy; William H. C. married Elizabeth Jane OWNBY; Emily J. married Mr. BELTZER; Elizabeth; Lucy A.; and Amanda.
  8. Sarah Ann - b. about 1804, Clark Co., KY; d. Jun. 7, 1855, Pettis Co., MO. Married was married on May 8, 1826 in Clark Co., KY to Capt. Oswald KIDD (b. Nov. 27, 1800, VA; d. Mar. 20, 1878, Georgetown, Pettis Co., MO; bur. Mt Hermon Cemetery). A deed was executed on Sep. 18, 1831 in Clark Co., KY by Oswell KIDD and his wife Sarah for land Sarah received as an heir of William HAZELRIGG, deceased. Oswald was a merchant and operated a hotel in Georgetown, Pettis Co., MO. Their first child was born at Kidsville, Clark Co., KY and the others in Pettis Co., MO. Oswald KIDD was married second on Apr. 9, 1856 in Johnson Co., MO to Margaret MARSHALL, and they had children: A son died as infant; Almeda; Florence Augusta 'Flora' married Milton FALL; and James. Children of Sarah and Oswald KIDD: Sarah A. Hazelrigg married first G. G. KIDD, and second Samuel KINCAID; Mariane Elizabeth Amanda married Samuel Abbott LOWE; Catherine 'Kate' married first Dr. Benjamin Franklin HUGHES, and second O. A. CRANDALL; Sophronia H. married John William CHRISTIAN; as on died as infant; Louisa; Cornelia; Melodia; and Marian G. married Dr. Edward S. 'Ned' HUGHES.

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Charles and Lucinda (Holloway) Hazelrigg

Charles HAZELRIGG - b. Feb. 26, 1798, Clark Co., KY; d. Dec. 5, 1876, near Milton, Pike Co., IL; bur. Green Pond Cemetery [photo] [inscription]. His birth date is calculated from his age at death on the grave marker, based on the commonly used 30 day month; he may have been born a couple days earlier. Son of William HAZELRIGG and Sarah KNOX. Charles resided in Clark Co., KY in 1820; Green Co., KY in 1825; and Pike Co., IL in 1831. He has been located in the 1820 census of Clark Co., KY, and the 1840 census of Pike Co., IL. Charles and Lucinda were enumerated in the 1860 census of Pike Co., IL on Aug. 27, together with Sarah, age 12 (her identification is uncertain). His will was dated Oct. 18, 1871. The verse on his grave marker reads:

Thou wast born of God
Now asleep in Jesus
Who is the savior of all men
But especially of those that believe

He is buried beside his second wife, Elizabeth HAZELRIGG (b. Aug 26, 1813; d. Nov 28, 1880; bur Green Pond Cemetery, Pike Co., IL), whom he married Apr. 25, 1867 in Pike Co., IL. Charles married first on Apr. 30, 1820, Clark Co., KY.

Lucinda HOLLOWAY - b. Nov. 3, 1797, Clark Co., KY; d. Feb. 12, 1865, Barry, Pike Co., IL. Buried in the Hazelrigg Burial Plot [photo] [inscription] in NW 1/4 Sec. 35, Hadley township, Pike Co., IL. Her body was placed in a concrete vault above the ground. Daughter of John HOLLOWAY and Millie BUNCH.

Children of Charles and Lucinda Hazelrigg

  1. John William - b. Jan. 24, 1821, Clark Co., KY; d. Feb. 15, 1893, Marceline, Linn Co., MO; bur. Eldara, Pike Co., IL. See the following obituraries, which give alternate birth data as Jan. 21, 1821, Grayson Co., KY. Married Jul. 28, 1842, Pike Co., IL, Frances FREEMAN (b. Jun. 6, 1824, TN; d. Jun. 30, 1912, Eldara, Pike Co., IL), daughter of William R. FREEMAN and Mary MASSIE. They were married in a double wedding with sister Lucy Jane HAZELRIGG and brother James Howell FREEMAN. Children of John and Frances HAZELRIGG: George Holloway married Mary Allie MORGAN; Wesly T. married Mary Emily HOSKINS; Frances Ella married Ves P. HUSTED; Emma; Ida May married George LEE; Charles; Ann married Minor COFFMAN; John G. married Caddie; and four children who died as infants.
  2. Henry B. - b. Nov. 4, 1822, Clark Co., KY; d. Jan. 8, 1876; bur. Barry, Pike Co., IL. Married first Jul 14, 1842, Scott Co., IL Elizabeth Jane 'Eliza' SHIBE (b. 1826, Sccott Co., IL; d. Sep. 16, 1854, Scott Co., IL; bur Old Barry Cemetery, Pike Co., IL), daughter of Casper SHIBE and Margaret 'Peggy' LUKENBILL. Henry married second Jan. 10, 1856, Pike Co., IL Cynthia Jane PURSLEY (b. Jan. 11, 1830, Frankford, MO; d. Feb. 9, 1876, Hadley Twp., Pike Co., IL; bur. Barry Cem., Pike Co., IL), daughter of Jacob PURSLEY and Jane M. DONOVAN. Children of Henry and Eliza HAZELRIGG: Lucinda Margaret; Sarah I.; Henry F. married Martha A.; and Lucy Evelyn married Frederick Beecher SHIPMAN. Children of Henry and Cynthia HAZELRIGG: Salathael Chelsias married Martha A. CHRISTISON; George Abi Wellington married Joanna 'Ann' TAYLOR; Charles Jacob Artillus married Ida May TAYLOR; Martha H.; Caroline May; Cora Belle married James A. SMOTHERS; James B. Ellis married Blanche B. HANBACK; John;  Chester Arthur married Katherine PERKINS; and William Norris.
  3. Lucy Jane - b. Sep. 11, 1824, Clark Co., KY; d. Jan. 20, 1865, Pike Co., IL. Married James Howell FREEMAN.
  4. Millie Ann -  b. Oct. 6, 1826, Green Co., KY; d. Jan. 24, 1894, Winchester, Scott Co., IL; bur. Taylor-Holloway Family Cem., Winchester, IL. Married Apr. 17, 1845, Pike Co., IL, John Holloway TAYLOR (b. Jan. 11, 1838, Grayson Co., KY; d. Nov. 18, 1906, Winchester, Scott Co., IL), son of Wesley and Sarah (HOLLOWAY) TAYLOR. John married second Dec. 13, 1895, Winchester, Scott Co., IL Martha Ann (SLAGEL) CHRISTIANSON. Children of Millie and John TAYLOR: Mary J. married S. G. FLETCHER; Sarah A. married James F. HARDISTER; Lucinda married George W. MURRAY; John William married Susan C. CHRISTIANSON; Martha Angeline married Charles CRISP; Milla 'Millie' married Joe HENSON; Charles Wesley married Malinda Jane 'Jennie' SPIRES; Richard Allen married Charlotte Anna 'Lotta' RODGERS; and Emma Alice died young.
  5. Sarah K. - b. Feb. 6, 1829, Green Co., KY. Married Oct. 28, 1847, Pike Co., IL, Thomas TAYLOR, possibly a grandson of Addison and Lucy (HOLLOWAY) TAYLOR.
  6. Mary A. E. M. - b. Feb. 6, 1831, Pike Co., IL. Married Dec. 25, 1851, Pike Co., IL, Ezra JOHNSON (b. about 1829, OH). Their son William E. JOHNSON was buried in the Hazelrigg Burial Plot, Pike Co., IL on Feb. 19, 1865, having died at age 10 days. Children of Mary and Ezra JOHNSON: Charles; Davis; Ezra; and William E.
  7. Charles Dillard - b. Jan. 30, 1834, Pike Co., IL; d. Jan. 20, 1916 or 1918, Pike Co., IL. Reportedly first white boy born in Pike Co., IL. Married Jan. 3, 1856, Scott Co., IL, Apollone HAMILTON (b. Sep. 1, 1840, Scott Co., IL; d. Nov. 19, 1908, Hadley, Pike Co., IL), daughter of William HAMILTON and Margaret M. SAPPINGTON. Three children who died as infants were buried in the Hazelrigg burial plot. Children of Charles and Apollone HAZELRIGG: Charles died in infancy; a son died in infancy; James Richard married Mary Elizabeth OWNBY; Fannie Belle married James H. HILL; Leonard Theodore married first Elva, and second Jessie Adele TAYLOR; a daughter died in infancy; and five other children.
  8. Davis - b. Oct. 24, 1836, Pike Co., IL.
  9. George Holloway - b. Apr. 29, 1839, Barry, Pike Co., IL; d. Apr. 14, 1914, Farmersville, Tulare Co., CA. George and Elizabeth moved to AR between 1877 and 1880, appearing in the 1880 census of Beaver Township, Searcy Co., AR (85-100 on page 470A). They moved to CA in 1898 in one of the last wagon trains, and lived at Cottage Grove, OR in 1904 (letter dated Jul. 6, 1904). Married Apr. 15, 1860, Pike Co., IL, Elizabeth Annabelle MORROW (b. Apr. 14, 1841, Barry, IL; d. Dec. 17, 1909, Oakland, CA). Elizabeth's middle name is Temperance on DAR application. Her father was born in OH, her mother in IL, and her first seven children in IL. Children of George and Elizabeth HAZELRIGG <with age in 1880 census>: Charles Alexander <18> married Christine Gabrielle HUTCHESON (DAR No. 581490); John William <15>; Simeon Jackson Ross <13> married first Calra Olivia, and second Carrie Warren KILGORE; William R. <11> married Irma A.; George Ernest <11>; Isaac Henry <7>; Mary Amanda Elizabeth 'Molly' <3> married Jack WHITTIKER; and Overton Dillard Davis married Winnie Mae NICHOLS.

Obituaries for John William Hazelrigg

The Marceline Mirror, Marceline, Linn County, Missouri
Friday, February 17, 1893, Vol 5, No. 29, Page 5 Col 5

Jon. W. Hazelrigg died Tuesday morning about 9 o'clock at his residence one mile west of Bucklin. Although sadly afflicted for many years his death at this time was unlooked for, he being as well as usual until a few hours before his death. He was born in Grayson Co., Ky., and when but a child came to Pike Co., Ill., where he lived until three years ago when he came to Missouri. He was married at the age of 22 and his faithful companion survives him. He and his wife joined the Primitive Baptist church in Illinois and lived consistent members. The remains are to be buried today near Eldara, Ill.

Barry Adage, Barry, Illinois
Thursday, February 23, 1893, Page 5, Col 4

John W. Hazelrigg was born in Kentucky, Jan. 21, 1821, and died at Bucklin, Mo., Feb. 15, 1893. Deceased came to Illinois when about six years of age, and had lived in Pike county nearly all of his life, excepting only six years in Iowa and the past two years at Bucklin, Mo. In 1843 he was married to Fannie Freeman, who still survives. There are also five grown children-three sons and two daughters-nineteen grand children and two great grandchildren living. He lived a consistent member of the Primitive Baptist church for the past thirty-two years; was a good citizen and neighbor and an indulgent father. He had suffered many years from rheumatism, being confined to his room for the past three years. Elder S. R. Williams preached the funeral sermon at the Christian church Friday noon, and the remains were deposited in the Taylor burying ground. "As in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive." W. J. - El Dara, Ill., Feb. 21, 1893

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